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Lightworker, Healer, Channeler - Work at Andromeda Counsel. I have come from the stars, and this is my first time incarnating as a human on earth. I was born with all the abilities that I now have when I was a child I was able to heal people, see things that others have not, communicate with the angelic realm and other places and much more, due to the way our society is structured I had to hide my abilities from the world, put on a mask and pretend to be someone I wasn't, then when I've finally managed to push my true essence into a box that was very convenient for others to carry around I got very ill, I was dying, nothing was helping me, all medicines failed to work I've had nothing left in me and I let go and said I've had enough (you can read about my experience here) suddenly i clearly heard a voice calling my name and telling me what to do to get better quickly. Miraculously I was healed very shortly and have re-discovered what I was able to do when I was a kid. Channel, Heal and much more. I am an intuitive channeler, medium, psychic, healer (reiki and otherwise), and a portal for the human race. I strongly believe that EVERYONE here on earth can do what I do, it's just laying dormant until a moment in time when you will wake up, believe and allow.
Love and Light to you all.

  • December 21, 2012

    This is how it all began for me. My first post online. The day I have revealed myself to all of you πŸ™‚ A very special day indeed that will remain in my memory forever. I Don’t know really what… Read More ›

  • Pets are People Too!

    pets are people too

    PETS are PEOPLE TOO! This is an excerpt from one of the channelings I did for someone today about their pet by AA Gabrielle: Please also understand that the emotional state of the owner of the β€œpet” as you call… Read More ›

  • Kryon on What is Love

    his is an excerpt from my channeling of Kryon on What Love Is… Here is what he had so say”Love. Is an all encompassing energetic vibration of such magnitude and proportions that it can move mountains, change worlds, create, transmute,… Read More ›