Merkaba Distant Energy Healing Session


I am not doing sessions at this time. ❤

COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 30 – 60 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Initial Healing Session with a full comprehensive analysis of your present state $249.99. 

Follow up session : if you need one, you will be the one to determine if you need it or not. Most never need a follow up.

This is a DISTANT healing therapy session. We don’t need to be on the phone. We don’t need to meet in person. This is done through the distance.The only thing I need from you is your photo, and a list of your health/emotional concerns, that is all. 


This is more than just a healing session, this is a comprehensive analysis of your current state of being. In this analysis & healing session you will be scanned for everything mentioned below and much more depending on what you need.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

  • Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
  • Removal of Implants
  • Cleansing the Aura
  • Removing blocks from the chakras
  • Activating Chakras
  • Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy
  • Sealing the rips in the energy body
  • Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
  • Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
  • Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
  • DNA Upgrade
  • Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
  • Past Life Contracts Clearing (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove you from the Karmic Wheel of Life except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is. We all have some form or Karma, but not everyone is stuck on the Karmic Wheel of Life. Those who are visitors to this planet such as starseeds, light beings, angelics, serpahs, wise ones, ascended masters, agarthians, elementals, etc., are not stuck on the human wheel of life. Meaning those who have come to assist humanity have been outfitted by what is known as Karmic Containment Units. These are devices that assist and hinder the progress of a visitor on this planet. These devices are connected to the human karmic wheel of life, throwing one into various human experiences where one gets an opportunity to experience being human fully and completely, without actually being stuck on the wheel of karma. These devices while assuring that the soul would not ever be stuck on the karmic wheel of life, are hindering the progress of the mission at hand. As one experiences everything human, one begins to believe that they deserve this or that due to what they did in their past life. However, this is a false belief.

Many who come to me for a session have these devices in their energy field because most of the ones that come my way are not of human origin. KCU’s (Karmic Containment Unites) are more than an implant, it’s a containment device… your perception is influenced to believe that you have karma (meaning that you are stuck on the wheel of life, once again Karma is not what we are taught to believe it is, and you CAN change your “karma” but only you can do that, no one else can do that for you.)  and you begin to collect it, the type of karma you collect is not really yours, since you are bound onto the wheel via these KCU’s to experience the karma, and to truly experience being human, so as everything in the universe, it is a matter of perception. On the one hand it left you unable to see beyond the veil, on the other hand, that is the ultimate idea, to have you not be able to see beyond the veil to completely immerse yourself into this earthly life and then at a specific moment in time to be awakened, and removed from this perception. So that you do not actually acquire this karma, you are tagged with KCU’s.

Basically it’s the same as putting on some gear, however, both sides must benefit from this. If you have the KCU you are able to be here and experience karma, while at it, you are feeding the “dark side”, you are feeding the matrix with your belief and energies, which allows the “dark” side to benefit. On the other hand you are not actually stuck on the wheel from which it is a bit more complex to get off. Therefore as you can see it is both good and bad. Once removed though, what happens is you are removed from the matrix. Does it mean you fall off the face of the earth, absolutely not. What this means is you simply are able to SEE beyond the veil, you are no longer feeding the “dark” side, nor feeding the matrix as the “dark” side wanted you to feed. You are able to then freely move between worlds, see beyond, think beyond, and through your thinking, through your newly acquired truth energy of love and light you are then able to weave a new reality into being, hence assisting to build a new matrix of love, or lack thereof. It then becomes up to you. As you become incredibly powerful as you truly are. You are able to co-create a reality of your choosing.

  • Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
  • Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
  • You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

I work with Guardian Angels of a person whom I’m doing a healing session on as well as Arch Angels such as Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and others of the highest order of light. At some moments when that is not enough, I ask the assistance of the Source.

Below is a description of what goes on in a Merkaba Distance Healing Therapy Session that I perform on my clients to give you a better understanding of what you may experience, and make a decision whether or not this is the right healing method for you.

First of all I would like to say that I do not believe in labeling anything. There are no diseases.. there is only DIS-EASE.. which means that your body has either been stressed, plagued by the dark entities, that there are holes in your Aura/Energy Field which is allowing your energy to escape, that there are implants that have been implanted into your aura/energy body/physical body either in this life time or another life time, or that there is some sort of block in your body that is not allowing your energy to flow through your body as it should.

Please understand that what really happens is YOU are healing YOUR OWN self, all I am doing is opening up the gateway, and correcting the energy flow to allow your body to do the rest. 

Usually when I go into a session the first thing I do is check to see if there are any type of dark entities,

grays, archons and such hanging around a person. If there are, I ask them to leave and send them into the light. It is interesting to see how many people are plagued by these entities and do not even know it. And although we as light workers are constantly working on removing these entities from the earth sphere, they still continue to hide in our energy bodies. This could be a reason for someone’s instant mood change from being nice to all of a sudden being so angry and vicious without being able to control oneself. This could also be a reason for someones nightmares, feeling of being paralyzed at night while a feeling of heaviness or darkness surrounding them. Many report feeling as if they are being dragged by their feet out of their bed. It is VERY difficult to get out of this state once one is being plagued.The good news is once these entities are removed from a person’s field, it then gives them a chance to truly re-evaluate their own behavior and realize that they were indeed acting out or lashing out at people for reasons beyond their own. It is amazingly beautiful to see a person’s state of being and mind instantly change, and them having an opportunity to finally understand and see everything so much clearer and take necessary action to change their lives.

It is highly CRUCIAL to remove these entities from your field. There are so many different ways of doing this, as many of you have heard and this has been discussed in folklore all the time. Devils, Demons, etc. , Many refuse to believe that it is so.. but IT IS!

Once I check to see if there are any entities hanging around a clients field, I then start to search for implants. If there are any implants in the field of a client these implants will usually pop up and I will be on numerous occasions explained the reason for that implant being there. Now here is a very interesting phenomenon that some healers will NOT agree with me on.

Not ALL implants are bad. Some implants have actually been placed into your energy field in order to assist you, in receiving information, in having your energy field act a certain way, in protecting you, etc., etc., And it does so happen that I am asked by the HIGHER SELF of a client to leave these be.

When implants and dark entities have been removed, it is now time to check the energy flow through the body of the client, looking at all the chakras. Here I get to see which chakras are blocked, and ublock them. However, I do believe that in order to keep the chakras from being blocked again in the same way a person needs to start working on whatever aspect of their lives that actually led them to these chakras being blocked.

Once the chakras have been unblocked and the energy flow begins. I ask to be shown the entire body part by part to see if there are any major developments (such as cysts, or any other ailment to that part of the body). That is how I am able to pin point if someone has Lung problems, or Cysts in their Breasts, or Liver damage, etc., And then based on what I find and what I am guided by the Devine I tell the client what needs to be further done in order to correct this issue and restore the body to its natural state of being.

After that is completed I then check to see if the client’s DNA needs to be upgraded, and if that is the case proceed to do so, it is a very interesting experience to upgrade someone’s DNA, usually it is VERY
lengthy and requires quite a lot of time to do so, but worth it, for every time it is done the person comes back to tell me how great they are feeling!

After I check for DNA upgrade, I proceed to see if their Pineal gland needs to be activated, if it is, I proceed to activate it as well. It is once again a lengthy process, but once all the blocks have been removed

from the pineal gland the person begins to experience better meditative states, and so much more. While doing this, I also check to see if the left brain is communicating well with the right brain, and if not energetically activate the flow of energy as well.

There are many chakra points on the body that many are simply not even aware of, there many more than just the major ones that are being talked about all over the place. As I have come to learn there are quite
a few little points on the back of a person which are also sometimes are in need of activation.

Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye, I finally move onto the last step. I check to see if there are any rips or splits in the energy body, if there are any I seal them up. This prevents negative energy flow from entering the body.

Once the healing session is completed, I then sit down and write up a full report of everything that took place during the healing session, all of the underlying issues that have been discovered at the time of the session as well as further recommendations and guidance by your angels/guides, so that you walk away from this session fully armed with tools to assist you further in your ascension process, without needing to constantly rely on others for healings.

Deluxe Merkaba Distance Healing Therapy Session includes everything stated above + A full comprehensive and detailed report on how to correct any underlying issues, further guidance that you can continue doing on your own from your Angels, recommendations on which gem stones, essential oils you are to use, etc., (if any). Please note that this is not a channeling ( I do not offer any personal channeling sessions), however in rare instances, if any personal channeling information comes through for you during the session I will include it. To book a session with me please use the Order Now button below. Once I receive the payment I will get back to you by e-mail within 24 – 72 hours after you make the payment. Please do not expect to receive an instant reply from me about your session as soon as you send your email, as I am not by the computer 24/7 but I will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours of your payment, unless I am having some technical issues. You can also contact me directly by writing to annamerkaba{at} after you make the payment.

Please also note that I am not one of those healers that will be talking you into getting a session with me. Therefore, if you feel any uncertainty on getting this session then this only means that I am not the healer for you and/or you should not have this session. Once again please do not write to me asking me to prove anything to you, that is not what I do, as the only real proof of anything is what YOU feel in your heart and soul! If you feel drawn to this session then your Higher Self/Guides/Angels are drawing you to me in order to HELP YOU. So please be OPEN to this session, and once again if you have any doubts, please look elsewhere for a session. Thank you! ❤

Initial Healing Session with a full comprehensive analysis of your present state $249.99. 

Follow up session : if you need one, you will be the one to determine if you need it or not. Most never need a follow up.

Please note: Anna Merkaba is not an M.D. or licensed medical professional. She does not diagnose or treat medical conditions and does not consult or advise about such conditions. Energy healing and vibrational therapies are performed as complementary practices to relieve stress and to clear and balance the body’s energy fields. While these practices can enhance and strengthen the healing process at all levels, they are not a substitute for appropriate medical care. This healing session is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute as medical advice It is the responsibility of each individual to seek and utilize a physician’s care and advice for medical conditions. 

What others have to say about these healing sessions:

“On 9/25/13 you did a full ‘healing’ session on me and to date I had not given you any feedback as I was anxiously waiting to see my hearing specialist for another hearing test following the healing session you did on my entire body & ears, extensively,

After my session with you, I began to sense I could hear something more in my left ear than I had been, prior to the session – so I started doing some of my own ‘tests’ by covering my better ‘right’ ear (which has 18% high pitch loss) and turning on either the radio or TV to see if I could make out any words from my bad ear which is my left ear.

My last hearing test done in March 2012 reflected ‘ 0 ‘ (ZERO) discrimination of words coming from my left ear – which meant I could not make out any words from my left ear that the audiologist was speaking, as she covered up my good right ear in order to do the test accurately.

So, just yesterday I finally went to see my Ear specialist Dr., and she had the audiologist do another hearing test. They were only going to test my good (right) ear since the left is on record for being ‘dead’. Because of what I

sensed following my healing session with you, I asked if they would perform the hearing test in my left ear as well. They did. And much to their surprise, not mine, they told me my hearing discrimination in the left ear went from 0% to 30% and neither the audiologist or the Ear specialist (Dr of Otology) could explain. The specialist told me when it’s dead, it’s ‘dead’ and she could not give me any explanation.

At this point I asked her if she knew about the bodies chakra’s – after a slight pause she nodded yes, & inquired if they be associated to Eastern medicine. She went on to say “keep it up” and she suggested if I were able to get my hearing up to 50% discrimination in that left ear (which means making out words) I would be able to use a hearing aid in that ear and actually ‘HEAR’!! ” ~ Christine Milne

Dearest Anna,
I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for your healing! I know now that we do have the power to heal ourselves! Your help and your detailed report, was amazing! I feel so blessed that we have crossed paths. During your healing session in Nov. 2013 I went into a meditative state or I fell asleep. I felt almost right away my throat clearing, seeing that I have hashimottos (Autoimmune disease of the thyroid). I felt a release almost felt as if my throat was smelling eucalyptus. I could breath! Then I have this beautiful lattice mirror with flowers all around it, placed in front of me. As I looked in the mirror I can see little beautiful Angels flying around my head, and one big Angel sitting on my shoulder. I felt so loved, I knew I was not alone. My Guides and Angels have been a part of my life ever since.
My Doctors Apt. Went well I had to go down on the dose. This is when I decided to go to a more natural approach. I called my naturopathic Dr. He gave area test to see if it’s not too late to go on a natural thyroid glandular. I passed both tests!!! My hair is growing in thicker than before. I don’t experience hair loss like I used too. I feel in time I will not even need the natural thyroid. Thank you, bless you!!!
Lots of love & light!

Anna, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. You truly have superhuman abilities that you use for the highest and best good of all. When I contacted you, I was in a very dark place. You were sincerly my last resort, since I had contemplated suicide for a while. I had been plagued by a dark entity for five months, and was SO CONFUSED about who I was and how to get through that. My deepest fears surfaced and I simply felt disempowered. Honestly, I had never felt ”on the edge” like that in my entire life. I was a successful university student and hard worker, turned into ”psychiatric case” in just a couple months. All I knew and was absolutely sure of, is that this was a spritual phenomenon and that I wasn’t crazy. I knew deep down inside my heart, even though it seemed to be totally blocked, that THERE’S WAS A WAY, that I WOULD FIND SOMEONE TO HELP ME. I come from a small and very closed-minded town, so it was very difficult for me to find a specialist in that area. Luckily enough, I pushed through, I tried many so-called ”healers” that I found on the Internet, that were just using fear based approches to make me their weekly client for gigantic amounts of cash. And God knows that when we feel that desperate, no matter how much it costs, you don’t care, you only want a solution. Was it luck or destiny? Maybe a bit of both, but I found you. And I want you to know Dearest Anna, from the bottom of my heart, that I LOVE YOU sister of Light YOU were the one I needed. Firstly, your healing has been so DEEP and EFFECTIVE. The beauty of this, is that the healing energies continues to flow for days after the actual session. Secondly, the price. Girl, there is no price that can be put on what you do. You could literally charge thousands of dollars. You can’t put a price on freedom, peace, closure and harmony. I’ve found your report EXTREMELY well detailed and SO ACCURATE. Each line I was reading I was like, that’s it! She got it! That’s exactly what I felt! Thirdly, the specific recommendations on what types of natural supplements, essential oils, flower essences, meditations, and more, that my angels suggested to you, so that I can continue to support my healing and ascension process on my own. And last but not least, thank you for taking the time to reassure me and answer some of my questions after the healing. Your job was done, but you were kind enough to support me in this transition and cared enough to add another shield of protection around my energy field. It’s been 5 days, each and every day, I feel different, I feel more and more empowered, because YOU made me realize how much POWERFUL I AM. I am born anew and I owe it to you, my dearest friend. It is crystal clear that you are doing your work with much passion for the human kind and your abilities are simply ASTOUNDING. And what I appreciate the most, is that you don’t expect me to come back next week for another healing, because you know it won’t be necessary. You know what you are doing. But I’m already looking forward our next session, because it is SO PROFOUND in SO MANY WAYS. I will now take my healing process into my own hands and wish to tap into my own abilities. And, just like you, I want to do much good and shine the Light in this World. GOD BLESS your Soul, you are amazing x Love, – Vincent.


“Anna! I would just like to say Thank You for the healing session I had almost a week ago, and would like to share with you my experience when I was referred to you I was in a horrible dark place, the day of the healing I felt such a relief, felt light headed and my body felt so light, the following day was not a good place because I needed to release and to knowledge all the negative feelings that was surfacing, your loving guidance and patience made it a truly healing experience, you have found that I had many implants that was not letting me live my life to my highest good and removed them, the following day and everyday after that it’s been a truly wonderful week so far, when situations come up that I need to step up to my power I remember to be aware of the feelings and I use the recommendations you had for me! I’m loving my life and can’t wait to fullfill my destinys calling! Thank you so much to guiding me back to the light! and now Im ready to Spread my Wings 😉 Much Munay, Grateful for your presence in my life!” ~Juana


Dear Anna, Thank you, for your healing. Your report is amazing. I started some, of the treatments. I feel better already! Can’t wait to feel 100%. The morning of the scheduled healing. I was in bed trying to meditate. I must of fallen asleep and had the most amazing dream! I was given this hand held mirror that unfolded, and was told when you look through the mirror you can see your angels. I looked in the mirror and saw one big angel, on my right shoulder and several little beautiful ones, around my head. It was magical! When I woke up I looked at the clock it was 10:30 I felt my throat was lighter free. I am struggling with letting go of the past. I will try, for I know, that is my key for a better tomorrow. Thank you. ~Katina T.


Anna, Thank you for the GREAT Work. If you would have said that to me 5 years ago; I Would have told you ” You are Crazy ” LOL But my awakening has taken a fast track in the last 90 days ! Lots has been hidden from me in this time line; For years I felt it was mistake to be here; many times I asked the question ” WHY” and Prime Creator or Perhaps my Higher Self will Respond ” In the end you will understand ” ; Had to walk the darkest corners of GAIA; Experienced many things within this time line in order to better explain it to our Brothers and Sisters. Perhaps this is why so many reptilians/dark ones were hanging around blocking all the good energies from coming in; I want to thank you for the work you have done and the great service you are providing to humanity; The minute you started doing the work I was asked” Should we remove the implants ” and I responded ” only if those implants prevent me from starting my life’s mission “; My Energy Changed that very same day; My entire body feels lighter and the Love Frequency just doubled; I’m in state of ” AWE “; Since you did the Healing I’m now getting Clear Messages during my Dream State which I could never do before; Keep up the great work and already telling ALL my friends about you; So hold on tight; It’s going to be a long ride, LOL Namaste ! ~Rafy Rosa

“Thanks Anna, infact I was well from the beginning of your healing and also heart opened, I am happy finally and full of light. Yes, I am feeling a new person, thanks to you Anna and AA Michael, I am free, I am born again in the light: God bless you forever.” ~Elisabetta


Dear Anna♥♥♥


The change in Nidal i♥s♥ AMAZING!!!…For the first time in 4 months he has HEARTILY LAUGHEDツ♥♥♥…His passion in GOD…LIFE…HIS MISSION…MUSIC has return once more…

He apologized for doing drugs…realizes how much he LOVES U♥S♥…his mother…humanity…

HE THANKS YOU VERY MUCH!!!♥♥♥…and wishes to know more about his past life in Egypt because he had always been fascinated by it since a little childツツツ

Words can not convey OUR eternal gratitude for this HEALING♥♥♥…He is back to his DIVINE BLUEPRINT…PURE BLISS♥♥♥…He is making incredible music and his health …on all levels…is returning♥♥♥

You are truly giftedツ♥♥♥…WE LOVE YOU!!!♥♥♥ Eternally greatful and with LOVE and galaxies of LIGHT,


Dear Anna, thank you so much for your work and help. I just waited a bit to give you a feedback. In the first week after the healing I was indeed very tired each day while feeling emotionally in balance. Then a made the liver and colon cleansing (3 days)and had a very bad last day physically. And then the next morning I woke up and feeled free, neither depression nor headache. And this is so by now. This is a experience I very rarely had in the last 30 years. This is why I was waiting giving you a message wanting to be sure (without doubts). I do the exercices and take the Schussler Salts and Bach-Flowers Essences as recommanded.

The best of all is the fact that the power of my negative thoughts (like a big dark cloud) has gone so that I easily can regain my inner balance when a “fugitive” one comes in. And so I do my best to increase my joy and life impulses and hoping to meet my soul partner soon. Thank you again and love and light and bliss
Maria R.


WOW….. Again….. EYE thank you from the top, bottom, right, left and centre of my heart for your love!!!! ~ Natalie Vanos


“Hi anna. I want to say thank you very very much for doing this healing work for me, I want to wish you many blessing, good health, long life, and also I love you. I will surely recommend others to you & your great work, Thanks again.” ~Shawn T.


“Thanks so much Anna. I’m truly grateful for this wonderful gift of healing and vibrational activation & alignment which you and our guides have shared with us both. I received an email from a friend a few days ago of one of your channelled messages and felt instantly guided to find out more…I read your website and booked in for a healing experience with you right away…Your experiences so far here on Earth…particularly your moments before awakening to your true purpose really made sense to me and was similar in a way to what I had experienced earlier on in my life…I definitely align with Arch Angel Michael Thanks so much once again…I will send you an update as my journey progresses and will be sure to share my experience with many others. Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing! Love and best wishes always” ~Sonia


“I would like to thank you for everything, I resonated with all that you mentioned in your healing report. Thank and much love and light to you as well.” -Jessica


“Anna Merkaba is an amaze-sing gifted healer. When this ‘attack’ on me happened EYE knew this was a job for her. She did the healing session last night while EYE was sleeping. “So yes, like EYE said, EYE simply new this was an attack. EYE can highly recommend a session with her. This was my second one with her and each time it’s so profound that no money can be put on what it does for one on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. ~ Natalie Vanos


“I am very grateful for your healing session. When I visited your website and read the details listed in your healing session, I immediately knew that I needed the healing intervention thru your expertise. I have felt this negative energy in my field but I was unable to do the clearing on my own. I was blocked in connecting with the Divine and it was very frustrating at times. I just could not move forward.” ~Jan H.


Hi Anna,
I want to thank you for a healing session that was most healing and positive, felt in my entire being! During the session I was feeling soft and subtle energy movement, still feeling the energy move since then! My experiences with stress issues have lessened considerably and I feel much more balanced and in gratitude which is where I am most comfortable! I can understand now why I am so sensitive to ‘my space’ and will do an exercise in forgiveness as part of my daily spiritual practice. Your report was very inspiring, I can relate to all the info you gave. The homeopathic remedies are on order and should be here this week. I will begin that regimen as soon as they arrive.
Your work is most appreciated and again ‘thank you’ for all the help you have given me! Sue


“I discovered you through the Galactic Free Press and continued to be drawn to you as I followed your posts. Early this morning,I woke with a headache but I sensed you were working on me. I was directed to remain there as I felt other sensations moving throughout my body. When I received the impression it was time to get up, the headache had subsided. I felt light and wonderful the remainder of the day. Your information was very enlightening, and I will certainly recommend you to friends. Thanks so much, Anna.” ~ Carolyn M.


“Thank you so much for the healing and the report. It took me a while to reply because up until now I am trying to digest most of it . Your report was so wonderful to read. You see, most of my life I’ve struggled with low self esteem and social phobia and the past few years it has been so intense that most of the time I’ve found it hard to get out of the house. I knew you would see those thought forms! I am very happy to learn about my Arctuarian heritage and to know that I do have a role to play in this part of the Universe. I didn’t suddenly become extroverted because of the healing, but I do feel that the phobia has eased up considerably; also, I feel much lighter and more joyful and I feel more guided towards certain information that I need at this time. Today I enjoyed the most refreshing walk ever; I felt so happy afterwards and just had to let you know!” ~ Jocelyn G.


“ANNA!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! EYE LOVE YOU!!! Eye knew when you were working on me!!! Or maybe it was when you were working on Marc… All Eye know is that Eye felt something POWERFUL going on!!!! I started pacing the floor…. then crying…WOW! WOW! & WOW again!!! Thank you soooooo much from the bottom,center & top of my HEART! That is quite the report!~Fay


“Thank you Anna for your healing. I knew the timing was imperative for me. You went way out of your way and beyond..I soo much have a greater understanding of my purpose now in this lifetime.Also how forgiveness is so imperative for me at this time. Still processing… so much. Will post more @ a later date. I adore you and I love you.”. Lisa/Elizabeth


“Hi Anna, Thanks so much for the healing! That info. is truly amazing!! I will definitely try to get a past life regression session in the near future!

