How to stay centered during Chaos – Vibrational Remedies for the NOW moment

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! As we proceed through this ascension journey, we continue to release all the debris that we have accumulated over the years on this planet. It may seem that you’ve released everything and then another wave of clearing energies arrives and you might find yourself feeling that you’re back to square one, asking yourself a question “how much more is there? I thought I have released everything I possibly could!?” and yet there is always something else that comes up for clearance. But it doesn’t end there, because your nearest and dearest are also affected by these changes and of course are beginning or are in the midst of their own awakening, bringing up a lot of emotions and clearings. Coupled with simply various day to day stressors it could become a very chaotic way of living. And no matter how many times I tell you to meditate, stay centered, ground yourself, etc., etc., for most it is easier said than done, in our very hectic lives, it can become quite difficult to stop and center yourself.

Over the years I have shared many wonderful techniques with you on how to stay centered. And in this article I’ve decided to put all of them together on one page so that you can have this as a reference guide going forward. As I discover more and more ways of vibrational healing I will continue to add them to this page, so be sure to bookmark it. I love you all and am sending you the loving light of your creator selves to bathe you in infinite parade of peace, harmony, ethereal light, bliss, balance, understanding, patience and unconditional love!

P.S. I have put together an earlier article for you which you can find here, perhaps you’ll learn something there that I don’t cover in this one. But from now on I’ll be updating this one with whatever I find. 

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  • Rescue Remedy
  • Clematis – helps you live more actively in the present rather than in the future or in your own dream world.
  • White Chestnut – Helps you to stop repetitive thoughts that are preventing you from being in the moment. encourages a peaceful and calm mind when thoughts and worries go round and round in your head.
  • Vervain – The BACH flower essence Vervain encourages the positive potential of serenity, wisdom and tolerance. This flower essence helps you to calm down and relax, if you are feeling too driven to keep doing something. It helps to you stop and enjoy the moment.
  • Aspen – which helps you to feel secure,
  • Mimulus – which helps you to face your fears,
  • Red Chestnut – gives you a peace of mind,
  • Cherry Plum – helps you to feel in control when you’re about to lose it due to fear,
  • Rock Rose helps you to have courage and look at situations from a different perspective. To learn more about these remedies please visit



CLEARING AND PROTECTION TECHNIQUE. THE VIDEO BELOW SHOWS HOW TO DO THIS. (and no it is not me demonstrating this technique, I asked a model to do so.)

 Melchizedek’s technique


 At the moment of experiencing whatever emotion that comes over you, here’s what you would do:

Step 1: The technique involves holding two fingers (index & middle) on your forehead where the third eye is. Thinking of the emotion that you are experiencing and stating “I understand that I am experiencing _____ (put whatever emotion you are experiencing here), for example “ I understand that I am experiencing anger. I fully understand that this is the emotion that I am experiencing. I understand and I acknowledge and accept that I am experiencing Anger. But… “

Step 2. As you acknowledge this emotion, you tap 3 times on your third eye with your fingers and then you move your hand slowly down to your heart chakra middle of the chest and as you hold your fingers on your heart chakra you say “But, although I appreciate having experienced the emotion of ___ (anger), and I do understand that I am experiencing this emotion due to whatever circumstances, I wish to replace this emotion with ___ (here you state whatever you want to replace this emotion with, for example “with peace” so that I can evaluate given circumstances from the place of Love” and then you tap 3 times on your heart chakra.

You should feel better immediately. Which would allow you to take a look at the situation that is causing you to feel this emotion from an impartial perspective where you would be able to evaluate what has happened and what has triggered you to feel this emotion, get to the root of the cause, understand the lesson, learn from it and finally let it go.

In the video below you can see it in action. (and no it is not me demonstrating this technique).


The following mudra will do wonders for those of you who are getting Anxiety/Panick attacks. Populrarly known as Vaayu mudra, htis mudra decreases the vaayu (air) element within the body. Mehtod:This mudra is formed by first placing the tip of the index finger on the base of the thumb and then bringing gentle pressure of the thumb upon this finger.This amounts to suppression of element air (residing the first finger) by element fire(residing in the thumb). I would also suggest that when performing this mudra you take a deep breath expanding your stomach as if a string is being pulled attached to your belie button and going forward and out, at the same time as you breathe in concentrate on the point between your two eyebrows, or if that’s too difficult… the tip of your nose. In a few minutes (5 – 10) your anxiety will stop 🙂


Camphora 1 M
Arsenicum 30 – don’t take more then 7 doses in 3 days
Carbo Vege – 30
The above may be purchased on line
or at Healthy Planet, Nature’s Emporium

A search around the internet also failed to find any trace of this particular document.

It was as if it had been fully scrubbed from the internet during the hours I, and others, slept.

For this reason, you may wish to capture this article and share it with others in case it too, quickly disappears.

The following is what I remember reading in the document.

  • Case reports with symptoms were collected by an Iranian doctor working with diagnosed COVID-19 patients in Iran.
  • Those cases reports were sent to an Indian homeopathic doctor, Dr Rajan Sankaran, who, based on the symptoms provided, suggested the homeopathic remedy Camphora as a treatment remedy.
  • If my memory serves me correctly, about 50 cases were involved. Information from approximately 8 of the cases  – their symptoms and treatment responses – were provided in detail in the document.
  • Those given the remedy recovered much more quickly than expected from their exhaustion and collapse. Some were able to return to work within the week.
  • As a result, and evidenced by the screen capture from the email I received, the document recommended Camphora (M potency) as a treatment and preventative for COVID-19 infections.
  • Of particular interest to me, 4 of the cases presented also complained of bitterness in the mouth similar to what was recorded it the case from China I took: Case 3: COVID-19 in a 38-Year-Old Female

As stated earlier in this article, it is as if the information from this document has been scrubbed from the internet. If anyone finds it, or the information it contained, we would be happy to hear from you.

