AA Metatron – Final Blood Moon – Key Holders – Twin Flames

BLOODMOON1Greetings Everyone!

Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note. As most of you are aware the event of the year – The Final Blood moon in the tetrad is quickly approaching. In the weeks leading up to this event you will begin to see more and more information pop up all around you. Most of the information that you will see will focus on destruction and the “end” of this world. Most will focus on chaos and will try to raise within you various emotions of lower vibrations, all in the hopes of keeping you locked in the reality structure in which humanity has been living for eons.

What I want you to understand is that the prophesies which have been ingrained in human psyche for thousands of years of destruction and war, have been misconstrued. The idea however is accurate that indeed our world as we know it is coming to an end, and a new beginning is quickly approaching. It is true that one era is ending and another is commencing. The point of the prophesies which most are missing, is that it is COMPLETELY UP TO US, how everything will turn out. If we fall prey to the idea of destruction and “negativity” that is exactly what we will attract not only into our own lives, but the lives of ALL beings currently residing here on earth, and not just earth.

We must always remember that whatever happens here, affects the rest of this universe. Therefore, I ask you to please remain positive about what is to come. No matter the chaos and the seeming destruction, what we are all experiencing is the building of a new world, where old ideas of how things should be, are disappearing from this planet as we speak. And a new world is being built, step by step with all of your efforts.

Just like our benevolent counterparts, guides, angels, various light beings and our star alliances are communicating to us constantly: You are very powerful co-creators of this experience, so please stay grounded and look for the myriad of blessings that surround you daily. Focus on what you want to attract into your environment instead of what you don’t want.

Now is an incredibly powerful time, to create what you want, so stop giving your power away by reacting to all the negativity that you are led to believe is surrounding you, and use it instead to create the type of life that you want to have. Use this time to your advantage. And remember to GROUND, GO DEEP WITHIN, LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION, and then take ACTION towards your goals and aspirations.

As always I send you my love of universal proportions. May you be blessed with all that you wish for. May you continue to shine your light into this world!

Now having said this here is the channeling that I have received from AA Metatron.

Dearly Beloved Children of Light,

When the key holders awaken, and activate their hidden potential, when the key holders awaken to the truth of that which they are, and the pineal and pituitary and third eye activate, the heart codices are brought into alignment with that which they are here to uphold.

Through said activations, the heart begins to send a signal akin to a sonar in your ships, said signal travel through the distance at lightning speed, for in truth there is no distance between you, for indeed you are all operating on the same spectrum of light.

But once the key holders fully awaken to their identities, and raise their vibrations, their vehicles of choice shall begin to vibrate on a new frequency, and so the sonar that they indeed send out into the world, does not only stop within the matrix of your creation but continues out into the universe until it reaches the highest pinnacle of truth, that is, their higher selves.


To learn more about this Key Please visit http://natalyaankh.myshopify.com/products/ankh-disc

Once reached, and confirmed, once the resonance has indeed been established, a doorway is opened for the beholder to glean through the veil of forgetfulness, and to fully cognitively understand their respective decrees with which they have come into this matrix. The decrees with which they have come, are then translated by their higher selves into human understanding, and from therein, the key holders are able to cognitively take their righteous place upon this planet in preparation for major activation which is set to take place on a particular note and octave of BEing.

Whence such moment arrives, the activation of said key holders shall come into perfect alignment with the creative energies flowing to Gaia, and from therein, utilizing the respective energies and encodings, the key holders shall send another sonar signal which shall resonate with the hidden vices, held sacred in the mountain tops of your known world. Whereby not only those mountaintops which are visible to the naked eye shall begin their awakening, but those laying beneath the layers of time, laying beneath the oceans, and those located within the sphere of this planet.


To learn more about METATRON KEY please visit http://natalyaankh.myshopify.com

And so and thus, the preparation of said key holders of which there are 36,000 vibrating on feminine and masculine frequencies, has indeed began. The preparation of said key holders has begun and shall continue full force until the last of your blood moons of your earthly year. And whence such moment occurs and it will, the key holders shall merge, swirling within the sphere of unconditional love for each other and through the sphere, through the vortex that they shall generate, the “sonar” signal shall double in its power, travel through time and space, connecting with other said vortices generated by all key holders, culminating in a giant spinning vortex of positive and negative polarities, creating a void sphere of influence, whereby all past, future and present “karmic debts” shall be voided fully and completely and from therein a new clean slate of understanding shall begin to emerge.

