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Every night for the last few weeks I’ve been observing a very bright object in the sky. At first I thought that it was ISON that I was seeing, but then when I investigated closer I realized that it’s not so at all, and remembered that last year around the same exact time, I saw a very similar object in the sky. I posted a video of it back then, but this one is much brighter, spins faster, and has a different set of colors. Last year I was told that it’s a light ship, and that there’s many of these in the sky. This year I see them as well, they always travel in 3’s, and usually hover around places where many light workers are stationed. But this one is quite different, as it keeps changing shapes and colors. At one point it seemed as if it’s a doughnut shaped, at another a triangle, at yet another a rhombus, a circle, and the list goes on. It’s almost as if there’s no definite shape to this object.

So I decided to ask the Andromedians what this thing is, and if they could explain it further and here’s the response I got:


Traveling at the speed of light, of your earthly understanding of time, the star portal that is coming closer and closer to earth is bringing with it respite and rapture, that most of you are waiting for. The cleansing process of your atmospheric pressures have began and we ask that you allow us to explain this further.

And so, in the night sky of your earthly planes of existence you are seeing one bright star, the star that is shining and swirling with a multitude of colors, colors that are descending into your vibrational frequency and cleansing your earth from the thought processes that have been instituted therein for eons.

And so on the night of the seventh day of lights, you shall see the object shining ever so brightly, for on the sevenths day of lights a magnificent event shall unfold before you in your present earth, reality.

What you are seeing is a Photonic device, introduced into the galactic convergence in order to assist a variety of planetary movements and alignments to take place across the galaxies, universes. it is not a ship, it is a portal, a portal that was introduced by the galactic convergence into the universal system of truth, into the universal abundance, into the universal expansion project.

This is a portal into the new age, for the age of the Pisces has not fully ended and the age of Aquarius has to fully take hold of the human psyche and reality.

Here I asked if this is a ship, if there’s anyone there?  – it is a place where anyone can teleport into, in order to oversee the process of its movement and it’s trajectory, however, it is manned from another location. It is quite difficult for us to explain to your human mind what it is, for just as if we were to describe a computer to you a few hundred years ago of your earthly time, your mind would not be able to grasp the full understanding of such a device, and so here too, is a difficulty for us to explain to you exactly what it is so that you can fully comprehend the a magnificence of this structure.

Here I asked if it’s actually rotating? –  yes it is rotating on its’ axes with the speed of light, as it moves across your sky slowly in the rotation of your earth. Please understand dearly beloveds that just as the stars that you are seeing in your nightly sky have sent their light codes your way eons prior, so too is the ship/portal that you are seeing is not here yet, it is still traveling, and will take a few more years until if fully reaches it’s destination, coupled with the ISONIC energies, the portal will assist those that wish to move into another dimensional patterns of thinking, for it will clear the old system of constraints and restrains and introduce a completely new reality to your human selves. For the date that it shall arrive is and be seen ever more brightly and ever more fully in your night skies is in December 2017.

Here I asked if its going to be a destructive event? – Not necessarily, it is not going to bring disruptive energies in the way that you understand it to be, it will however bring the necessary energies in order to finally fully and truly align the planets and the earth and your hearts to the movement that has been predestined eons prior. And so on the seventh day of the lights your sky shall be filled with the light energies and beautiful vibrational frequencies, that will illuminate your paths further still.

Worry not, for all is unfolding as it should. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

PERSONAL NOTE: I did not know what the Light of the Seven Days meant, as I’ve never heard of this before, so I went looking online and found a reference to it in the ancient text and someone’s interpretation of it. You can read it here below. However, from everything that I have channeled previously and from my own gut feeling and I guess Higher knowledge, what it seems to be is a marking point for one Age fully ending and another one finally fully beginning. As currently we are still in a transition period which has started years ago, and from what it looks like will continue for another 5 years or so. There is really no exact point of measurement as the ones in the field of Astrology can’t agree on a specific date. But from what I’m being told it’s Dec 2017. So think of it as something positive that is here to highlight the end of all things and beginning of all things.  

