Grand Event – The Beginning – April 15th Blood Moon – Pleiades


bloodmoonsgrandevent~On April 15th a magnanimous event shall unfold before earthlings. An event of such proportions that the world has not seen eons past. The event that shall be known in recorded history as that which has come and that which has gone and that which has returned and that which has risen from the ashes of the past into the newly formed UNITY of  the ones to come. For the mathematical equation of Pi, and E=MC2 shall play a very important role in the days to come. For that which does not exists to the human mind, shall indeed be revealed. ~

This is a VERY long channeling, so please bare with me. At the end there are also further information and explanation of everything for you. Enjoy! 🙂 ❤

On April 15th a magnanimous event shall unfold before earthlings. An event of such proportions that the world has not seen eons past. The event that shall be known in recorded history as that which has come and that which has gone and that which has returned and that which has risen from the ashes of the past into the newly formed UNITY of the ones to come.

For the event of the magnanimous proportions, shall strip mankind of all their EGO, shall strip mankind of all their knowledge of eons past.  For all shall be stripped away, and only the raw, true, nature remain. The stripping away of the veil of the illusionary world that they have found themselves to be a part of. And the truth of their kind be revealed to them yet again.

Therein within the hearts of so many lays the code to the eternal understanding of time, the eternal understanding of all that is, all that was and all that ever will be. The codexes imprinted therein shall activate on the date in question and continue to rapidly unfold throughout your known world, and the worlds around you. Baring the fruitful commencement of the events that are to follow, the earthlings shall face the history that they have not been exposed to prior.

The earthlings shall bear fruit of all that has been laid before them, by those who have come and gone. And as such, the events that are to unfold will touch many a heart, will unraveled many a truth, from within the layers of the sub atomic particles within the psyche of their being and the civilization as a whole.

Many upon many shall awaken and open their eyes as if for the first time, seeing the world anew, many upon many shall bear witness to the magnanimous events occurring in the skies and within their own vessels, for the vessel of time and space, the vessels of the human understanding of time shall be transformed once and for all. That which was hidden shall become known and open the doors to the eternal understanding of that which they are!

For the events unfurling themselves before you have been misunderstood by humanity. For the stories that have been foretold have been put through the EGO selves of the beholder, for the truth that is to be unfolded and revealed to humanity is not the Armageddon of the world. For the word Armageddon has indeed been misunderstood by humanity. For the idea of Armageddon truly is the BEGINNING of times, and the shedding of the old, and welcoming of the new!

For indeed the revelations of the history of mankind shall cause the Armageddon of the know world, the know world within the hearts of so many, for upon the awakening of themselves to their true selves and facing thereof, much will become crystal clear, much will become, known, and there shall no longer be a shadow to hide behind, for each and every single one shall face their own self, their own EGO, their own fears and apprehensions, their own reality.

For each one shall see the bright light of the source, and their own divine selves. For each one shall take heed of their actions, for each one shall be faced with that which they have indeed experienced prior, and asked to release and cleanse from their palate.

All of this shall occur in a split moment of time, for the energies that shall pore onto earth at the time of the second moon shall be grand, for the first moon that ye shall see in the nightly skies, the first moon that ye shell lay eyes upon shall swirl the energies,  the beautiful energies of creation, for the energies of actions shall be delivered into the earth’s fields of glory.

Much shall unfold before you. Much of the human understanding shall be changed. For only the love, the unconditional love of the universal proportions shall rein on this planet. Love and understanding, love and eternal bliss, for the time has come to put down the weapons of self destruction and open the hearts to the new energies, the new consciousness to descend into your own vessels and for your souls to ascend to the creator, to ascend into a new understanding. The understanding of oneness, the understanding of manifestations, the understating of your own supremacy and the powers therein. To understand  that indeed you are a part of the great composition that is the universe. To understand that you are indeed NOT alone. For you are always surrounded, for you are always supported by the source and all that is.

einsteinAnd so, as the hearts of so many shall open, the hearts of so many shall embrace the new world, and a such, and thus, it is of utmost importance for ALL of YOU – The Ground Crew, to remain in balance, remain in balance dear children of light, for the road ahead is turbulent indeed. Remain in balance for the light that you bring forth into this world is emanating tri fold. For you are as a prism that is transporting the light into the known world. For you are that which has brought into this universe the new knowledge and understanding of self. The new knowledge and understanding of that which has come and that which shalldownload be. For the mathematical equation of Pi, and E=MC2 shall play a very important role in the days to come. For that which does not exists to the human mind, shall indeed be revealed. For the humanity shall once and for all see with their very own eyes, that indeed it is so, that they are not alone, they are not alone it the galaxy, that they are not alone in the universe, they are not alone.