This will now be the third time I have received a message about writing a book! I will be in touch. Thanks again so much,” -Christine


“Ann , thank you so much for everything even the extra email . I will be using your service again dear one” ~Rosalinda



Wow….it was so much data to process. Not all healers are alike. Your healing method is so detailed…such as what happen to me, diagrams, instructions, personal comments, advice and above all else…your LOVE LIGHT It was more than what i was expecting. I don’t know how to thank you but this…:p :p :p :p :p. And, your healing is at such a great price…it’s way undervalued for the attention to every detail on so many levels even i haven’t comprehend yet. IT’S FUCKIN AWESOME ANNA!!! U R DA FUKIN SHIET!!! YEA…I SAID IT!!! UNBELIEVABLE…LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU DEAR SISTER<3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ If your ass needs a healing….you better hurry up because Anna’s healing is a steal!!! You walk away with so much more than just a healing. I’m booking more for my friends and recommend her highly!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ~John


“Dearest Anna, I am so impressed by all the information you have give me that first of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for the exhaustive and amazing report you are sending me. I remained speechless after reading it. You are an Angel Anna and God knows how much I appreciate and value your work. There are a lot of things for me to do but tomorrow I´ll try to buy the teas and the other things you recommended me to do. I send you all the love in the universe and may God always bless you so much, divine child of the universe. ” – Catalina


Dear Anna, I am still overwhelmed with the immense quality and quantity of such an accurate information report and healing session. I am very sensitive to energies so I rested before, during and after the healing. I knew that what was coming was huge! And after feeling very sleepy and lightheaded for a while, now I am feeling great and like a huge weight was released from me, I feel very empty in a sense, but very happy at the same time, filled with renewed energies!. Your report was incredibly detailed and every word resonated with me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE SEEKING HEALING, YOU WILL GET SO MUCH MORE!!! –Astrid Fam, Santiago, Chile


“Hi Anna. Wow! This is a great report for an great healing session. It is funny you saw me as a Hathor. I have has visions of my past lives, and one of them was as an Hathor, on Earth when the planet had just been created and I was taking samples to ensure all life was evolving in the intended order. Love and light to you dear Anna:)” – Fred Pap


“Dear Anna, I am eternally grateful. No one , none of the healers i consulted for years could crack this dilemma . I couldn’t do anything. As if I was on a straight jacket all the time. I am soooo glad that is done.When can we have the next session …? Thanks again,”. – Josephine


“Today I have been feeling better than I have in three and a half months! Everything you wrote resonated with me and the healing has already made a huge difference. I am excited about everything you shared with me and will be following all the advise. I looked at the clock between 8 and 9am because I could feel beautiful energy shooting through my body and heard myself say, it’s working! I have thought about a book and I am constantly told by friends that I write beautifully. Each time I receive a compliment I do wonder if it is a sign. I have a great story of my life and how it led me to my truth about eternal life. It is story everyone will relate to until they get to my truth. I am surrounded by people that believe in their religions and are set in their ways. I have had two Hay House authors tell me I need to write my story, one already asked me to be on his show with my book, so I will begin next week. I am forever grateful for all that you have given me in this beautiful healing! ” xoxo, Cindy


On the morning of our session, I was lying awake in bed and felt very relaxed and somewhat blissful. Since then, my throat problem, which is my most challenging physical issue at the moment, seemed to change somewhat. I had been most bothered on the left side of my throat for months now and the day after the session it seemed to move to the right side with the feeling of a foreign body there. The next day that feeling was gone. I still have soreness and discomfort in my throat that comes and goes but I’m quite certain that it will improve more and more every day and I’m hoping that it will no longer require medication very soon. I already feel somewhat revitalized physically and emotionally. In fact, I feel a sense of freedom that I haven’t felt in a long time! The freedom to choose my own desiny! Julie G.


“Anna I would like to thank you for my distance healing . I feel more at peace now . Just removing the dark ones in my field is a sense of relieve to me . Last night was the first night I felt like I slept in peace . I was having unpleasant dreams that would wake me and then I would see a vision . Last night I seem to have a peaceful dream and then I had vision. So Anna I have very happy that you were place in my path dear one . ” Thank You so much from my heart to yours ” ….. In love and light “- Rosalinda W.


Dearest Anna, Thank you so much for the thorough report. It’s been a week and I’ve been doing a lot of meditations. . I must say that I feel so much lighter and as I was reading the report… I can feel the energy flowing in and out of those closed chakras that you’ve opened. And A couple days ago… A miracle happened! I’ve felt my heart opening to Love. I haven’t felt this in a long time. I started crying. The work that you do is ABSOLUTELY DIVINE. I’m so happy to have come across you. Thank you Angels for guiding me to you. I’m looking into the Inner child workshops around my area and also looking for those crystals you recommended. gaspeite is pretty hard to find in my area. I’m sure they will all pop up pretty soon. Wishing you Divine Love and Light. May your rays by blessed by the All. Blessings… Namaste.. – Savery K.


Anna! Very interesting regarding Hathor! Never really knew but from what I have read, it resonates. I shall practice the Throat chakra balancing and protection meditations every day. I feel a lot lighter and clearer, contained within a nurturing bubble of Love an purity. Oh, I am so grateful for your gift of healing my energy body 🙂 Thank you for all you do. May we all awaken deeper into our Truths. Onwards and upwards siStar. Sending Love & Light, ~Teodora



During the session once I felt like an shift trough my body, like an eathquake. A few hours later a felt a huge pain in my left foot, like a whole in the instep but also like a release (you said about my blocked energy) Then I felt much lighter, I have the feeling everything is coming easier to me, understanding things, concentrate, seeing other people. Really felt lightend up. About my last pastlife….. some things make sense, some patterns appear also in this life…. some things I like very much or feels familiar…… or patterns I still have in this life….. All blessings to you, dearest Anna, -Corinna —-

” I am very grateful to Anna and the angels that through her Healing Session helped me so much with all the issues I have been dealing with in the last year or so. The Healing session coincided with my vacation on the beach and it was just perfect as I could be more relaxed and connected to Source. When I returned from my vacation and I read the long and detailed report that Anna sent me, I was impressed by the messages Anna got for me and the Healing that took place. I could literaly feel the shift while I was away and still continue to experience an amazing change in my whole being” – Claudia

Initial Healing Session with a full comprehensive analysis of your present state $249.99. 

Follow up session : if you need one, you will be the one to determine if you need it or not. Most never need a follow up.

I feel like something has changed or shifted for me. My energy feels lighter, stronger and more refined. My body feels less aches and I feel a sense of peace and joy on a cellular level. This is something I haven’t felt in quite a while. I have ordered the recommended homeopath products my body and spirit is asking for. I will learn and utilize the tools recommended to keep me strong and healthy both physically and spiritually. I thank you with infinite love and gratitude! – Wayne G

Hello Dearest Anna! Thank you for what you’ve done for me. I love you! I’ve felt you. I’ve felt you inspecting my body and a heat on my heart chakra.
While I was a bit nervous during the day, once the session begin I have started get balanced. I felt more work was done on the left side of my body near my heart but also my liver. Various energies on my back also. I feel my 3rd eye point to be more focused.

Oh Anna, Words are not enough to express my gratitude to you, Truly. If you are my present now, I will give you a big Hug and Kiss! I didn’t open up my email till 20 minutes ago since last night ( I went to bed so late and I got up at 9am this morning) and I had to run to help a friend with some thing , so I had no clue you are doing the healing for me. Then I notice the my body feels much lighter, my back and shoulder especially feel loose and I start wondering what happened, I even thought may be you already did healing for me, it turn out it’s true! Love you so so much Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Helen

During the session once I felt like an shift trough my body, like an eathquake.
A few hours later a felt a huge pain in my left foot, like a whole in the instep but also like a release (you said about my blocked energy)
Then I felt much lighter, I have the feeling everything is coming easier to me, understanding things, concentrate, seeing other people. Really felt lightend up.It is amazing to feel the difference befor and after the energy healing. It feels feels much lighter, clearer and easier than before. I love it, thank you so much Anna. – Inna.

Anna- Thank you for these insights and for cleansing and for direction ; as well, your note regarding my mother- Georgia- is much appreciated. The work you perform is brilliant. This was/is a thorough metaphysical healing. I will maintain with your recommended Bach and cell salt remedies, as well protective visualization/exercises. Your explanations of the various implants with precise visual aids was/is brilliant. The healing represented tremendous insight, study and translation for this humble soul. But, I understood your analysis, healing protocol and how I ought to follow-up. I am grateful… you are a brilliant soul. Thank you. And, I would hope that I AM considered one of your soul-supporters. Gratefully 🙂 Frederick Mac

Dear Anna, Thank you , thank you , thank you for your comprehensive distant healing report. OMG!!! It is AWESOME !!!! my appreciation to you. My daughter would like to schedule a distant healing also. How soon can it me done please advice. Thank you very much, Cora

Dear Anna, Thank you so much for spending your time me helping out! I was laying on my bed at the time of the healing.At some point,I had this weird feeling…I felt like I was floating over my bed,I felt so light,I can’t even express that sensation with appropriate words.Anyway,the only thing that I’m sure of is that I felt great!!!!

oh yeah,now,I just pick up the words: (my angels might have suggested me what to say ) I felt like a heavy burden was melting away ,so that I could begin to fly!!! That’s all I could register. Thank you so much for everything,I am pretty sure I’ll get rid of my Fear by the end of 2013,I’ll send you a picture of me with long and beautiful hair

Love and light, Monica

Alo Anna, Thank you so so much . I really felt so tired yesterday. and yes i rest. i had to make a walk to pick up my car, which was with a friend, and that friend of mine looked at me and tell me that i look so tired. And i was. Just when i arrived home i read your email, my tears come to my eyes. You were so quickly to give me feedback, Thank you.I fell so much gratitude for having so much angels to take care of me. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I really felt the surgery in my left eye. Incredible i felt a pain, and i felt that i have to rest my eyes. and i steel feel sometimes here a sensation

I saw, during the session a lot lot of violet color, and also green. (like you said in the report 🙂 )I saw an angel, but very quickly, and the image of a person taken care. I saw also the image of a opening door (this one was very clear)

I felt my heart so so so heavy, during the session, You were removing the implant. I really knew that my heart chakra was blocked.And for so long time, i felt in my back a sensation very strange, that was few years ago, was like my energy was drawing away from myback. When that happen i had the need to someone put the hand on my back and stop the vortice. I can not say that i fell very light or wow i see the wolrd with other colours, no, but i can say that i really have a joy inside me very sweet, i fell that You All are still working at me, i fell grounded, i fell more light yes, but in the subtil things. this morning i smile 🙂 that for me is soooo nice, instead of being ungry, or just see the wrong things. i have a smile on my face. 🙂 and that means so much to me. and this is the way i fell light 🙂 Lots of love – Ana Paxo

OH MY!!!!!!ANNA I cannot believe that you have acheived all this healing and work!!!!!! You are a SUPER ALIEN, never mind an ordinary alien Please post this on your site (‘cos, I really cannot fathom how to do it)! because I would like everyone to see this for their healings too Anna)! I can’t believe we hugged – my most favourite past-time with the ones I Love. I will definitely study and follow your instructions Anna – Wow! This is a ONE IN A LIFETIME EVENT THAT IS PRICELESS. I have been to many workshops and I’ve studied and searched for a way to understand why people around me are the way they are and why I suffered so bloomin’ much and why the world is so flipin’ backwards with the way the hierarchy operate with us all!!! But then Anna – dear you turned-up! NOW my world is turning slowly the right way around with brilliant new insights to work with. There ought to be more healers like you Anna beacause this ‘poor old world’ is so full of people taking from HER that we will destroy ourselves and all the nurturing things that go with it all. Once people start realizing they are affecting every thing negatively they will be searching for the truth hence people like you Anna to help. Gosh, I know you are capable as you know the abundance is ever available for your healing methods. I have never met such a healer that is naturally abundant and as happy as you Anna I could go on for a very long time but then I can’t get on with the healing methods – hee, hee, hee Thankyou from the deepest part of me, Iam sincerely grateful to you with an infinity of ABUNDANCE. With my Love to you AnnaXxxxxxxxX – Bernadette

Anna, Thanks you so much for the great reports and distance healing! It was great that I didn’t know when you exactly did the healing. (I wasn’t sure of the time difference between you and I). I felt heat on the right side of my head, my back was twitching, and I felt the presence of someone in the room. I was feeling really sick that week, (with a cold from my kids) and I immediately felt better! I was having trouble sleeping up until then but went into a deep sleep that night. After my healing I have been soooooo tired! :). I feel lighter and feel energy coming in from everywhere! Like tingling everywhere! Thanks Tracy


Dear Anna, Once again, thank you so much for the healing!!! My rashes seems disappeared now and throat feels much better. i believe all that has to do with the healing work you have done. will check into the remedy and it’s good to know all that nonsense has nothing to do with the past life. Once again, thank you and love you very much!!! Helen


I have been following Anna Merkaba for quite some time and instinctively love her work. One day I thought to myself “I’ll message her to get more details about her healing work”. She “answered” a few days later by posting the post below. Asking and receiving. I just completed the session with her and in deep gratitude and appreciation for the valuable information and healing she provided me with, I felt like sharing this with all of you who are on their journey towards the light. Thank you Anna, infinite blessings, love and light for your service. You are beautiful… Until we “meet” again, Chryssanthie


Anna- I am learning Bach, Cell Salts, Cleansing- Blue Light Cleansing protocol, which you included with your review of the multidimensional healing-cleansing administered on 25- 26 September 2013. I am grateful for this work which seems to take a while for the body-mind-soul to recalibrate. After a tumultuous start, I am becoming more reflective- quicker to catch & release negative thinking patterns and to integrate optimistic-confident perspectives from my Soul Self. Too, your suggestion that the patient learn to maintain oneself with daily practice of cleansing-protection-mindfulness and wise diet + exercise is critical. Thank you again. You are a wonderful soul and brilliant physician. Love and Respects, Mac

Beyond the healing session on 10/4 that day i felt an incredible calm and peace, almost like everything for me was restarting. The following 2 days I stayed grounded and calm. Then the next day, with a big bang my heart filled with energy and my entire body sang through out the whole day! This past three days have been truly magical. I finally understand what it means to think with my heart. I’m so incredibly grateful you were able to clear the heart area! As for my connection with the divine, I have my first message, ” Be patient, great things are coming.” I’m so incredibly excited about where this will lead and learning more. Your abilities are remarkable! I hope you will assist me in finding other things about myself soon. Much love and light to you. May you have a fantastic and joyful week! – Michael R.

Dear Anna, I want to thank you so very much for my healing and clearing session. I felt many things…energy moving aronf my head, forehead, hands, legs and up my spine. I feel great. I was so joyful to receive your gift and the gifts from the angels and divine. It was such a pleasure to experience this and I so look forward to connecting to divine closers I practice kindness for self and others. Blessings to you Anna, in love, light, gratitude, peace, joy, happiness and hugs always Eda

Hello Anna. I most definitely felt the healing session this morning. Very powerful. I could feel the sweeps through the layers. – Jonn

Hi Anna, I cannot thank you and the angels enough for such a thorough healing and such wonderful guidance on what I can do to heal/protect myself. ❤ I am very grateful! I am so excited to know I will have a better connection to source. That is the most important thing I have longed for for quite some time. – Jeanneane K —

Dear Anna, Your healing was really powerful in me, for the first time after working for years in meditation, and open the heart, I feel that I can connect with my heart. Fluid has compassion and unconditional love. I felt his chest was clear and wonderful. Could describe each of the things that have changed since the healing but an email would be everlasting ….I can only thank you from the depths of my being. Today I do not feel the need to seek or be or do anything special …. that feeling is diluted. I’m just enjoying this feeling of compassion and love that comes from my heart, of being and feeling. the flow of life take me to the path that my being has come to develop. Thank you again. The abundance has also begun to show ….Blessings to your beautiful self, colored lights and love.- Analia


Hi Anna, Thank you so much for my healing session. On the day of the session and for a couple of days afterwards, I felt like I was “bubbling over” with joy. I felt an incredible lightness and optimism as well. Then, the following day, I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness which I put down to a releasing of old emotions, so I just went with the flow and let it come up. The day after I felt great again and have mostly remained so ever since. It was amazing that you focused in on my kidneys. I had nephritis in my kidneys when I was 6 years old and was hospitalized for 5 weeks. As a child it was all a frightening experience that I thought I had long put behind me, but the fact that area is what you were drawn to, suggests it was just buried, not released.I feel great and there seems to be some improvement in my digestion already. I’m looking forward to things continuing to improve and hope to have another session in 2-3 months as you suggest. Thank you once again, -Yvonne

Yes, dear Anna. Rolande and I are very pleased with your help. We fill we are priviledge to have had you helping us with the angels. Our session with you have been so transcendantal. We have experienced tremendous bliss, peace and well being from days prior to the session and continuing days after the session. Now our life is lived with more peace and well being. Today is my tenth day after the fifth treatment of chemo and enrgy is coming back. This last treatment has been much smoother then the presedent. Without going into details I can say that there is a huge diference between this last treatment and the others. It is now berable. We fill that we still have your influence and the one from the angels. I have tryed some of your suggestions with supplements and I am still in the discovery of the rest of your suggestions.

With sincere thanks.


Om Tat Sat

Peace is our real nature

Christian R.

Dear Anna, I don’t have any words to express my surprise at the readings you sent me! They all are so true! I came to the conclusion that my many health issues were Karma related only a month ago when I wrote down every single “illness” I had since three years old and you confirmed it. Your name magically appeared in my life and I truly count myself as blessed for having decided to contact you. We are all in awe at the information you provided and we will follow your recommendations. Yesterday, I did feel something being done to my heart, because I had a slight physical pain in that area and last night my body was tingling with so much energy; it still does. Today, I feel joyful and light. I wish I could meet you some day to thank you in person for the exceptional light work you do. – Dalende

Dearest Anna! Thank you so much! I AM so forever grateful to you! I feel just wonderful after the healingsession. It took place in the middle of the night in Sweden, I was awake when it started, but then I slept all through it. Next morning, I woke up, got to work, really was not sure if the healing took place, as I had been sleeping, but I could feel something had shifted, and I just felt so happy. And I was thinking “from now on I will always be happy”. My heart feels amazing, like a big light shining yellow/ golden sphere! It is enormous!

It feels like I can live in my heart, that I AM my heart. It feels like my body is inside my heart, it feels just wonderfully good! Like I am light, light, light!

I had activated my merkaba by drunvalos workshops, both in october last year and januari this year, so I am use to going into sacred space in my heart and so on in meditation. You told me in your rapport that you cleared this huge block in my heartchakra, well, it really worked!

After the healing with you, I now find another entrance into my sacred space and the space have also changed into something new. Before, I went through the throut chakra, and entered my heart through the “roof” in the sky above my egyptian tempel where my mom, with elongated skull, tall being, always greeted me). Now they showed me the entrance behind my heart. And I stood for the first time, before this enormous, big golden, gates, got inside and there was this yellow bright light. Inside this sphere of light is this beuiful tempel that I have never seen before and in the middle of the tempel at the altar the light gets even brighter and my trefold flames are in the middle. I AM so grateful, thank you, thank you! This is a great initiation for me, I know now I could not have done without it!

And thank you for clearing me of the darkness. I have meet with some heavely demonposessed people lately, trying to help. But well, it did not go so well, as I been haunted by their demons, in my sleep, in my dreams, hearing their voices, felt fear,, been trying to clear my self, took hours, but it stayed with me anyway. .

But the morning after my healing, my first patient was this girl who is so very demonposessed, I was meeting her for the 3rd time, and our conversation last time was very good, but, yes the demons went after me so I was nervous about meeting her again. But I was fine this time. I only saw the soul of my patient. I could ignored the darkness, it was there, but I was not afflicted by it, I was with HER. I felt fully safe, protected. I was not afraid. And I talked to my patient for like 1,5 hours, so it was a long meeting, but afterwords I was not tired, and I could shower, sleep, and eat without any dark forces picking on me;) Such a relief I can tell you! 🙂 Anyway. I am restored thanks to you! GOD BLESS YOU ANNA ! – Emma C.

The most important things in life cannot be put in words. So how on earth shall I share with others what your healing session did for me?

So I will try to put it in a short format:

Anna Merkaba’s Work

It lifts you up into the pure air of your soul –

it is not just a little “uplifting”.

It is healing to the very core of your essence –

it is not just a little “patching up”.

It is restoring yourself to your natural essence –

it is not just a little “rejuvenating tonic”.

It is removing the mud cover from the gold of your being –

it is not just “scratching the surface”.

My deepest and profoundest thanks to you and the Spiritual World.


Anna is a truly gifted and generous healer. While I have worked with others in the past, what truly sets Anna apart is her precise and comprehensive approach as well as her generousity. I am 47 years old and was taking many prescriptions drugs for multiple ailments, primarily insomnia and chronic indigestion. On the day after my healing session I rested per Anna’s guidance but in the evening I had enough energy to attend a major Halloween event. For the first time since I can remember, MY STOMACH DID NOT HURT! And the next day, I felt other positive changes — ENERGY, IMPROVED MOOD and VISION. I had started wearing reading glasses last year and this morning I was amazed at the clarity in reading my iPhone. I am highly encouraged by these early results and indebted to Anna for the generous sharing of her gift. For the first time, I have hope and a plan for positive changes to my health. Thank you so much, Anna! MJ

Hi Anna, First and foremost, thank you so much for showering me with so much love and light. Most importantly for elaborating on my family as EVERYTHING you said was right on! You truly are a wonderful soul that is truly put on this earth to HELP HUMAN KIND! Thank you so much, I cried a lot within the past few days not knowing where all of this was coming from. Things just kept on resurfacing over and over again until I released it all-WITH NOTHING LEFT INSIDE OF ME. I am so grateful that I crossed your path. I will continue to support what you do, for it had/has a tremendous impact on me!!!!! More than I could ever imagine. I will continue to keep up with the things you’ve suggested and keep in contact with you throughout this journey. Thank you, thank you- THANK YOU for appreciating me and for your unconditional support. May God bless you infinitely and beyond. With so much love and light, Phari Speginer

Dear Anna,

thank you so much for your brilliant healing report of 10/3/13.

your synopsis coincides with the observations of my acupuncturist many times and you have probably saved my life. your work is quite spectacular and i will recommend your work to many friends who tune in to distant energy healing work. Peace , love & light , CLIVE.S

I just wanted to thank you for the Merkaba Energy healing. You started the healing early in the morn before I was out of bed and when I woke that morning, I felt better than I have in a long time. The whole day I felt lighter and calmer and did not feel the depression I had been feeling before. Everyone at work noticed the difference in me also. Thank you so much for the information about my origin and for removing the implants and controlling devices. Marla K.