Earlier, one contact forwarded partial information I recognise from that document. It was found as a comment on the ABC Homeopathy forum. (You will have to scroll through the comments on ABC to find it.)

I have captured and placed here in case it too, disappears.

Stay well,
Suzi F. Butler🌻

 “I slept and dreamt that life was joy.  I awake and saw that life was service.  I acted and behold, service was joy.”

– Rabindranath Tagor


I’ve found this site that has bioresonance (rife) frequencies that target coronavirus. I am not sure that it is the COVID-19 but it is part of the Coronavirus SARS. This website has the HZ frequencies – virbrational sounds that target the virus that you can listen to. I suggest that you visit the site to learn more about what this is and how it can help you.

Bio-frequency → Coronavirus SARS
The main program
Name Coronavirus SARS
Frequencies by Rife, Hz One of the frequencies or sequentially: 152.2, 155, 304.4, 309.9, 456.5, 464.9, 608.7, 619.9, 760.9, 774.8, 1217.5, 1239.7, 1369.6, 1394.7, 2435, 2479.5, 4870, 4959, 9740, 9918
Description Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) — the term proposed by WHO, instead of the earlier accepted — “atypical pneumonia”.At the end of 2002 — in November-December — in the western provinces of China, in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, the first cases of severe acute respiratory diseases were noted, attracting the attention of physicians who drew attention to the unusual course of this inflammatory respiratory reaction. Previously, outbreaks of mycoplasmal pneumonia were described in this geographical area. Here, the percentage of lung diseases (bronchial asthma, other pulmonary diseases) is high. In the 97-99″s. In the last century sporadic cases of the disease were described, which is now interpreted as a “severe acute respiratory syndrome”. Heavy — because the disease has a bad prognosis; acute — because it begins acutely, like the flu; Respiratory — because the respiratory tract is affected; syndrome, as a person dies not from pneumonia, but from pulmonary edema. It was possible to identify that these cases are caused by coronavirus.The overall lethality is about 4%, with sharp fluctuations in different age groups.Pathogen SARS — one of the representatives of coronaviruses. It was identified on March 17, 2003. According to WHO materials, it was established that the pathogen of SARS is a new type of coronavirus
 Listen to the program This program can be heard in the bioresonance frequency synthesizer. To do this, just connect the audio equipment or headphones to the audio output of your computer or smartphone


I have just received this in the email, please remember though that homeopathy works on “like cures like” principle, which means that whatever symptoms you’re experiencing you would look for a homeopathic remedy corresponding on your symptoms. Also  oscillococcinum should work here. As well as taking Serrapeptasse, Nattokinase or Lumbrokinaes, as it breaks down biofilms which is what bacterias and viruses use to hide from the immune system :

Can Viruses and Bacteria Form and live in Biofilms? YES!!

There has been a lot of recent research about bacteria’s ability to form protective biofilm shields and cysts. Seeing how and why bacteria forms these colonies, it seems very sensible that chronic virus and bacteria diseases may also take advantage of biofilm protection. Before you can kill off a chronic virus or bacteria you must remove the Bio-Film.

Rebekah’s Choice for Bio-Film remover. This protocol can be used for Lyme, Herpes, Epstein-Barr, HIV, to remove plaque and so much more.

1. Serrapeptase –

Serrapeptase is a relatively new ‘rising star’ enzyme on its way to becoming the biggest enzyme of all time. It is in wide clinical use throughout Europe and Asia as an anti-inflammatory and fibrin dissolver for 35 years. Serrapeptase was originally found in the silkworm where the silkworm uses this enzyme to dissolve its protective cocoon, so the winged creature is able to emerge and fly away.

Obviously, if it can dissolve a cocoon, we have an interest in it dissolving Lyme cysts and biofilm. Sure enough, this enzyme has been found to be very effective at dissolving non-living tissue! In fact, the most important aspect of serrapeptase is its fibrinolytic activity (it dissolves fibrin)!This is especially true with internal scar tissue, lesions, mucus and inflammation associated with pain – and our favorite:fibrin bio-coatings! Yes, serrapeptase dissolves blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms.

For 25 years, Serrapeptase has been studied and is used worldwide to treat numerous medical conditions including arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, cardiovascular disease, to name a few. It has been used successfully in China’s four top hospitals in nerve and infectious diseases since 1995 without any harmful side effects.

Dissolves the biofilms coating microbes like Lyme and for autism.
Allowing the colonies hiding behind biofilms to be destroyed.
Dissolves the fibrin (a kind of plaster) walls of capillaries.
Reduces inflammation,
Helps clear mucus from the lungs.

It even crosses the blood brain barrier – important for disease Co-Infections!

If that wasn’t enough, we also love it because one of serrapeptase’s most profound benefits is its ability to block the release of pain-inducing amines from inflamed tissues.

2. Nattokinase or Lumbrokinaes (500 times stronger then Nattokinase)

Studies have confirmed that this enzyme also dissolves the fibrin biofilms and coatings in cysts! Nattokinase has advantages over the traditional clot-dissolving drugs, such as activase, urokinase, and streptokinase because its effects last longer – eight to ten hours longer!

Clinical reports from doctors show it dissolves branched fibrin. It has proved helpful in chronic infections as the most potent fibrin-degrading enzyme out of more than 200 foods tested. In vitro and in vivo studies have consistently demonstrated the potent anti-fibrin effect of Nattokinase.