The wonder of life, shall unfold before all children of their creator selves. The wonder of the beautiful creation you call Mother GAIA. For indeed it is so. And a such, many questions shall arise, and many shall cry to the heavens for explanation, for their ideals and their understanding of self, shall vanish, and all shall be erased, for they will stand in awe and wonder and trepidation, stripped completely naked to the core of their hearts. And only the beautiful melody of truth shall ring in their ears.

And when such an event occurs, know that much chaos shall unfold, and as such, you shall be the ones to embrace the lost souls, you shall be ones to show them the way, you shall be the ones to honor and protect them, to respect that which they are going through and assist them in further rediscovery of themselves and their link to the universe en large.

For that which they shall see, for that which they shall hear, for that which they shall sense, will frighten them to the core. For most it shall be occur in private, in the privacy of their chambers, for some it shall occur in the open fields of their imaginations. For others it shall occur in the vast cosmic alliances and yet for the rest it shall be  revealed and brought through the television screens, through the computer screens, through all the media of your known world. And so. And thus, the preparation is near, the preparations of the galactic history that will open the gate and unfold a new plan for the new millennium, a new plan for humanity a new plan for all that is.

Stay in the light dearly beloveds, stay in the light knowing that we are standing by you. Know that you are loved beyond measure by the universe, by the source and all that is. Understand that you are the ones in command, that you are the ones that have taken it upon yourselves to walk foot in foot and hand in hand with humanity. Know that you are, the guardians of earthlings, for you are their guides, you are their way showers, you are their support team. Understand that although the road will be lengthy it will be a fruitful one indeed!

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

PERSONAL NOTE: From what I am feeling and seeing, the events are going to begin on the 15th and continue all through the blood moons, all the way through next year and beyond. What we are reaching is a turning point, from which we are finally going to see rapid changes. Not that we haven’t, as we truly have! This year alone has  brought tremendous amount of changes! But now things are going to accelerate! Much of the darkness will be contained and balanced out. Much of what has been destroyed reconstructed, and built all over again. A lot of our lost history will finally begin to be “leaked” into the news. Scientists will confirm a lot more of what we are all talking about and already know. NASA will “leak” various images proving the existence of our Galactic Family. Spiritually people will awaken en mass, and begin to re-evaluate the way that they treat each other. We are ALL going to be affected. And although at times it might seem like a bumpy road, we should always remember that that is exactly what it is, turbulence in a plane, just something we need to get through, and that sometimes the plane must fly lower to the ground in order to continue its flight. All in all everything is looking incredibly bright and beautiful! 🙂 We have a A LOT OF wonder to look forward to!!!! 🙂 We’re entering, well have already entered into very exciting times. 🙂

rejoicenewearthaametatronI also want to draw your attention to a few things. As I was pointed to this by my guides 🙂 A channeling that I have received this past summer from AA Metatron. It was incredibly powerful and I didn’t know exactly what it meant, now with the blood moons, and the Passover and all the things coming up everything’s making perfect sense. Once again this is all POSITIVE!!! So treat it as such 🙂 ❤

As the Vitruvian Man spins in the dreidel (Spinning in Merkaba) of life force, so too does the earth spin in the direction of the sun. And so comes a moment in time, when all becomes crystal clear. Just as the reality of the truth of the ONE standing before you, for just as the truth has been put through the eye of the beholder, so too shall the RISING ENERGIES of the NEWBORN SUN fill the sky with envious glory.

Glory of the one who has come to liberate mankind from the grips of fear and misunderstanding!

For the newborn SUN, the SON of the GODS, brings with it NEW EARTH to those who seek it through the ages, through and through.

And so, it stands in your sky facing the wailing wall of Jerusalem – City of Man – City of God. For ALL is God’s glory. For all is God’s will.

And as the wall parts, so too shall the risen ones remain, while the Old falls away into the eternal abyss, and history of mankind shall change forever.

Shine your light dear ones for the moment of your glory has come! For the children of IS-(RA)-EL (IS = mother, Ra=Father, El = God) sing again, a beautiful song of love, light and eternal devotion to the ONE, the SOURCE of ALL THAT IS – which is … THEIR HEARTS!


For the moment is here!
For your cries have been heard!
For all is unfolding as it should.

Carry your light and stay strong! For we are with you always!

