Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe, in this channeling our galactic counterparts are talking about the Diamond Grid Christ Energy upgrades that we are about to experience. Here is the channeling that I have received.

Therapeutic magnification of joyous memories of the past bring with it the phenomenal magnitude of equivalent to the three dimensional wavelength of time and space. For within the dimensional framework is the understanding and the experience of that which one wishes to behold.

For in the three dimensional reality you were able to experience that which you have, and as you move through the ages, you move through dimensions and dimensional reality of BEing. For the dimensions are truly your experiences, the experiences that your vehicles of time and space are indeed capable of beholding.

And thus, which of the dimensions that you find yourself in depends on that which your vehicle of time and space is capable of beholding. Interdimensionality which shall link you to the chosen momentum and chosen pathway for your souls journey, allowing you to connect with the divinity of that which you are, and bring force to humanity the light that is so needed to be anchored onto your planet.

And so and thus, in the days, weeks and months to come a thread of the diamond shall indeed be integrated into your vehicles, as has been done in the past, and shall again be repeated in the future.

The next wave of upgrades shall come from the interwoven galactic channels of light which shall begin to transcribe and transform your vehicles in order to hold pure, unconditional, monodynamic and gracious light of the creator, the diamond, Christ, pure energy of love and light. Said interweaving of the direct vehicles to be upgraded to be able to adjust their vibratory systems to a dimension of your choosing.

And so, and thus, and hence, comes the purification phase of the vehicles of time and space, and readjustments of said diamond strand, thread if you will shall begin momentarily and awaken within you the direct interdimensionality of your BEing.

That is all that we have for you now. WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.

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true origin.

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  1. Dearest Anna: Many heartfelt Thanks once again, for being … you! But mostly for being such a wonderful and much needed Guide to us all through this Great Transition. We would often be lost without your words of wisdom and all of the incredible work you are doing. Although I do not write my gratitude to you all that often, I feel it every single time I read you. May your kind and loving heart be blessed, now and through all the times to come!


    • Greetings Andree thank you so much for taking a moment to send your appreciation my way, it truly means a lot for me to hear these words and helps me to keep sharing all of this information with you. The more I know that the information that I share is helpful and useful the more I want to share. Thank you again and happy holidays 🙂 ❤


  2. Hi Anna,

    I would like to purchase one of your assistance tool products in order mostly to support you as an appreciation for your service like me, a light worker, but I would like to know if the source of your links is the right one, and it benefits you.

    Please send me a link to your products if possible.

    I appreciate your response and which prosperity and well being in your physical from this upcoming Lunar cycle period.




    • Greetings Anibal I truly appreciate your desire to support and show your appreciation for my work, but you should get the ascension tools only if you feel that you need them. They truly are fantastic to behold and are very powerful, but again, only get them if you truly feel the need for them. And yes, you can purchase them at 🙂 Happy Holidays! ❤


  3. Dearest Anna, I ve followed you since you started your first website and I m sill with you . I really appreciate the good and wise words of all that is us from you. . I even read your book and have had good success with it. Thank you for staying or should I say standing in the gap for all of us. I appreciate the words of wisdom . Fred Pfeiffer


  4. Hi Anna,

    Just writing to give some sort of validation to this transmission (for what it’s worth). Am being told that I can’t do fry-ups the way I have always done them anymore (no matter how much I love them!). My body is telling me that I have to change the way I’m eating as we’ve reached the part of the Ascension where I can’t get away with the diet I’m used to anymore because we’re at the stage where it has really started to matter (and on my own journey, thus far, it really hasn’t appeared to matter). So, tomorrow, my mum is making me quorn sausage sandwiches, for breakfast, and just before Christmas I tried quorn mince (with gravy, mash and veg) and then used it for a bolognase on the next night. It wasn’t perfect, but the next day my body felt much better and the proof is in the pudding.

    With Much Love, Lee 🙂 x


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