When you have a chronic infection, like Lyme disease, it can give rise to chronic fatigue symptoms. You deposit excess fibrin in your tissues that triggers a secondary immune response. Your body deposits fibrin so that organisms are inhibited from being very mobile. That is both good and bad. They’re not mobile, so they can’t do as much damage, but you also can’t get anti-microbials, like our Monolaurin, to them as easily. Once the pathogens are exposed and vulnerable, they can add in the antibacterial, antifungal, or antiviral products.

“Plasmin” is the body’s natural enzyme for dissolving a clot or fibrin. The properties of nattokinase are very similar to plasmin! Nattokinase also enhances the production of the body’s plasmin! Nattokinase is particularly effective because it dissolves fibrin directly. It can even outperform our own body! In vivo studies also show the activity of nattokinase is stronger than that of plasmin or elastase.

Nattokinase has been discovered to balance optimally the clotting ability of blood. Its ability to control clotting rivals that of pharmaceutical drugs such as warfarin, but without any of the side effects or downsides! But since it does thin the blood a bit, we recommend checking with your doctor regarding it.)

3. Grapefruit Seed Extract – 375 mg.

Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) contains bioactive flavenoids (e.g., hesperitin, resveratrol, and naringenin). Many studies indicate that grapefruit seed extract ranks equal to pharmaceutical drugs designed to break down cysts and biofilms – and with far fewer side effects!

The GSE bioactive flavonoids help dissolve the cyst and biofilm barriers. The GSE is a protective barrier inhibitor. The removal of barriers can enhance the effectiveness of antibacterial agents. Dr. Brorson’s research showed that:

“The highest GSE concentrations made the bacteria and cysts disappear completely, leaving only small uncharacteristic fragments. At lower GSE-levels the membranes showed herniation and disruption, and the contents had leaked out.


There are many vibrational remedies to keep you in balance. Please note that I am not a medical professional and nothing here or anywhere on this site can be taken as medical or health advice, so check with your physician before following any advice or information you find on this site. I am not a doctor, and as such cannot diagnose or treat any medical issues. Readers are advised to do their own research and make decisions in partnership with their health care provider. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking any medication, please consult your physician. Nothing you read here should be relied upon to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis or courses of treatment.

IMPORTANT! If you are going to use any of the vibrational remedies, especially homeopathy, it is best that you stay away from mint and strong essential oils. Mint antidotes homeopathic remedies, which is a positive if you accidentally overdose on a homeopathic remedy. What this means is if you start to experience a healing crises, or the original symptoms that you’re trying to remove aggravate so much so that you can’t handle it anymore, then you would simply take a strong dose of mint and in about 20 – 40 minutes the symptoms should recede. I’ve personally experienced this on myself and use mint to antidote remedies all the time if they aggravate. Mint doesn’t have the same effect on flower essences because flower essences tend to stay in the body for a very short period of time anywhere from a few minutes to roughly about 30 minutes or so. Flower essences work fast, but also need to be constantly repeated. While homeopathy depending on the potency 30C, 200C, LM’s, 1M etc., tend to stay in the body far longer. It also depends on which remedy you are taking. For example Bryonia stays in the body for a few hours, it’s a very short acting but an incredibly powerful remedy. While a remedy like Lycopodium, Calcarea or Sepia tend to stay in the body a lot longer than that. But it all depends on the potency and the remedy. That’s why I always suggest working with a homeopath especially in the beginning until you get comfortable and gain a deeper understanding of homeopathy. However, again you can use it on your own as well, providing that you research each remedy very well. But going back to mint. Mint should be avoided when healing with homeopathy.

The following description of remedies was written by Dr. Luc De Schepper M.D., Ph.D, C.Hom, D.I.Hom., Lic.Ac a phenomenal doctor whom I had the pleasure of meeting and being guided by. He was the first Homeopath that I have come into contact with and homeopathy has changed my life! Dr. Luc has since retired but has transferred his practice to an amazingly caring and knowledgeable homeopathic doctor by the name of Farah Gron whom I absolutely love! Those of you who have been following me for a while heard about Farah Gron, but if you haven’t and need a really great homeopath who cares deeply about helping you, then you can reach out to Farah at She does Skype sessions as well as in person consultations. But going back to the description of remedies for the Solar Plexus. In his book which I highly recommend for everyone to get “The People’s Repertory Click here to purchase it. Dr. Luc writes:

Argentum Nitricum – Argentum nitricum is called the “What if” remedy: the person is full of anticipation anxiety. He is anxious about an upcoming test, an interview, an audition, always anticipating the worst. These people are always hurrying, driven, excitable, hyper and in a state of worry, which easily leads to diarrhea and palpitations, to the point that they cant stand going to public places. Thus this remedy is greatly indicated for stage fright, examination funk, and fear of public speaking. People who need Argentum nitricum typically have an intense craving for sweets, salt and chocolate. Silver nitrate is put in the eyes of every newborn (unfortunately not in homeopathic doses) to avoid the possibility of gonorrhea being transmitted from the mother. It is therefore also indicated in conjunctivitis with yellow/green discharge. Another indication is colic in babies. It is the number one remedy for this common destroyer of the new mother’s sleep!