Hi Anna,

Wow, Anna, what a change I am experiencing with the new energy flow. It is just wonderful to experience. I have never felt the strength of this energy flow from the source ever. Thank you very much for all the work you did on me to clear up all the blockages which I did not know I had. Your insight into all my aches and pains were also very helpful. To let you know, I found your web site due to Archangel Metatron’s help. When I opened up your web site, I found that you channeled Archangel Metatron. I immediately knew that this was the help I needed. Many thanks again Anna and I am sure that I will be in touch with you again soon. In God’s Love and Light, John M.

Dear Anna, hope you are fine. As i promised you last night i will give you more details about what i feel about the healing. It was amazing and i feel very good today . Still feel the energy flowing and blocks going away . I feel lighter and all is very well…..and YES 🙂 i have seen the crown yesterday during the healing 🙂 ,….i was wondering where the crown comes from 🙂 …and than you wrote me about.
What i found out, i hear from people who usually where around me last years did not feel good,…..i think the energy they used to steal from me is blocked now.
I am very happy my friend Lara checked this for me,- and i am very thankful for this.
Sorry for my english,- as you know i am from Austria and i usually speak german 🙂
Once more thank you very much for your help, i am very happy about 🙂 thanks for all the love and light . Wishing you all the very best .
Lots of Love and Greetings from Vienna Marie


Anna is an amazing and gifted healer. Since our session I have been expanding in consciousness daily and I am gaining a much clearer picture of my true self and my purpose for coming here at this time. She truly works for the good of humanity and the development of 5d reality. I am so grateful to the Source for leading me to her!
sending you so much love Anna :3 :3 :3 Dawn M.

Dear Anna,

Thank you for sending the notes from the healing session so promptly, I can see you are very dynamic and energised !!

I related to the Kidney/fear, and after I read through the documents I had a very big Aha moment. And it continues to unfold, I understand exactly why I have become so critically ill at this time and can relate it to other events in my life and now understand it has to do with perceived Father/God rejection…… And now I know what to do!! Thank you, Anna. I will follow the advise you have offered and in a week or two, when the dust settles, I would like to forward a review. And thank you once more for “seeing me” so quickly.

Until then, I’m sending you all my love, Diana

Hi Anna,

Firstly I would like to thank you for doing this healing session 🙂 I am intrigued with the work you do. I was drawn to get a healing session and I have to say it was nothing short of fantastic!

You have done a very detailed report that is definitely worth every cent. This is only the day after the healing session so Im sure there is still a lot more energies to process. I can already feel like a weight has lifted of my shoulders and my energy is lighter.

Once again thank you Anna! And i wish you all the best with the very special work that you are doing.

Shannon B.

Dear Anna:

Thank you so very much for my amazing Remote Healing Session with you — I started to feel the energy work and quite a bit of movement over this past weekend and even laid down for a short nap on Monday, whew.

I also must acknowledge your incredible Session Report and all of the valuable and helpful information that you have provided me with — I am definitely still processing all of the energy work and will be incorporating the many levels and steps of clearing, healing and physical/emotional body assistance that you have recommended as well.

I have studied with a number of spiritual teachers and healers in this lifetime and know many more around the world, so to have found you through my recent on-line research was truly a miracle blessing for me.

And just for the record, I find your implant and blockage detection and removal skills are at the very highest level of accuracy and excellence — truly life-saving for so many — providing a new chance to create with so much more joy and freedom, while we are still here in body — Thank You, big-time! Laurie T.

I recently received a distant energy healing session with Anna Merkaba. I didn’t know what to expect but I felt intuitively it is what I needed. Anna provided me with a lengthy, in depth, and professional report that included insight into my soul and galactic family, and natural remedies to help cleanse and balance my body, mind, and spirit. I highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed with life and the new energies, and feels like their body is breaking down. After the session I feel a greater sense of calm and peace, I am less prone to emotional reactions and I feel like my ascension symptoms are increasing. I feel like this whole experience was meant to be. The information and wisdom you receive from this experience will assist you in making the necessary changes you need to make both mentally and holistically to continue to flow with the new energies. I also highly recommend reading Anna’s blog, it is full of insightful information and tons of articles on all subjects. I spend hours on her site and I still haven’t read everything. I am so glad I found Anna Merkaba, she really is a bright light and is spreading the messages that we all have forgotten. ~ Victoria W.

My Dear Anna,

It is a privilege to give my feedback.

This is the 4th day after my Health Reading. I can’t believe how much better I feel, more energy and a upbeat feeling of love and life.She realized some difficulties and experiences that I had and verified them, right on. Not only that but a lengthy report of what I could do about it to help myself health wise.

The essential meditations were so easily understood, which are soo essential for a more intimate association with GOD and our spiritual family as we are all one in God.

If you want all the benefits Anna and her guides and angels have to offer for your welfare, do take advantage of her ministry. I promise you you’ll not be disappointed as it is worth it’s weight in gold. Thank You Anna. Geraldine Burden

Dear Anna.

I promised to give you some feedback after my healing, i am sorry it has taken some time.

First of all, i feel the biochemical phosphates is of good help, i cant really explain why, it just feels that way 🙂

I have been practicing the cleaning method which i really feel helps me to get rid of stuff and lets me move on. The protection method i also feel helps me alot when i am amongst people.

After the healing i feel a closer connection to source and mother earth and my helpers. When i ask, it is given. I feel less alone, and more connected.

Also after the healing i felt this urge to learn Reiki healing and so i found a course and i now did Reiki 1 and love it.

And, i have been looking for a job for a long time, suddenly i got one!

Thank you so much Anna. The best thing of all is that i dont feel so alone anymore. Even though things are just like before, everything changed, because it’s like i just have this knowing of some kind, cant really explain it. Thank you ❤

Love and light


Dear Anna, You have performed readings on me.

Since I do not have any major health problems I did not expect noticeable difference in the way I feel. But 5-6 days later I started noticing an incredible easiness in my body. It is hard to explain, but if you can imagine a glove that fits perfectly on your hand… You love it and happy to have it even thou it is winkled here and there. I’ve gained extra weight lately and was trying to lose it (hours of bike riding and swimming every day). But all of a sudden I am absolutely happy with my body, experiencing an extraordinary lightness and energy in every cell. Every moment of my day I feel calmness, comfort, and satisfaction. I hope you don’t think I’ve lost my mind and now have to see a specialist..:) It’s just the last time I felt like that was 40 years ago… From the bottom of my hart please except my thanks. God Bless You.

With Love. Olga


Hi Anna,  I must say, I have had a few incredible days. My energy level has a elevated. At first I didn’t know why, forgot to lookout for your email. I found it today. I read through it thoroughly and will reread again and again. I thank you for all the energy work you did. I can feel an up lift in me. This is just for now more will come later. I will also follow your recommendations. Thank you Lot of Love from this side of the pond  Deb

Dear Anna, Greetings to you and THANK YOU so much for everything! What an amazing experience this was, thank you so much for the clearing you have done, your tremendous help and for assisting me in releasing everything that no longer serves me and helping me remember who I am. The report is very interesting and it took me several days to ground all the info, i was re-reading it again during these days to more and more understand it.
During my healing session when i sat down to relax and allow healing, I immediately felt pressure in my head, from the shoulders up, it’s like i was having high blood pressure. It lasted for some time and it was strong, but not uncomfortable. It is amazing that you told me that exactly there was a huge block/implant. I thought during the session i will be feeling something in my spine, and was surprised to feel pressure from shoulders up and was wondering why it was in that place. After reading the report everything made sense. In general the healing session went smooth for me, i was feeling good and normal, not even tired, during and afterwards also. During the days after the session I was also feeling good, energized and in good mood. I didn’t experience anything uncomfortable, only some back pain got activated in the evening.
I want to let you know that my sleep has definitely improved, I slept very well after that day and my bad dreams have stopped. During my whole life I was having bad dreams often and even nightmares since childhood. Now I sleep well days in a row, and I feel clear, it’s like the thing that what was creating the bad dreams had gone, got deleted, it’s not there anymore. I feel amazing to wake up fresh every day, without any feeling or memory or trace of a bad dream. I was always having the feeling that those bad dreams and bad thoughts from dreams are “not mine” and could not explain why i keep having them in so many different forms. I am SO happy they are gone and I feel like myself both when i’m awake and when i sleep. I now feel nothing interferes with my good thoughts both consciously and subconsciously!
And the MOST IMPORTANT thing I want to share with you is that I REMEMBERED who I am in this lifetime and what is the road that I want to pursue, what is that area of life that makes me so happy to express myself in! I remembered my calling, what gift i am bringing to this earth.
After this energetic cleaning, everything CLICKED into its right position in my life! Dearest Anna, I am so happy! This is the best part of my life, I know who I am and how to move forward to fully step into my power. I am so happy to be me!
Love and Light! From the bottom of my heart,  Elena

Dear AnnaI just want to tell,you are special, you gave me the solution to my “sickness”. After 6 months of treatment, Im new again!!!!!.And that is AMAZING, I follow your instructions and voila!!! I can say you have something very unusual gift.Thanks again to give the opportunity to enjoy the life and more.LOVE LOVE LOVEMartin A

Dear Anna.

Thank you so much for the session. I’m sorry i didn’t reply sooner.

The session went very well, i felt huge amounts of kundalini energy whilst you were working which released lots of negative emotion and left me sobbing for a long time but it was so nice to be free from it.

Things have been accelerating much faster since then and i feel wonderful.

Thank you so much again for your work and your care and compassion. i will leave you a review soon.

love u 4evr

Dear Anna

I recommend Merkaba Healing to anyone whether they want it for a spiritual, physical, emotional or mental level and most of all for healing a lot pain as well as eliminating it. Its good for anyone whether they believe in something or whatever their believes are they will still be effected by the distant healing.

I felt the healing instantly on the day I was given the session. I felt as the pain was easing, I got really tired because of the healing effects and wanted to go to sleep quickly so that my body could let go of all the pain as well as switch off. The report that was done on me was very detailed and thorough of what’s happened along with what is happening. It describes what spiritual ailments have been removed to help the physical layer to do its work. Also as I believe the spiritual layer is underneath the physical therefore whatever is happening to the spiritual will affect the physical and sometimes vice versa. However in some cases I believe they both just as important. Moreover it mentions to me all what is being done to make me achieve what I want.

It gives a good guide on how to help yourself further for instance to take certain intake that will help health and fitness on a physical level. On the other hand it helps to support the spiritual level providing positive affirmations and visualisations to practice on how to heal along with protecting yourself. I have had scan reports done before but this one was the most intense and detailed report I’ve ever seen. However bearing in mind I still got the same effects from other scanning and healing practices.

I have felt the activation of pineal gland before but when Anna did it for me I felt more energy and more easy activation of the pineal gland. I knew this as I have experienced flickering of light in the past usually in the dark or just before I fall asleep. However when she activated it with a lot of work the constant flickering and light increased in the dark. I also refer this as astral vision.

Thank you very much
Sending You Magnificant White Bright Light.



Greetings Dear Anna,
For the last 10 years i have been to many practioners, energy healers and psychics. What i have
experienced with you is simply astonishing. Not only i have received clear and clean amounts
of universal energy, which i have felt and enjoy till now, but i am very surprised by your
professionalism and human and customer care.
I find some of what you write as miracles, since i can truly confirm they are happening (like a pain
i have in my upper back-my God its true!)
I send you also Love, and Blessings
Best Regards! Anastasios B
Dear Anna
Here is my feedback on my experience during healing. I immidiatly felt your energy when you started the healing process.
I espescially felt it behind my lefthand shoulder, even though it was a painfull experience.
The frequencies were very high.
I experienced floating high above the bed and that lasted throughout the healing.
Your healing worked very well in my neck, my left knee and my feet. I was very tired after the healing, and the tiredness lasted for many days.
I know experience that my problem with a painfull ponding heart is much less than it was before. My energies flows now differently in the body. I know when the light waves come in a different way. I also feel that I am much more grounded than I was before.
I also notice that I go in and out of dimensions; in a new way.
Just as I feel great, but my body seems small. I know this sounds a bit strange.
Thank you from my heart. Thank you for the amazing healing  and I will highly recommend you to others.
I must also write that the channels you post hits my heart .. my tears a flowing and there is so much there that I recognize.
Light and love
Dearest Anna,
Thank you so so much you are truly an amazing healer and I feel so blessed that the angels guided me to you.  I can feel the energy moving through my Chakras now that they are unblocked and for the longest time ever I can feel that my HEART IS OPEN! I’m seeing and experiencing the world so differently I can see love everywhere and in every living thing.  I’m gaining new insights which I know are guiding me in the right direction. I have the deepest gratitude and appreciation for you Anna, you are truly a wonderful soul.
With infinite love and best wishes always
Sarah x
Hi Anna!
I felt youre healing right away and i had to lay down.  I could feel the energy shifting around in my body. After it i was tired and happy. My head has been hurting and like you said i am tired. But i am so happy for all that you have done. I cryed when i read about the first inplant, because you explained what i have been feeling. Its like i couldnt hear them, like they were talking in the other room. I have been communicated with my homeplanet, Arcturien, but not so clear that i hope that i can now. I am very happy to hear and feel you understood me and all of youre writings really resonated with me. My life in Atlantis is the one life that i remember the most. 🙂 I have now recomended you to sevral of my friends. Feel free to correct my spelling if you want to use anything of it.  Love Eira

Thank you for your healing session. My small depression is totally over and I feel very blissed again.

No pain what so ever in my body. I’m feeling happy and can smile all the time.

Thank you so much for everything. Love you, ZOIA

Dear Anna,
That was the most intense and powerful healing that I have ever had.  I heard you ask me to roll over back and forth a few times and I felt you going way inside  to move things  I felt and saw so many things, it is tough to really go into it right now.
I can’t thank you enough and it is an honor to have you work with me.  I am so grateful that you are doing this work.  I enjoy all of your postings.
 I ended up going to sleep at the end and dreamt of being on an island by myself in the rain. I knew that I had to be there.   I am going to go back to sleep and digest it all.  
Forever grateful!!!!
Love Always,

It has been a couple of days since my healing and I am feeling refreshed and inspired to fulfill my divine mission! Anna is truly one of a kind. This magnificent and evolved soul goes to huge lengths in order to heal, educate and encourage you on your path. You can feel her enthusiasm, genuineness and authenticity that emanates from her energy from the moment you begin email communication. All healing requests I made were answered and Anna was happy to share her erudite knowledge. I was blown away by the extensive report that she wrote for me. The report was methodical, meticulous and provided great clarity to the current state of my spiritual and health condition (included pages of analysis of the etheric body, information on the specific implant removal and energy blockages that were detected etc.). I appreciated the inclusion of a colored graph that clearly marked the regions of my body that were worked on. It was exhilarating to read the report and to know that so much love and care had been sent my way.


When thinking of Anna’s work one can describe her as an incandescent supernova! She shines her pure light ever so brightly for others to feel empowered to do the same. Having this illumined being work on you will be a positive experience that your cosmic soul will thank you for. I find that I have needed to rest more as my body has been downloading the influx of new light codes and rainbow frequencies into my electromagnetic field. Moreover, I have had a skin nodule on my nose (caused by fibrosis scar tissue inflammation according to the Doctor) decrease in size each day that passes.  I have received the re-connection of my pineal, crown and third eye to their rightful alignments as well as the insertion of a diamond crown. I have noticed a change when speaking the language of light in my meditations and attribute the greater fluency and tones to the session with Anna. It is an absolute honor and a privilege to have received this healing experience from the starlight that is Anna Merkaba. All is can say is WOW! Words fail to express the ineffable joy one feels in having the reassurance that they are divine, magnificent, protected and here on a special assignment to raise the consciousness of this planet once again.



Hi Anna,

Thanks so much for all the work you did during my healing, you really did a lot and I really really appreciate it! Thank you also for writing the report, it was really jam packed with lots of information, so much information that a couple of days later I’m still taking it all in! I also enjoyed reading the report because it both confirmed things I had sensed or suspected and told me things I absolutely had no idea about. I also really appreciate the specific treatment and product recommendations, I definitely plan on following through with your suggestions in order to further my healing.

The morning after the healing I woke up feeling okay, perhaps slightly better than normal but by the end of that day I definitely felt noticeably better both physically and emotionally. Today was almost the same, as the day progressed I kept on feeling better and better. So now I’m super excited to see how I will feel tomorrow and in the days to come! 🙂

Thanks again for all your help, I really feel that the healing gave me the fresh new start I really needed. Thanks so much!!!!
I too wish you lots of love, light and happiness.
Thanks again,
Hi Anna
Thanks for your service and the prompt reports.  You are truly amazing.
In fact, once I decided engage with your healing and made the payment, the healing had started some how.  I felt pretty different with lighted head.
During the actual timing of the healing, my head was very painful.  It was like cracking.  I could feel a very heavy energy was working on my mind.  When I read your report, indeed, a lot of work had been done over there.
I also felt the energy proceeded to my heart area and filled with unconditional love during the ending.
It was 8pm in my country and fell into a good sleep after that.
During the next day, yes, I was tired but with good emotion.  Though, I was in old memories in certain moments, I took that as emotional releasing.  (hope that I am right :>)
I am still feeling somethings are moving or adjusting in the heart chakra.  I just let it be as I understand that the energy will be working for a couple of days.
My mind has never be that quiet and my heart is in expansion when I do the practices.
I told you about the problems in my eyes.  Before your healing, I could see a spark of light in my left eye in certain angle.  I thought to see a specialist before.  Now, it is gone.  Without you, think the imprints would be there forever.
I really appreciate what you have done to me.  It is a thorough healing which I have never experienced before.  I am in total relief and better energy flow within me.
Once again, thank you for your wonderful job.
Love from
Hello Anna!
Wanted to thank you so much again and also I’m not sure how to post a review on your website so ill just include in this email-
“Dear Anna, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and entirety of my being! I am so grateful that the universe has lead me to one of your healings.
When the healing began I felt the most beautiful energy swirling at the bottom of my feet and work it’s way up my body. It felt like I had so many different hands laid upon my body channeling energy into it. I truly believe that you completely restarted me and awoken so many different parts of me. Letting go of the past and self love were big issues that came from the reading. I have since followed your advice and believe I have let go. Big shifts are happening for me and the ending of a long term relationship that I needed to get out of have come about and so many new opportunities and a rekindled sense of happiness and purpose now floods me. I thank you again so much, I hope that one day with my healing I can help people just like you 🙂 so much love and light!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Georgia ps. To anyone reading this review and considering do it! The universe has led you here! You have nothing to loose but so much to gain xxxx
Lots of love and light Anna, thank you again xxxx
I purchased a healing session from Anna in Dec. 2014 after just casually browsing her website for a few months, and flirting with the idea — I had no major physical health issues and I was already in the process of spiritually cleaning myself, so I didn’t think I needed any “major” work, but as a special birthday treat to myself, I gave myself the session, since I decided it could only empower me…and it truly exceeded anything I could’ve imagined!!
 The session began with a personal message from my spirit guides, which was absolutely so valuable and I’m so glad Anna could be a conduit for this message to come through!!  She then gave me clarity on my personal mission, soul mission, and other incredibly higher-level powerful self-knowledge tools, which was worth the reading alone! During the actual healing, she infused even the tiniest chakras with violet flame, cleared up a major heart-chakra block which I had been trying to deal with on my own (and even though I forgot to list it in our consultation session, I am SO GLAD to finally get it cleared up) and also open up energy pathways I didn’t even know where blocked! I felt so assured and safe when I learned about the implants she had removed, and the new, helpful angelic implants she had assisted in implanting, which I am so grateful to have! She also recommended cell salts which I look forward to taking, and flower-essence elixirs that address the remaining issues I know I’m struggling with 🙂 How perfect! Her reading also included pages of exercises I never would’ve had access to on my own, but seem very powerful for past-issue release, re-programming and divine protection and I am so excited to begin learning how to wield them!
Just writing and describing her work cannot accurately honor how incredible, vast, and sacred it truly is! If you were drawn to the website and reading this, which was exactly the position I was in earlier, it is ABSOLUTELY a sign you should get it for yourself! The value is truly priceless 🙂  -Robyn U.
Dear Anna,
Thank you, thank you thank you
Sorry I'm getting back to you a month later. I just wanted to thank you for your gift of healing. I have felt from the very beginning like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. In the first couple weeks I had more energy and a feeling of freeness. It felt really good. I don't even remember the last time I felt so good. I still have pain but not as intense.
A lot of the info was confusing, implants and past lives....I feel so lost with no drive in this life. I know I need to stay positive and in time will understand. I still have a lot of healing to do on my own, which I am working on and will continue. I'm so glad I found you. I had been wanting to do a healing for years. You truly are a gift. I'm so thankful for you and your website. I will definitely recommend you to all. 
Thank you so much.

Hi Anna,

I want to thank you for your healing and detailed report . I wish to give you feedback before I forget. The morning of our session, 4AM my time, I was asleep. I had set my internal alarm to wake up so I could be present for the session but  I slept soundly through it all and even slept two hours past normal waking. From the quality and series of dreams each morning for a few days after, it is obvious to me that I am releasing, and transforming from the work you have done. I have felt much calmer, clear and back in touch with myself. The umbilical hernia seems normal again. 🙂 There is a lot of very good and important information that I will take the next few months to integrate.

Thank you for the loving, sincere and miraculous work. MUCH LOVE and APPRECIATION  Julianna

Thanks Anna, Yes the results were felt and changes have occurred and I 
appreciate your help. I felt the shifts that morning as I held space for 
your loving and gentle touch during the session. I m changing and I m 
glad only its all so fussy sometimes. Get lost in my thoughts and feel 
lonely but I know why. What I really get a kick out of is your 
channeling. I listen and laugh with joy at the sound of your voice. One 
interesting note. I m a body talker or I m certifying to become a body 
talk practitioner. I heard the words body talk throughout your session. 
I know there is a reason I do this and it came across in the session. I 
ve also come across light therapy using LED lights and have found it 
most effective. I m sure glad to know you for I feel as if I know you 
and we ve never met or have we? Love your book.  I love you and 
send you light . Your friend , Fred 

Hi Anna! Thank you so much!! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have been busy going over your report (which was truly amazing to me!) and taking steps to follow all of your recommendations. It was incredible to get so many details! I began to feel positive shifts during the healing session and am continuing to do so as I follow all of your recommendations. I have also been loving your book! I feel extremely blessed to have been guided to you. You are an amazing gift! My partner Rich will be contacting you soon to request a healing session as well and I will check back with you in 2-3 months! Again, I cant Thank you enough Anna!
Blessings, Sheila
Dearest Anna Merkaba:

Truly it is difficult to explain the gratitude I feel for the healing and intensive work you have done on my behalf .
For a very long time I have searched for answers and healing but could not get to the depth of this problems,  i need to say, "had!"

I always knew that there was something I could not,reach nor any one else could .You are so very blessed in your ancient knowledge of the cabal
and mysteries of the universe , what an incredible gift you are giving us!

The day of the healing my energy was up, I could function much better I was even motivated to do yard work  I have not done for some time,the day after as well ,how ever to day on the 5th day I seem to go through some intense cleaning and release some what uncomfortable as expected.