 Isaiah in describing the days to come, when great changes in nature will take place, says that the earth will give its increase in abundance, and “the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of the seven days. . . .” (1)

One could think that “the light of the seven days” refers to the seven days of creation—however, the actual explanation appears to me to be different: the expression “the light of the seven days” refers, in my view, to the seven days preceding the Flood that are referred to in the verse: “For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth. . . . And it came to pass after seven days, that the waters of the Flood were upon the earth.” (Genesis 7: 4, 10) It is not explained in the text—after seven days of what? But the rabbinical tradition relates that for seven days before the Deluge “the people heard a great commotion in the heaven,” that signified “the end of the age.”

The Talmudic tradition that often reaches much farther into the past than better known sources, like the books of the Scriptures, reveals in this instance a memory not suspected at the reading of the seventh chapter of Genesis. But in view of what we have brought out until now, and what we intend to illuminate on the following pages, the blinding light preceding the Deluge by seven days is an interesting and important detail. The world was in a dazzling light, sevenfold stronger than the light of the sun; the light was so strong and so brilliant day and night alike, that the sun was entirely overpowered by it; and in the days of Isaiah, thousands of years later, the memory of the light of the seven days was vivid in tradition, so that the prophet could refer to it in desiring to describe the solar light of the messianic age.(2)

Numerous Sanscrit texts assert that seven or even twelve suns shone just before the Deluge. “Being ignited, all of a sudden, the entire terrestrial sphere blazed forth.” Twelve suns shone with “dazzling radiance” and consumed the world.(The Skanda Purana in Shastri, The Flood Legend in Sanscrit Literature, p. 86). Cf. similar accounts in the Matsya Purana, ch. ii, the Padma Purana, ch. xxxvi, the Vishnu Purana, ch. iii, the Kalika Purana, ch. xxv, and in theMahabharata, chapter “Matsyopakhyana.” ].

The light of the seven days was not of solar origin. Of what origin was it? Was it caused by brightly illuminated clouds of ionized hydrogen, or protons, hurled throughout the solar system and poured on earth? In the latter case they could have arrived from the present distance of Saturn in about a week, considering that the proton particles—ionized hydrogen—arrive from the sun in the space of twenty-five hours.(3) This is the time which elapses from a flare-up on the sun (protuberance) to the display of the polar lights—the aurora borealis.

The light of the seven days served the population of the world as a warning of some extraordinary events.(4)


  1.  Isaiah 30:26. 

  2.  [A memory of the light of the seven days may be preserved in the Babylonian account of “flaming torches, lighting up the land with their brightness” just prior to the arrival of the waters of the Deluge. (The Epic of Gilgamesh, transl. by A. Heidel, tablet XI).]

  3. The distance of Saturn from the Sun is about 9.5 astronomical units. See below, section “Saturn’s Golden Age.” 

  4. [A warning of seven days’ duration is also a feature of several of the Sanscrit accounts. See S. Shastri, The Flood Legend in Sanscrit Literature (Delhi, 1950), p. 30.]


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    Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 20:06:16 +0000 To:


  2. Thank you so much Anna, for asking and clarifying what this object is. So many visitors to my site are wondering what it is too.


  3. When will this event occur?


  4. Very bright. Looks like it is in my back yard. It moves and talks, but not in human language as it delivers the new ways to us through it’s deliverance of vibrations. Let there be love on earth, created from the heavens. This is also preparing us for unity with other beings, not just HuMan beings. The gathering has started and so many happy beings are playing their part. Beautiful.


  5. There is a bright “Star” that is at the Southwestern side of U.S., if you get a compass, and it is the New Jerusalem, the mothership of Jesus/Sananda. It is 2,000 miles in diameter, according to Zorra/Father God.


