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Finding your twin is one of the most exciting experiences, and yet one of the toughest. It can be daunting at times trying to swim through a sea of possibilities when selecting the partner of your dreams and that is why with the guidance of my celestial guides I’ve put together this Love GRID GUIDE for you!

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Please begin by watching the video lesson below. Then read through the Innerworks Homework posted for you below the video. You can also download this information in PDF format on the bottom of the page.

What is a TWIN FLAME? What is so special about a Twin Flame Relationship?

Being in the twin flame relationship is not at all roses, peaches and cream, as many are suggesting. It is not at all how it is depicted to be. Two people meet, fall in love and live happily ever after.

No, a twin flame relationship is a whole lot of work. Work that can continue for many, many years until all chakras of both partners are completely aligned with each other.

Here you might be asking yourself a question as to why on earth would you ever want to go through all of this disturbance and turbulence? And the answer is: Because even though there are seeming hurdles ahead. These hurdles are there for a reason.  To help you remove the layers of preconceived notions, ideas and hidden vices in order to purify yourself and become ONE as you were meant to be.

Because a twin flame relationship is the most magical and magnificent experience to behold. It is a relationship about coming home to pureness and oneness of being. And the more you are prepared going into a twin flame relationship, the less roadblocks will be ahead. Because you would have released most of your issues and would then be ready to assist your partner when you finally do meet in doing the same.

A true twin flame relationship is about creating a sacred space where both partners can come together and help each other to grow and evolve. It is a relationship where hiding any thoughts, emotions or actions from your partner cannot be done.

It is a relationship where you must be transparent. Whether you like it or not. Whether you want to be or not. Because your twin. Just like you. Will see right through you, and vice versa. This is a relationship where you will feel truly and deeply loved, fully supported and assisted in your transformation.

A relationship where you will intuitively know what the other person is doing, feeling and thinking about. Where you will share many of the same interests, values, hobbies and preferences, often having the same thoughts and emotions at the same time, even if you’re in different places.

Intuitively, you will know what is happening to your twin and they will know what is happening with you. You may even experience smelling the same fragrance, even though you are miles apart.

Twin Flame Disc – helps to connect with your twin flame, makes easier the process of acknowledgement, appreciation and understanding, growth, mutual assistance, complete and utter acceptance and recognition of all that both are. https://natalyaankh.com/collections/ascension-tools/products/copy-of-twin-flame-disc-reunion-assistance-in-finding-your-twin-flame-assistance-in-the-process-of-twin-flame-union

Feeling of a strong physical pull to be close with one another, hugging, holding hands and being intimate, having the same dreams at night, actually finding yourselves in the same dream or sharing the same theme.

Feeling like you can easily communicate without speaking out loud. A simple glance will be enough to know what your partner is thinking about, as you will easily be able to pick up their mood, thoughts, sensations and feelings. Knowing that you should be next to them to prevent something bad from happening. Knowing exactly when to give them space to process certain emotions. Understanding complex hidden parts of each other.

As uncomfortable as it is, this experience is extremely important as both of you will need to release these feelings because both will have experienced approximately the same situations in life that led to approximately the same inner issues that need to be released and purified.

It is a relationship where you will share some of the same vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and most importantly, feeling that it is safe and natural to be your authentic self with this person because there truly is no need to hide any part of yourself. Because your twin knows you inside out anyway, and the faster the both open up to each other, the better the relationship will flow.

How do you know if you have found your twin flame?

In the twin flame relationship, both partners act as mirror images of each other, amplifying whatever is held deep within that is not allowing growth and transformation to take place and bringing it up and into the open so that it can be dealt with. So the more prepared you are, the better off you’ll be in this type of relationship.

It is a very complicated relationship where both will have to compromise with each other or both will face obstacles and misunderstandings. Arguments may ensue. Even separations for some time may be possible due to the misunderstandings that come up during the cleansing process. However, no matter what happens, there will always be this magnet that will be pulling both parties back to each other, or they will still need to face whatever they were trying to run away from and move forward together.

The difference between a toxic relationship and a twin flame relationship is one thing: Unending deep love for one another!

In a twin flame relationship. No matter how upset one of the partners is, they will always retain deep feeling of love and appreciation for their other half. And if they hurt their partner, they will feel the pain just the same as if they hurt themselves because the person standing before them is them in another body, another part of their soul.

In such a relationship, both partners will feel that the other loves them unconditionally, completely and fully, regardless of what they do or do not do. And once all the layers that have accumulated over the years of separation are shed and their chakras are fully and completely aligned, it is then that they will be able to move mountains with their love.

It is then that they will be so in tune with each other that they will be able to create vortices of love that will assist all of humanity. These vortices may materialize in this reality as various projects that they will be involved in. It can be anything from opening up a small coffee shop to writing a book together to creating a corporation, etc.. What will stand them apart from other such businesses will be the energy of love and assistance to others, a place where others can come to and experience the energy of love, peace and harmony.

Please understand that being in a toxic relationship is not being in the twin flame relationship.

A toxic relationship is the one where one is not appreciated at all for anything that they do. No matter what they do, it is usually never enough. It is a relationship where one actually feels the coldness of their partner and complete disregard for their feelings. It is a relationship that doesn’t help to grow and evolve, but instead creates even more layers of misconception.

Thus it is highly important to always look at any relationship from a bird’s eye view, from outside looking in and assess whether it is in fact a loving relationship where there are disagreements that lead to self realizations, expansion of consciousness and self improvement and improvement of the partner. Or whether it is a relationship that pushes one further and deeper into a Void. A relationship that only builds layers of self-esteem issues and various other problems. From this bird’s eye view. One is then better able to make a decision and truly ask oneself if indeed it is a relationship that is meant to be.

So as I said before, the more prepared one is going into a twin flame relationship, the better able they will be able to assist their own twin and themselves and the easier it will be. Many times we feel that we have met the one. And yet, as time goes by, we realize that we end up in the same type of relationship that we were in previously.

The issue is not that there is not that one special soul who is meant only for us. The issue is that we do not know whom it is that we wish to attract into our life. Because we have not spent enough quality time analyzing our previous relationships and ourselves in those previous relationships to acknowledge our own mistakes, learn from them, let them go, release them and focus our mind on what we actually want to see in our perfect relationship.

If you believe that you have met your twin flame but are having extreme difficulties in this relationship. It could mean that either you have not met the one or that you are being called to completely release all the triggers that are causing these disturbances to occur.

Remember that in a twin flame relationship you will feel supported and loved as you release everything from your past. So if your partner is supporting this transformation and is holding space for you as you release, recalibrate and return to your true self, then you are in a twin flame relationship and you should simply be patient and continue to evolve.

Twin Flame Relationship Guide – Step by Step Guide on Finding your Twin Flame. Understanding yourself and your past relationships [download pdf guide]

To help you figure this out. Please download the relationship guide and after you do so, after you analyze your relationship using this guide, you will then see everything a bit clearer and then take it from there.

If you feel that this information has been helpful to you please share this course with everyone whom you think may benefit from it.

You may want to download a PDF of what has been covered here today below:

Sending all of you lots of love, happiness, health, and light!

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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