I will follow your teaching and suggestions with deep appreciation for my healing and your help. In a few month I will follow up with you to be sure nothing has crept back, I want to be on my way

with my deepest  love for you and your work is


Dear Anna,
I want to thank you so much for what you did. For many reasons. One you verified a few things I had already experienced such as when I was a child I knew for some reason I was an angel but as I grew up I stopped it and thought it was just my imagination. I was also told a few times by a healer and an Angel card reader who insisted that she keep telling me. I was a bit shocked at the time. Also the Ascended Masters ISIS. I have been feeling a drawn connection to her. Also I have had times where I get a thought that would pop in like it wasn’t mine that was negative. I feel to distract me. I have not had any since. That is incredible. The best part was I woke up earlier than you told me the healing was for around 6:05am on Saturday but I was half asleep and I could feel this amazing energy coming from my hands like a magnet or vibration. I noticed it and smiled and went back to bed. That was totally amazing. I know you really did do wonders for me. I am glad that I now have a “recipe” to continue and take this to a new level and fulfill my life’s purpose of a healer and who knows what else. Thank you so much again. I will you so much happiness and lots of love. You are an incredible soul! I will keep you informed of any knew happenings. Thank you, Thank you!
Dear Anna, first of all thank you so much for the healing!!! I lay down in my bed to receive the energies which where very powerful, then i slept for 3 hours!!! when I walked up I was feeling so much peace… no more pain in my kidneys either in my neck… you did miracles!!! I,m working on the issues that I have to face… I will write you again to tell you what are the changes taking place… it’s a long way home… I take the time to make space for this to happen. once again thank you to spread your light wide around and to be in service for the higher purpose, your are inspiring. and I feel blessed to meet you. have the best day ever. – Claire
Dear Anna,
THANK YOU soooo much for your wonderful healing work!!!  Your report strongly resonnated with me….. On Friday evening I already felt a lot of improvement in my vitality…and today I just feel FANTASTIC!! My neck feels great, the swollen part almost totally disapeared , my shoulders are stronger and lighter…. I am back in my energy field, my children noticed the change, especially my higher vibration and I was more relaxed. I could accomplish a lot for my family during the week end…..:))
I am ready to do my part of the healing work now, with the help of your report and recommandations. I will strongly recommand your work to my friends and family members!
Thank you again!!! Much much Love, Joy, Peace, Light &…. Blessings!
Dear Anna
Thank you so much, I really appreciate all you have done.  I feel very happy and blessed by this experience and I am really looking forward to trying out all the things you suggested.  The report itself was so interesting and insightful and I know I am going to have to read it over again several times before I absorb everything!
On the morning of the healing, I woke up — I believe right when you started (it was 4am my time) and I felt like I saw part of what was taking place.  Then, when you sent the report some of the things you said really resonated with what I had seen and that felt so good as well.
You are such a lovely and loving person and I appreciate you so much.  Thank you again with all my heart.
Tan 🙂

Dearest Anna,

I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me. Your healing session and such a detailed report is mind blowing . I keep reading it over and over again trying to absorb everything. It’s has so much valuable information. I will not go in to details of my health issues, but  the fist sentence about me having implant on my upper back amazed me. That was the most painful part of my body. I spent a lot of money for acupuncture and massage to feel better, but didn’t  work. I get temporary relief. Now those implants are gone for good. I am going to do everything that you and Guides advice me to do. This’s a new beginning for me  getting healthy and happy. Just want  to the whole world to know ,people there is a beautiful healer at your service. I was looking for someone like Anna all my life. Thank very much.

A lots of love dear Anna. Natalya S.
Good day Anna!
Just wanted to let you know that I’m feeling much better 🙂
Only 2 or 3 days after your healing my left shoulder and back no longer hurt anymore, what a relief!
As you mentioned, it was hectic at the beginning but I got the hang of this by not doing all at once … I’ve started with letting go of the past and using homeopathy, salts and iodine afterwards. By the way, the iodine wouldn’t be an hour visible on my body; I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and today it looks sort of like a “greenish” color when it used to be “brownish”. Was I in need!! Ooooh, and I throw in some seaweed to my food whenever possible 😉
I’m sure that my chakras are pretty much aligned because I feel more calm now. I don’t wake up at night like I would before (almost every night between 2:00 – 4:00 am) and I don’t feel as if I’ve been crying during my sleep (shortness of breath) I have a better relationship with my partner now as well.
Next will be the clearing and protection step and I shall read and re-read your report because you offer so much information!
I’m thinking about learning more about crystals, orgonite, etc. and healing. I would love to keep on with my healing process and help others as well.
I’m focusing more on natural (bio, ecological) products so I’ll being changing my eating habits too.
As far as spiritually, I’m reading a lot but I’ve decided that the main thing to do would be to let go and follow my instincts, my heart. I trust that I’ll be guided because I know that I’m not alone.
Thank you so much for your help, you’re amazing!
Love always, Carmen
Hi Anna,
Thank you SO much for the wonderful healing session and this amazing and detailed report! It was 5 am my time when you conducted the session. I woke up a few times prior and then several times during. I felt something happening in my body, like an energy moving through it. It was very noticeable. The first time I woke up and felt the sensation, it was in the upper part of my body. I fell back to sleep and when I woke again, the energy sensation was in my lower back and middle part. I knew something good was taking place. I have felt very good since the session. I have more energy and the physical pain in my lower back has dissipated immensely. I understand that these shifts continue over the next few months. However, I already feel so much better. All the information was so validating in terms of who I am and the support that I have and what I am doing and planning to do! The implants you removed makes sense as does that other item in my back…can’t recall the name right now. I also have an extra vertebrae in my lower back that I believe holds some significance. All the new things from my angels and guides are amazing and beautiful. I feel more flow of the Divine through me and a greater clarity in hearing for others. Low energy has plagued me my entire life so to be free from this is such a relief and a gift.  I have taken note of all the recommendations.   Wendy T.

Hi Anna,

I wanted to wait a bit before responding to let things settle,  and see how I felt. I didn’t really experience any fatigue to speak of after the session,  although I must say I did have soreness in between my shoulder blades where a lot of the work was done.  Over the past couple of weeks I have felt a new sense of empowerment, which is awesome.  I felt pretty powerful before,  but now I feel much more solid.  I’ve also noticed I’m much less reactive,  and don’t feel the clash of energies internally when potential conflicts or issues pop up. I guess you could say I feel more grounded and centered.  Last night I also had a spontaneous astral projection, which I’ve never had before.  It’s a good thing I’d done some research on them in the past as the waves of energy I felt were quite intense,  and so I knew what was happening and wasn’t scared by it.  I made it as far as off the bed and flipped over so I was facing down.  I’m certain there’ll be more of that to come.  I was not expecting it lol! I want to thank you for the wonderful work you do!  It’s only been 2 weeks, and I look forward to see how things unfold 🙂


Hi Anna,
thank you for the report, guidance, and assistance.  I don’t really have anything noticeable to report from the day that you ran the session.  However the evening before, as I got ready for bed, I placed a polished rose quartz and a green stone under my pillow.  In your report, you talk about the Pink Ray.  I smiled when I realized this connection, and being drawn to the rose quartz.
Today, on the spur of the moment, I booked a massage session with Cynthia, an instructor at the local Oriental Healing Arts Institute.  I felt drawn to this as a compliment to your remote session as well as to support the transition of moving out of my condo and all that is involved.  After the massage session, Cynthia and I talked and I mentioned that one of the reasons for the session was to assist me in the emotional release as I am cleaning out the condo and preparing to move on.  She asked me if I had recently done a cleanse or detox, as she noted that my meridians were open and no restrictions or blockages except for a slight resistance on the back of my left wrist.  I smiled and told her that I had not recently done a dietary cleanse or detox, but that two days earlier, I had a remote session with you, and briefly explained.
This was an amazing affirmation of the work that you did of clearing the blockages.
Thank you for your service and dedication in assisting me.
With much Love and Gratitude.
Dear Anna Merkaba,
Thank you soooo much for the healing session and the detailed report !
During the session I was lying down, and I could feel a lifting. Many thoughts were
going through my mind. After an hour I woke up and then dozed for another 30min.
I felt very tired the next two days, and also feeling better and better. After reading
all you and the angels have done I am just so grateful, and amazed, and feel I understand
a bit more of what had been happening. Especially the connection to source – it had
come back a bit, but for a long time I just couldn’t hear anything anymore. And now I
feel much more connected again. Thank you also for sending all the excercises and
the recommendations for remedies and supplements. I started buying some today
and I am looking forward to doing the excercises as well. Thank you sooooo much,
I feel that you really “see” me and understand and that is so helpful already, and
doing so much healing as well, it’s so generous and wonderful !
I guess I’m still digesting the energies, and I’m lucky that I have time to take rests
and just be with the process. I will write again when I’ve tried the exercises and feel
more the effects. Basically at the moment I feel very good in myself, and happy,
and also happy to be happy.
Much love & light and a biiiiiig hug,

 Dear Anna,

Thank you so much for the healing

I felt the very powerful energy during the session. I was ‘listening’ to it moving, starting by a sensation on the third eye, and the head, specially left side  and then moving around my upper body. I also saw amazing violet light on my closed eye ‘screen’  but this time I also saw yellow (nearly white) light in the later part of the healing (which has never happened for me before in healing).  When I got up I felt as if I have grown taller!

 I am very happy with the detailed and amazing report, it has taken me days to go through, lots to work on, but so very encouraging! My breathing is already improving a little bit, I am feeling much more positive and hopeful for the future – I definitely feel that me energy has shifted!

 I will write more soon,

 Thank you and lots of love,

 xxx Haika


Dear AnnaMerkaba

Thank you for your Miraculous work.
It felt delicious as soon as it started as I took a break from nightclubbing & sat in my car & meditated.
1- I saw a light brighter than the sun
2- I noticed the reptilian beings being removed.
3-I saw the violet , blue , emerald  colours  like a water fall around me
4-I had a huge releif in my heart chakra & started crying.
5- I can hear clear guidance by my spirit guides who love me unconditionaly without confusion.
Since my life has changed I meditated last night & saw a blue DNA pattern  stretching out & connecting to a blue like planet. Looks like it was coming ftom me.
I will book in for another healing session soon.
Very grateful you are on your sacred path and celebrating it.
Blessings to you & all the crew you work with.

Dear Anna

Its been a while now but thank you so mush for my amazing healing session.  I immediately felt a difference and the work and the clearing being carried out.  For a few days I felt I was in a parallel universe – in a bubble looking down on people and things around me,  I felt quite alienated……………..I felt myself rising home to the Andromeda Light Ship whenever I sat quietly.  I can take myself ‘home’ quite easily now.  Its a beautiful experience which is so comforting.

I feel clearer and have ‘grown’ in my spiritual stature – feeling the power and the love.  Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Archangel Chamuel, and introducing me to Paul the Venetian (my desire for PINK is very pronounced now (something I never knew I needed).

I am in the process of acquiring and using the recommended remedies ( so many that I have been confused about them all for some time).

I feel very different and very ‘cleared’ and more settled – my chemo has since been put on hold until next year – and I hope and believe that it will never happen.

Love and blessings to you – as I continue on my new journey with the new  ME.

Jenny  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello Beloved Anna,
    I want you to know how very pleased I am with the reading you did for me on November 19th.  There is so much in there that is tremendously helpful for me.  My friend Allan loved his reading also.  Just everything you brought through was indeed a wonderful awareness for my journey HOME.  Thank you, thank you, thank you so dearly.  I am still digesting things and intend to purchase the remedies suggested for my wellbeing.    I am so joyed to be rid of all of those nasty implants.  I always had a feeling of being held down somehow and now I feel free and happy in my Meditations. Again thanks for all you do for everyone and you can know, I will recommend you to my friends as well.  Loving you always,  Barb
Dearest Anna,
Thankyou so much for the report which I received today. I am speechless grateful and excited about all the wonderful healing and the detailed info and guidance also about the things I can do myself to cocreate the changes I have been longing for.Even in the last days I felt this freeing up already, as if prison bars had disappeared and I feel more in my own power . What a gift, the removel of so many things that were blocking me in my spiritual unfoldment.There is confidence now and I will do the own work as required and letting Grace and Divine Gifts and blessings that I have received in this session continue to transform me and unfold in me. I am grateful to you Anna ,Angels ,Higher Self and Spirit and Source that I was guided to this Healing.
In two or three months I will come back to you and tell you what transformations it helped to create in my life. I am somehow sure there will be lots of changes
Namaste and love
from Uta
Dearest Anna
I am writing to you to say how happy I am after our session earlier in November. I felt a lot of tingling throughout my body in the first few minutes then I fell asleep. I slept a lot the next few days but I was different. I did not have the pain in the neck or the shoulders the next day. I have graciously accepted my new self without the connection to the Matrix. What you removed from me made me realize how horrible it can be for those who never get a chance for relief or get out of the trap that they accept as their reality. Flow is happening and I am on my way to my Healing practice and giving Love everyday to everyone regardless. In the Pink ray of light and with love I am forever Grateful.  Debbie Reynolds  I tried to post this on your site. So please post for me for all to see.
Dear Anna
I can’t even begin to thank you enough for the amazing work you do.  My healing session
began at 10pm my time. I was in bed asleep by 9pm and woke at 11.33pm knowing my healing
was complete.  I felt a little drained and a kind of depression or melancholy when I woke the next
morning but was confident something powerful had taken place.  Then a couple of days later when
the email came from you, well you literally blew my mind!!!
I am still processing my healing as it came with such an incredible amount
of tools & remedies & guidance. I am actually a little overwhelmed and I am still absorbing
all of the information. I have never before had such a thorough & intensive healing session.
I now feel more confident than ever that I can feel good again & i can, and will, walk this earth,
confidently, as my true self.
It will take some time to integrate everything the Guides have suggested but it gives me so much
power knowing exactly what I need to do, on all levels.  You are an extraordinary gift to the world Anna,
& I thank you with all my heart & send you love & light, joy & gratitude.
I AM eternally grateful
Thank you thank you thank you thank you

Dearest Anna,

Thank you so much for your amazing help. I haven’t been able to read the report because I just got home from the gym but I do want to tell you how wonderful the clearing has been working. OMG!!
At 5:00 am I was awake and all of the sudden I felt like I was put on a super high speed train and on my third eye I could see my entire life in a super speed movie, it was strange and beautiful at the same time. Then I feel sleep, then after a while I saw some of the faces of the people that caused me pain. When I woke up I was feeling loving and happy and today I was able to exercise after not being able to even do so in 5 months. This afternoon I did my first facebook post in 4 months. Words were flowing…
I just wanted to acknowledge your amazing g work, I will write in more details after I read the reports. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And many blessings!

Dear Anna,

I so appreciate the reading you did for me, I have had many things happen during and since the healing.  Your explanations made perfect sense to me. I feel removing the implants and devices made an immediate difference in how I felt in my body, but also in my thoughts and emotions.  During the healing I felt energy running through me like fire!  I felt the energy surging through my body, and  through my left hip/leg area and an especially powerful burst of energy through my heart area!   Since then I have had almost daily experiences with similar energy running through me, especially when I wake up in the morning.  My emotions, mind  and body feel uplifted, free and clear, I feel like I’m on a whole other level now.  I have felt some fatigue, but nothing compared to what I was feeling before, so my energy has increased. I look back and see that I felt depressed, but no longer.   I have ordered all the things you suggested for my health and leg cramps, but don’t have them yet so I am looking forward to getting started with all of those.   I have been reading your report, trying to soak everything in, and am starting to incorporate some of your suggestions.  I will  eventually be doing them all.  I feel set free!   Thank you from the bottom of my heart Anna!  You are an Angel!  I would highly recommend anyone having difficulties with their mind, spirit and body to have a reading with you, no hesitation!  I also loved your video called You, it made me cry, I could feel the love pouring through to me.  Thank you for that, too. I can’t wait to start reading your books, downloading those tonight.

Also wishing you Light, Love and Happiness in Abundance!

Hugs to you,



Anna Merkaba,

I have received your reports. I am blown away by and most grateful for the work that you do.

I will work awhile with and integrate this information.

Brief feedback …

About an hour before our session was scheduled to begin at 7:00 AM here, I awoke briefly and gave myself and my spirit guides permission~instructions to work with you and to allow you to do your healing work – of course for the highest and best. I then went back to sleep.

I awoke 60 minutes into the 90 minute session. I recalled a dream in some detail.I picked up my voice recorder and recorded brief details. As I drifted back to sleep I realized that there were elements of fear in the dream. I realized that you were working to unpeal or extract some fears. I instructed myself to have no fear and to continue to open myself to you and the Guides – allowing my healing to continue. This went on as I awoke from a new splinter of dream every few minutes – going back to allow more healing.

I will not go into more detail here, but will continue the work and get back to you when the time is right.

BTW: YOU MUST have done powerful work. For the past 48 hours I have barely been able to get my body out of bed or stand. Today will be a better day.
Just noticed. It is 8:25 AM. – 48 hours after that powerful healing. Kudos and great thanks to you – my sister!  ❤

Many great blessings wished upon you! You are a tremendously gifted healer.

.Namaste’  _/|\_


Dear Anna

I was delighted to read the report and find the solution to these health issues are relatively easy to correct.  I noticed some shifts in energy from the time of the session on Tuesday and some detox symptoms since (a mild headache – it’s not there today after implementing some dietary suggestions you included). Before I got the report, I dowsed my kidneys and liver and found an increase in the health of each.  Thanks to you and the clearing work I’ve been doing, I’m looking so much clearer and stronger…a new person is appearing from the “shadowlands” I felt I was living in before.

I am so so grateful – a big thank you and blessings for your work!


Hi Anna,
  Just wanted to let you know I am so very grateful from my heart for all the work you have done on me.  I can very much notice a difference in my connection with others, my anxiety and panic seems so much better, my connection with the heavenly realm is more potent, and my heart is filled with much gratitude, thank you in all that you do! I will in the near future make an appointment for my son too!  I am so happy and optimistic about my future, thank you  and the heavenly realm for making such a quick noticeable difference, I bow down in gratitude.
Much love and light to you!
Stephanie ❤
So WOW, Anna!! Thank you so much. It is all coming together now. I’m overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of it all and in awe of the intense beauty these deep knowings bring. My life is going through immense transformation and I am ever so grateful for your AMAZING gift to clear these interfering implants that have obstructed my life for so long. I still feel very tired and emotional as my body releases and adjusts but I understand I’m being led to a new level on this soul mission and with all the information you and the guides have provided for me, I feel totally supported in letting go of everything and stepping into the depths of my story. I feel validated, worthy and alive in ways that actually feel new to me.
With deep blessings and gratitude,

Dear Anna,

I am extremely grateful for the healing session you offered to me. I feel grounded, and supported in every moment of my life. I feel connected to myself, I feel the joy and the ease of simply be without needing to prove anything or to search for anything. I feel good, and I feel that I am where I am supposed to be.

I do face a difficult situation at the moment with one person in my life.. however, I feel strong and I feel that I am able to speak up and protect myself. I am so grateful for all the supports that I have in my life, that you offered to me and also for the healing session that made me feel the supports of my Angels and of the Universe.

I know that more positive energy is to come, and I can’t believe already the changes that I’ve experienced. I am ready to follow my path, and to do my best.

Thank you so much Anna,
With metta,

Dearest Anna
I am writing to you to say how happy I am after our session earlier in November. I felt a lot of tingling throughout my body in the first few minutes then I fell asleep. I slept a lot the next few days but I was different. I did not have the pain in the neck or the shoulders the next day. I have graciously accepted my new self without the connection to the Matrix. What you removed from me made me realize how horrible it can be for those who never get a chance for relief or get out of the trap that they accept as their reality. Flow is happening and I am on my way to my Healing practice and giving Love everyday to everyone regardless. In the Pink ray of light and with love I am forever Grateful.  Debbie   I tried to post this on your site. So please post for me for all to see.
What a blessing it was to have such genuine heart-centered guidance & cleansing/clearing from Anna. My experience was more poignant & beautiful than I could even have imagined. The detailed report is something i refer back to often. I am so grateful, thank you very much Anna ♡ Lainie D.
Greetings Anna,
In September I had gotten a Distant healing Session. I wanted to thank you for the session. The major difference I have experienced is I had been struggling with addiction issues prior to the healing session.
I have not had a single use since the Healing Session.  That is HUGE! So I wanted to get back to you and THANK YOU once again for your help.
I am sending love and light and gratitude.
Here’s to Happy New Year!
May 2016 be as wonderful as we are all intending and may it even surpass our most fascinating dreams 🙂

Dear Anna,

I would like to offer you my sincere and dear gratitude for your healing session.
The day after the healing took place I naturally felt inclined to drink immense amounts
of water and had a sense of feeling freer.
The report is very detailed and I continue to read it and am beginning to implement some
of the guidance,practices and remedies it includes.
I definitely feel that this was a wonderful investment in regards to my life and path of healing.
I feel that subtle changes are occurring and am inspired to keep on the path of cleansing – as
you are aware there are many aspects of my life that need my attention and your session and
sharing of knowledge has started this – thank you so very, very much.
There is so muh more I feel I could add, such as the wonderment in all that was acknowledged
without direction – such as the issues I have had with my lower legs and ankles.
I am unsure how to truly and clearly express the appreciation I have for your help and the work
you have done for me – I hope that as I type this it can somehow contain the essence of the
appreciation and love I feel and I hope that these energies can assist you in remaining inspired
and of service; or in any other manner that would prove beneficial to and for you.
Anna I wish you every joy and contentment and as limited as it sounds can only say thank you,
thank you, thank you!!
If you would like further feedback or an update at a later stage please let me know. By that time
I will have digested and implemented further aspects of the report and it may provide a more
insightful description of the shifts that occur.
with an abundance of gratitude and the very best of wishes for this New Year and always,
Chadley – L💚ve, L❤ve, L💙ve xox
Dear Anna,
Sorry for the late response. I received your report and got so engrossed in all the details of it before I knew it the holidays and family were here. Anyway, Happy New Year to you, hope it is filled with Love and Joy.
 It was an amazing report with lots of details and information. It answered a lot of questions I had and validated a lot of feelings and thoughts that I have been having. Thank you so very much. The minute I decided to have a session with you I felt relief. I was led to your site for a reason and I knew it. I also know things started happening even before the session. Two days prior to the session I got a burning in my head that was pretty intense. It lasted until about 2 days after the session. I knew not to be worried about this burning because it wasn’t something that was going to harm me. I was also very emotional during that time as well. I did notice immediately after the session that the constant worry and anxiety that I had was gone. I was able to feel more connected to source as well. I feel so much lighter and calmer and reading all the information that you had to offer also helped me understand where I need to focus. Once I received your report I completely understood all the pain in my head and neck that I had been having.  Everything made perfect sense to me and validated so much.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Grateful for the healing!! 
 I will be contacting you towards the end of the month for a session for my husband. He can’t wait.
Thank you again, sending you much love and many blessings!
Corina 🙂

Hello, Anna!