    • Beloved Anna Merkaba 🙂 ❤ As always~ I loved them both!~ the Channeling & the Footage!~ Amazzzing! _< ❤ I'm your biggest fan & I am your friend in facebook~ I LOVE~ LOVE!~ Your work~ the inspiration… I LOVED that technic of yours to channel by going "like a Golden Arrow at zillions of miles/hour CONNECTING to the Heart of the Central Sun through Our Sun SOL! I LoVE ❤ YOU & Your work~! Keep it UP~ Don't Stop until there's no time, zero point rather, our family from the Stars made of Love/Light are already here.. Ready to meet Y'all! & so it is…" your friend~ Ashtar Sheran ~ Avatar. ps. btw; I'd Love to Invite You~ to Our: AshtarSheranRadio . COM We reached: 19,146 listeners today~ 🙂 Love & Light~ Namaste ❤ ❤ ❤ TheGalacticFL . COM GalacticFL . com WeAreALLONeMovie . Com


  6. I have seen the bright star in the southwest. It shines out my window for a couple hours and fades away into the night. I surely hope 2017 arrival date they refer to isn’t referencing the date for “The Event.” I would be sick to my stomach if we have to wait that long for it to happen.


    • Hi! Read my comment below about what I think 2017 has in store. I believe ‘the event’ is just around the corner and is probably the first ‘step’ to a series of events, however I do believe Discolsure, arrests, and revealing what is really out there, along with earth’s true history will be soon revealed to all humanity. Some will accept and other will maybe take longer… I think we are ready and will probably be the first ones to ensure to our fellow ‘humans’ that it’s all ok.. that we can trust these people and that the Golden Age is truly here


  7. Dear Anna, thank you. Do you know what/when the “seventh day of lights” refers to?


  8. Wow! Thankyou so much Anna:) So exciting!


  9. I hadn’t read the entire article when I asked my question above. Thank you for sharing this information with us, Anna. I am truly enthralled and grateful for the guidance that speaks through you. Blessings…


  10. the event… the reset… the beginning…
    new earth… golden age… love era…
    oneness… among us… with all that is…

    it was foretold… eons before… and now…
    we are the witnesses… the ones… that…
    wait… for a… long… long… long… time…

    it,ll make everything that is happening…
    now… to come to life… be real… be fact…
    inside us… on mother earth… far and wide…

    it,s light… it,s love… it,s freedom… it,s fact…
    it,s true deal… it,s transformation… it,s new…
    consciousness… full awareness… new all…

    will it delay…?… is it late…?… is it soon…?…
    past…?… future…?… one day…?… there,s…
    just now… there,s no other time… than now…



  11. Reblogged this on Cosmic Love.


  12. I believe what will happen in December 2017 is that this big ship will have to take humanity into safety for when the pole shift happens there will be a lot of sunken land, and I believe Atlantis will emerge again among many other lands… That’s my two cents. It will be great all in all ❤


  13. “seventh day of light” means that the light which is arriving is 7 times brighter than the sun, as bright as all seven days together = Primordial Light


  14. What do you think? Might this light could be the same portal?


  15. I have been seeing lights in the sky for more than two years now. I looked up at the sky one day while I was walking my dog. During the week, a light came down close to me and there were two brown men, who looked human, smiling at me. I did not know what to do but I was not frightened. I really do not know who left first. After that, I would still see bright lights in the sky but from my back yard, I would see a glowing red light. It would never get but so close and it would shine on my neighbor’s window also. Later on my friend’s mother died and I thought it was warning me. I moved to another state and these lights follow me every where I go at night. Sometimes, I see them during the day especially when I locked my keys in the car and was waiting for triple A. I have been told that I have ESP but I am at the baby stage right now and am practicing something that has been sent to me. I just don’t understand what is happening to me. I have a society that wants me to join them now, and they say they rule the world–it is an elite society. This one I am really leery of. I do know I have certain gifts but I never understood them but I do not want to be controlled by anyone but Jesus Christ . By the way, I did see lights coming to me earlier in which men’s mouths were moving but I did not understand them. They are still coming to me but not too close. They just let me know they are there. Do you have any input to these episodes? Jperry


  16. There is also a sadness to new beginnings. I send universal love to which is ending, may we meet again transformed. Open to love and if closed to love know that you are honored.


  17. This is a wonderful source of information please keep us getting the truth


  18. Thank you so much for this. I am so grateful to have found you. I am very interested in getting healed so I can find my purpose for being here. I started meditating last year 3rd eye opening and chakra healing. It is helping me but I am still not able to let certain things go . I need help with this because it is holding me back. Thank you again.



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