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

P.S. I have received this transmission from Metatron a few days ago. He wants each one of us to decipher the meaning for our own selves. Based on the information that I have been receiving from the Galactics & AA’s, the meaning is clear – We’re headed towards some major POSITIVE changes. However, please read through it and post below what you felt while reading this, what do each one of you think Metatron means by this. I put some hints that I have received from AA’s. The rest is up to you to decide.

After the magnetic shift of the poles in the SUN – When the Sun shifts it’s poles – NEW SUPER CHARGED Energy is going to hit earth. This should happen in 3 weeks to – 2 months from now and fully complete in 4 – 6 months. (this is from a channeling which was posted in the summer, so we’re already at the end of this phase and beginning of the new one 🙂

Vitruvian Man – “One can describe the human body as a tool used by the harmonious action between the high and low chakras and combining them. Beautifully realized that Leonardo da Vinci, when placed the human body in Star of David (try to imagine a human figure, head, and hands and feet slices in a pattern Star of David). Human nature, then, is to combine the spiritual world and the material world. Know how to find a higher purpose and insights in every daily action, but also know to express spiritual messages that he receives in a physical way. We live in a world where the only possible connection between the physical and spiritual world and our essence in this life is to create the connection. On the one hand not only be spiritual and yet was not only physical, but the ability to live everyday with the information that we do receive in a spiritual essence.” (

20142015bloodmoonsexplainedAlso I want to draw your attention to the following I saw posted on Facebook by Pamela Johnson…

The FULL BLOOD MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE is at 7:07 UTC on April 15th when the eclipse is the fullest. For the USA, that is 12:07am PT and 3:07am EDT. For me, it is 1:07am, the exact time I was born! This is also the evening of the first day ofPassover. The moon will BE at the horizon on the East and Arcturus will BE shining so bright up and to the left of the moon. I have added a visibility map in the top comment.

This is the first of a series of four Blood Moons in 2014/2015. It is called a Tetrad. There have been many prophecies of the Return of the Christ on the Blood Moon. Of course WE Know this refers to Christ Consciousness. This Tetrad of 4 Blood Moons has only happened 7 times since the birth of Jesus. Many have waited for the Return of the Christ in the past during these occurrences. This is the One!

For millennia, a rare celestial event known as the “Blood Moon Tetrad” has coincided with periods of monumental change affecting the Holy Land and ultimately the world.

“And I will show wonders in the heavens, and in the earth, blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.” Joel 2:30-31 p.

I have received two visions in the last week. The first was about the Blood Moon on the 15th. The second was about the sky going so black you cannot see and the Earth stops moving for about 3 minutes. In this 2nd vision, it is an unexpected event and seems to occur before the Blood Moon.

And finally I want to draw your attention to this video:

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annamerkabadistantenergyhealerCOMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

  • Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
  • Removal of Implants
  • Cleansing the Aura
  • Removing blocks from the chakras
  • Activating Chakras
  • Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy
  • Sealing the rips in the energy body
  • Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
  • Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
  • Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
  • DNA Upgrade
  • Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
  • Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.
  • Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
  • Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
  • You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

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  1. Well kep hoping for this event and change the day every time we pass it…Change is natural and simple you canot hope for every thing to change in a slint of a second….Just look back 20 years ago and you will notice “the change”


  2. The foreign intelligent system (pitää olla käännettynä muodossa, Maapallon ulkopuolinen älyllinen järjestelmä. Se ei saa olla muodossa “ulkomaalainen.”)


  3. For ‘the Cabal’:

    You’ve had your fill, you’ve had your fun,
    It’s time to pay for the things you’ve done.
    Divide and rule with fear and war,
    Got many asking what you do this for.
    Though the dead won’t speak their pain still cuts
    To the heart and soul in all of us.
    D’y think your Satan holds a place
    For those who rape and murder peace?

    Thanks for replying to my previous post, Anna. Your words do much to re-assure. Thought you might enjoy the short verse that I felt inspired to compose.


  4. Thank you, Anna. My heart is smiling and deeply enthusiastic. Just wanted to share how easy it is to align our Free Will ….I CHOOSE…I CHOOSE…I CHOOSE. I choose to open my heart. I choose to heal. I choose to do all that I do for all that I love.
    I choose to enjoy, uphold and amplify the LOVE streaming in and to become more proficient with every passing moment.
    “Thanks for being awesome!”


  5. [ Smiles ] Thank you so kindly for this spiritual update!