Thank you so much for the session, it has felt like a great success on my end. While it was taking place I had allowed myself to sleep through if I chose, but wound up waking ten minutes before it began, without an alarm clock. I knew when it began, I could feel it at my crown/third eye, but otherwise in all did not physically feel much else, except one point at my stomach on the right there was a small moment of pain – most likely during KCD removal. And actually, the most profound moment of it for me was knowing exactly when it ended – I got the sense you were being profoundly THANKED by my guides, it felt like a large group of “thank you’s” were happening, and joy, – and this was a confirmation that this healing for me was of the right path.  Since the session there has been much detox and also a tremendous sense of relaxation, I’m able to feel at peace in a way I wasn’t before, even in the midst of transition. Warm regards, Cristina
Dear Anna;

I wanted to write and let you know how I have been affected by the incredible healing work you and your guides and mine have done for me.

First off, just integrating the idea of implants was overwhelming, and then to see that I had so many blocks laid me out for a couple of days.  I began to gather the supplements and protocol that was recommended and started doing the energy work.  The reading was very meaningful to learn my origins and angel number, etc.  It opened memories of latent gifts and I have begun to draw on my deep well of joy again.  Every day new awareness unfolds and I am savoring the journey.

I still have pain and some of the symptoms of the homeopathic remedies are surfacing, but I knew that would be the case temporarily.  I can't wait to unfurl my antennae and be free.  Thank you for all the work and the incredibly thorough report.

In much light and love, Connie A.

Hi!!!OMGosh everything you are saying is making so much sense to me. Thank you so much for helping me!!! Thank you soooooo much for all of the extra information you gave me on health tips and remedies. And thank you so much for all of the psychic protection and clearing techniques. I have never done these things and will be using them regularly now.

I know you don't need anyone to validate you talents but you are unbelievable. I'm an extreme sensitive so I thougt I would tell you what I felt during the session. About 20-25min into the healing I started to get a pulsating from my neck to the top of my head. This went on for a few minutes. While this was going on I saw a what I belive to be a white outlined translucent crystal/ball that the implants were placed kn and released. Not really sure what that means. It could be me just recognizing you were helping me. 

I'm not sure how I could ever repay you for helping me but I am forever grateful for what you have done for me. I don't really know anyone else like me but if I ever do I now know I know someone that they can go to for help. 

Thank you so much for who you are!!!!! I would also like to write a post about my session with you! Thank you sooooooo much!!!! -Jeremy

Dearest Anna

Thank you so much for the wonderful healing session and reports.  At the actual time of the healing, I decided to lie down and get myself into a meditative state in order to receive.  Initially I felt like there was some sort of a thud and I could feel many light beings around me.  My emotions flooded to the surface like dam walls breaking down.  I cried buckets!  Then things seem to calm down and as lying there, the shower in my bathroom started to drip.  It never does this.  I tried to ignore it but the dripping got not quicker but louder and louder!  I got up to take a look and immediately was guided by who I was with me to take a shower! Whilst showering I had the feeling that a lot of stuff was being washed away from in and around myself.  I then got back into bed and was taken back into a meditative state where I was shown lots of numbers and other little scenarios which I cannot remember.
Since the session has ended I have been feeling very high and then very low.  I have not questioned it, just let it run its course as you suggested.  I feel as though I am lighter, like an anxiety I had about life has been released and that all is well and as it should be.  I know it is still early days. It is taking me a while to absorb all the information in your report.  I cannot believe how much you have gone into and written, bless you so much.  I find it a bit shocking and surprising but has answered so many questions I had about myself, some thoughts of which you have confirmed for me.  I have always thought I was a star seed but did not realise I was from Arcturus. I thought I had an implant but did not realise I had so many.  Bless you and my guides and angels for removing them and replacing them with only good technology etc.  You have given me a thorough cleansing, realignment and connection and I cannot thank you enough.
I know I still have a lot of work to do and I am already taken guidance from your report.  This is so much a new beginning for me at this stage of my life and your healing work is helping me enormously to embrace it all on so many levels.
I also wanted to say that incredibly my need for my Asthma medicine has decreased as my breathing is so much better! I am not struggling at all on any level with it!  I am not coughing either!  My cramps in my body have subsided and any pains I had at the top of my back and neck have gone.   The menopause also contributed to having absolutely no libido but I have started to feel that part of my life uplifted!  Wow!  Thank you! xxxx
I cannot thank you enough Anna.  Your hard work is doing wonders and we are all so grateful.
I send you so much love, light and blessings
Michelle xxxxx

Dearest Anna. 🙂

Thankyou. 🙂 to you and you team of Divine helpers. 🙂
the change that i have felt from having a healing done by you is incredible. i feel as if i am actually living for the first time. 🙂
the energy around my heart space is amazing.
i feel so much more connected. as if, just as have said in the report that you can truly see things for the first time, in living through your heart. incredible. i feel as if i am now the person that i wanted to be able to be but had trouble being able to be. i’ve felt so much joy since. 🙂 amazing. i feel light. free. loved. a feeling of coming home. 🙂 i feel as if you have allowed me a door to a whole new world. i feel as if my perspective is also greatly expanded.
thankyou so much for the guidance for me to continue with. was just wondering in regard to that and the salts, when you say 6X potency what do you mean? 🙂
thankyou so much for what you have told me about my soul’s journey. who i am. why i am here. i have for so long, sought to find the purpose that i knew, very deeply, i had here. you have brought me answers in a way no one else has been able to. i am truly grateful.
you’re doing incredible work Anna. you’re changing the world. i am blessed to have been able to have you work with me. thankyou. thankyou.
all my love. Victoria.

Thank you so much Anna, I feel so humble but uplifted and I feel it is time to move now with your help and the help of spirit. 🙂 When you read what i saw you will see why I was so uplifted and at peace with what you have blessed me with in your report.

With Gratitude and Blessings xx Sandra (Thank you; you are a beautiful soul)


As I lay in the chair I saw the purples and other colours pulsating in and out and above me gold, yellow with red in the area over my head and beyond.

I got this intense feeling of pain in the finger which would wear a wedding ring then it was gone and there was an explosion of ruby & different shades of reds all in front of my face.

I saw faces which weren’t from earth and it was like they were there and then it felt like they were being vacuumed up and gone for good.

I felt safe among the stars, the ascended masters, Tara & Ganesh came into my head.

Then I wasn’t keen on this bit as I was in this tunnel and it was a worm tunnel. I saw the light at the end and I just took off towards the light and when I got there the light was so bright and beautiful and there was an angel there waiting for me. Then there was a child with wings who I thought might be my child guide Lilly as she is angelic. Then the most beautiful colour of blue appeared and it had twinkling bits in it.

As I went to each part of the stars it was like rubble then the rubble disappeared and there was  door for me to go through which was clear and not obstructed in any way.

Some bits I don’t remember but towards the end I looked ahead and all I saw my Guardian Angel’s Mariah beautiful blue eyes looking at me.

I was drawn to go to the bathroom, I don’t have a shower so I got in the bath and I was told not to wash myself but to let the water flow down me and then they told me to get out straight away.

Thank you very much. I look forward to reading your report when it comes and then the hard work begins.

I feel different already, I feel so at peace and ready to move forward J

With Gratitude and Blessings Sandra

My dearest Anna,
First and foremost I must thank you your guides, team and everyone being that played a part in my session in healing, aligning, and overall balancing of my being. I am eternally grateful for all the work done with so much love and care.
The morning of the distant healing my cat woke me up at 2:30 am 5:30 am your time. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep and was a little bit frustrated.
I wasn’t surprised when I started to feel my chakras spinning that tends to be a huge sign for me something energitcally is happening. My ears began to ring which hasn’t happened before during any healing. Anyways… I’m still in awe and quite amazed at all I felt.
For a moment my head lifted off of my pillow and I felt some sort of electrical current running through it almost like I’m spasming. I got cramps in my uterus my ovaries turned. I’m very in tune with my body so I know exactly where I feel things.
My feet chakras were spinning really quickly they were also really hot like fire as were my hands. I tend to try to give myself reiki as I fall asleep so I’m not sure why the heat was like 1000 percent hotter lol.
Then I felt a pain a physical pain around my neck region and smelled something I’m not sure what it was cos it wasn’t familiar to me. Between all this I was trying to go back to sleep or at least get myself to a place I felt more connected. I tend to see things during my healings and I wanted to do the same since I was awake the entire time.
I started to feel chakras all over my back spinning and I kept asking myself hoes that possible I’m laying on it lol. It was the first time I felt them spin. I was aware they were there I just never felt them. At this point I feel like fire coming down my body like it’s just landing on me everywhere and in my heart I feel like it’s violet flame that for some reason I resonate with.
Soon after I get up at 4:30 am my time 7:30 am yours. I’m feeling a little lite headed then and I’m still frustrated and worried for some odd reason you couldn’t connect with me even though I just experienced all those things silly me. I sit on my couch and cry, cry hard from the frustration of not getting sleep. Come 5:15 am my partner gets up to get ready for work and she starts asking me questions about the healing and I tell her about it. I realize while I’m talking to her that something in my neck and upper back region feels different and I tell her they took out the implant thank goodness.
Sigh…. so I’ve written you a book forgive me. I just wanted you to know all I felt.
Okay, thanks once I again. I really, really appreciate you and what you do.
Much love, abundance, light, joy, laughter to you always!
Aracelis F.

Dear AnnaMerkaba,

Thank you for your amazing work and support!
I just received your mail and started printing the precious documents.
I couldn’t expect such a big amount of informations!
 I’ve not read them all yet, I’ve just started with my personal session report……I can only say WAW!
I have no words to explain my feelings through the reading.
I found for instance so many confirmations about my intuition, visions and inner knowing.
During the session I was lining down with my favourite Crystals and had multiple sensations : first of all a rain of loving blessings through my body and around it, then during all the session I felt the loving presence of Mother Mary, whom I’m strongly related since the night of times….and you confirmed it. She is my guide, at least the most important one.
Then I had different sensations along my column and a lot around my hips and pelvis area, 1 and 2 chakra clearing and opening up.
From there, waves of energy coming up through all the others energy centers and through the crown. I could visualise the swirling joyful energy whirpool inside and around me.
And the colours…haaa, they are exactly my soul one………blue/green and emerald……..I was recently attracted in Arkansas by an emerald green glass diamond which I use also for sessions, it is beautiful.
What happened the day after is quite surprising, a part from a form of fatigue, I felt my right ear getting enflamed. During the last two years I had some form of eczema and pruritis n this ear, but I didn’t felt important to talk to you about it, I simply forgot.
In short I developed yesterday an otitis and I’m actually healing it with ion therapy, natural antybiotics, essential oils, etc. I guess that this could be the consequence of the KCU removal from the right side of the occiput, or eventually the clearing of blocked energy on this area.
My physical body is very sensitive and react very quickly to all sort of interaction.
Anyway, I can’t wait to go deeply in the reading about the remedies that you sent to me, and discover the magic behind.
I feel so much gratitude for the abundance I’m receiving from you dear precious soul, and can’t wait to be amazed by the unfolding of the months ahead.
I will follow your advices and protocols with much attention and perhaps will be back to you soon with more feedbacks.
Until next!
Dear Anna, thank you for the distant healing session. I want to comment on the physical healing, as it relates to the removal of implants and blockages. I can sincerely say, that physical discomfort that has followed me around for many years, especially around times of high stress is gone. Back pain, shoulders pain, right side under the ribs discomfort: gone! This is truly a miracle. On occasion I feel a hint of my discomfort, almost a warning for the need of some basic realignment, so I generally just take a time out for some deep breathing, and the “hint” is gone!!!

The same goes for my emotional and spiritual welbeing. I have spent 35 years in a 3d fear based consciousness, so my thought patterns are still far from resonating perfectly with the liberated 5d type of thinking and feeling, in other words, undesired thoughts, moments of fear, anger, or any other negative emotions still do arise, and yet I have become really quick at recognizing them as energies that I choose to not own, but rather simply observe and briefly experience, thus the downhill snowball effects are SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED, which is also another miracle, as I now know, deep within, that my ascension process is as genuine and as real as any other. I stand strong and almost perfectly still in the midst of a burning fire and a ferocious storm that is currently demolishing any remnants of my stubborn ego-self that no longer serve my liberated soul. Let there be light and love, let there be peace in our hearts, if I can do it, anyone can. Thank you Anna, you are a blessing and we are all privileged to have you here with us in the NOW.


Dearest Anna,

Thankyou so much for the healing session. It appears 
that the session was a great success too from my own side. I feel like 
my whole experience of conecting with you and the information you have 
shared has had a profoundly positive effect on me!!

Ive been slightly 
overwhelmed yet taking things in my stride. I finally feel as tho i 
have discovered a Real purpose in my life and was excited to find out i 
was an Orion Starseed. Its interesting because a couple of weeks ago 
whilst i was stuck in depression, my ex girlfriend visited me at my 
house. She asked me if i knew what a 'Starseed' was. I was sort of 
familiar as i'd heard about indigo and crystal children before and knew 
they were similar things. She said she had been reading up on the 
traits and characteristics of Starseeds and that she believed that i 
might be one! And now you have confirmed this! 

When I've been 
depressed I've often bemoaned that i felt alone and bereft of any 
'support network'. However since the healing session and reading the 
healing report you sent me, i feel i DO have a support network in my 
higher selves and feel more confident in being able to connect and 
communicate with them.

When you conducted the actual healing at the 
time you said, i was layed in the bath listening to some meditations on 
my mp3 player. I had some of the most vivid and wonderful 
visualisations going off than i ever have before doing meditation and 
my body felt like it was 'coming up' on ecstacy or a similar stimulant-
type drug! It was most pleasant.

Im still trying to take in and 
process everything since the healing session. I feel great. Im so 
grateful to you for helping me. I find all the information you sent me 
fascinating and look forward to increasing my understanding and 
knowledge and making a positive contribution to the planet.

Much love 
and blessings to you Anna


Hi Anna

Thank you so much for the healing session and your report.
I felt super tired the first few days after it but since then, I’ve felt better and better each day. My mind stopped raising instantly and I no longer have this strange sensation I had on my back and which sometimes caused me headaches for the past 6 months. I don’t think I even told you about that but you said I had some implants there so that would make sense! I had also felt a really big block on my heart, like a heavy weight and that is gone now, it’s such a relief! I have been realising A LOT of stuck emotions since but they all seem to leave very easily, thankfully. I’ve decided to take March off completely, once I finish some online courses I’m doing until the end of Feb. I’m not even worried about being able to pay my bills etc, which is great, I know I really need some time off so I can move on. I am now very aware of when I’m being pulled back to old thought patterns so I’m better able to avoid them!
I loved your report on who I am, it makes a lot of sense though a lot of it I don’t even fully understand but I look forward to learning more. I never felt like I fitted in anywhere or with anyone and I always felt like I knew something others didn’t, even when I didn’t know what it was! Even with many healers and spiritual people I have come to know in the recent years, I’d often feel that I understood something they don’t and I could never fully connect with people. I now understand why I felt that way!! And it gives me courage to be myself, I no longer doubt myself so much.
I ordered all the supplements etc you recommended, I actually had quite a few of them!
THank you so much, I’m so happy I found you. You’re amazing!
Lots of love and blessings

Hi Anna,

Thanks a lot for the healing session and the very detailed report, my mind is so much quiter now. When I first approach you I was sure that a distant healing session would clean my energy field but I was not expecting to feel physical sensations in my body. I felt as if an angel was gently discharging energy for a while and after that I had a wonderful lucid dream. After this session I feel so much happier and people is responding to my new energy as well. I am very introvert, not shy but just love to spend time alone specially at work so I don’t make a lot of efforts to make friends but I feel that after this session I am attracting people to talk to me similar to what happens when someone wins the lottery. I want to thank you infinitely for helping me in my awakening process. Before this session I believed in spiritual energy and angelical beings because something within myself told me it was true but now I don’t just believe, I know.



Hi Anna,

What an amazing healing service you provide! Thank you so much!!

I regret that I couldn’t respond sooner but I was just overwhelmed and Anthony and I decided to go away for a few days while the apartment we’re living in was being painted.

I was asleep during my 7:00 healing session but woke up at 7:45, which is unusually early for me.

That morning was one of the first times, in a very long time, that I didn’t feel compelled to smoke pot and I felt some of the lovely loving energies coming through. I took the opportunity to sign up for unlimited yoga classes in my neighborhood…and that’s been wonderful 🙂 The next morning I felt even more of the love energies coming through. Since then, I feel myself becoming a new person. I realize that I have to make some changes in my life and now, I feel that I have the strength and support that I need to make them.

Your service is truly amazing and the information that you’ve given us is amazingly wonderful, as well. I would highly recommend it to anybody in need of assistance!
I haven’t yet gotten all the things on your list but I’m working my way up to it.

Anthony would like to thank you as well. Because of his condition, it’s more difficult for him to feel what’s what when it comes to sensing new energies but he’s very excited about having had the healing and is following your guidance…and is also very excited about the person he is about to become 🙂

Thank you so much!!

Much love and light xx


Ilona & Anthony

Well its almost a week gone by that I received your wonderful healing.i went to bed and woke up due to the intense energies,that I felt.this continued all night and is ongoing.your report and in depth analysis was a bit of an eye opener and gratefully received.iam so grateful to you and my loving guides in the work that you did.i am feeling a change or a shift in my energy field,and when you told me about a huge block in my heart I was not surprised.i will continue my journey back to the light,with more confidence and trust.thankyou so much for the loving unconditional work in service to those who reach out to you.iam so glad that I did.
with love and blessings
Christopher B.
Hi Anna,

The work that you and your/my guides do for me is amazing! I feel
considerably better after the session and your guidance about the sacral
chakra is spot on. I did feel that something wonky (for lack of a better
word) was going on in this region. I think it is really important that I
work with these energies and for the first time in a long while I am
open to encountering my relationship with intimacy in its various forms.
I appreciate the work you did around the sacral chakra--it is and
remains to be quite clarifying. 

I hope you don't mind if I contact you every few months for a session. I
work closely in that span of time with hundreds of individuals as an
acupuncturist and I feel like your work keeps me in balance. It is a
welcome re-set.

All love,


Hello Anna. I received the blessing of the healing and insights into my allergies. I thank you for being a servant of the light. I feel the energy move more freely and my psychic awareness is even greater. The first day of the healing was amazing. I was in the otherworld for most of the day. I needed this healing to show me what I need to work on and this was just the clearing I needed to move forward. I know my calling is to help others with their transformation and healing so this is a wonderful “tune up”. I was getting caught up in my role in other life times and felt really scattered. I have left old religious paradigms long ago as I became aware of who my soul really was but I have been seeking the one Master to teach and guide me..but that has been like a moving target, so many have moved in and out of my life. The only constant has been the Master Jesus, whom I have been denying as a part of throwing away the old man made religion. I have reconciled with this beloved being now and have welcomed to Elohim of peace (such a beautiful presence). I did not consider myself an Earth Angel, I know I am a very old soul and that I am many things,  and I see now that for this lifetime I am an Earth Angel. I have always been in the color blue, indigo, violet, gold and now magenta too. I am going to cultivate the relationships of the beautiful beings in these Rays. 😀 this healing is what I needed to also begin turning knowledge into wisdom by applying it. I am full of joy and the spirit. I am a transpersonal being and this is my final lifetime on earth, I know this.
Thank you for being you and many blessings to you and your tribe,

Hello Anna,

Thank you again for the healing on 17th and sorry to took me a while to give feedback.
I was amazed by reading your reports that so many things make sense to me and resonant.
And was so happy and grateful to know about myself as spiritual being.
After the session I felt tired, sleepy for a few days as you mentioned.
I remember I had a dream right after the session that I was trying to fly, also about my old relationships I had and realized I was still holding the anger and grief toward him…
My eczema on my left arm is getting much better now.
I can feel strong energy coming onto me from time to time throughout a day and feel much stronger connections to the universe or divine love, I should say.

I will keep trying your suggestions and see how I feel in a few months.

I am so glad I had this healing from you so THANK YOU so very much Anna!!

Hi Anna

I wanted to tell you what I experienced, which it was incredible I have no words to describe it, It was amazing 
I was meditating and before I knew it I saw colors (for the first time) they were beautiful like the rainbow but more brilliant and Just beautiful. 
Then I felt my left hand been press down on my palm it lasted a long time but the amazing thing was in my heart, how it got a love feeling it was bursting, full I’m sure that feeling you only get when you are next to the divine.
I’m trying my best to describe everything here, 
I send you all the love,and blessings 
I’m so happy 3>  now every time I meditate I see colors, without me trying, I’m working on seeing one of my guides, and Archangels which for some reason all my life have pray, talk and write letters too.
I always felt them near me.
Thank You again Anna for all that you did
I’m bless
Have a bless and a nice day

 Dear Anna,

First of all I would like to thank you !!!
Just what I have looked through, so much has resonated with me. I am amazed. I am not sure if you have time to read most of your emails, but I feel I have to email back to you. I just finished meditation and received your email. Best Easter present ever!!!
I have a always felt there is a true”God” and not believing in religions, and that we are not alone. I came across your web site through YouTube. I was having lunch with family and everyone was picking fortune cookies and “blue” my favorite color was still left…only one by the way. I opened it and read ” to reach distant places, you must take the first step”. I hesitatingly thought of your site, because I knew my wife would react crazy. But I did contact you anyway. Best thing I have ever done for myself, and do not regret it all !!!
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and can’t wait for the unveiling to begin and begin practicing what information you sent me. I will definitely email back In a couple months to give you an update.
With Love and Light forever shine upon your blessed soul.

Hello Anna,  🙂

I have been meaning to write you before now.  Just got busy focusing on myself and reading all the attachments you sent (Thank You!!)  I would like to say I, also, believe that the healing session was a success, because during the start of my meditation I did feel a sort of “wall” of air, for a second, sort of “hit” my uterus/cervix area and I thought that was interesting, I knew it must be something to do with the energies, and I allowed every sensation in my body during the session.  I also did see “Waves” of pure white light rolling in past my vision (with my eyes closed) one after the other, and could feel the healing waves’ energy.  I have also had very deep meditations after the session, meditations that I haven’t been able to get into deeply for years now!! My meditations are so rejuvinating, revitalizing, healing, deep and refreshing during, and coming out of them, now.!  So, I do appreciate everything you did on my body, as I have a feeling I had a lot of energy (and still do!) to clear.   But I have been having moments of more joy throughout the day already, and a great marked “lifted”-ness feeling already. And It has only been four days since the healing.!!! I realize that it is necessary to continue doing the healing visualization techniques on my own and focusing on my diet a lot more now.

Thank you so much for your really detailed, thorough, and informative reports.  I truly believe you have abililties to help people heal long distance, and that you have worked some magic already to open me up, and I know the rest of the work will be up to me.
I truly appreciate your work, your efforts and the energies you sent me.  I would love to hear back from you on if you know of anything more specific related to those questions I had.
With Love and much appreciation.  Thank you so much ❤ ❤  🙂

Hi Anna!!!

