The second beat, and the first in what will determine our identity, is the amygdala. The amygdala starts forming immediately after the heart’s first beat. It stores all the memories of our life in the womb, with the placenta, the water, the fluids of life and the terror of losing them, and also the joy of being fed, of bouncing, of moving. But the amygdala stores also the life of the mother, her depressions, her fears, her life. And this accumulation of memories goes on in us till the age of three. Which means that all this time we have lived, our life has been recorded for us in the amydgala.
I came across this incredible article recently which I think is SUPER important for all of you to read!   Enjoy!

“The heart is called the ‘King’ of the organs. The Internal Medicine Classic states: ‘The heart commands all of the organs and viscera, houses the spirit, and controls the emotions.’ In Chinese, the word for ‘heart’ (shin) is also used to denote ‘mind’. When the heart is strong and steady, it controls the emotions; when it is weak and wavering, the emotions rebel and prey upon the heart mind, which then loses its command over the body.

The Heart’s associated organ is the Small Intestine; its element is Fire. Long-term memory, thinking, emotions, intimacy, cognition, intelligence, and ideas are all dominated by the function of the Heart. The Heart is sometimes called The Emperor, or “supreme controller of all Yin and Yang organs”. The Heart houses the body’s spirit (Shen).

The Heart dominates sleep; if the Heart is strong the patient will fall asleep easily and sleep soundly. If the Heart is weak, the patient’s mind will “float,” resulting in an inability to fall asleep, disturbed sleep, or excessive dreaming. The Heart’s positive psycho emotional attributes are love, joy, peace, contentment, propriety, insight, wisdom, orderliness, forgiveness, and courtesy. Its negative attributes are hate, guilt, shock, nervousness, excitement, longing, and craving.

… It is only recently that the intelligence system of the heart has been discovered. The heart is not just a pumping machine. It is an intelligence system. It is in fact the most intelligent system of all our brains, with its own receptors, its own electromagnetic force, from 45 to 70 times more powerful than the brains of the neocortex, and the only force capable of changing our own DNA.

It can turn the mortal into immortal, glial cells into heart cells, mortal center into immortal walls in any cell. It is in fact he heart that turns each one of us from dead into living cells. No one of us is human until the heart beats. And vice versa, that first beat of the heart is what makes us human. In summary we can affirm the following: a) The heart contains its own nervous system and nerve ganglia that process information and send it to the neocortex. b) Th heart is a hormonal gland producing its own neurotransmitters, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrin, the catechlomines, which affect the kidneys, the adrenal gland, the circulatory system and the neocortex. c) The heart generates from 45 to 60 times more amplitude electrically than what we call the brain, plus all emotions alter the heart’s electrical field. d) Electricity emanating from the heart of person A can be detected and measured in the brain waves of persons near or touching person A. e) Cellular memory resides in the heart cells, as can be seen from transplant cases. f) DNA can be altered in the hands of a person practicing head/heart “entrainment,” or what we know as yoga.

The second beat, and the first in what will determine our identity, is the amygdala. The amygdala starts forming immediately after the heart’s first beat. It stores all the memories of our life in the womb, with the placenta, the water, the fluids of life and the terror of losing them, and also the joy of being fed, of bouncing, of moving. But the amygdala stores also the life of the mother, her depressions, her fears, her life.

And this accumulation of memories goes on in us till the age of three. Which means that all this time we have lived, our life has been recorded for us in the amydgala. After the age of three the hippocampus matures in us. In it conscious memories are stored and we have access to them However, the hippo campus, we, have no access to the memories and the life we lived in the amygdala of the previous three years, even if from this point on amygdala and hippo campus converse with each other ( Carter, Rita, 1998). What happens to the memories of the amygdala? They become our individual nightmare, the invisible conditioning of all our actions, the blind spot of our lives, the origin of all our terrors, the unknown reason why we do what we done even when we do not know why we do it.

This is the reason why there is karma, and why we speak of previous lives, and we create, those vengeful gods waiting to destroy us around every corner, and the faces of the gods are so distorted and our bodies are paralyzed with fear and inaction. And this is why there is yoga. Can we destroy these nightmares to which we have no access to, can we change those distorted faces of the gods, can we dissolve our conditioning? The answer is, of course, yes, and the path is YOGA. And this, why? Because the conditioning of the amygdala can only be removed by the intelligence system previous to it, and this is the heart, with its electromagnetic force and its power of transformation. Otherwise, the amygdala can act on its own by passing the intelligence centers of the neocortex. The gunas keep acting in spite of our good intentions.”

Source: Wingmakers Co.

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  1. Thankyou Anna for the wondrous understandings you are sending to us during these times of transformationsXxxxxxX


  2. Thank You Anna so much for this & “the fluids of Life” also have a special meaning for me ! Always “Enjoy” your posts !!! (PS. did you know that you presently have 1,111 followers ?) 1111 …..Love, Bev~


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    The intelligence of the heart…a mystical wonder!


  4. Very interesting. Do many mothers note a difference in their children between age 3 and 4? My youngest son; he has the ability to share pictures in his mind. He and I could vanquish monsters together until he was about three, then he stopped believing.

    Thank you for this article!


  5. What a BRILLIANT and very helpful article you have assembled here! I am seeing this more clearly now, and this totally solves a cognitive issue I have been having with the inter-relatedness of all of these parts. When I am ONE with myself, in the moment, all is well, and these details don’t matter. But of course, being on the human plane, we have our tests and challenges, and knowing this in a practical, even scientific sense REALLY helps bring me back “online” again! THANK YOU, and BLESS YOU! WIth Love. Zora


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