Lesson 8 – Mission Possible – How your Brain Operates, Influence of Thought Forms and how to send them packing! – Karma Release – Freedom Journey Course

how to get rid of thoughtforms
  • In this lesson we will learn about how your brain operates, how your whole body tunes into your thought processes.
  • Here you will be introduced to thoughts, how they form and turn into what is known as Thought Forms.
  • How to identify various thought forms, and most importantly how to stop them from influencing you.
  • How to stop giving them life and how to choose which thoughts and thought forms to allow to influence you or not.
  • How to stop having the same arguments with those around you over and over again,
  • How to quickly tune into another, more peaceful frequency
  • How to make your life easier, release the thoughts that circulate in your mind all day long preventing you from truly connecting to yourself, the divine, and living a fulfilling life here on earth.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have just found this course by landing on this page, please do not proceed further and instead click here to start this course from the beginning. It is highly important to start from lesson 1 and continue through each lesson in sequence. Please do not skip lessons. With each lesson you are being prepared for the next step.

Please begin by watching the video lesson below. Then read through the Innerworks Homework posted for you below the video. You can also download this information in PDF format on the bottom of the page.


In this lesson we’ve learnt about the inner workings of your mind and how your brain responds to the various thoughts you allow to permeate throughout your whole body.

This topic brought one of my favorite Jennifer Hough’s quotes to mind. “What if you had 75 trillion cheering fans who came together just so you could experience this three- dimensional world as Heaven? Would you treat them with reverence and humbly do your best to embody your magnificence so that the life force could be felt by all? The 75 trillion cells in your body would sure appreciate that!”

In today’s lesson we’ve learnt that :

  • “Your brain can’t tell the difference if you say or do something negative to yourself or to others as you brain sees you two as one being. So when you say or do something negative to others, your body still feels the effects of stress, anxiety, and paranoia as if you did it to yourself.
  • The words one chooses to say and hear sends a frequency that changes human DNA.
  • Living in unconditional love for yourself and others activates the Kundalini source energy within your pineal gland as displayed in a variety of 6th senses and shown in various spiritual artworks throughout the ages.
  • You are a hu-man be-ing., which means you are in the experience of “being” a “man” turning into a “Hu”, which “hu” means God or divinity. You are the integration of God or Goddess in man.
  • A fully integrated human is enlightened and is a leading edge experience of the divine and the physical. So feed your divine energetic self positive, unconditionally loving frequencies in the form of loving words and thoughts.
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In today’s lesson we’ve also learnt that we are surrounded by a sea of thoughtforms.

And that the key here is to CHOOSE the right thoughts for YOU and to filter out the rest that are not doing much good to you, to just let them float through and away from you. Once you realize that you are indeed in control of choosing the thoughts that work in your favor, your life begins to change greatly for the better!

The problem begins when a few thoughts just stick to you, and they keep circulating in your mind over and over again, nagging you and changing your vibration. These are the thoughts that weren’t filtered out, and have transformed from “air” into “water”. These thoughts are now physical in nature.. they have entered your body physically and are now causing all sorts of damage.. (the negative thought that is)… in essence they have become thought forms.

These thought forms are quite difficult to get rid of.. IF you fight them… trying to stop thinking about something fails miserably, because what you’re really doing is saying to yourself “I am not going to think about X, Y,Z”.. your body only hears “I am going to think about X,Y,Z”. And instead of getting rid of these thoughts you are energizing them even more.

The Key here is NOT to fight them!

The key here is not to fight them, or to not think about them, but simply to understand and tell your body that these thoughts are not doing anything good for you, and you are asking your body to release them from your vessel. Furthermore, when you catch yourself thinking about an unpleasant thought, instead of saying to yourself “I refuse to think about it” simply switch your focus to something more pleasant.

Anything will do that’s in your vicinity “a pretty pencil, or flower, or pattern on your computer screen”. At first it might be difficult and you will have to intentionally do this, but then it will be put on automatic and you will be able to finally rid your body of these persistence thoughts that have nothing to do with you, unless of course it does, which means that this thought form is trying to get your attention to pin point something out to you that is of essence and importance for you.

Here the tactic would be different and would require you to pay attention to this thought formation – Imagine that you take this thought into your hands and analyze where this is coming from. What emotions have contributed to this thought gaining form? Where did this start? Go back to the moment when you first caught a glimpse of this thought and figure out why this thought is persisting. More often than not, it is pinpointing to your deepest fear and hence looking at it squarely in the “face” will help you figure out what your deepest fears are and irradiate them from your system by analyzing the reality of this fear.

Thoughts that we allow to become thought forms is often the culprit behind the various conflicts that you experience with those around you. I receive many messages from various people around the world daily, many of them talk about the conflicts that they are having with their loved ones, friends, co-workers, etc., Many say that after the argument would be over they’d look back and not understand how they got to this point to begin with. Re tracing their steps, the same exact scenario would emerge.

All of them would fall into a state of low frequency vibrations. Either they or the people they were confronted with were having a bad day, either they were stressed over their finances, jobs, health, love life, grieving, etc., The emotions that they were experiences were coming from the low vibration spectrum (anger, jealousy, feeling of inadequacy, sadness, etc.).

It is thus highly important to not be frightened by various negative vibrations allowing them to send you into a panic mode, but to understand that YOU CAN change your vibration at any given moment in time.

If you find yourself in the midst of an argument, your job is to…

For example, if you find yourself in the midst of an argument, your job is to then consciously realize that something isn’t right, that your vibrations have just lowered and that you are losing your precious energy by the loads. Once you catch yourself thinking this, you need to STOP, it doesn’t matter whom you’re having an argument with, if you cannot walk away from the person right away, then you simply need to consciously draw a diamond circle around yourself.

Consciously even with opened eyes looking at your “opponent” immediately draw a circle of diamonds, imagine a HUGE bracelet that has been placed around your feet and from this bracelet begins to emanate pure loving, light that encompassed your whole body forming a shaft of light.

At the same time switch your thought process from “what you’re going to say to this person in front of you to hurt them back” to “love, I am love, he/she is love, I am surrounded by love, I’m sending this whole argument into the light for healing & transmutation, I am the violet flame. Cleanse me from this argument. (ask the deity of your choice or simply say it in your mind) Shifting now into a higher vibration, shifting now, where this argument doesn’t exist, shifting now” keep repeating this to yourself and focus on your breathing, and you will begin to see that your mind is clearing up, and you are beginning to re-evaluate everything that is happening. Placing your hands together into a prayer position in front of you will help even more, but if you cannot do so at that moment, simply keep repeating the mantra in your mind.

You will be amazed at how quickly the energy that the two of you have created will shift from negative to neutral and then to loving.

You will be amazed at how quickly the energy that the two of you have created will shift from negative to neutral and then to loving. Once you are completely calm and at peace it is then that both of you will be able to work out any issues that you are having, or simply realize that there was no issue to begin with.

Drawing a diamond circle around you works just as well as any and all tools that we have discussed thus far, such as deep breathing, white chestnut flower essence and of course the Melchizedek Method where you were tapping 3 times on your forehead recognizing the thought formation, acknowledging its presence, thanking it and replacing it with understanding and positive vibration.

If you feel that this information has been helpful to you please share this course with everyone whom you think may benefit from it.

You may want to download a PDF of what has been covered here today below:

Sending all of you lots of love, happiness, health, and light!

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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