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Mission to Earth a Lightworkers Guide to Self Mastery by Anna Merkaba

Why are you here?
What are you doing on Earth?
Who are you really?

The human body is comprised of molecules, atoms, cells, everything that is always in motion, never standing still. The same thing that comprises our bodies, comprises the bodies of animals, insects, plants. We are all made from the same material, only our DNA codes are different. And what are these DNA codes anyway? Where did they come from? Who created them? That is what I will be exploring in this book. Everything that is stated here is based on my own experience, all the information that I have received from Akasha, my endless encounters with the divine throughout my life here on earth. The remembrance of home. The knowledge from within.

These are some of the questions that will be explored in this book, along with the answers as to what earth is going through at this moment.

  • Why you feel the way that you do, and what to do about it
  • Dark Thought Form and How to keep them Under Control
  • Starseeds Journey to Earth – How you have come to be here
  • How to communicate with your guides
  • How to Let go of everything that stands in your way to true happiness, fulfillment and life purpose.
  • How to discover your life purpose
  • How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into yoru life.
  • How to change your life and make it what you want it to be!
  • How to attract abundance into your life
  • How to protect yourself from Psychic attacks and so much more!
  • Join me as we discover together the “How”, the “Why” and the “When”

What other’s have to say about this book:

Irmeli Y.Verified Buyer
Lightworkers Guide by Anna Merkaba
I am so happy that I was guided to find this book! It is so clearly and well written, really helpful in understanding it all and looking forward to following the guide. Thanks Anna! Much blessings and love.

Deborah B.Verified Buyer
Provides Excellent Guidance
This book was very well written and provides alot of assistance as to how to transmute all the negativity in one’s life so that they may learn of their true destiny. Just try not to do all of it too fast, because they’re very powerful steps and you may experience a detox reaction. Big thanks for Annamerkaba for putting this information out there! : )

Alia C.Verified Buyer
Very Insightful
This was such a beautifully written e-book. It delivered clear insights on how we came to be and allowed me to register certain feelings that I have had since childhood. This book does require action once read. It is not something to put down and continue on your merry way. It requires you to take responsibility for your thoughts
I recommend this book to those who are dedicated to shifting their awareness and elevating there paradigms. The work is an inward journey but as you do the work within, you will see the world morphing around you in the most delightful ways. To those who are reading this post, peace to you and all who encounter you. If you stumble across this book, you are meant to read it. Nothing happens by chance. Namaste

Marcelino C.Verified Buyer
Wonderfully written
Just began reading it and it came on to my path at just the right time. This book, written wonderfully by Anna, speaks clearly to me as if it is me speaking to myself. I look forward to my journey onward as my consciousness expands with the information provided with this book. Thank you, Anna. Your vibration is at its highest frequency 🙂 Hotep, Queen

What Others have to say about this book so far from those of you who have reviewed it 🙂 Thank you for your feedback it’s highly appreciated!!!! ❤ : 
Infinite thanks for your book! Your messages instantly jumpstarted a new confidence in discovering my mission on Earth. I am eternally grateful to have been guided to you. Thank you Anna Merkaba! Laureen E.
Anna,  I really enjoyed your book Mission To Earth A Lightworker’s Guide to Self Mastery.    You pack a lot in there.  I’ll need to read it a few more times.  You are a very strong soul.  You power and love comes through in the book.  Thank you!!!! Chris Bradford
Dearest Anna,

Thank you. I just read your book at one seating… almost. Took few breaks. I am crying… the book is truly amazing. Ever since you healed me in May I am a lot better. This book, however, gave me a deeper understanding of what I am doing here. THANK YOU :))) ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I will be definitely doing all of those exercises (or the vast majority of them). I already felt so much “lighter” when I was reading… I guess the fact that there is a “way out” lifted me. I also absolutely loved the “75 trillion cheering fans…” this is how I will look at my body now! :))) absolute GOLD, Anna. Thank you :))) I cry ad smile all the time :))  Love & light, always!

Aggie :))) ❤ Kind Regards, Aggie S.
I must say that reading your book fills me up with a warm feeling of love and understanding. I makes me want to help everybody around me especially those who are in pain and suffering.  My internal flame is burning very high sinds I began to read this book. This in combination with the big full moon makes me almost want to cry for joy. I feel blessed and very welcome in this world. Which Iost a bit along the way. Thank you very very much with all my heart. Love Tiny

Dearest light beacon Anna,

Every word in your book, resonates within me as echoes form a distant (yet so near) space within, and with out…
Saying “It sounds so familiar” would be an understatement..I’m just begining to read it, and iI like to take my time to integrate it.
BlIn joyful reconnaissance, with Love, support and devotion ❤
Thank you Anna
I want to acknowledge you for the work that you do. I have been listening to your channellings for a year or so now through Rainbow Abundance and Mario Gattoaladino. If there are any other you tube sites I would be interested.
I wanted to pass on my experience of reading your words on the Clearing and Protection Device Key and Magda. I cried – and as I write now the tears well up again. I also feel in this moment that I am receiving a soul healing – I can also feel the sound / ringing in my ears. I have not purchases yet – this is my response to reading your words and then looking at the picture.

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  1. Hi Anna,

    I am unable to buy the book. tells me it currently cannot be delivered while your own website is unable to handle buying requests.
    Is there another possibility to buy the book?

    Kind regards,


  2. What is the protection device key in detail? I thank you in advance. Love and blessings. Lo (Enigmaress).


  3. Dear Anna I am so thankful for everything !!! Thabk You to God the universe what ever you believe in. It really works I was directed by my guides to work with you in the full healing session. I was having issues with addiction drugs and alcohol. After my healing 2016 the following year I was able to give all that up I no longer crave the feelings I use to get to want to smoke or drink. I am can not stand the smell of any thibg such a beer or pot or cigarettes. I am so grateful to you I continue to read my 39 page report that you sent to me. I am a healer myself but I was unable to do so because my vibration was so low due to my addictions.. Thabk You Thank You God for sending me to you For ever grateful!!!! Love Lily


  4. I cannot find your book and I am interested


  5. Onde faço a tradução?
    Quero muito ter este conhecimento
    Me identifiquei muito com a matéria.


  6. Hello Anna,
    I’ve just paid for the book through PayPal, but how I’ll get the book?



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