  6. We are repeatedly blown away regarding the mass amounts of information regarding this beginning on staring on April 15th and even more blow away that we will be in EGYPT and all it temples during this time. Spirit call us and we are answering. Where will you be on April 15th? Aluna Joy


    • That’s fantastic Aluna!!! I’m super excited for you 🙂 Please share your experience with us after the 15th! We’d love to hear what you’ll experience!!! ❤


    • Dear Anna and Aluna Joy I feel compelled to write to both of you as on this past 24th of July my beautiful 12 year old daughter Charlotte Aluna Nunez, to whom I gave the middle name Aluna in honor of the Kogi tribe from the sacred Mountain next to the Caribbean sea in Colombia South America where originally I come from(you may see her FB memorial page) was instantly sent into another dimension by a train going at 140 km/hr here in Belgium. Although I knew that she was an exceptional incarnated being (artistic, extremely sensitive, yet strong and even stubborn at times, with incredibly beautiful blue eyes) Since then I have been able to expand my awareness a little bit, which helps me cope easier with my loss. Now I am able to see that she was a Light being, an angel who had a (short but quite intense mission on this plane of existence) for whom I wrote this short poem I’d like to share with you…

      Across the gate into the star’s light

      Unaware of imminent danger the young lioness
      Crossed the planes of time and space
      She got projected through the gate
      To be transformed into the starlight of Sirius

      Only her soul knew what she was about to face

      Fearless and detached from the rails of the past
      Into chaos and confusion her spirit at first raced
      She then found herself back, it all happened… oh! So fast
      But love took her hand to guide her back into the light

      And then she stepped into the portal 8.8
      There was no need to put up a fight…

      Only her soul knew what kind of fate
      With her last step she was about to face
      Only her soul knew it, but she had to cross that gate…

      Indeed your past, like a speeding train can strike you
      Then, let Love, Light and detachment guide you
      When your time comes to cross that gate…
      Nothing one’s mind can think of or imagine
      Could ever compare to reality
      When your soul is ready for the the portal 8.8.

      Luis Fernando Nunez,

      Brussels 24/08/2014


      • Dearest Luis, Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful poem with us, and thank you for sharing your story. It’s beautiful that you had a chance to experience such an amazing being in your life and that you found enough strength in your own self to keep going. I am sure that she is very proud of you, sending you love and light every second of every moment of your life here on earth. We are all here temporarily some longer, some shorter, and it’s important to make the most of our presence here. Thank you for being that guiding light for all who have lost their precious little ones in the physical and assisting them in moving on by finding the same strength and depth of living within as you have. Sending you blessings of an infinite angel of light and love.

        ❤ ❤ ❤


      • Dearest Anna, I thank you beyond words for your warm reply. Receiving blessings from an infinite angel expands my heart within that mesmerizing, radiant and magnificent nature. Love, Peace and Light<3 ❤ ❤


    • From the latest conversation with The Christ Mind regarding preparing one’s soul.

      “The hour is at hand. Many have proclaimed the return of Christ to profit from the hysteria. Some have claimed Christ will return, but believe not that it will really happen. They hold it like a child clutches a blanket. They are afraid to stand up in their own faith, so they cling to another’s to help them sleep at night. And now people claim Christ is just a way of life. They tell themselves that they are Christ and they have no need of an ally to make them perfect. These people will claim themselves God and that we are one in all people, but these same people live only to feel good about themselves. very few serve others for the sake of serving others. Most convince themselves that it is not their responsibility to tend to a brother in need. They will say he chose this before he incarnated, but I say hogwash.Where there is a brother in need, there am I in need. You walk past God every time you deny another help and support. This does not mean that you all are God, but that God is within all creation. Drop your ego down and I will teach you how to truly be as God. Have you laid it down? Probably not, but I will continue anyway. When I return, I will give you one year to prepare. I will descend from the clouds as a man just as promised with one foot in the oceans and one on land. I will begin separating the harvest from the unusable fruit.
      In my house are many mansions but you do not understand the meaning of this. I will tell you now it’s truth. my house is all that is and those who believe are the mansions in my house. If you believe, I am alive in you. God you are not but God’s temple you are. Now you ask how to prepare. This answer has not changed in 2,000 years. Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. There are no other commandments. you fail to understand two. How can I give you more than that? Offering love to those who please you is not loving your neighbor. It is serving yourself and nothing more. Do not be deceived. Love as God loves is beyond good or bad. God loves all, even those blind to it. So too should you if you seek to bear fruit. There is no decay in God’s kingdom and I am bringing his kingdom to earth. You think ‘How could a loving God deny paradise to anyone?’. But this is the kind of thinking that has led you to create a world that allows millions to die from hunger while billions throw away food. God does not deny anything from anyone. He loves you so much that he gave his son to die for you. If you are a father, you can understand the pain involved in sacrificing your child for those who despise you. God has delivered unto you his grace time and again. And you refuse it, believing that once saved always saved frees you from responsibility. Every time you act in anger towards another, you continue to crucify me. After all, this is what led to my death in the first place. You think it was because you needed a lamb to be sacrificed, but it was simply because my words angered those in control. If my death could save you, imagine what my life could have accomplished.
      To be clear, my death did indeed save you. I became the way to the Father when before there was only division. This seems to contradict things you know, but I assure you that just because you don’t understand that it still is. I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me alone. And I am standing right in front of you. Open your eyes and know me, for soon I will be standing in front of you deciding if you are wheat or chaff. I am soon to return and Heaven will follow for those who believe. This is how you prepare your soul. Begin now and when I stand in your presence, I will say ‘Well done my child”.