Gelsemium – Gelsemium is characterized by the “D’s”: drowsy, dopey, dizzy, dumb, disoriented and dull. You can see right away why it is such a classic flu remedy. The person feels all of the above “as if a truck drove over you”. He has chills going up and down the spine, he feels so tired that he thinks he cannot even lift his finger to take something and she even has aching upon moving his eyes. Yet he can’t all asleep. Curiously enough, in spite of the fever, he has absolutely no thirst, and a slow pulse! Symptoms are made worse by motion, light, noise and stuffy rooms. There is trembling although the person is listless and has low stamina. The flue is accompanied by a headache. Gelsemium was the main remedy for the 1996 – 97 flu epidemic! Besides being good for flu, Gelsemium is a great remedy for “hearing bad news”: the person reacts to hearing bad news as if she is paralyzed, she can’t move, she just sits there, trembling. It is also effective for fright with trembling after earthquakes and in case of anticipation anxiety (like Argentum nitricum). However, unlike with Argentum nitricum (where the anxiety can start weeks in advance), with Gelsemium the anticipation anxiety starts just before the event takes place; for example, you have a speaking engagement, everything seems to be all right until you have to start speaking, then you are overcome with fear and trembling. Gelsemium is the #1 remedy for fear of the dentist. It is greatly indicated in headaches, especially ones preceded by an aura of blurred vision and improved when the person passes great amounts of urine. In the past, acute cases of polio were cured by Gelsemium.

Ignatia Amara – Even if homeopathy had only produced this remedy, it would be worth it! There are probably very few people on earth who will never need this remedy. Indeed it is indicated in acute grief events and emotional shocks, mainly related to relationships. Any broken heart situation should be remedies by Ignatia: the person has the “3 S” symptoms: sitting, sighting, and sobbing. She laments, “Why me, God, why is it happening to me?”. But don’t try to console her, or she will turn on you in a rage. Then this crying can turn into hysterical, uncontrollable laughing. People who need Ignatia have very changeable moods! We can call it the “homeopathic Valium” as it is also used in any event where you get upset: bad news, disappointment (especially in relationships with friends, family, lovers, children, etc.) apprehension and jealousy.


Aurum Metallicum – The main idea of this remedy is depression and loathing of life, to the point that people who need Aurum chronically want to commit suicide (by jumping out of a window). They are usually very ambitious people who pressure themselves with the greatest expectations (students who want to be first in their class, business people who “put all their eggs in one basket” like in the stock market). Whenever life does not pan out as they have planned, life has no meaning for them anymore and they become depressed.  The same situation can occur when a teenage who is a good student gets depressed because he cannot go to the college of his dreams, due to financial problems in the family. As one can see, this remedy is often related to financial matters, as one would expect from the remedy gold. Another situation in which Aurum has great value is when one of the two partners in a long time marriage dies: the surviving partner feels that life is not worth living anymore. “I have lost the sunshine of my life,” they claim and not uncommonly, they die shortly after the death of their partner. So may people in nursing homes could use this remedy as they are often in a state of “abandonment”: no more spouse or husband, few friends left in their life, and often few visits from other family members. These people could truly say that the sunshine has gone from their lives. In fact for many traditional cultures the metal gold (Aurum) is associated with the sun.

Spigelia – Spigelia is a great remedy for left-sided headaches withen the headache starts int eh neck and then radiates to the front of the head, finally stopping above the left eye (compare Sanguinaria for headaches above the right eye and Silicea for headaches above both eyes). Spigelia is also one of the best remedies for a very painful condition called tigeminal neuralgia on the left side of the face (although this too shoudl be under the care of a professional). Dr. Luc doesnt’ mention anything about Spigelia being great for heart palpitations but it is, I have experienced this firsthand. Spigelia is an important remedy in pericarditis and other diseases of the heart, because the provings were conducted with the greatest regard for objective symptoms and the subjective symptoms are by innumerable confirmations proved to be correct (C. Hering). Homeopathic physicians mainly prescribe spigelia to treat heart problems as well as disorders of the nervous system, particularly when the symptoms have an affect basically on the left side of the body and if the patients endure extreme and violent pains. In addition, this homeopathic remedy may also be given to patients suffering from frequent tremorspalpitations, which are fierce, noticeable as well as easy to hear. As aforementioned, spigelia may also be prescribed for people suffering from valve problems or murmurs as well as rheumatic heart disease. In addition, spigelia is given to patients suffering from angina accompanied by constricting pains that spread into the chest, to one or both the arms and up to the throat. Homeopathic physicians also prescribe this medication to treat migraines, general headaches, sinus infections and/ or neuralgic or rheumatic pains, particularly when the symptoms are bad on the left side of the body. As mentioned before, the herb pinkroot or Spigelia anthelmia encloses specific alkaloids, which are very effective in treating heart ailments in herbal medicine. (Source:

Belladonna – One derivative of this plant is atropine, used in Western medicine. This “poison” is well-known for its use in acute febrile conditions: sudden onset of symptoms (“as if a storm was aroused in the person”) and intense redness and heat of the face (“as if all the blood of the body was pooled into the face”) with cold extremities. The eyes are wide open with dilated pupils; the person can have a wild animal-like look and a sensation of throbbing, pulsating pains. The symptoms end as suddenly as they began; they are typically worse around 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., and are worse from noise, jarring, light (extreme sensitivity to bright light!), high temperatures (103º – 104º F) with possible delirium and hallucinations, dry mouth but not a great thirst. Note: the person who needs Arsenicum is thirsty for little sips of cold water; one who needs Aconite is thirsty for cold drinks; and one who needs Gelsemium is thirstless. Belladonna is a right sided remedy (i.e. symptoms such as a sore throat or headache tend to occur on the right side). Belladonna is indicated in all conditions showing the above symptoms: sore throats, flus, early stages of abscesses and ear infections. It can prevent convulsions associated with high fever in children. In the past it was used for rabies. (Personal note. I found that using Belladona for heat stroke works wonders. Also if you’ve had some wine in very hot weather and started to faint Belladonna will save the day. If you’ve been exposed to too much heat and too much sun, and are feeling lightheaded with a pounding in your temples, take Belladonna. Belladonna also helps to release anger, especially when it has to do with overheating.)