That is not to say that you shall arrive to a new world overnight, that is to say that through the activation of said vortexes and annulment of all karmic debt that human earth and human souls dwelling therein have acquired, shall propel them to awaken to their understanding of BEing, shall propel them to understand the karmic experience, understand the karmic experience and proceed benevolently into a new cognition of BEIng, forgiving that which they have experienced, being grateful for said cognition, knowing, feeling and understanding that said reality structure of the past no longer has any association , nor place in a new world in which they wish to dwell.

Nonetheless, the free will of human souls shall continue to be in effect for a short duration in which time the idea of karma and the understanding of said structure shall dissipate and seize to exist on your planet. And for those souls who shall still wish to continue said experience they shall be given an opportunity to experience said reality in the matrix that most shall void.

And so, and thus, the stabilizing effect of energies, the merging of various polarities, the expansion of consciousness, continues to be in effect through the clearing and cleansing and purifying energies embracing your earthly sphere of cognition daily.

And hence it is of utmost importance to stay alert to the conflicting energies, encounters and information entering your psyche. Be mindful of that which you see unfold rapidly before you, stay grounded, stay in the NOW. Remember your divinity. Understand that you are being supported, assisted and REMINDED of that which indeed you are. Know that it is so, for it is.

That is all that we have for you now, we love you we are with you goodbye for now

If you need any personal assistance via a healing session, you can reach out to me at www.SacredAscensionMerkaba.com to set up a distant healing session with me. I also invite you to visit my blog for more information to help you on your journey.

annamerkabadistantenergyhealerCOMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

  • Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
  • Removal of Implants
  • Cleansing the Aura
  • Removing blocks from the chakras
  • Activating Chakras
  • Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy
  • Sealing the rips in the energy body
  • Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
  • Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
  • Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
  • DNA Upgrade
  • Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
  • Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.
  • Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
  • Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
  • You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

To learn more about this session and hear what others have to say about it please visit: https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/merkaba-distant-energy-healing-session/

pdfdownloadableversioncoverP.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/books/

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna
and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEILhttps://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

Please note: The author of this website and its assigns are not responsible in any way shape or form for any actions taken by individuals reading these posts. The information provided herein is for information purposes only and does not constitute as any medical advice, whatsoever. Therefore the author and publisher of this site assume NO responsibility for any individuals’ interpretation or use of the information provided herein.


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    QUE = Quantum Unique Educings


    Quantum Balance
    Quantum LOVE
    Quantum Mastery







    …….in love be……love………Ed

    ……thank you Anna and All That IS….YES LOVE YES


  2. Do you have further insight as to how the twin flames are involved with this? I mean it makes sense that if one twin activates, the other would as well, i.e. doubling the power of high frequencies…particularly if one twin is off-planet. Yes?

    And then, does this mean the supposed rare number of embodied twin flame couples comprise the 36,000 key holders?

    And did Metatron mention the twin correlation or was this of your own intuition/inner guidance?

    Most grateful for your work my dear. Perhaps you will request insight on these matters for future articles?
    Infinite Love, Light and Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The 36,000 Key Holders, are mainly those who have integrated BOTH Masculine AND Feminine within themselves, and have *Balanced* these energies.

      These androgynous people are not “missing” any of the Divine Balance of Energies and do not need to “complete” themselves by connecting to some other EXTERNAL twin energy aspect of themselves. They are already COMPLETE. They are ONE, within.
      This is the end goal of the Human Experiment….to evolve into a Singular, Complete Being.

      If there are twin flame couples involved, it will be because there are not enough Divinely Balanced Masculine/Feminine Key Holders available/awake to make up the entire 36,000.

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      • Wow !!! I’m shocked but not shocked. For many years I’ve had an imbalance on the masculine side of my body. I can’t even begin to explain the series of events and how they unfolded to get me to understand why I had such great physical pain on the right side of my body. Lots of Mercury Retrogrades and lots of run in’s with masculine dominant bodies that were in need of much healing – to reflect back to me the work I needed to do on myself. That being said – I decided to HEAL all my past male lives and my relationship with my biological father that I belive created the imbalance. Further noting that my birthday is 1/25 – the frequency at which male vocal cords resonate (125 hertz) . The universe is quite clever. In any event , with energy I healed these issues to a large degree and shifted the imbalance to the feminine side of my body (even broke out in a rash). The integration was a bit harsh. I started working with the 10th Chakra to unite the two bodies of energy as I began to understand that the twin flame must be united within before it is ever manifested in the physical realm. Since this work my life partner has shown himself and I’m now learning lessons with unconditional love. I say all this to say – that I truly know my life mission in this lifetime has been to integrate these energies as you are saying. When I speak of this to others even those that are spiritually aware – I’m not feeling like they truly get it. I appreciate your response and understanding. Thank you for that. I don’t know if I’m a key holder but it sure does feel like it. Peace and Blessings. Love and Light to you. Thank you again !