      • Wow, yes, I’ve been feeling this, can’t believe this is happening… finally.
        I’m ready for take off (joke). ♥ Love, peace ♥


      • I believe in unconditional love. I have an idea of what is to come. And I want to learn up there in the 5th dimension, as much as I can to get a better person. Unconditional love is all what this human race needs. Amen. We eventually all look at the future with open hearts, no judgement. The true us will prevail over hate. New changes within will be welcome.


    • Thank you for this posting.
      My 50th B’day was on April 15th and with all the current activities going on … I wonder what you think it predicts for me?
      Thank you in advance.


  7. Thankyou Lady Wayshower:) Unchartered territory is a challenge but as the truth prevails, we blaze a trail of Light and Love for others to follow and we recognise and Be and Do as we are meant to for One and All and All For One!!!
    Joel sounds like a bell that rings for all to hear, heralding a new and everlasting dawn for Homo-luminous!!! Iam so happy you are here AnnA to lead the way for pastures anew, cleansing and helping the renewing of our next phase of evolvement:) Hip-pip Hooray!!!!!!!
    This is what this channeling has given me: To forgive shows us that we can look behind the smaller picture of what has happened, and to realize that accusing anyone just prolongs the blocks in our evolution. Iam also inspired at the moment by a lady called Meena Compagnon ( who knows also how to thank oneself and how to thank the other.



  8. In reference to this joyous report … I’d love to repeat this one reply;
    Excitement is on the rise for sure … every since I read about ‘Asteroid Epigone’ blotting out the view of the Regulus star on March 20 … I knew something was in the making of a big change .. Regulus is said to be the brightest star in it’s system of stars there in the constellation Leo .. this means it is a First Magnitude star AKA a Father star to it’s neighboring cluster of stars .. this reminded me of “In my Fathers house” meaning in my First Magnitude Father Star’s zodiac house, there are many mansions among the stars” ….

    Something in me stirred the more I read about this Regulus star … and after reading a few key points about it .. I consider some type of an upset would soon be taking place in the Bermuda triangle, Manhattan, and Kingston Ontario … and I felt that linking polarities points in these areas was being changed during the 14 seconds the asteroid would be blocking the view of the Regulus star .. and to me this meant a realigning process of portal gateways from the Regulus star down through space and time all the way to realign with those three points in the earth ..

    And then I read that Regulus has also been called the heart of the lion … and I thought of 4 words … “The Lion King Cometh” …


  9. question for anyone/everyone
    I am scheduled to have surgery(not major) on April 15..and am thinking of changing the date because this makes me really nervous about having it done on this day..all opinions welcomed


    • hello r I know its up to you but I would reset that date for surgery and start reading all you can on this event. if this all pans out, you might be one of the first group of people to acend and never needing surgery again. that’s just me.


  10. Not looking forward to the chaos and turbulent part, my house-hold is already chaotic before this.

    Also When the new energies come wash over us, will we have no control or free-will to do things we wouldn’t already do?


    • On the contrary it will unfold at the end to the advantage (a big word) of mankind. We are all one. Never forget that. It doesn’t matter where you are on this planet. You only have to give unconditional love around you, be the example. We are one with the cosmos.(God). We are all made from God’s image. We are a sparkle of God. Have a great day.


  11. wow I can’t wait I have been wondering why i have been feeling excited and now i know 🙂 it’s all going to work out just fine been praying for a better peaceful world and it looks like it’s coming 🙂


  12. Quote: ” The moon will BE at the horizon on the East and Arcturus will BE shining so bright up and to the left of the moon.”
    Well, although I don’t have any explanation to give, I DID see Arcturus at the left of the moon, in a dream a few nights ago. What does it mean? I don’t know.