Phosphorus – It has numerous uses, including bleeding disorders (bright red blood, without a tendency to clot) nose bleeds, and bleeding after surgery or a tooth extraction overly heavy menstrual cycles, postpartum bleeding, etc., In these situations it stops the bleeding rapidly. It should be taken before any surgical intervention, as close to surgery time as possible, and again afterwards if bleeding is a problem. Phosphorus is used for many lung conditions (such as viral pneumonia) with a hard, racking, burning cough, worse from lying on the left side. It is also used for sore throats where the person cannot talk because of pain in the larynx. If only people who have been struck by lightning knew about Phosphorus. This phenomenon is not as rare as one would suspect; support groups are everywhere for these unfortunate people who complain of fatigue and headaches after being struck by a bolt of lighting. Phosphorus would be the perfect remedy fo this and for sever electric shocks. Phosphorus is also used for many hypoglycemic conditions. And Cal. Phos (cell salt) 6X is the greatest remedy for preventing and treating osteoporosis (3 pellets dry, in the mouth daily). People who are constitutionally a Phosphorus type are especially susceptible to this condition.

Lycopodium – Is a great remedy for the liver and gastrointestinal tract. For example, it it s a great remedy for constipation, typically occurring when you travel. When this constipation is accompanied by great bloating below the navel (you look five months pregnant after a meal!), even after a few mouthfuls of food with fermentation in intestines – especially after cabbage, beans and onions – and strong cravings for sweets, then Lycopodium will come to the rescue. It’s important to remember that all complaints relived by Lycopodium are typically worse from 4 – 8 p.m. and better after midnight, better from hot food and drinks but worse from being in a warm room. Complaints are mainly right-sided. Lycopodium can also be indicated when complaints go from right to left, as in a sore throat. Sore throats relieved by drinking hot liquids are also likely to respond to Lycopodium. Another indication is a dry tickling cough at night. Acid indigestion, often leading to headaches, will also respond to Lycopodium. The emotional picture of this remedy (foe people who need it in chronic diseases) is one of very low self-confidence, especially for any new task or anything out of the ordinary routine. There is a great fear of failure and a child will constantly say, “I can’t do this”. Therefore, the child often keeps postponing his homework (further lowering his self-esteem) and struggles with his parents. The result is often a diagnosis of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). So Lycopodium is a great remedy for this type of ADD, as well as for dyslexia problems. The low self confidence exhibited by people who need this remedy often stems from a humiliation, fear, fright or betrayal situation.

Nux Vomica – Here’s news for those of you who believe in curing a hangover with the proverbial raw eff in a pot of coffee. A hangover from alcohol (especially from beer() can be relieved as if by magic with a few pellets of Nux Vomica. Nux Vomica is used in gastric conditions in general; it relives the pains and bloating from overeating, especially from fatty and rich foods or too much coffee. It’s the perfect remedy for the sedentary business person, plagued by constipation, gas and burping, and craving stimulants like coffee and alcohol. It will relive indigestion with a feeling “ as if there is a weight in the stomach” about one to tow hours after eating. It will also relive constipation with the typical ineffective urging; the person keeps trying to defecate, always feeling that there is more to come out. I have seen nothing better for the constipation of a newborn baby. People who have long term constipation after taking too many laxatives can be helped by Nux Vomica, although they should do so under the care of a homeopathic physician. Nux vomica is also a major remedy for alcoholics, as well as for hay fever attacks with spasmodic sneezing in the morning upon awaking (with the nose stopped up at night and runny in the day). Another great situation for Nux Vomica is insomnia due to stress at work: a person takes his problems to be and typically wakens at 3:00 a.m. tossing and turning, thinking about what he did yesterday and what he has to do tomorrow. Of course he feels unrefreshed and groggy ( as if he has a “hangover”) upon awakening. Only a cup of coffee seems to get him going, bu this leads to a vicious cycle requiring more and more coffee.

Zinc Mettalicum in C potencies or Zinc Muriaticum Cell Salt – A wonderful homeopathic remedy to help with the nerves and nervous exhaustion and irritability. If you find yourself unable to calm down after an especially active day this remedy can help you a lot. Zinc Mur as a cell salt can help you to instantly feel better. I have found that Zinc Mur 12X works especially great, the only downside is that if you take too many you can become very sleepy and later may have heat flashes, but you will be a lot calmer and be able to sleep soundly.

Here is some more information about Homeopathy in case you might be interested. This is very important information. Which remedies apply to which miasm.

Thus we can see that there is almost no agreement about which remedies apply to which miasm.

With all of this confusion about the meaning of miasms and the remedies that can apply to the miasms, it is little to be wondered that homeopaths stayed away in droves. Most practitioners could not name more than a handful of remedies that clearly pertained to a specific miasm. In my own training in homeopathy, we paid very little attention to the miasm of remedies except in glaring cases (that is, if the patient had a history of gonorrhea and recurring gleet or warts, we would strongly consider Medorrhinum, Thuja or Natrum Sulphuricum). But of those frequent cases to which Boenninghausen refers as “whole sheets of images of the disease in which there is nothing therapeutically characteristic” we did not use and did not know of the tool of miasm. And this was generally true of most homeopaths from the time of Kent until the middle of the twentieth century.

The next move forward was in the LIGA meeting of 1944. The renowned Mexican homeopath F. Ortega put forward his concept of miasm. He maintained the concept of Hahnemann’s original three miasms (something nice about 3). However he attempted to make a clear and simple delineation of the mental and physical characteristics of each miasm, He described the main characteristics of the three constitutions in this way:

Psora = inhibition

Sycosis = excess

Syphilis = destruction

The benefit of this simplified view of the miasm was that the main thrust of the patient and his constitution could readily be identified much of the time. Thus the practitioner could readily categorize his patient into one of the groups. The concept became widely accepted.