      • This has exactly been my work over the last several retrogrades. Countless series of events unfolded to lead to me understand what I needed to do to heal – as I had a major imbalance in my masculine energy field. I used energy healing and worked with the 10 th chakra to integrate the masculine and feminine fields. They arent always in balance but I know exactly when they are out of balance as I experience physical pain. I appreciate this piece to no end because I feel like when I talk about this work I’ve done – no one truly gets it. Its been a wild ride for me. Luckily since balancing out more , my life partner was able to show himself and I can now continue my purpose here. I don’t know if I’m truly a key holder but it sure as hell seems so. Love and Light. Thank you.


      • I am so happy to hear that! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! ❤ Sending you love! ❤


    • Anna/Metatron was deliberately ambiguous with the statement, “And so and thus, the preparation of said key holders of which there are 36,000 vibrating on feminine and masculine frequencies, ”

      ….deliberately ambiguous, so as to include both aspects, both types of beings in the 36,000 group — the ONES who are complete within, as well as the ones who still represent the Separation of Energies, by representing only one or the other — either only Masculine, or only Feminine.


  3. Reblogged this on Aries Introvert and commented:
    I believe this article directly points to the dream I recently had (my consciousness/viewpoint doing a 180 and the resulting panicked chaos of the populace) and the September 28th Lunar Eclipse the article mentions is the middle eclipse hit to my natal Aries sun (of three total).

    I did a tarot spread yesterday asking for more clarification about my dream and it echoed this article. Something is ending for something new to begin.


  4. How to know if you’re a key holder ?!?


  5. The confirmation I was looking for. Key holders who are awakening know who they are yet have a hard time believing it. Things in my life are rapidly changing and my partner and I being lead to Costa Rica to live, in the foothills on the Poas volcano. I know who my spirit is and who I’m awakening to. It’s truly amazing to be me and yet at the same time understand the awakening of my true spiritual self. I have lived before and my other self from then is considered an ascended master, a master teacher and healer. It’s Scary using human thinking to try to understand that this is even possible. So I’m embracing the awakening and await the blending of who I was according to history/ biblical books and Who I am now. Thank you for the confirmation and message. I forgot to mention my partner now is my twin flame. We have never had the typical twin flame relationship because we experienced it together in a past life. When we were told we could stay in spirit together I looked at him and said why not, let’s do it again. Since we had the typical relationship in the past we didn’t need to experience it again. Yes even with the energy of who I was before I still would have reincarnated here to help humanity, even though I was reunited with my twin flame. It’s my souls purpose. When we became incarnate beings, I was chosen and asked to take on this responsibility of which I gladly accepted, so did my flame as a different messenger. My life with my twin flame is AMAZING and we both understand the change that is coming and what my/our role is. He is here to support my purpose as well as to also help.


  6. Thank you Anna, for your channelings for without you and the information given through you I sometimes would have been lost :). I am one of those lightworkers that went through the individual light body process and now have reached a level of consciousness that can be described as the “I am that”-awareness. This process has been very exhausting but now I would like to reach out and connect those that share this mission. Therefore I have set up an email-adress for connecting purposes. So if you are one of those lightworkers that experienced what I described here shortly please feel free to email me for I would like to set up a network for likeminded lightworkers 🙂


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    AA Metatron – Final Blood Moon – Key Holders – Twin Flames ~ Anna Merkaba @ Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe


  8. ThankU AnnA, Dear AnnA, Yes, this is it right Now Love;)


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    Seeing the Ankh in connection with Sirius over Egypt-


  10. Love you Anna. Thank you. Blessings.


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  12. in the title was the term twin flames, but there was no explanation on that in the message. does it mean merging of higher dimensional self with physical grounded self? could you please elaborate on that?


  13. Thank you Anna! You are a wonderful Being of Light who shares with her heart and I just wanted you to know you are loved and appreciated more than you know…..Many hugs and Blessings for you and your family from my heart to yours, Thanks again….Barbara xxxxx


  14. Reblogged this on Sarah Maree and commented:
    Like many truth seeking people of this planet, I have been seeing a lot of information about the supposed ‘End of Times in September 2015’ pop up on my YouTube channel and in other social media avenues. The facts are certainly goose bump inducing. I wondered if I should write a blog post about them, but I decided not to because like many of my friends I know that I create my own reality by the thoughts I think and the feelings I have.