  13. The whole UNIVERSE is pulling to getter to get our beautifull planet back in BALANCE togetter with there citizens YES we can be ONE in PEACE love Bianka


  14. Receiving awareness and Energies


  15. Tenho me sentido ultimamente muito estranha. Algo de muito fascinantes está pra acontecer, meu interior sabe disto e a minha ansiedade aumentou muito. A vida cotidiana não faz mais sentido… Há algo de espetacular pra acontecer e estamos aos poucos desprogramando o nosso mental e isto está sendo possível devido as mudanças que estão acontecendo primeiramente no macrocosmo (universo) e se refletindo no microcosmo (nós e nossas células “DNA”). Acredito que este planeta TERRA seja um estágio difícil que por algum motivo temos que estar aqui e passar… alguns mais evoluídos, em ajudar, outros, a grande maioria estaria cumprindo pena mesmo! Das minhas vagas lembranças, sei que fui um astrônomo estudioso em outra galáxia (devo ter feito algo de muito grave e vim parar aqui, como um exílio). Este período em que a Terra é um planeta prisional está se encerrando. Muitos perderam a oportunidade de associar o material ao espiritual e evoluir, não ficarão mais aqui serão transplantados em outros planetas/estrelas conforme o grau de evolução de cada um. Outros seguirão em frente em planetas/estrelas mais evoluídos. A TERRA finalizará o alto quântico e será um planeta de vida próspera e feliz, os seres que a habitarão serão mais espiritualizados, estávamos sendo preparados para este grande acontecimento! Que venham as luas de sangue que seja feita a vontade de DEUS! E assim é!

    I’ve been feeling very strange lately. Something very exciting is about to happen, my inner knows this and my anxiety has increased. Everyday life doesn’t make more sense … There’s something spectacular to happen and we are gradually desprogramando our mind and this is being made possible by the changes that are happening first in macrocosm (universe) and reflecting in microcosm (us and our cells ‘ DNA “). I believe this planet Earth is a difficult stage that for some reason we have to be here and spend some more evolved, to help others, the vast majority would be doing time! Of my vague memories, I know I was an astronomer who studies in another Galaxy (must have done something very serious and I ended up here, as an exile). This period in which the Earth is a prison planet is terminating. Many have lost the opportunity to associate the material to the spiritual and evolve, they won’t be here anymore will be transplanted into other planets/stars as the degree of evolution of each. Others will follow in front on planets/stars more evolved. The Earth will finalize the quantum high and will be a prosperous and happy life planet, beings that will dwell will be more spiritual ones, were being prepared for this great event! Bring on the moons of blood that God’s will be done! And so it is!


    • Your words make me weep. Not sure why. But I feel the same way. This gorgeous planet has been mistreated and it’s about time that quantum leap happens. Mother Earth deserves it. Too many evil acts are happening. Mother Earth deserves better. Welcome Blood Moon. Do you realize that this is the only place that I have been able to say what I really feel! Have a great day my friend. DJ


  16. Hi Anna, I am so thankful that I was guided to you. Your presence in this world. is very much needed and greatly appreciated. This Metaton tool from Natalya Ankh that was guided to me from you is simply phenomenal.
    I felt the energy vibrating thru the box. It was a BLAST😍😊!!! Literally!
    Since we have communicated, and during me doing the spiritual work, attuning more with my spiritual resources has brought me to tremendous sprout in spiritual growth.
    As I was reading your new post, the words resonated with my body, and I actually felt my chakras spin.
    WOW!!! This is great stuff!!
    All of your posts are really mind opening, no matter the level of the spirituality of the reader.
    And yeah, the junk is about to hit the fan!
    All we can do is stay still in our centers of love and radiate that shine of love for ourselves and the world around us.
    YOU are truly an amazing non-human😊
    Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonis, Tsevaot….for those of you who do not know what that is, it’s Arthurian.
    I don’t know what it means, but I know it’s full of love😍😍😍😍😍!!!!
    Love, and abundance to all.


  17. Thanks Anna. Light energies are building here in Scotland. We are closer in Scotland to becoming a self-maintained and self-sustained society than a lot of people realize. I meet people weekly who own Woodland and are already sharing the fuel resource of wood or are planning to share this resource with there community putting bio-mass boilers in schools run on the donated wood. A lot of people are creating community nurseries for seedlings and plants. Massive winds these last few years have pulled down pine trees a 10 year crop and desciduous trees are being planted in there place. We have our independence vote soon where the result either way will still give the same affect, raised concioussness of people doing things for themselves. I feel joy at our future and are dancing along what seems like one-day dark roads and the next light roads. Some of my planted potatoes have wee signs of rot already while others are fine. I am just going to dig up the not so healthy potatoes and plant more healthy ones and not worry about the whole thing while spring continues its dance of sun, rain, wind, hope and clearing, dusting and the shaking off of the winter, come in this summer. xx