There were many inconsistencies with this concept. For example, the remedy Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum had generally been considered as antisyphilitic was famous for excessive tumor growth (i.e. sycotic). The remedy Mercurius (which is antisyphilitic) is often found to be inhibited in its expressions (psora) where Sulphur (antipsoric) is often audacious and flashy. So when the theory came against actual remedies, we could see much variation.

Perhaps more importantly, we still had no clear idea of what constituted a miasm – that is no clear definition of miasm. And once again we are hampered by the fact that no consistent agreed upon list exists for which remedies belong to the miasm.

Some further intellectual progress was made by Vithoulkas in his book, Science of Homeopathy. Vithoulkas points out that there is no reason (echoing the words of Boenninghausen) that we are limited to three miasms. He states that rather than postulate that tuberculosis is a combination of two miasms, why should it not represent a fourth chronic miasm. Further, Vithoulkas points out that the first step should be a clear definition of miasm. “Based upon what has been said thus far, we can now present a definition of miasms: A miasm is a predisposition toward chronic disease underlying the acute manifestations of illness 1) which is transmissible from generation to generation and 2) which may respond beneficially to the corresponding nosode prepared from either pathological tissue or from the appropriate drug or vaccine.” (Science of Homeopathy)

The work of each successive homeopathic scientist brings further clarification of the basic concept brought forward by Hahnemann. Thus, by the time of Vithoulkas’ writings we had three characteristics for miasm:

Infectious – a miasm must be contagious.

Hereditary – a miasm or the susceptibility to a miasm must be transmissible from parent to child.

Nosode – a nosode must be obtainable from the miasmatic disease.

Vithoulkas stated clearly and for the first time that Tuberculosis was a separate miasm since it fit all of these criteria. He gave us a means for discovering new miasms. However he considered miasm as mainly a way of looking deeply at our science but did not consider the miasm to have tremendous clinical application except in cases where the miasm was obvious – and not always then. Thus by the end of the 1980’s we were pretty much where Hering left us: What difference does it make since we have to choose the similimum by the symptoms any way?

Most modern homeopaths in Europe and North America used miasmatic relationships in only a limited way. 

Finally in the 1990’s Sankaran made some logical and yet revolutionary steps in the understanding of miasm. He created a new paradigm for miasm. Specifically he made three rather astonishing postulates:

1) Each remedy is assigned to a specific miasm and only one.

2) Each miasm was given extremely clear and tight defining characteristics — both physical and mental — which are readily identifiable in the homeopathic interview.

3) Each patient has only one miasm evident at any time.

The value of these postulates, if correct, is clearly enormous. Most importantly from a practical standpoint, the ability to eliminate from consideration all but the remedies assigned to the miasm of our patient is of inestimable value. Just as we can eliminate all warm-blooded remedies when a patient is very chilly, we can limit the field of inquiry by knowing the miasm. Furthermore, by knowing the miasm, we can understand the emphasis of both physical and mental symptoms for each remedy.

In doing this, Sankaran and his coworkers assigned to date nearly 250 remedies to specific miasms – each remedy being assigned to only one miasm. For details of Sankaran’s work on miasms, refer to his books, System of Homeopathy and Insight into Plants.

So where do we stand today in our understanding of miasm? Many homeopathic authorities have proposed new miasms – exactly as Boenninghausen predicted. Foubister proposed a cancer miasm in the 1950’s. In the late 1980’s Vakil proved the remedy Leprominium. Sankaran has proposed four new miasms – bringing the total of miasms currently discussed to 10.

He also added and defined three new miasms bringing the total to ten. Here is the list as I see it at present. The name in parenthesis is the person who first proposed the miasm as a separate entity:

Acute miasm (Hahnemann) – also called the Rabies miasm by some.

Typhoid (Sankaran)

Malarial miasm (Sankaran)

Ringworm miasm (Sankaran)

Psoric Miasm (Hahnemann)

Sycotic miasm (Hahnemann)

Cancer miasm (Foubister)

Tubercular miasm (Vithoulkas)

Leprosy miasm (Vakil)

Syphilitic miasm (Hahnemann).

How do we know that the remedies specified for each of these proposed miasms actually belong?

Here the answer is strictly pragmatic and experiential. Since a miasm cannot be seen with a microscope nor identified by any laboratory test, it is necessarily an invention. No prover ever volunteered the information, “I am feeling quite syphilitic since I began proving this remedy.” Therefore the distinctions of the miasm are useful only if they have clinical relevance – that is if they help us to find the correct similimum. In a sense, it does not matter if the proposed miasm is “real”. If the definition of the miasm is clear and easily determined by all trained observers in the patient, and the remedies can be more easily identified by this grouping or categorization, then the concept is useful. The proof, as they say will be in the pudding.

How can there be so many miasms that were missed for so many years? 

Probably the answer lies as usual in language and terminology. For example, many of the remedies that Hahnemann considered as part of the acute miasm are now placed in the typhoid miasm by Sankaran and his coworkers. And the remedies of the Tubercular miasm were likewise grouped in the psoric and other miasms. It seems to be more a process of differentiating useful distinctions than unknown characteristics.

The question then becomes, “Are these refinements and further differentiations useful?” Or is it just further theorizing?

The answer to that question must be made in the clinic – as with all ideas and observations. For my part, I have been working with Sankaran’s miasmatic observations and categorizations for the past 5 years. I can state that my results have improved substantially during that time. I consider this work to be the greatest contribution to our science of the past 20 years – that is since the pioneering work of Vithoulkas.

Below is a rather shorthand summary of the characteristics of the miasms and the most important remedies for each miasm. I should note that these ideas are founded on Sankaran’s approach but supplemented by my own experience – so please take the mistakes below as my own and give the credit for the original concept to Sankaran as his due.

