renaissanceDearly beloved children of the universe we come to you now at the time of the Renaissance. The renaissance of the NEW ERA. The renaissance of your hearts and souls, for as you stand at the brinks of the new earth, you find yourself ready to take a step forward and yet there is a part of you that wishes to take a step back. Jolting you into a dance of doubt and flight. As you reach into your soul to release the fear and doubt, you get ready for takeoff, and takeoff you shall!  The time has come to put everything that you have learnt thus far to action.

Magenta the color of the emotional freedom and universal harmony generating love, compassion, cooperation and harmony. Magenta the color that your skies are being tainted with by us to assist you. Magenta the color of FREEDOM and infinite possibilities. Magenta the color of the new Renaissance Phase.

As you gaze upon the wonders of the new creations, you connect with your true selves in order to investigate and delve further into your own truth. And as your own truth comes up for contemplations by your human mind, the human ego is surely to raise its head and convince you that which you feel within your heart is false.  Oh but it surely is not, for you heart is the place where your soul dwells, your heart is the place hereunto which you ascend when you descend from the heavens, and from which you ascend into the gloriousness of the vast universe.

And as you stand barefoot at the threshold of the new beginnings of the universal truth, you see the upheavals taking place and you wonder, if you have finally arrived, for how could it be that there is still so much damage, so much pain, and so much suffering around your beloved GAIA.  And then, you connect with your own self and you remember that indeed it is true, for you have seen it all before, for you have come into this forsaken place, in order to restore the flow of life.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloved ones is that the time has come for you to start acting upon your revelations, acting upon your intuition, acting upon what your HEART is telling you to do, and to STOP waiting for the transformation of your beloved planet, for the transformation begins and ends with YOU.

Please understand that what the planet as a whole is going through is simply a transformation a transition, and albeit the changes that indeed have occurred, and notwithstanding the fact that there is NO TIME, for your HUMAN MIND, the changes appear to be slight, slow and nonexistent because it remains in the matrix of time and space, and so it takes TIME, time which does not exist. A paradox and a perplexing reality for your human mind to ponder indeed.

Dearly beloved ones, it is indeed true that from hereon out nothing can possibly stand in the way of humanity’s entrance into the new era, the remnants of the EGO self must be dealt with as echo will remain until such time when every single one of the souls that dwells in your world, will finally fully and truly comprehend that the BALANCE within ONESELF must be RESTORED.

And so, if you look into your skies you will see the color of Magenta tinting your sky, the color of life force the color of free spirit, release of the old and outdated patterns, the color of growth and personal development, the color of energetic pathways, the color of ETERNAL BLISS. The color through which at this very moment you are to discover the road to YOUR OWN SELF.

What we are trying to disclose to you dearly beloveds is that there is no need for you to wait until every single soul on earth finds his way, for IT IS UP TO YOU TO CREATE THE TYPE OF REALITY THAT YOU WISH UPON YOURSELVES. And once you do so, once you show your nearest an dearest that the brave step that you took in the direction for your own self and your dreams has indeed bore fruits of splendor and plenty, it is then that you will influence them to follow suit. For you must understand that changing another is simply IMPOSSIBLE!!!!  For there exists free will in your world, for all of you are masters of your own domains, for you all have com into this world in order to explore, learn and move into the desired realms for your being.

For let us explain this to you so that you may fully understand the reasons for the ascension and to truly understand that you are not to wait for the external changes, for all is, was and will be within YOU.  For YOU are the only UNIVERSE THAT YOU ARE GOING TO ASCEND TO! For the point of all of this is for you to realize who you are, for you to finally find the doorway out of the labyrinth that you have placed yourselves into, and for you to assist the rest of humanity to do the same, for you have come here to liberate yourselves and your fellow brothers and sisters from the WHEEL OF KARMA, FROM THE VEIL OF FORGETEFULNESS.

The doorway is there, it is shining all sorts of colors for you, you can sense it, you can see it with your mind’s eye,  and yet.. and yet your EGO is holding you back, it is holding you back from discovering that YOU… YOU.. YOU ARE.. the powerful ONE, that YOU are the ONE that you have come into this world to find, that it is you whom you have come to liberate from the shackles of time, from the karmic wheel of existence.

For only in the physical form are you able to release your karma, and by that we mean to find the BALANCE within and to finally truly and completely understand that there is no one that you are to fight with, there is no one that you are to understand but your OWN SELF. And you find yourself on the journey to your true power, to the understanding that there are no enemies, for all whom you meet are indeed your dearly beloved friends. And so and in light of this, we say onto you once again, FORGIVE, LET GO AND ALLOW the new energies of your soul to enter your heart space.

NOW is the time for you to move away from the fear, based on disinformation that is being fed into your ego systems. Understand that you are not to fight your ego, but to embrace it and find the balance within,. For that.. THAT IS THE ULITMEATE REASON FOR YOUR BEING HERE!!!! And once you realized that it is so, and once you finally understand how to balance out your own emotional states with those of another.. once you realize that you are to balance out your EGO and your GODLY self.. it is then that you will find the BLISS, it is then that you will find the MAGIC.. that you already have within YOU.

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Metatron & The 33rd Dimension – Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –


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    Thank you Anna,
    This is so perfectly timed. It is one of the Synchronicities that I experience in the past few weeks.


  3. This is comforting. Thank you. A friend sent me a link here. So glad.
    Much love –


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    There before me was the lamb… and with him 144,000 who had his Name and his father’s Name written on their Foreheads. His Name will be on their Foreheads.
    Revelation 14:1 & 22:4


  5. I have noticed the sky and commented on it, at dawn particularly 🙂


  6. Thankyou sooooooooooooooooo much Anna!!!!!! I wish I could read your wonderful words foreverXxxxxxX


  7. Dear Anna,
    I’ve only recently come to your site, & I am finding these past couple of readings so Amazingly Accurate & Brimming ~ Beaming with Truth !….Thank You !….& the information on the clavicle & thyroid issues are so true & I can identify with both these issues myself….degenerative disk pain & interesting enough, I too have a knot on my thyroid….how intriguing ! Thank You & Bless You !….your channeled messages really connect with me & I completely know them & understand them…..& the wonderful information you posted on ’37’ was a true jewel & great confirmation for me, as I have a strong association with this number & have had for quite some time !………..LOve & Life, Bev~


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  9. beautiful Anna and Metatron! i love you both so much ♥


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  11. And you find yourself on the journey to your true power, to the understanding that there are no enemies, for all whom you meet are indeed your dearly beloved friends. And so and in light of this, we say onto you once again, FORGIVE, LET GO AND ALLOW the new energies of your soul to enter your heart space.

    Just what I needed to hear. I am fighting the fight of surrender. Forgive, let go and allow….I got the message. sigh…


  12. Renaissance… again…
    birth… to new… life…
    in a… new… world…
    of… peace… of light…
    of… pristine… love…

    A new world… never…
    saw before… first time…
    blank slant… without…
    footsteps… like a shore…
    sun’s first rays… shine on…

    Walking into this new world…
    initially… is not… for all…
    fearless wayshowers… first…
    to live… to be… to have… to…
    do… their most wild dreams…

    They will walk inside… with…
    confidence… masters of…
    their lives… owners of their…
    destinies… creator gods…
    walking new mother earth…

    But… we are all one…
    why can not all we go…
    behind…?… fear… ego…
    but ‘time’ heals everything…
    balance comes… we jump inside…!




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