    Therefore I would rather write a post about acknowledging that this information is out there, to release that information and replace it with thoughts and feelings of the future that I would like to see on Earth ❤

    Let's co-create our harmonious, peaceful, loving and thriving New Earth. A place where we are united once more as brothers and sisters of the Galactic community, where we ALL live in abundance and there is always enough for every single human being ❤

    Infinite Love Beautiful Family ❤


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  16. I’m glad your site crossed my path, Anna. Thanks x


  17. >>Nonetheless, the free will of human souls shall continue to be in effect for a short duration in which time the idea of karma and the understanding of said structure shall dissipate and seize to exist on your planet.<<

    Can you elaborate on this more please? From our understanding the matrix is a deterministic construct and not free will based, and that any illusion of free will is from the insane amounts of answers available to choose from. However, it is in the question that the concept of free will is fully expressed, such as the innocent questions that children ask, but get bullied out of at a young age. A child's natural curiosity is the perfection of free will, but the consumerism of a flood of answers is just an illusion, and fed by mass media, school, religion, parental, and other programming. From our perspective, it is the programs are what make this a deterministic realm, where they feed in new programs to the collective unconscious to steer the collective this way or that, and they can make anything look like "fate" or "meant to be", just through manipulating the programs.

    Anyway, we would just love to hear your perspective on what is meant by that, if you mean that the shift will lead to a more deterministic experience, or that we will shed the illusory version of free will of multiple choice, and graduate to the version of free will that is based in our natural curiosity and questions instead. Thanks Anna! BEE well! ❤


    • The divine is in control ,,,,,yet humanity is in a mess because of the free choice ..
      We all have made many ,,by the human mind ,choices and we as humanity are out of the will of our creator..
      Yes the mind is powerful ,,and since. The separation of our creator we still have ability to create almost anything….
      The coming of JESUS and his message! has been not accepted from humanity leaders ,
      But the spirit of The Lord send to all by the CHRIST to help us live divine life.
      So as we Surender the human will to CHRIST will we create divine living ,so no more our human will. But your will ooo. LORD We cray! with joy !to do it as CHRIST did it with the man JESUS ..
      The freedom,,new have,,until we Surender ,then love takes place , and divine nature is in control …no that we loose our freedom,, but we love to always please theLORD willingly
      For it’s our divine nature..

      All the above is my experience and it’s for all humanity, but are we going to say ,,yes yes yes LORD!,,or we going to say ,no no no we know better ,and we can create ,all detractive .weapons ,of many type,,,and create our imaginary Gods ,,,of our knowledge. ,
      Sorry for spelling,never been to school ,,but only the divine school in the CHRIST mind..
      Love you all


  18. I had a reading from an intuitive about six months ago.She grasped my hand tightly and said.”You have the keys to Enoch” …I am a student of all the Archangels and know that Metatron was Enoch the scribe before his ascension to Archangel..This article blew my mind.My vibration & understanding of the metaphysical is growing at an accelerated rate.I am ready for what awaits & grateful that I read this article.NAMASTE


  19. AnnaMerkaba, thank you for your Divine light and divine wisdom..


  20. I Am The One Who Bears MIRROR IMAGE BIRTHMARKS Of The MOON On My Face! I Am The One Who Has Both God The Father The Creator God And Jesus God’s Son, The Creation God! I AM THE KEY HOLDER TO ALL LIFE, WHO HAS THE LIVING WATERS INSIDE MY BELLY FOR THE WHOLE WORLD!
    It’s Never Too Late To Live Happily Ever After! Sometimes All You Need Is A Hug From The Right Person… And All Your Stress Will Melt Away! Word Up! Truth! I Love You! Thank You! Peace Rules! Everything Is ENERGY! My God Given Good GREEN HERB PLANT Is FREE From GOD! None Has The Right To Charge Anyone Anything For This FREE PLANT Cannabis The Tree Of Life The Plant Of Renown The Plant Of The Gods, God ALREADY Gave The Peoples FOR FREE! None Has The Right To Hold Patents On A Natural Occurring Substance That Comes FROM GOD IN THE FIRST PLACE! WoW! Hey Peoples! Times Are A Changing! You All Will Soon Be Rich! I KNOW So! Living Man Made Ways Sucks Ass! We WILL LIVE GOD’S WAYS! Butt Assed Naked The Way We Are Born Into The World! Change Is This Year! I LOVE YOU ALL! Word Up! We Are Immortals! Signs Of Thy Coming!
    “When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.”


  21. Thank you…



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