Acute Miasm

Originally, these remedies were used during acute illnesses such as scarlet fever, pneumonia and delirium. Later it was found that they are useful in chronic conditions where the sensation of the patient is identical to the sensation of an acutely ill patient. The patient feels as if he were reacting to a sudden, unexpected, life-threatening situation (illness, attack, accident, etc). The patient is in an almost “primitive” state usually accompanied by great fear and child-like reaction. There is no compensatory mechanism except fight or flight. He seeks reassurance and protection. Often mania states require remedies from the acute or typhoid miasm. Severe phobia disorders also frequently fit within this miasm.

Known Remedies f the Acute Miasm

Aconite. Arnica. Belladonna. Cactina. Calendula. Camphora. Chocolate. Coffeinum. Croton Tiglium. Digitoxin. Elaterium. Ergotaminum. Hydrogen. Hypericum. Lithium. Melilotus. Morphinum. Oenanthus. Stramonium. Strychninum. Veratrum.

Nosode: Lyssinum. Morbillinum. Diptherinum.

Typhoid Miasm

Also known as the subacute miasm. Remedies in this miasm were originally used for typhoid fever – that is high, unremitting fever often associated with prostration from violent diarrheas or other infections. The infections are slightly less rapid in their onset (like all our descriptions of Bryonia) than the remedies in the acute miasm. Now we find these remedies can be useful in a variety of chronic conditions such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, collapse states, psychosis. Patients in this miasm who have acute or recurring psychotic breaks have good prospects from homeopathic treatment. The patient feels himself to be in an urgent, life-threatening situation requiring his full capacity to survive. The patient is willing to use any means to return to a secure position: Violence, scheming, flight, lying, etc. Willful children who demand their desires so strongly that parent’s cave in often require remedies from this group. The patient’s goal is to conserve every resource to combat the threat. Thus materialism and business struggles are a strong component. The feeling is, “If I can just get through this crisis, I have it made and I can rest.” He seeks rest and a secure position.

Known Remedies of the Typhoid Miasm

Abelmoschus. Acetic Acid. Aethusa. Ailanthus. Anantherum. Argemon. Asclepias Tuberosa. Baptisia. Benzoic Acid. Bryonia. Carbo Animalis. Carbo Vegetabilis. Carnegia gigantea. Chamomilla. Doryphora. Euphrasia. Gallic Acid. Gambogia. Helleborus. Hyoscyamus. Ipecac. Lycopus. Mancinella. Nux Moschata. Nux Vomica. Paris. Petroleum. Polystyrene. Podophyllum. Pyrogenium. Rheum. Rhus Tox. Sacchrum Album. Sulphuricum Acidum. Thyroidinum. Veratrum Veride. Viscum.

Nosode: Typhoidinum.

Malarial Miasm

In malaria, the situation is still less severe. The patient is suffering but not in immanent danger for his life. Instead he finds himself repeatedly accosted by highly uncomfortable conditions. These conditions leave him weak and vulnerable between the attacks. He is partially crippled by the condition causing him to be dependent on those around him. His forward progress is arrested as he deals with these harassing attacks. For chronic conditions, the remedies of the malarial miasm feel they are facing recurring attacks from life – they feel stuck in a situation where nothing goes right and he is never truly well. He can do little more than complain or act out. Patients in this miasm often feel miserable and make those around them miserable from their negative outlook. The patient especially suffers with intermittent fevers, recurring hemorrhoids, recurring or allergic asthma, migraines, neuralgia, rheumatism.

Known remedies of the Malarial Miasm

Ammonium Muriaticum. Angustura. Antimonium Crudum. Aurum Muriaticum Kalinatum. Berberis. Boletus. Cactus. Capsicum. Cedron. Chelidonium. China (and it’s salts). Cina. Clematis. Colchicum. Colocynthis. Eupatorium Perfoliatum. Eupatorium Purpureum. Iris. Kalmia. Magnesia Muriatica. Menyanthes. Natrum Muriaticum. Peonia. Prunus. Ranunculus Bulbosus. Sarracenia. Spigelia. Sumbulus. Verbascum.

Nosode— None.

Ringworm Miasm

Ringworm and fungal disorders are annoying but not at all life-threatening. These conditions often get better very slowly but slip back in at the first vulnerable moment. It is a constant effort to combat the condition. The theme for ringworm miasm is struggle against an external object but alternately feeling optimism or pessimism. The patient often repeatedly uses the word, “trying.” The feeling is that he must try and try and yet he never quite gets there though never quite gives up.

Known Remedies of the Ringworm Miasm

Actea Spicata. Allium Sativa. Calcarea Fluorica. Calcarea Silicata. Calcarea Sulphurica. Dulcamara. Fagus. Gossypium. Magnesia Sulphuric Opunta vulgaris. Pseudotsuga. Rhus Venanata. Sarsaparilla. Taraxicum. Teucreum. Upas. Veronica officianalis. Viola Tricolorata.

Nosode – Ringworm nosode.

Psoric Miasm

The theme for psora according to Sankaran is struggle against an external problem but with a feeling of optimism. Paradoxically, since many of the remedies and characteristics of psora have been differentiated into other miasms, few remedies are left in this category. Many have noted the similarity between Sankaran’s description of this miasm and his description of the ringworm miasm.

Known Remedies of the Psoric Miasm

Calcarea. Cuprum. Ferrum. Graphites. Kali-Carbonicum. Lycopodium. Niccolum. Sulphur. Zincum.

Nosode: None.