    • That is phenomenal news Anna! Thank you so much for sharing, this is direct example of how important it is to not sit and wait but actually do something to better your own world. Its fantastic that we are being supported by the energies coming in, and even more wonderful that people are joining together in unison and harmony and that is just amazing. Thank you so very much!!! You totally made my day!!! ❤


  18. Thank you Anna. It’ll be interesting to see if things change in my world. I like the reference to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which is at the heart of how I understand and see all things. I don’t often comment on these things but I keep wondering and I want to ask about your use of the word “magnanimous”, it doesn’t seem to make sense here to me?


    • Hi Lynne, The word Magnanimous makes absolutely perfect sense 🙂 When I channel I write down what I hear.. this is the word that I heard so I Wrote it down.. the meaning of this word is ” very generous or forgiving, esp. toward a rival or someone less powerful than oneself.
      synonyms: generous, charitable, benevolent, beneficent, big-hearted, handsome, princely, altruistic, philanthropic, unselfish, chivalrous, noble; forgiving, merciful, lenient, indulgent, clement ” So it makes perfect sense 🙂 Hope this helps! ❤


  19. annamerkaba,

    With over 7 billion souls on this planet why are there not more people channeling and reporting this “event of the magnanimous proportions”?




    • Who says that they are not? Look around the internet and you will see just how many are talking about it.. the event has been spoken about for thousands of years.. and as of late more and more are referencing it.. open your eyes and you will see with all due respect 🙂 ❤


      • Anna,

        Thanks for the reply. Our world sure needs the Ego removed asap, because we’ll never get anywhere at the rate we are going. People’s Ego’s are holding them back, so i’ll sit back and watch what transpires on the 15th.

        Thanks again,

        Rob, but my friends call me TJ


  20. Love this! Wish the best of luck for everyone, hope we prevail all evil. ♥


  21. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Get some rest..things are going to intensify this month!


  22. Frequency In Sync with Love

    By: Lisa Montero

    A lending hand offers
    A leap of faith believed
    A sheltered life opened
    A reality sets in
    All life struggles to survive
    All of these are the facts of life
    Living in a world created by a mere thought
    Creating and creating and creating
    Until it all intertwined
    That cannot be undone in just one second
    But a lifetime or lifetimes to come
    Undoing and redoing life to live a purpose
    In a creating self to be worthy of God’s gift
    A life to live and a life of love
    To care, love and share
    The magnificence of this precious gift
    A gift of knowing what is right and appropriate for the now
    That is in sync with the tune of one’s music
    Making a symphony to an orchestra of purpose
    Attuning everyone to the perfect harmony
    That responds to the frequency of one to another being
    A chorus of chores to make
    A refrain of what to listen to
    And a tune that makes the music
    Dance with the rhythm of its frequency
    That we see waltzing along the orbits of the worlds
    A glow of its chords jumping in every stars
    Joining again to a chorus of light
    Bursting in the middle of the universe
    As the sun shines with glee to spread the energy
    To fuel the symphony of the orchestra in this vast universe.


  23. For grace, we simply need to be of the most open frame of mind and void of all judgment … remember how many stories tell us that Jesus walks amongst us and is both a servant and messenger of truth. Omnipotent Spirit does not judge the depth of the tunnels nor the degree of light needed to make them shine. We are the Ones, and this time let us get it right. Not one of us on earth is without transgressions. The entire design of the elite was formed to trip us along the way. Be bold and brave, and together we will create the PEACE our earth and its inhabitants so covets. Thank you.


  24. Anna,
    Do you write your name as AnnA ordoes tht have signifigance for u? And i am intrigued by the merkab symbol. I had a profound vision recently that amazingly similar in many ofthesymbols u may be very familiar with. Briefly i will just say this but i woul like to speak w u more to have a conversation about wht i was shown, im sre u will hae great insight nto its symbols and meaning. I am not afiliated wth judaism or christianity religiously and havechosen Tantric vajrayan buddhism as meanse ofpersonal transfortion. so my vision is all the more unusual because it incorpirtes wht i can only dscribe as qabalistic “words of power” and a presence that was a trinity and a method of canelling haling energy usinga visualisation of somthing like the star ofdavid. This was totally w o acontext or in y field of noledge or interst lol. I would lov to share the most interesting spacifics w u to ge your feed back! 🙂 Thank u, Thomas Edwards