Hope you’re doing good. For me it is much much better 🙂 I feel different..something has changed inside of me…mentally, psychically and energetically.
I woke up exactly at the sunrise. I felt like I was attracted by the sun rays. I went outside and meditated on the energy of the sun rays. I was in the present moment and felt I was preparing myself for our session. I was “febrile”.
At 7h50, I went in a quiet room of my appartment, put myself in a meditative state. I was sitting in the lotus position. I asked my grandfather, my brother in law and the angels to be with me and to guide me during the session. I opened myself to receive the healing energies and to let go the negatives energies . After a few minutes, I felt in a trance state. I began to see waves of energy, white lights, blue lights and purple lights swirling in front of me and all around me. (I usually “see” these when I meditate, and I can see it when my eyes are opened too). I was feeling very confortable, calm and in peace.
I felt a little pressure on the right side of my head, like if someone or something put is finger on my head. It was pleasant.
After that, I began to feel many points of pain on the left side of my head. The points of pain extended in my left jaw and the left side of my neck. I “saw” waves of energy (purple, blue, black) on my left and waves of energy (orange, yellow and white) on my right. I felt like if the right waves of energy were “pushing” on the left waves. Slowly, I felt my head to be pulled on my left side. I felt “guided” there, I wasn’t doing it intentionnally. Then, I felt my body too being pulled on my left side. Suddenly, I felt a deep and profound feeling of sadness welling up within me. I began to shed some tears. I felt like you and the angels were working on that part of me… I felt a deep relief, something unique, like something was unblocked in me. Then, I felt my body was pulled on my right side and I took back my lotus position. My head was oscillating from left to right, it felt strange and familiar at the same time. I continued my meditation. Blue, purple and white waves were still moving. Then, I began to see very very rapid flashes of white light coming from everywhere. I was the first time I saw these with that intensity. Then I had some thoughts coming and going. I observed it, accepted it, and refocused on you, the angel and my session.
After, I restarted to oscillate.  All my upper body were oscillating. I began to feel a very strong pressure in my solar plexus. I began to breath profoundly and I felt it was “spitting” something very heavy from my chest. I was like spitting something dark, black, like tar. Then, I felt a strong nausea, it was hurting a LOT. I was saying to myself, “it’s okay, just feel it and accept it”. Then all my upper body swang forward, I was all curled up. I felt another deep and profound feeling of sadness and a strong relief, like if something was unblocked in me. I began to cry. It was very intense, a rush of emotions so profound… After that, my body uncurled, and I took back my lotus position. I felt a deep relief, a total liberation in my heart. The waves of energy and flashes of white light were very present at that moment, and until the end of the session. The nausea and the pain in my solar plexus slowly disappeared. I felt so good after that, I knew that the healing session was going very well 🙂
Until the end, I kept my medidative state, white flashes of light were very intense and were kind of “pushing” some “black waves”. I saw blue and purple lights, like orbs, appearing suddenly, very intense, very circular, and fading slowly until they were not there anymore. I saw few white, orange and yellow orbs appearing and fading rapidly.
At that moment, I began to feel “low energy”, I felt tired. I decided to lay down on the couch I was sitting on. I felt like I was falling asleep. Some images and some “scenes” were appearing to me. I saw also faces of people I don’t know, but they were familiar to me. I felt like if I knew them. I also “saw / felt” my girlfriend that was sleeping in the room next to were I was. These images/scenes were passing in my spirit and were intersected with moment of profound meditative/trance state. I felt very good at this moment. Flashes and waves began to reappear at me.
I felt at a certain moment that the healing sessin was close to end. Rapid white flashes of light reappeared and they were more intense again. I opened my eyes, and they were still flashing everywhere around me. I felt protected, I felt deeply happy and grateful.
When I felt the session was over, I stood up, made some stretching and I looked at the clock, it was 9:30.
After the session, I felt relax, in peace, very calm. I felt something had changed in me. I felt confident, happy, and full of energy.
Since this session, every day, I had tensions and pain in all my left body parts, same pain that I know since a long time. I observe it and accept it more easily than before the session. I had highs and lows of energy.
I feel that I am different..I feel my energy is circulating in me easily. I feel more calm and receptive to people. I feel that people feel me more calm.. I felt it at my work yesterday, at the Youth center, with my collegues and the teenagers I work with. I feel that my abilities to feel people and to read in them will be more and more accurate in the next days/weeks/months.
I am very very very profoundly grateful to what you and the angels have done for me during this healing session. Thank you very much for the report and guidelines. I was without words when I read it…very surprised and I felt a strong relief!! I want you to know that I appreciate very much the work you’ve done, and I will continue the work on my side. I feel more confident and positive than I ever was to continue my spiritual healing/awakening.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Anna
I send you much much Love and Peace
I will say something in french:
Merci du fond de mon coeur Anna. Si je t’ai rencontré dans ma vie, si je t’es trouvé sur mon chemin, c’est parce qu’il était temps. J’ai suivi mon intuition, chose que j’ai toujours eu, mais que je n’ai pas toujours écouté. Je suis profondément reconnaissant de tout ce que tu as fais pour moi et saches que je vais bâtir là-dessus. Je vais persévérer et suivre tes conseils au maximum. Je te remercie encore du fond de mon coeur.
Paix et amour à toi.
Vincent xxx
Thank you so much for your guidance and healing. I really can feel the affects continuing to radiate out in my body, mind, and life. Just today when I was doing my light meditation where I inhale source light in through my crown chakra I saw my thousand petal lotus open on the top of my head and take in the light for the first time and continue to stay open! ❤️✨🔮 Thank you again for freeing me of everything that holds me back!
With love,
Dear Anna,
Firstly, apologies for not getting back to you sooner to thank you for the healing session.   I have been on a retreat in Far North Queensland in the Daintree Rainforest which I feel was the perfect place to have this healing and integrate it in such a beautiful, natural environment.  I did not immediately  access all the attachments as wifi was not freely available and the intention was not to spend anytime on the computer for that short period of time but I read your email letting me know the successful completion of the session.  Since I have been home I have fully read the document.
Thank you for such a thorough and interesting report and so much of it resonated at so many levels.  The ‘Cosmic Card’ from Akasha is so beautiful and I feel blessed to know all that wonderful information.  It makes me feel so much more complete and with my studying of Astrology helps me understand myself at a much deeper level.   Obviously there is a lot to take in and read and re- read and re-read which I have been doing in the past week since I have been back but know that I am so ready to work with all of what you are suggesting and trust it will all unfold in Divine timing.
I will be back in touch with you with a full review after 2 to 3 months of working with your recommendations.  The timing is perfect and know I was guided to do this so I am sending to you much love and gratitude.

I have been longing to write to you but I thought I would wait to hear from you. I am feeling as if the ‘weight’ I have been carrying around is disappearing and I feel so much lighter and clearer. I felt your healing before I feel asleep! Now I can continue with my work feeling ‘lighter’ and with more confidence and be prepared for our wonderful transition to the New Earth. Thank you and sending you lots of love and light.You too are truly amazing! Maggiex — Dear Anna Merkaba   Thank you so much! ❤  I am so thankfull for the magnificent healing! It makes my soul sing so read the report. It has taken some days for the report to sink in and my body are going through a Cold. I feel so loved and I have no Words how thankfull I am for Your assistance.  I am so Grateful for you dear, for what you have done and for all the information and time and love you have shared me With. I am so thankfull to the Universe, the angels, archangels, my soul and beings of light. This week I will receive the supliments from the report, and I really believe in what You were guided to share With me. I have experienced lots of love, light and happiness Reading Your report, and motivation and love to follow Your guidance. I do start see thing coming up for me to release and let go off. Highs and lows. I have feelt tired, and expecially before this healing for some years! It is really hard to comprehend what you have done, and what to do to rise my vibrations and as you say so powerfull: IYou have pointed out so many important Things, and links I will read, and I am so thankfull for you taking all this time, and sending me all this, so I may be best prepared healing all of my self. So happy I have take this healing, and for what you have shared With me. Sending you love and Peace, and blessings dear Anna Merkaba. Namaste, Kristian

Hello Anna, I just want to firstly say a huge Thankyou for your gift. I feel so blessed to have been guided to connect with your work. It feels so natural and pure. I am just going through the motions at the moment, so will give you a better idea of where I am at in a few days. I did feel the session work all through me at the time. The day leading up to the session and a few hours after I was purging constantly so I could feel myself getting really for the cleanout. Then the day after my physical went into strong fluey aches and pain, hot sensations, but intense fatigue. I have spent most of the time in bed. Going into loads of different emotions as things are changing and not really wanting to be around people at the moment. The biggest breakthrough is I feel completely safe. The left side of my body is filling up with this new energy never experienced before, especially my left shoulder which always felt disconnected from me. I am also finding breathing easier my eyesight changing, Colors brighter. Seeing lots of sparks and flashes. Thankyou again, Sophie  😊

Dear AnnaMerkaba,
All I can say is Wow! You have provided me with a very thorough picture of what is going on with me at this time, as well as, providing me with a very detailed and thoughtful evaluation of what healing tools can be utilized to help me further my expansion as a divine multidimensional being. In fact, your healing report was so chock full of valuable insights and information that it has taken me quite a few days to begin to take all that information in. I am certain that it will take a bit more time to assimilate all this info. and put it to consistent daily use. I must say, I have never had a healer spend so much time and energy on my healing as is evidenced by the loving detail and sheer volume of information you have given me. You are clearly a masterful healer, communicator, and perhaps, above all, a compassionate teacher. I am very very grateful for all the insight you have provided. I do not truly consider this an apt  review for what you have done -I am only just beginning to apply everything I have learned, . -this is rather merely a heartfelt, humble and overdue thank you. 
Sending much love, light and blessings
and big hugs too!-

Hello Anna,

Firstly I would like to express our utmost gratitude to you for helping my husband and I.  We both have experienced some amazing synchronicities, better connection, more awareness, less pain, more joy, happiness, more motivation, less worry, and more of a drive to follow our spiritual path.  We are growing each day and gaining a better understanding of why things are happening and what the reason behind the emotions we are feeling really are.  One thing that stands out so much to me is the pain in my legs has lessened a ton!  Also the sense of fear that i was having is no longer there.  The days after our session with you, we were both exhausted physically, but at the same time had such an overwhelming sense of warmth, love, and connection.  It truly has been an amazing experience and we are so so so very grateful and wish you so much happiness and love.  We’ve been trying some of the supplements that were reccommended in each of our reports.

Thank you so so much for all of your help, and wishing you so much love and happiness 🙂  You are an amazing soul and helping so many people in our ascension process.  Many Blessings to you!  💙💙💙💙🌈☀🌟
Best wishes,
Dearest Anna ~
Today begins the 12th week post A MAJOR HEALING with You ✨
I want to stand up here at my computer and tell the WORLD  what a Magnificent Healer you are.!!!!!!!!!
Please know I will NEVER forget this feeling I have now.
You saved not only my life force but many that followed me through multiple life times.
So I say to you, Blessing, Blessing, and more Blessings, Anna and your team for the spiritual healing on my body and the bodies of all of my followers down through the ages. ALL those freed by your work.
I send you thoughts of safety, protection, and love as you go forward ~

With my warmest rays and deepest gratitude🙏🏽

Maryanne  ❤️

 My dearest Anna!!!!!!!!

PLEASE, Please forgive me for taking so long to share my love and appreciation for all that you have done for me. To be honest, during the first week of your work, I was shell-shocked. I was unable to digest all the information… to shift my paradigm from being “jessica, whos’s entire life has amounted to well, three wonderful kids” to “jessica, advanced soul with a super-duper amazing history and alliances of love with many in the universe.” It is a radical shift in understanding of self. Plus, the depth and breadth of your work and healing knowledge left me with my jaw-dropped! You are amazing!!!!!!!!
By the time I was able to find my feet again, so to speak, my husband’s father, brother and three kids paid us a visit for a little over a week. Our little two bedroom house was quite full to the brim with ten people! We had a really wonderful time, and know I have room to myself to finally be able to write you back!
So, thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul. You have radically and fundamentally shifted my understanding and conception of “self”. I do not have my memories back yet, (though I know they will come with time and in the “right” time), but I cannot wait to remember back so far as Egypt. I cannot wait to remember a time outside of “scientifically” based civilization in which all the magic has been killed. I can’t wait to remember you! (Or, your higher self, however this is best phrased!)
I would also like to let you know how grateful I am to learn more about the woman who I met. It means so much for me to know that she is Hathor. It means so much to me to learn she is working with the Venusians for the betterment of mankind. There is so much dis-info down here, and I am so, so glad to have more pieces of the puzzle to hold in my heart. I am also  so glad to know who my red-spirit visitor was!!!!!!!! There really aren’t words to describe my happiness at being “re-united” with universal beings thru love…my appreciation for the role you have played in all this cannot be adequately expressed. This part of the work you did for me is as tremendously healing as all the energy work! Which, by the way, I am overjoyed to have new technology given by the angels for help with my pineal and the knowing of source!
I promise to put to good use your wisdom for good physical health as well, there is such a wealth of information there!
Thank you dear Anna for stepping back into yourself first, so that there is someone there to help the pull the rest of us up! I hope your journey back to your self was a truly beautiful one, although, I am already sure it was.
Please know I will hold you in my heart for as long as I shall have my memories of this life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With Unending Love and Admiration,
I sincerely want to thank you for all that you have given me to assist in my
awakening to more joyful experiences and inner peace.  I have followed your
guidance and suggestions, and definitely felt the energies from the words
that you used.  I felt emotions bringing tears, moments of sadness; and also
peaceful feelings.  I stood and affirmed the statements several times, and
will continue several more times, as it feels very powerful for me.
I have felt new energies, that are motivating me to get clear about the work
that I do, and changes that I’m contemplating.  Every time I received your
very interesting email, I would often read the information about your
spiritual clearings, and knew that I would benefit from that experience.  I’m
spending more time now in reflecting and experiencing peace in knowing that
all my past experiences have assisted me in inner growth that I can acknowledge
as a blessing.  Thank you, Anna, for your loving help and the special work that
you do.  Much love, Mary 

Dear Anna,

I have the most love, gratitude and appreciation for your BEing. Thank you for the healing session and this amazingly thorough report. There is so much included that is resonating deep within me. You have helped me remember so much and I am so excited for this deeper awakening.
The greatest thing happened on the day of the session….shortly before our session I woke up (right before 4 AM), then fell back asleep and started dreaming. In my dream, I was aware that our session was currently happening……then all of a sudden I received a phone call from you and as soon as you spoke I felt the most amazing intense feeling of energy flowing through me…..a vivid sensation…..I couldnt understand what you were saying but before I hung up, I threw up on the ground….which I immediately perceived as blockages opening up and unwanted energies being dispelled ….it was such a vivid experience. Truly incredible. When I woke up I felt amazing and have felt such a deep sense of peace, tranquillity, love and contentment since then (and its only been less than 3 days).
On top of that, this past week or so leading up, things have been manifesting rapidly in my reality. Things that I had envisioned months ago. On the day of the session I also manifested amazing abundance and it’s like I knew it would happen that way.
I could go on and on about this but I think you already know how I feel. Thanks for widening the window in which I perceive my true soul being. And Thanks for the great suggestions and remedies going forward.
I am forever grateful to our spirit guides, angels to have connected us.
Much Love and Light.
“After the session, I felt my body vibrating at a different level. It is like my body/spirt has been transformed. I felt more energy and everything around me appears brighter.”
Reggie – NYC

Hello Anna, again Thankyou for your wonderful report and session you did on my son. What you are doing for humanity is so special, if only more people were aware of what was really going on behind the scenes. I have already noticed a lift in Oliver and he seems so happy and bright and almost thankful to me for allowing this. I feel so empowered and blessed to be able to gift something like this to my children. I will definately organise for my other two children to have the same sessions done very soon. It is worth every penny. Thank you Bless you Sophie xx Sent from my iPhone

Good morning Anna,
Thank you so much! My breathing has definitely improve since
Our session! My boyfriend said that I literally stopped snoring! :o)
I’m so happy! By the way, I am amazed on how much I was
Able to feel tapping on my temple area in the distant healing session. It felt like you were
In the room with me! I know that it’s working, I feel more energetic and
I’ve been making my green smoothies in the morning And eating healthier…
Thank you so much! I’m excited to review my report.
I will keep you posted with my progress. I appreciate all that you do.
Wishing you a beautiful day!
Many hugs.
Hello Anna:
Sorry to take so long getting back to you. You are so right that I would be tired after the healing and I have been falling to sleep in my cups of tea :0
I am feeling much better today and decided that I had better get this done.
I want to thankyou for the wonderful healing. Thankyou to you and the Angels, and your Guides and my own Guides and everyone else who helped in the healing. I feel amazing this morning. Thankyou so very very much.
My experience during the healing:
I was determined that I would sit in meditation position and experience the healing. I had smudged my room and myself with white sage and had a candle burning and frankenscence burning. I wanted everything to go smooth. My little cat insisted on being in the room with me. I let him as I knew he would not give up and go away. He would keep yelling and digging at the door to get in. He curled up on the bed beside me and never moved or said a word the whole time.
As I sat I felt a gentle stir in the energies around me at first. It was like a gentle summer breeze just tugging a bit at your clothes and your hair. I was sitting enjoying this when all of a sudden my back between my shoulder blades and at the base of my neck and the base of my skull and shoulders began to hurt big time. I tried to stay with it and stay sitting but it was not fun at all so I laid down and it eased a bit but at least I wasn’t struggling to stay seated anylonger which was making it worse. it soon dulled right down to just a dull ache. I could feel myself starting to drift off but stayed laying down as I did not want to interrupt what was going on. I started seeing some extremely beautiful colours. A beautiful vibrant green and purple and violet and yellow and orange and blue and I saw my third eye a gorgeous vibrant dark blue with a dark indigo spot in the middle and I saw a vibrant gorgeous white light at one point. All in between snores as I was suddenly extremely tired and kept konking out. At one point I heard myself snoring and came fully to the surface intime to feel something going on on top of my head. It felt as if someone had just put a hat on my head. A big one and it made me laugh a bit and I konked out again for a bit. I came awake several times to new sensations going on down my spine, arms, hands, legs, feet, but fell to sleep right away again. I don’t know how long the healing took as I kept falling to sleep. I woke one last time and felt nothing but the new hat sitting on my head and knew that the healing was finished and fell back to sleep again. I slept till 1:30ish and only got up because our dog was whining at the door meaning he needed out.
It was an odd but pleasant sensation to be wearing a hat all day and night for the first few days. I am getting used to it now and don’t notice it there like I did for the first few days. Its funny how I keep checking to make sure it is there though.
I have done a lot of sleeping since the healing. I have been falling asleep while trying to do research on the computer in the middle of the day. I wake with my chin on my chest and the cats and dog all watching me with grins on their faces. I was getting up in the morning and before I was done feeding the dog and the cats I was ready to go back to bed. Eating a meal was a trick with the dog sitting there watching me in case I fall asleep and knock my plate onto the floor for him to clean up. He sits with such an intent look on his face too. He made me laugh. Today though I am feeling pretty darn good.
I opened and read the report you sent on Friday morning. I read the whole thing before I had to get ready and drive to the big city with my Hubby. I found it amazing and absolutely wonderful.
I am not wearing a hat but a lovely crown to help me connect better with the divine and to communicate better. Wow!!!! Thats fabulous. Thankyou I wonder if I will be able to see it in time. It sounds like a grand looking crown.
I am not surprised by how many nasty things you found. I knew I was over laoded with crap. My upper back, shoulders, and neck have always bothered me. I can remember my mother always sclolding me for not sitting up straight and not keeping my shoulders back. I have always slumped forward and had droopy shoulders. I was never able to sit tall or walk with a straight back. It was uncomfortable to try to. I have found myself walking straight and true with my shoulders back a lot over the last few days but I have also caught myself doing the opposite too. It will take awhile to get used to not carrying so much dead weight around on my shoulders.
I keep checking to make sure my energy is flowing smooth still. It was always so sputtery before and no matter what I did it never just flowed smoothly. It does now. Thankyou so much.
There is a lot of information in the report and I will have to read it many times to absorb it all. You were not kidding about it being a “Detailed” report at all.
Thankyou again
Love and Light Darill
Anna , I am grateful beyond the words can ever express … We are applying all you said and will keep you updated . The data is great all you said , amazing . I can feel the shift in Noah . Yesterday , there was a spark of happy back in his eye … I saw it and I am truly grateful Anna. Will keep you informed of the progress . I love you sister and thank you millions . Ana ❤️🙏❤️

Thank you so much Anna!(: I know that you are constantly telling everyone how amazing they are, but you truly deserve a massive amount of admiration. I appreciate your service and it was extremely enlightening in more ways than I could have imagined.

Everything played out perfectly, and I have directed another friend of mine who already had her cleanse with you and loved the results as well. My apologies for the late response. I like to fully engage in my writings but I feel it’s taking too long for me to fully go all out in the review with details, so I’m going to give you a gist of my experience as you probably already know how well it went. Also, I wasn’t sure if contacting you about personal matters was okay, so I just wanted to send you one thorough email and not bombard your inbox with questions like I wanted to. (:

My experience through the session was beautiful, as I knew it would be. I was not sure if I delayed my session by not responding soon enough to your email instructions, but soon before the session started I knew it was about to happen. I live on the West Coast so my appointment was to begin around 4am. Since I was eager to know if I was too late with my responding details, I wanted to stay awake and aware of any signs of initiation. Around 3:30am, or so, I heard a bird chirping and singing outside so loud that it felt as if it was begging for attention so i went outside and proceeded to see what was going on. It was so dark that I could not locate it but it was somewhere in the front of my house. I kept wondering how irritated any neighbors might have been if they heard the bird, which wouldn’t surprise me if they did. Regardless, it was pretty amazing how only one bird stayed out front, in the darkness of the night, and decided to chirp and sing at the top of its lungs. I’m not sure how common it is for birds to come out this early but for me it was the first time I’ve noticed. It wasn’t a normal type of melody either, and it switched tunes often.

With excitement, I went back to the garage, where we make our music, to wake up my friend who was napping. He had his session first so he was aware of my appointment, and I wanted him to hear the birdie but he didn’t wake up so I enjoyed it myself. As soon as 4am had hit, I asked my Higher Self to accept the Universal Healing Energies, and shortly after, I was signaled. I was not expecting anything but it was too obvious to second guess it. I noticed in/on all the lights that there was vivid fluctuations which I previously would only see through my camera phone. I have found a way of amplifying pictures or videos that I would capture since 2015 but now all I had to do was squint to see it which was remarkable to experience through my eye sight. I have been on a mission to maximize my potential but not knowing who to ask my specific questions, or someone physically present to guide me, always left me doubting myself; which in that moment was impossible to do. I’m still not sure exactly what to call what I witnessing but it was a guarantee that it was not something I was imagining.

I stayed as still as possible, eyes included, and staring through my peripherals. I examined the patterns of movement which were non-consistent and free flowing/dancing (often connecting/ jumping from light to light which were pretty distant from each other), confirming it wasn’t the way I was looking at anything or my eyelashes. I feel they were Angels, Guides, Spirits, etc.. and it is always an honor notice their presence. I also have seen them the same type of way many times since, and in some cases even more obvious than this time (smokey, faces, dots, orbs), most likely because I am more aware and receptive now, thanks to you. I also have had a certain purple lighted entity, who loves to be seen in pictures and videos which I have so many of. I’ve seen him/her before but now it is almost always coming out in footage, which I love. I used to hide these images or videos, thinking it wouldn’t be okay to show anyone besides a select few, but I’m starting to think that its okay to spread the love (what do you think?).