Sycotic Miasm

Gonorrhea is a condition that is not life-threatening but is shameful and embarrassing. The remedies used to combat gonorrhea and gleet also treat the ailments of suppressed gonorrhea. All of the diseases that respond to this group of remedies are fixed and intractable: They do not go away but they do not progress. The patient spends a great deal of time trying to cover up or compensate for the illness. Thus we have the well-known characteristic of the sycotic miasm: secretiveness. The patient is often riddled with guilt and insecurity. Inferiority complex is a common finding in this miasm. The physical conditions often center around the urinary or genital tract. Also common is asthma, tumors and neoplasms, eczema, genital herpes.

Known Remedies of the Sycotic Miasm

Argentum Metallicum. Borax. Bovista. Calcarea Bromata. Cannabis Indica. Caulophyllum. Crocus Sativa. Digitallis. Gelsemium. Kali Bichromicum. Kali Bromatum. Kali Sulphuricum. Lac Caninum. Lac Delphinum. Natrum Sulphuricum. Palladium. Pulsatilla. Sabadilla. Sanguinaria. Silica. Thuja.

Nosode: Medorrhinum

Cancer Miasm

When a patient receives a diagnosis of cancer, it is obvious that the condition is life threatening. The patient and the family feel there is almost no hope but yet they do not give up. They search high and low for a new drug trial, a new surgery, or even a farfetched alternative like homeopathy. The feeling is one of desperation, of holding on to hope with the fingernails. The patient who needs a remedy from this miasm feels he must carry out his life perfectly – one failure of duty, one lapse in cleanliness, one cheat of the proper diet and all will be lost. Perfectionism and the need for control with the feeling of being strained to one’s very limit are the normal presentation. Physically the cancer miasm is often found in patients with a history of cancer but many other physical ailments can be produced. Anorexia nervosa is often treated by remedies of this miasm. Tumors of any sort, neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis are often found in this miasm.

Known Remedies of the Cancer Miasm

Agaricus, Anacardium. Anhalonium, Argentum Nitricum, Arsenicum Album. Asarum. Baryta Arsenica, Bellis Perenis, Calcarea Arsenica, Calcarea Nitrica, Causticum, Conium. Ferrum Arsenicum, Ignatia, Kali Arsenicum, Kali Nitricum, Natrum Arsenicum, Nitricum Acidum, Opium, Physostigma, Ruta, Sabina, Staphysagria, Tabacum, Viola Odorata.

Nosodes: Carcinocin, Scirrhinum

Tubercular Miasm 

The feeling of the miasm relates to the ever encroaching and eventually fatally suffocating infection. The patient rebels, struggles, longs for freedom from his condition. He hurries to live his life even as he intuits that it is burning away from him. He feels the walls closing in upon him. His loved ones cannot be trusted. He suffers from respiratory conditions, persecution complex, deformative arthritis.

Abrotanum. Acalypha. Apis. Aranea. Arsenicum Iodatum. Atrax. Balsamum. Brucea. Bromium. Calcarea Iodata. Calcarea Phosphorica. Cereus Bonplandii. Cimicifuga. Cistus. Coccus Cacti. Coffea. Drosera. Elaterium. Euonymus. Ferrum Iodatum. Ferrum Phosphoricum. Fluoric Acid. Ginseng. Iodum Kali Phosphoricum. Latrodectus. Magnesia Phosphorica. Mygale. Myristica. Myrtus Communis. Natrum Phosphricum. Oleander. Phelandrium. Phosphorus. Pix. Rumex. Salix Niger. Sambucus. Senega. Succinic Acid. Tarentula. Theridion. Ustilago. Verbascum.Vespa.

Nosode – Bacillinum. Tuberculinum (in all its preparations). BCG vaccine.

Leprosy Miasm

Lepers have suffered enormously through history. The condition is slowly progressive and eventually leads to death. However, even more disturbing to the patient is the reaction of those around him. He is reviled by his friends and community. Where they looked at him with affection they now feel loathing. This results in a desperate state of self-disgust and self-hatred. He feels contempt with his condition and towards himself or others. He desires to tear, mutilate or bite himself. He suffers from suicidal thoughts or impulses, depression, morbid obesity.

Known Remedies of the Leprosy Miasm

Agraphis. Aloe. Ambra. Androctonus. Aristolochia. Aurum Sulphuricum. Azadirachta. Baryta Iodata. Baryta Sulphurica. Cereus Serpentinus. Cicuta. Coca. Codeinum. Comocladia. Curare. Cyclamen. Fumaria. Gratiola. Homarus. Hura. Hydrastus. Hydrocotyle. Indolum. Kola nut. Lac Defloratum. Laurocerasus. Ledum. Mandragora. Mephites. Ocimum sacntum. Rhus glabra. Secale. Sepia. Skatolum. Solanum Tuberosum Aegrotans. Spiraea.

Nosodes – Leprominium. Psorinum.

Syphilitic Miasm

Syphilis was an inexorable death sentence in the pre-antibiotic era. The condition is utterly destructive – either physically or mentally. Extreme nihilism marks the patient in the uncompensated state. The diseases are destructive of bone and tissue leading eventually to death. The patient reacts to his illness or his perceived life situations as though under a death sentence. He is prone to feelings of violence and revenge. Suicide or homicidal feelings are common. Destructive addictions often result. Physical conditions include advanced cardiac conditions, aortic disease, aneurysm, alcoholism.

Known Remedies of the Syphilitic Miasm

Alumina. Anagallis. Aurum. Cenchris. Clematis. Crataegus Echinacea. Elaps. Hepar Sulphur. Hydrocotyle. Lachesis. Lathyrus. Leptandra. Mercurius. Origanum. Osmium. Naja. Platinum Plumbum. Plutonium. Psilocibe. Stillingea.

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