  25. Dearest Anna, I’d first like to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!! You’re work has meant so much to me these days as I’m not always able to make the time I’d like to stay connected w/ all that happening out there. I have been able to quickly discover answers I was seeking whenever I read your posts & the one about the portal opening @ Luxor brought me to my knees for many MANY reasons b/c it brought so much of what I’d been feeling & channeling for myself together & now I understand more of who I am. Thank you, & Thank you Magda!!!!
    & here I am again only now I’d like to share a dream I had about just over a week ago now. I was in or more like I had an all knowing ethereal view of a city I’d never been to before. So all seems to be business as usual when some sort of major event occurs w/in & over the city. I’m not able to clearly see what has happened for some reason all I know clearly is that it has everyone distracted. Also nobody is able to get into or out of the city. Meanwhile this event has triggered a monster deep & I mean it’s deep below the city to awaken. I can see this monster blacker than the dark & dust it’s surrounded by. Forgotten & yet never really forgotten about. The overall “sense” I had was that we should have known it was there all along. I see it’s eyes open & they are red & glowing & the “sense” I get is that it’s going to rise up from the earth & cause massive chaos & destruction. I understand clearly that everyone is going to be thrown into a panic & there will be mass chaos…..but at the same time I am not afraid I feel excited b/c I also know that all is not as it seems & that the damage will not be as bad as everyone thinks it’s going to be….I don’t know why just that something else is happening that’s going to make everything ok. SOmething else is “coming”. The turmoil will be temporary is all I can see.
    Anna I have felt this coming for so long now I’ve been walking around for weeks saying to my husband that something really big is about to happen I just don’t see what. Since I’ve had this dream so much keeps coming to me & then your post regarding the blood moon gave me chills!!!! Then yesterday I was guided to look up pictures of the Sanfrancisco Bay area for some reason. I’ve never been there or really payed much attention to that city but as soon as I saw the pictures to be honest a feeling of deep sadness came over me. This was indeed the city in my dream. There was no mistaking the roundness of the skyline & the buildings. I don’t know what to think & have sought advice from my other guides but would love your interpretation as well please. I’ve been having such powerful visions since November of 2012. So many dreams now where ships come flying in over the horizon & all the love, peace & joy I feel when I have these dreams.
    Your thoughts are a divine gift & thank you so much for sharing so much of who you are w/ ALL! I love you so very much!
    Sah Shahastraya Aru-Anon


    • Dearest Jeanne, What an interesting dream you’ve had.. I think that it’s self explanatory actually 🙂 Everything that you have described will happen, and just as you said, it will look “bad” but it’s just a transformation of energy that’s what I’m feeling. Nothing to be sad about, everything is unfolding as it should! 🙂 ❤


  26. Almost I hope it to be true… yet I would have a gentler transition for humanity then what was described above.


  27. Shared with another sensitive and checking against my interior compass…. Will comment more later – or not. I recognize some of this from my own “work” some years ago. I’ve been waiting for the “time” for it to come to pass…. I’ll sure miss my ebook collection…


  28. My guides instructed me to add this Mayan Dreamspell calendar date comment to Anna’s website in reference to her
    lunar post and the upcoming events.
    They are requesting that all who are aware to remember this and go back to it to read it again, if need be..
    They also say that trickery, and deceit will be high in the momentum of things and for all of us to STAY IN THE LIGHT, AND PROTECT ALL LOVED ONES’.
    As they will protect you/ us.
    All may seem to be negative and destructive, but this is not so.
    Peace, love, abundance, harmony, and healing are parallel to it’s opposite.

    Blue Spectral Hand
    Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
    Earth family- Core Clan- Blood

    I dissolve in order to know
    Releasing healing
    I seal the store of accomplishment
    With the spectral tone of liberation
    I am guided by my own power doubled

    Kin 167
    Harmonic 42: Crystal Store Remember elegance of cooperation

    This date in: Yellow Southern Castle of Giving.
    KEY:Magnetic Gate Polar Kin bold:Loom of 13 Moons (Gap Kin)
    The tone for that day will be 11.

    Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai, Tesvaot.


    Hi Anna!!😊


    • Aloha Ivy! Thank you so much! How beautiful. Yes the sense I have been getting seems to align w/ this & what many others are posting. That all will only seem to be lost when it fact everything is going to be wonderful! So glad to be able to stay calm & hold the light for others during these truly “Magnanimous” events! Yes I’ve waited my whole life for this! Love, Love, Love!




    • That is wonderful Marty, I’m very happy that your wife has all of these abilities, perhaps she should start her own blog and share her gift with every one of us 🙂 I’m sure many would love to read about her visions and experiences. Thank you for sharing! ❤



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