All in all, the session brought so much positivity and I couldn’t be more thankful for your help! My friends and I still talk about how beyond amazing you are and the work you do. We constantly work on ourselves and do the best we can to help each other and learn more and more every chance we can. I have even introduced my mother to this side which at first I felt as if she thought I was talking a foreign language but surprisingly she didn’t think I was any more crazy than I already am haha. She also gave me insight on certain things from the past I did not know, such as my grandmother’s abilities and how a few people always made remarks about something being different about some members in the family. Regardless she’s supportive and has witnessed herself the images, as I took some with her on her own phone when she asked me to show her one day.

Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! And Hopefully you liked the review even though I tend to ramble, but I warned you..(: If there is anything you would recommend or more advice for us, that would be the best! Thanks a zillion, With universALLove and Respect, -Michael Gabriel

Dear Anna,
I feel that I was divinely guided to you from the depths of my soul because I’m ready to embody who I really AM.  I believe that I needed validation and support from you and divine sources to help me remove the blocks and  find my way back to me and for this, I am eternally grateful.  I have felt my heart opening and an alignment with my soul’s purpose on this earth that is the greatest gift anyone could bestow upon me. You have far exceeded my expectations for this session (or any healing work I’ve ever done!) in the level, depth and quantity of information and helpful resources provided. It’s clear to me that you are fully invested in illuminating and empowering your fellow beings to the miracles of light and love that we are. Though I sought you out from a place of illness and pain, I thank you and all of my guides for guiding me on that day to discover your website, when I had an immediate sense that I’d come to the right place. I look forward to the unfolding of my life from where I am now, with an abiding sense of my purpose as a light worker and eternal being who is loved beyond measure.
With love,
Jillian B
Hello Anna,
I was waiting with writing to you about my feelings of the healing that you and your “team” so to speak did on me as I was not sure what would I write about. Yes, I had some sensations during the healing itself (at some point my feet became real hot) and I was beyond excited to read the report you made following the healing. But in general I didn’t notice much change in me so I thought. However I was of course wrong. The biggest noticeable change in me since the healing is in that my believe in myself has grown tremendously. If this would be the only thing that I would take out of this healing then it is the ONLY thing worth receiving as a gift from you Anna. As I know now that every time I sit down to meditate with colors like you outlined in the report I would be receiving full support from my “team” and most importantly I don’t have a feeling that my efforts are being wasted and that I am talking to myself into the void, into nothingness. You have returned the believe in my Self. For that I am forever grateful Anna.
In your book you wrote that you chose to leave your dear ones, your family to come here and help the Earth with its ascension. I see clearly that you are fulfilling your mission Anna. I so yearn to be in contact with extra terrestrial civilizations. And I just realized that I already am in contact with them. You came from the stars! 😊 I feel a lot of love right now dear Anna. Thank you and God bless you in your mission.
With much Love,

Dearest Anna,❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for the work,love and energy you poured into my healing session. I have definitely felt it.
Thank you for your kind words and as well as your encouragement.
I wanted to give you my feedback as that is the least I could do in the light of your selfless work 😘
During our session I was awake in bed and I felt energy swirling in and around my body. I was bathed in it and it felt wonderful. It was intense yet not uncomfortable and it prompted the kundalini rise of energy in me during the last week or so. I mostly experience it during my sleep/dream state. I have always had prophetic/vision like dreams ; now I feel I am even more open and connected to the Source.
Interestingly enough one of the first ones since the healing was me waking up from a vertigo kind of dream where I Felt/saw I was spinning within a merkaba and that feeling of spinning woke me up.
 Consequently I have had dreams of being filled with energy to a point of vibration/ floating/melting  soaring high like and becoming one with all that is. Orgasmic kind of energy that has filled me with renewed strength and determination.
I had flashes of visions/images as if I was watching a movie detached from my body in a fast forward motion. Thank you for removing all of the implants and KCU devices.  I cannot put in words how I unencumbered I feel as of late.
My exercises in  ankhing don’t feel blocked in my spine anymore. During our session I did feel the heart blockage being removed the most. The closest I can get in describing that feeling is for example when one is sore and in need of a massage; it’s kind of painful but in a pleasurable way. 😉
Your report was insightful and helpful. I do feel earthly manifestations comes easily to me which makes more sense to me now. In regards to my light Ray which is golden Ray; I was shown that Sun is the source of light I need to meditate on and fill myself with that frequency. Many times I was led to a bright sun golden energy and light during my dreams and I have had great results  and profound experienced when I was practicing sungazing which I will continue on doing this entire summer as I am visiting my family in Croatia. 😊 How lucky am I ❤️
I have worked with Violet flame in the past regularly so thank you for reminding me to continue down that path. I will go back to activating my merkaba. Years back, after reading Drunvalos flowers of life books I have started on it but due to my procrastination  I have not continued with it. I know I have a lot of work ahead and now have no excuses so I thank you for helping and freeing me.
I am grateful I was led to you and I rejoice in knowing that I AM presence truly works as one through us all.
What more to say… I do feel loved and protected and blessed. I am beyond grateful to be having such life experience and to be bestowed with pellets of awareness,knowledge and above all LOVE. I know i Am divinely guided; hence among many teachers in my life ; YOU too. Thank you !!! I need to do more trusting and less doubting.
After our session I went to my journal and found an excerpt of mine which I feel prompted now in light of everlasting striving of my soul to share with you and wrap this email.
“…one cannot proceed unto unveiling of one’s existence which is tied to all that is without maya-illusion. We are but a thread in cosmic conciousness,yet without us universe as we know it would colapse.we fuel it. The more we strive the more it grows,the more we grow the more it strives. The Source needs our energy threads to sustain life and light itself.without God there is no ONE,without us there is no universe. We are ONE. ONE is I AM. Zin-Uru. “❤️
I love you Anna.
Some bluebells for you as I know you love flowers 😘
In divine love,


Thank you again for your help with this session. I am very pleased that I was guided to you for assistance. I think I can tell that the implant has been removed, as some random dark thoughts have seemed to stop. I do still find myself in other old thinking patterns that are just habit now, but am working on getting that resolved. You provided me with so much information, which I am very thankful for. I have had alot of questions answered and am feeling overall much better since the healing session. I am going to take the guidance you have given me, and put it into my practice to continue the ascend.
Bless you and thank you again.
Sending you love and light,
Aloha Anna! Thank u for the healing. I agree with u that a lot got done and I love all the detail u included in the report.
I feel the Lyme was removed but only time will tell. At the very least it is dormant now. Don’t know why it is not time 4 me to let go of the remaining parasites/toxins but I will continue to work on those & appreciate ur suggestions.  I am aware of my connection to Sirius and hope to have more contact with soul family.
Have been working a lot this year with the golden ray in meditations and for a long time have worked with the violet flame. Since reading ur report, I have been incorporating the other flames and rays in my meditations and can feel their different qualities.
Well those were the main points that come to mind so far and really wanted you to know how thankful I am to you and our guides and teams and let you know how important and effective your work is for me and the planet! I know things will continue to unfold from his healing and I am doing the work on my end to make the most of it. Xxooo Jane

Dear Anna,

I am sending this email to let you know briefly what I have experienced since I had your session about 4 months ago and to send you my words of appreciation for your wonderful session.

Overall, I have been going through a lot of changes internally and externally. My perception of the reality is quite different from what it was then in a positive way, and I feel acceleration in personal development and a change in reality.  That’s what I think I am experiencing.  In short, I am feeling very well.

Speaking more specifically, the first thing I noticed immediately after the session is that my thinking patterns started to change and some of my worries was subdued significantly. I found myself being able to let go many things that I didn’t prefer to hold relatively easily.  As a result, the clarity of my thinking and the quality of my nightly sleep improved.  Another change I have had is in my diet. I started to feel like eating more vegetables and fruits and less animal products and processed foods. After a few months, my diet changed drastically.  Probably due to the change in diet, the physical issues I had then on my back and feet has been improving.

I thank you so much for the wonderful healing session, and I am very glad I found you.  I feel amazed when I think how all the changes have occurred within this relatively short period of time.

Thank you again.


Dear Anna,
Thank you very much for the detailed report and all additional information! I really appreciate it. Thank you, your guides, all Kingdom of Light, my Higher Self and my guides for all the healing I’ve received. Feel very blessed and loved! So much precious information to digest. Feel very tired but my mind is so clear. Waw, ascended masters realm. Difficult to comprehend with my mind but something to remember from the heart.
Sending you lots of Love and Light!
With gratitude,
Thank you Anna so much, I read my report
Ver fast last night but I am going to read it again
Today and see what I can do and follow your
Advice 😀. Hopefully.
The day of the session I did feel a little of energy
And specially at my crown chakra, what I felt
That day is I could not smoke every time I even
Tried to smoke I couldn’t so decided to stop
Smoking hopefully this lasts 😀
I have more energy now like want to go out
I will send another email when I have more change
Or notice difference
Thank you so much
Love & light

Hi Anna

Wow that is a LOT of information! After a brief read this morning a lot of it really resonates with me. Very strongly. My back which is one of the major complaints I had is feeling better than it has in many months. So that alone is wonderful. I will definately send you a more thorough review though in coming days. Thanks so much !!! 💟😘🌈😇 Trinity

Hi Anna,

Thank you for the wonderful work carried out to help.  
Yes I did indeed feel many things during the healing, 
from lots of energy rumbles in the abdomen, awareness 
of areas being worked on, seeing images of my head being worked 
on and removal of what was necessary.  Urges to move occasionally to adjust spine.  
Sighing.  Lots of usual indicators of energetic healing accompanied by deep 
relaxation and drifting in and out of waking consciousness.
I am so grateful to you and your guides for helping me.  I will read with interest the attachments

In love and gratitude Liz

Dearest Anna, Thank you so much for all you have done, I am absolutely overwhelmed by the report, it has explained so much to me. I had no idea about implants and KCU’s but am just happy to hear they have all been removed and the Angels have planted a new implant to allow better connection, I am so excited to be able to move forward and take the necessary steps to truly shine 😘 I have always felt I have so much light within me and now I understand so much more, your report has given me a renewed sense of power, thank you. During our healing, I felt as if my body was been scanned, the energy felt like it was moving up and down and felt the urge afterwards to go and look up Pleiadian(a word I had never heard of) wow so much has been explained to me. Thank you Anna to you and all your guides working with me and my guides and I am so looking forward to my journey ahead!!! I know there is work to done but feel all my wisdom from within will no longer be held back by all that white noise. I can truly start to heal from within. I am so guided along my path even before your report came out, I had booked to listen to a speaker talk all about the placebo of the mind(now I know how relevant this is to me) Also, I have started with my unconditional love healing exercises and chose my gums as a starting point, I am so excited for what lies ahead! Much love Belinda

Dear Anna,
First of all I want to thank you so much for the healing session that you performed on me June 9😘. I actually did not “feel” anything different immediately afterwards. I know that you said it would be a few months before I would see actual results but I thought I should let you know how things are going so far.
I was definitely overwhelmed with all the information (wow! it was a lot!) and I took me awhile to get started with implementing your recommendations. Without getting into details about what’s been happening in my life, I just wanted to let you that basically I am feeling more balanced and not afraid of what is to come and overall I have this feeling that what is to come is going to be wonderful
Once again thank you so much Anna for your healing session and all your information :)))
God bless you and all that you are doing for humanity.
I will let you know how things are going.

Hello Anna
Just to say A BIG HEARTFELT THANKYOU for working with my energy again.
I really appreciate what you did.Feeling so much better,lighter and more expansive,so pretty cool.
Thankyou again for all your energetic light work,love Daniela E. ,feeling more of me

Thank you for your healing session on the 21st June. I was lucky enough to have the time to myself, to have peace and quiet whilst you carried out your work. I decided to lay on my bed and just clear my mind and let be what will be and it was amazing, Thank You.

I saw lots of colours and shapes. I saw the most amazing, beautiful, vibrant violet colour in a what I can only describe as a circle of fire. After reading my report it makes total sense. I soon fell asleep and woke up with the most amazing feeling of clarity. I literally felt as if a distorted filter had been removed from my vision. Everything seemed brighter, clearer, more awesome? My mood lifted so much I really felt like my whole being had immediately elevated.

Thank You so much for your detailed and helpful report. I feel you have given me a big jump start and the tools to go forward, for that I send much love and appreciation.

I plan to buy your book on Self Mastery too.

All the best and Many Thanks

Vicky Xx

Dear Anna,

First of all I would like to thank you to your time and your healing, I was really touched by the amount of details and the accuracy of them in your report, as well as the things that has changed since your healing session… 🙂
So it seems that some things has shifted immediately due to your healing session!! Truly amazing!!!! :))
 My craving is completely gone. It is amazing how much this thing has changed, as my craving or binge eating habits are completely gone now. I can have cookies, chocolate or anything on front of me, it does not bother me at all, I am completely free of this habit. This is truly amazing, and it somehow shows me that it was never really mine…. 🙂
Again!!!!! You are a great healer and the decision to go and reach out for you was one of the best decisions in my life!! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!!
Enjoy your day!
Dear Anna,
Thank you very much for your healing and the rollercoaster of miracles that followed! I did as you said, and my external circumstances changed as if by miracle (is that the word?), and I am enjoying a holiday of my life! Some people changed as if having personality transplants, certain others became the clearest versions of themselves, some just disappeared and I just exist taken aback how easy life can be and collect blessings that shower upon me relentlessly.
Was it really that simple&why does not everyone know about it?! I now truly feel a calling to become a crusader for the truth…
The photo was taken yesterday on the terrace of my current Croatian abode with my temporary foster kitten Peggy, who connected with me as a tiny stray last week, and we now cruise the Universe together while she awaits her already arranged permanent adoption as she is not vaccinated to further travel by air with me.
Basking in the sunshine, enjoying the moment&sending you all our love!
BE VERY HAPPY! Thank you very very very much-
Maja and Peggy
Dear Anna,
Thank you so much for my healing session and the reports that you have sent me.
My back has definitely healed greatly, only minor pain now which I know is physical.
My throat has been very sore so there must be a lot of healing happening there.
I thought I might have a block in my heart and am happy for that to have gone.
I am feeling more lighter and confident too, and I seem to be having better and more meaningful
meditations and visualisations.
I also seem to be sensing subtle waves of energy flowing through me pretty much constantly,
which is lovely.
I am so excited by my future now as I know I can manifest what I want.
Blessings to you💖🙏🏻🌹
Kind regards Elizabeth
Thank you, thank you thank you!  I am overwhelmed with all the healing you’ve done for me and the information you have provided.  I have felt a great weight has lifted and purpose is now finding me.  The most notable change is that the occasional pain I had behind my ear is now gone!  This last year I experienced an occasional ache behind my ear and could find no explanation for it.  The implants you’ve removed have eliminated this ache.  Whew.  I was aware of the reptilian presence but didn’t realize how much they were affecting and blocking me.  Also, I understand very clearly how my thought patterns allowed them to enter my energy field.  I certainly will do the recognition and releasing work you advised I do.  I have been aware of some of these things for a long time and hVE attemptED to rid myself of the the negative and victim mentality I fall into—it’s so seductive!  I realize that I have a lot to do and with your healing, I am determined to succeed.  I will keep you informed of any new developments and miracles that come my way.  Thank you so much!
Cynthia  ♥
Hi Anna,
I definitely felt something happening during the session and was extremely tired for the duration of the day. The work you did released so much that I felt much taller than before with less restriction in the body.  I had a spiritual breakthrough and took the initiative to let go of a really toxic friendship that evening and wonderful opportunities have been coming up for me since then.  I will go over the reports today to see what you found.  I am so grateful for this and can’t wait to tell people in my city about you.  Thank you so much!
Lots of love,

Thank you so much for The help with The godess vortex.  And for everything else.  What I am feeling about what you have done for me is beyond words. I am not going to take any more of your precious time now but I just want to say something from my heart.  You have helped me to get out of a life long struggle and suffering.  I know that I have some work to be done but it is just as if not doing the work is not an option.  I feel like I am changed forever and I am not going back to what has been. Never ever againg.

Thank you thank you thank you.
lots of love from Ida

Dear Anna, I too would like to say thank you for this “once in a lifetime” healing session. For me, this has meant receiving myself back, and with this, a whole new life, and I can feel myself shifting day by day. There really are no words to describe what I am feeling and truly not words enough to describe how grateful I am for this. Just… Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I am happy that I will now have someone who I can recommend others to go to for this kind of help. If you like you can put my text on your website as a review from me in regards to the session. Sending you all my love and gratitude and many, many blessings. /Sara A.

I have met a lot of advanced spiritual teachers in my life, but no one could really see me for what I really am. Anna immediately saw me and my wife Saras true essence and could therefore help us with her healing which no one else had be able to do before. She could truly remove our blockages on all levels (body, soul and spirit) which was hindering us from stepping in to our true power and becoming our true selves.
Anna what you did for us is beyond words. Your healing was a life saver coming to us when we needed it the most.
Keep up the good work you are a beautiful being of Light and it was an honor to meet you.
Love Carl


Forgive me,  it was found after much searching in the strangest place.  This has never happened before ever.
Again I am in the beginning stages of digesting your material and all the helpful health information.  You spoke of many familiar references including Alice Bailey’s work, I have all of the “blue books” and read them years ago and am familiar with the rays.
I wasn’t familiar with the KCUs and found that fascinating and truly validating, you are so special.  I will also enjoy studying the kabbalistic tree of life with more detail.  Truly informative and treasured body of information you have blessed me with and I will make use of all the gifts of knowledge.
I felt the entire session and am very grateful and appreciative for your gifts and blessings.  Thank you so much.  Most likely at some point you will hear from me again and I will be referring you without hesitation.    You are truly a blessing for the planet.
With much love and appreciation,
Wow! Thank you so so so much, Anna! Very grateful to you, your guides, angels, my higher self and guides. It was an incredible experience! I was awake but in a meditative state through half of the session. I felt a lot of what you discussed especially in my back, arms, shoulders and feet. My hands were very warm during. I fell asleep when I started feeling the work on my heart chakra. My heart was racing and soaring. It was intense, definitely. When I woke up, 30 mins after it was over, I felt that things felt different but in an unexplainable way. I woke up today feeling very tired. I took it to mean that I needed rest, lots of water, sleep and good food. I could still feel the energies, very very subtly. I noticed that already the negative loop thoughts were gone! I felt much much lighter and was able to come to my center, so to speak, much much easier and more effortlessly. I’ve been feeling more sensations in the top of my head or my crown chakra since. No headaches so far! Also, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR ALL THE INFORMATION!! I loved all the sources you included! You went above and beyond and I really appreciate it!! I can’t wait to start on the guides and the protection. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and all the loving work you do for me and others. The amount of gratitude I feel, cannot be put in words! Thank you you WONDERFUL being! So much respect and appreciation for you, Anna! Once more, thank you for all you do! Blessings!

Dear Anna,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all you have done in my healing session.   I had tears of joy and feel so loved.   I couldn’t believe how my devices were implanted in me.   I am overwhelmed with all the information, but I will break it down and set up a routine for me.  I already bought the disc.  I was attuned to the Kaballah and you were reaffirming information for me.  I hope that all my attunements I have ever had all took hold.  I hope that these devices didn’t stop any of them.
I am very grateful for your help and will be telling other people.  I believe my husband wants to have a healing by you.  I always felt that something was stopping me from really accessing and connecting with my Angels and Guides.  I will be working now with the rays to help with my healing.
Again, thank you for my extensive healing and all my new tools to use.
Dearest Anna,
I am so deeply moved by the Healing session you did for me and all the super helpful information and right on point report writeup you sent me.  My love, appreciation & gratitude runs so very, very deep.  I am now so grateful for getting sick, because it brought me to you!   I felt and continue to feel so very safe, knowing I am in such good realiable loving & caring hands, which is a rare and precious thing in this incarnation.  What you did for me energetically, is a rare and precious thing, that my inner being has been inwardly longing for my entire life, — what an incredible and precious gift to receive it now!  I will continue to review the detailed instructions & report & tools you have sent me  and will follow your instructions.  I slept and slept so deeply and peacefully for 13 hours after the healing session, and found myself laying down to rest quite abit in the days that followed.  Interesting parallel story I would like to share with you:  that while I was waiting for my scheduled healing session this past month, the sink in my bathroom got severely clogged, and stayed clocked for weeks.  Finally, I bought some very strong Draino, applied it, and the next day, finally the incredibly clogged sink, was now running freely — like new — without any problems.  This image of clearing the sink, and the water now running freely, without any major blockages — is what comes to mind when I think of the healing session you did for me — I feel inwardly as clear energetically as that drain now, with so much potential & possibilities before me!  I am so very grateful of this HUGE precious blessing!
Thank you will all my heart and soul for what you did for me!
all my love,

Dearest Anna,

Thank-You ever so much for such a remarkable and truly beautiful healing session.
I am still dazzled by all the information you have sent me and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time and details you have shared!
Sometimes I just burst into tears and feel them flow from the depths of my heart…very powerful times for this awakening soul.
When I first awoke after session, I felt those tears and then really noticed the shifts in my body. I remember thinking, it feels like my spirit has had a massage 🙂
I ordered the custom drops suggested and am very happy with those and essencealchemy!
So much more I could write about, this must do for now.
Sending you a rainbow bouquet of your favorite flowers,
in Abiding Gratitude and Love!!
I want to write a review for Anna on my healing.
I am free, let me start there….i sat meditation ready in preparation for our 11 appt. The energy was clean and clear and at exactly 11 i began to see things, i am not very visual so i knew we were working…after a few minutes, i saw the brain surgery happening…i saw it, my brain being opened and things removed and cleaned and moved and light infusion, they were working very fast…I was amazed…excited, for i knew change would be had…My gratitude Anna is huge…my new life is at hand..i am in expectancy…i am fully available, it is just ever present.
There is so much to tell but suffice it to say i can see how everything has lead up to me finding you on line intuitively and all of the rest. I have ordered all the recommended stuff and am ready to be more than i have ever had access to before, how huge is that!!!
With great appreciation and love

Hi Anna,
I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten back to you in relation to my healing done on the 08/08/16. Life has been tremendously busy.
Firstly, I got offered a job in Sydney which started on 27/7/16. I didn’t want to move back to the city but the job pretty much fell into my lap so  I figured that Sydney was where I was meant to be at this time.  Nothing much was happening in Newcastle and I felt stuck there  anyway. Plus they were able to pay me what I asked for which was a bonus. It meant relocating and finding somewhere to live. As it happens, I found a houseshare just 10 minutes from work at a reasonable rent. So that area of my life is flowing along wonderfully well. Probably not a coincidence that my life started changing after I booked a session.
In regards to my health, I am very happy to say that I don’t get woken in the middle of the night with massively sharp pains in my head anymore!! so thank you 🙂 I actually wake up feeling awake now, another plus.  I ordered all the remedies etc today so will have to wait another 2 to 3 weeks before I can focus more on my physical body and bringing it back into optimal health. I know I can do it
The changes that I feel within myself are subtle. I have a knowing that I can bring my body into optimal functionality, I have begun working with the Violet Ray more regularly and set an intention to communicate more and more with my Guides/inner guidance, Coincidentally I came across an audio of yours referring to Metatron the Clarion Call and am starting to practice. There is just a whole lot of flow going on:). All the information in the report is extremely helpful from beginning to end. I now have a quiet confidence and optimism for my journey ahead.
I have recommended your healing to others and will continue to do so. You are certainly a blessing.
Many, many thanks Anna and many many blessings:) Pearl D.
Hello Anna,
   I wanted to let you know I truly appreciate the healing session! I felt when you connected to my energy field. It’s only been a few days yet, I have had profound effects! My interaction with my son today didn’t lead to an argument, which this hasn’t happened in 10 years! OMG !!!!!!! My pain is gone! I am slowly absorbing all the healing info, and I plan to follow through with the momentum, and continue to heal myself. The fact that you mentioned the Melchizedek Consciousness, and my Ray as Diamond was spot on! The Ascension community that I am a part of talks about this consciousness frequently, and now I know without a doubt, that this is my star family.   Sending you lots of Love and light! I hope to do the work your doing in the future,as I really do  feel drawn to it! Have a great day and keep up the good work!  Thank You Thank You Thank You ,Dedtra 

Dearest Anna,

Thank you so much for your diving healing and light and the amazing reports that you have provided.
It took me a whole day to read and admittedly, I am still reading through some of the material.  Some things I am already putting into action / was doing but others I will be able to incorporate so I am very grateful for this. It’s very comprehensive, you provide an amazing guidance.
I must say that the scientist in me found reading the report both fascinating and enlightening.  Even moreso because the areas where you noted there were implants and KCUs were areas that I had intuitively always felt that I had blockages / issues / pain etc… so this was super interesting.  For instance, with the ear, I felt something always with my left ear and thought there was a blockage and was doing the ear candling but it never helped. I feel that my hearing has improved in my left ear. I also feel that my eyesight has changed and it’s like I am seeing people for the first time and reading them better. My sense of knowing has increased and it’s so great to be able to get certainty more quickly on decisions. I also feel like when the fear rises up that I am not going to the dark place as easily. Obviously I know that I will need to still work at this, but I have found a significant shift. I was also really unwell from 15 to today with the flu and it almost felt like there was a clearing happening .. hence why it’s taken me so long to get back to you.
Your report and attachments are super comprehensive with some amazing information and I am just about to sit down and review it again all over again so that I can consolidate and make sure I have not missed anything in reading it the first time.
I am very grateful and appreciative of your divine assistance.
I have never met anyone like you. You are so unique and I am now also drawing further inspirations from you book which I have purchased on Kindle.
Many divine thanks again and again,…..

Dear Anna

Thank you very much for healing and a comprehensive report. There is a lot of information there. I am still trying to grasp all I have to do.
Re my experience:
During the session I did not really feel much, except that I was looking for a place to be far away from people. It was not easy to find such a spot in Rome, so I ended up seating in the middle of the field (city park) surrounded by a flock of sheeps 🙂
During the next 3 days after session I went through a lot of emotional, mental and physical pain. Honestly, I do not remember being in so much much pain for a very long time. Then, suddenly I woke up and realized that I now can see much better with my left eye. Due to vitreous detachment I was unable to see well with my left eye for almost 2 years. Now It is significantly better. I had a net of dots, now it seems they are gone. I hope for good. Thank you for that. I did not realize how much energy it took out of me to see something.
I also feel more emotionally balanced now and can concentrate better mentally. Pain is gone this morning.
Thank you once again for your love and light


Hello Anna,
Thank you so very much for your very detailed report. It has come to me at such time when it was so much needed. You have given me my answers and so much more. I agree with what you have found, and also thought this too, but without another agreement I could not put validity on it. Now I feel so much better, for I know what I suspected is true. And I don’t feel like I’m going crazy anymore. Also many of the items you mention that can be of benefit to me I already some of them. I do not know why I got them and what they was actually for. Now I know the reason, I was going to need them as you said.
Also Anna, last year I attended ayahuasca ceremonies in the Amazonian jungle of Peru. There I encounters other beings one being reptilian, he was behind me, which could have been the implants in my back. I also touched my true soul and became her for short time. At the same time remembering where I was now. It was so beautiful and uplifting and totally the most amazing feeling. I also had a feeling of connection with Isis, and have worn an amulet for quite a while without knowing really why. Thanks to you Anna, I hope to move forward into my true self, I know this will take commitment on my side to achieve this. Commitment is what I have found hard to keep.
My children are grown now aged 31 26 19 14 and a son passed over 27 he went in my 8 th month of pregnancy. Each child is a blessing, and full of love for this I am so thankful for.
I was pulled toward your direction Anna, and you have given me more than I asked. You have opened up new ideas and hopefully a new way of life. I am so happy I do not have to incarnate again unless I choose to. You are a blessing Anna, and your gifts are very special. You spend your time explaining in so much detail, I thank god for me finding you.
Much love light and hugs
Maria xxx

Dear Anna,

first I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your healing session as well as all the angelic beings, guides and all other beings of pure light and love who have helped me during the session and afterwords. During the healing I felt a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders and my whole left side of the body was vibrating. I felt my solar plexus area being cleansed, my left ovary and especially my lower back (as if something black and burdening was being taken off from that part). The left part of my brain was tingling and vitalized. I felt my chest being opened and purified and I felt the angels were doing repair work on my subtle energy bodies. At the end of the session I felt bathed in their loving energy and I fell asleep. The next day I felt very tired, especially my legs, I could barely walk, but I felt more connected to other people and empowered to make changes in my life. I’ve experienced a lot of pain and trauma in my life, especially in childhood and that’s when the negative mental patterns started to take over me. I’ve been doing a lot of inner work later in my life, but I felt there was something I could not reach and let go of by myself. Something pulling me back over and over again, into the same old issues. Since I’ve read about the KCU’s on your page, I immediately knew I had one attached to my energy field. I’m so glad I don’t anymore. I feel much better today, my energy is back and I’m feeling motivated to proceed with my healing according to your suggestions. I feel like being reborn in a way and I cannot express my gratitude in words.
I do feel things can only go better and I have you and the wonderful beings of light to thank for my hope being renewed.
Much love and blessings to you dear Anna and hats off for your inspiring knowledge, abbilities and dedication to this thorough healing work that you offer to people at this crucial time in human history.
May love and light always guide you ❤


I had a healing with you a couple of months ago. I apologize that I haven’t got back to you, not sure if I was supposed to and I was still processing all that occurred.  I just wanted to say thank you, I have felt a huge shift since our meeting. As soon as you started, I felt heat in my neck and back and no surprise that I had some implants there. Interesting to know that I had kcu devices also!! Also when you mentioned me being part of the 3rd ray and chohan etc….I looked up where the vortex in the world was for that and its in lake Winnipeg. No surprise that I am actually from Winnipeg and my cabin is on that lake and it’s always been my favourite place to go. You also said my light colour is violet, always been my favourite colour! I just  ordered the flower remedies recommended for me so I hope they help. I am continuing to work on stepping into my power. I know I’m much more magical than I envision myself and I can’t wait for it to all be revealed. Also another amazing thing is that I know I have had blocks in my heart chakra but no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to open it. I had a knot in my foot for a long time right where the heart chakra is(in reflexology) and the next day after the healing, the bump was gone!!! I can also now feel when I hug someone my heart connecting to them and they tell me “wow I really felt that hug from you”. I still have some clearing to do in my heart area but I know by you removing that nasty implant has helped tremendously. My fears surrounding negative energies have also improved , I am more confident in myself now and know I am more powerful than any darkness.  I felt tons of energy as you were working on me, even when I was driving that night an electric like shock went through the left side of my neck. My sore back and shoulders felt better the next day(I’m assuming that may have been implants causing that) i appreciate the instructions you gave me for clearing my energy. I have a hard time visualizing the whole merkaba protection field thing surrounding me and the levels of protection you described but I’m sure with time I will get it and actually be able to see it. Sorry if this email is all over the place, I’m remembering the session as I type haha. I can’t wait to continue healing myself so that I can eventually do the same for others. I haven’t felt any scary negative energies (especially shrill frequency sounds that would knock out my hearing) around me since our session so thank you thank you thank you a million times. I have recommended you to a few friends I think they are just waiting until the have saved a bit before booking. So worth it! You’re amazing! Thank you ✨✨✨✨✨

Dear Anna

Many thanks for a wonderful work and such detailed report. I will digest it and revert to you in more details.
Right after your work, I already did feel so different. So much was gone. And many old negative thoughts weren’t there. Those few who kept coming back felt void of energy charge, empty, so easy to transmute them.
I feel so much more empowered and clearer on many things. I understand better now what behaviours and thoughts I can embrace and move forward with positive and empowering feelings.
All the comments and insights you sent resonate deeply. It gave me new perspective and deep understanding of many things. I can connect the dots through my life and feelings and I can let go deep old scars.
Truly a wonderful work and very inspiring.
Many thanks.
Wishing you a continuing success.

Dear Anna,

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for this healing session and all the information that you have shared with me. I took my time to absorb everything before I wrote back to you.
 First of all, I wanted to share I did feel the energy flowing from my crown into my back, the day and time of the healing session. I did have downloads of clarity and I knew your healing energy worked wonderfully on me. Second, when I received the documents you sent, I had goosebumps while I was reading through all that you shared. While some information was very insightful, you shared so much of highly resonant info (literally confirming all that I knew about me) that I did have tears in my eyes. While knowing has been there, I have been experiencing blocks in manifesting the same and the information you shared about implants (and that you removed them) was extremely insightful. I knew something was blocking my energy flow but couldnt pin point till you mentioned exactly. I always felt tension around the back of my neck and shoulders and what you shared made perfect sense.
So from the depth of my soul, THANK YOU A TON!!! 🙂
I am a twin flame on my path to union and always felt that I am not bound by karma. I also felt a deep connection with Orion (since I saw it in my dreams even before i knew what it was) since my awakening and you mentioning Orion as my star brought clarity to so many of my questions. So THANK YOU once again!!!
You are a very beautiful soul assisting so many of us reach our full potential.
Stay Blessed!!!

am super excited to report back to you that I am feeling great strength and energy in my root chakra. For perhaps the first time in my entire life. Now I realize why there was fear. …, And my upper back, neck and shoulder areas feel so much better already. I am observing subtle nuances of physical symptoms abate and I am resuming my physical activity of running bc I feel my in er strength and stamina returning. Thank you so much! I am grateful for your healing and I appreciate you! Xoxo,


Dear beautiful Anna,

Thank you so much for sending me the very comprehensive and brilliant report with lots of recommendations and suggestions. Really appreciate it. It’s funny as moments before I opened the report I was musing on where I come from, which I feel is many places, but for about 30 years the strongest has been Sirian, and Sirian was the first place I thought of years ago. Then I opened your document and low and behold it didn’t take long to read that you confirm Sirian is truly where my group is from. How awesome.

I will write a review.

Thank  you also for all the health advice and for life advice in general. Also the report is so interesting.

With massive appreciation and respect. I bought your pdf a while ago and so admire you and all you do. I also found your story of how you arrived at where you are helping the planet with your wisdom and guides. I’ve had a difficult path and when reading your story it helped.

May you be constantly bathed in love and light,


Dear Anna
Thank you for the healing session. It was awesome! When it start I did felt a needle go into my back the next thing l remember before I fall a sleep was a spiraling wind strong washing my field from down to up. I felt the presence of AA Metatron I think and fall asleep. When I woke up I felt like all obstacles went away and this sensation kept showing in the next days as a rebirth fresh new beginning.  I have yet to study the detailed report you sent. Thank you so much for the healing energies and technology.      I will ask my guides about it. Deep Gratitude 🙏 Many Blesssings Love & Light O.
נשלח מה-iPad שלי
Hello Anna, thank you so much for your healing. My leg pain has now gone. I’m very happy and I feel so much difference and notice everything is positive in my surrounding. I feel great and I’m feeling all the energies working continually. Much love xoxo
Sent from my iPhone

Hello Anna,

Thank you so  much for all of this information and for the healing session. I have felt tired, but other than that, I feel much better. During the session, I felt when you were working on/near my left shoulder (it popped!) and I could feel you working around my left eye.
I have ordered the Back Essences and will get to a health food store soon for some of the others.
I appreciate all of your guidance.
Here is a review for social media or your website:
A few days ago I had a distance healing session with Anna. Prior to the session, I was in general physical pain and felt very stiff and stuck all down the left side of my body. Since the session, I wake up every morning amazed that this pain and stiffness is almost completely gone. What I do feel seems like the ghost of pain past. It is as if my body remembers but can’t quite figure out what to do. I keep encouraging myself to relax and know that it is gone and let go. I knew there was something up with my Triple Heater meridian line because that was where I found the pain. Anna and her team found implants in that same Meridian line. The follow up advice she sent is extremely thorough and helpful. I’m thrilled with this service and attention to detail from Anna!
Thank you & blessings to you!

Hi Anna,

This is Claudia. I just want to write you to Thank you for the wonderful healing session that I had with you on Nov 10th. After the session started, I felt the energy coming through me and I felt it working on my upper and lower back. I also saw images that helped me acknowledge issues and helped me heal them. At the end of the session I felt like a river of energy coming through me and I felt much better. The following days, I was tired but at peace and I allowed myself to heal so many issues that I was not able to face before. I still feel the energy coming from time to time and I feel how some stuff is being lifted from me and I feel wonderful,  vibrant and happier. Everyday I get signals or I am in situations or meet people that help me  heal. I am following your guidelines and I have the same effects, I feel how energy of low frequency is lifted and the protection shields are amazing. I used to feel drained all the time when I was with people or outside my house, Now, I’m enjoying going out and meeting people again! All the exercises and reports that you provide me are a wonderful gift. From the bottom of my heart … Thank you for the unique an amazing healing work that you provide to the world. Claudia
Please feel free to share this on your webpage.


Claudia Huerta, PhD
Medical Physicist

Greetings Anna!
Thank you soooo much! Words can not describe how grateful that I am and how extremely elated I am. Wow, I’ve started going through the report and it and you are amazing.  Thank you for all the valuable info, it is more than I imagined and in no way overwhelming. It’s a blessings to have the opportunity to learn more. While studying the material and putting some changes into action, starting with what resonates the most..  I’m striving to pay attention to any changes along the way so that I can give a concise review of my experience meanwhile.
I’m sure more changes and growth will occur over the next few months and moving forward, but I have already noticed some changes that I’d like to share.

I woke up calmly & alert that morning, I felt like you had just finished the session. A few hours into the day my left shoulder (that I had injured a couple of times before and failed to mention) started aching. Based on the report it is right next to the KCU that you first saw. The pain wasnt a total surprise cause I had injured my shoulder before twice (2x), but I was wondering what lead it to start hurting again because I hadnt felt any soreness in that area for quite a while. I was wondering if it was the weather or my sleep position, but it didnt seem to correlate. Was still wondering until I read my emails Sunday & saw the report … and it clicked that it was my body reacting to the healing session… and I found it interesting that it was so close to the KCU
Another thing is that I “unintentionally” fasted for approximately 2 days following the healing session. I had no appetite and only drank coffee or tea. Also after reading your email and getting the report I was all smiles and happy. In general I am a seemingly happy person and stay humble and grateful… but this kinda happy feeling was major. Like how I felt right before reconnecting & recognition of my twin. I was in a very good, super happy place (for what seemed no reason to the 3D eye) and nothing could get me down. I rember feeling like this before the twin whirlwind started a couple of yrs ago. I was since then striving and working on getting back to that high vibration.

You are beyond magnificent and I appreciate you immensely!!! I love your vibes… the tsunami of love was quite descriptive… I imagined and felt just that.

Much blessings, love & light to you my friend!


Initial Healing Session with a full comprehensive analysis of your present state $249.99. 

Follow up session : if you need one, you will be the one to determine if you need it or not. Most never need a follow up.


*Anna Merkaba is not an M.D. or licensed medical professional. She does not diagnose or treat medical conditions and does not consult or advise about such conditions. Energy healing and vibrational therapies are performed as complementary practices to relieve stress and to clear and balance the body’s energy fields. While these practices can enhance and strengthen the healing process at all levels, they are not a substitute for appropriate medical care. It is the responsibility of each individual to seek and utilize a physician’s care and advice for medical conditions

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  1. Dear Anna!

    Thank you so much for this beautiful and powerful healing in which I am going through. In every moment I can feel so much movement and layers of layers appearing to being seeing for just forgive then and let them go. It is not easy. But I feel so bless for having you here at this time and give me the tools for walking in freedom full of love and light. I feel so light, so bless and open right now. All the information that you give me wow…. it is amazing to understand more in detail of what was happening to me. A lot to integrate right now. I can see so clear.
    From my must sacred place in my heart I thank you su much for this healing!
    Bless and much Love to you and your teem!


    • Dearest Tereza, Thank you so very much for your feedback! I am so glad that you are taking everything in your own hands and are utilizing the tools to assist yourself further. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your journey here on earth. Sending you lots and lots of love and light! ❤


  2. Thank you so much for sharing, and for healing us, my sister of the light. Bless you.


  3. Wow. Working with Anna has set the stage for marvelous things to happen in my life. Miracles that I didn’t even know I could realize in this lifetime. My life keeps taking great shape, being formed with light. I am very delighted to have every come across you, Anna. You are gift to the world, and while I honor myself for having and continuing to take bold steps, I honor you Anna, and I say, thank you for being who you are, doing what you do, and for just being there. Thank you.

    -Maya Chukkas


  4. Hi Anna,
    I have just found your site and so happy to have done so,it explains what I have been feeling lately.I felt absolutely exhausted on the 21st of June and another day the week before.I felt so drained that I had to go to bed for many hours during the day,which is not normal for me.On other occasions I felt time went by in a flash and I couldnt get my work finished.Thanks for the information,now it makes sense of what has been happening to me,
    Trisha 🙂


  5. Dear Anna,
    My husband and I are both so grateful for our healing session with you about a month ago. The energy sensations through our physical vessels and the clarity of our thoughts have been truly astounding to experience. We both feel much more calm and centered and lovingly connected. Your healing gifts have been such an honor and a blessing in our lives and we thank you eternally. I have to add that I was awake and participated in the healing session and felt my energy rotating and twisting a few times and could feel you remove the implant behind my left ear. Immediately after the session (in which twice as much time went by as I thought had laying there) I looked in the mirror and my eyes looked different immediately with more depth in the iris. I did not require as much food for the next few days or sleep and felt amazing and vibrant and only desired raw vegetables and fruits. I couldn’t stop smiling and everything felt like a miracle as I could feel how all is truly connected in this beautiful universe. Immediately upon praying my crown chakra would start vibrating and I have seen many violet specks in my energy field from the violet flame and shield you have protected me with. Receiving this healing session with you and reading the immensely detailed report has been one of the best things that has ever happened to us in our lives! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we also thank all of the guides and angels who assisted as well. I truly look forward to reading your book and to continue to try to incorporate as much of the incredible information you shared with us.
    God bless you Dear Anna!
    With love and gratitude always,
    Tami and Matttie W.


  6. Dear Anna,
    I wasn’t sure how to leave a review above, so I just decided to place it here. My healing session took place in July. After the session, I immediately felt as if a weight had been lifted, but I wanted to wait to leave a review until the energies had settled. Spiritually and energetically, I feel more amazing than ever. I feel like whatever was holding me back before has completely vanished. Now I can connect, and I feel as if my purpose has been revealed instead of the back and forth confusion I used to go through. I suspected something was blocking me before, and when I saw the advertisement for your healing session, I felt the strongest, most magnetic like pull. I ignored it at first, but it kept coming back. I have also been taking the remedies to assist my body physically, but I feel that the healing is a slower process because I have been a little forgetful, but I am grateful that I now know what my body was needing. Ultimately, I am most appreciative of your services because I feel this strong rapid, spinning energy, and I feel as if I am really making a contribution in bringing forth healing energies to the world. Thank you so much!


  7. Anna is an amazing distant healer! I had session with her about in January, and my life has been drastically changed for incredibly positive ! During the session of that time, I was going to stay up and meditate, but all the certain, my body was laying down and fall a sleep immediately, without any effort! And got up happy, like a little baby! Ever since then, I feel the difference in my body and emotion! Now a days, I am a new person and my life is just getting better and brighter, because of my spirit is lifting high continually, with of course help of Anna! Thank you dearest Anna! You are the true gift to the humanity at this very important time of changing! Keep up the greatest work, my dear light worker angel! Love you always! Inok L


  8. I love this website.


  9. Dear wonderful Anna, I am so grateful for your healing last Monday and for the really lengthy, wise and thorough report a few days later. The healing was perfect and really gentle. I really felt deep, deep healing going on in my neck and back from the past times. The energy of your healing is so subtle yet powerful. I sat to meditate for the duration but after a while I found myself lying down nearly falling asleep.It felt like it was happening for just under 2 hours not 1- 1 1/2 and right at the end I sensed a completion and a spark fly in a direct line to a distant galaxy and much clearer and lighter as a result of the session. And now, after reading your report, I feel a much better sense of perspective about my life.
    I highly, highly recommend this healing from you Anna to anyone who’s considering this.
    Love, light and peace

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Dear Anna,

    Thank for your distant healing for my sister; she is definitely getting much better now than ever before, and hope she continue to heal as time goes as you wrote. Thank you earth angel!!! Love, Inok


  11. Dear Anna,

    I took your healing session on 19 Dec and I have to say ” Thank you” deeply to you. I was curious and waited to report to you after three months, and here I am. 🙂

    During the session, I was honestly bit nervous, so I let my self to laying down on my bed. Then since the time, I directly “felt” clearly, you are “touching” my right feet and it was warm, I also felt like ” your hand” around lower abdomen sometimes and it last about 45 min.

    Why 45 min? Because at that moment, I suddenly awakened with my surprised, ( I might hard some sound !?!? ) then I felt sensation as tingling pain and wind passing at my crown chakra! I was not sure if it the kundalini rise, but I kept that feeling for few days also I was sure it’s not anything bad, then now, I understood the sensation comes when my energy is more active. 🙂

    After the session, What’s changed the most in my self was, somehow, I released my tense, I knew I was carrying too much “heavy bag” living outside of origin country and it’s not always easy, and part of myself was not accepting about it well. Now I am more relaxed for my daughter and husband, smiling more, something like that.

    Also, attack by my own family was continued until recently, by e-mail, phone, involving my husband and other family members, whatever, this is Now for the Ascension. 🙂 So far, I’m not contacting with them anymore, to keep my frequency higher. Passing the Magnolia portal, my mood is better and better, and I have more confident about myself. I was lost sometimes before, but I knew which way I’m going to step ahead.

    Thank you very much again and as I promised to you, I continue my road as a person who loved the most by myself and god. 🙂





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