Greetings My Beloved Masters of The Universe! The message that you are about to read comes to us from Sanat Kumara! This is the very first time that I have received a message from this Ascended Master. In this message we are being advised of many positive changes coming our way and the portal that falls on December 12th, at 12:12 a.m. which is also the time of this year’s last full moon!

According to numerology, the number 12 has some interesting meanings, and symbolizes completion. According to

“The number 12 is an important one when it comes to numerology since it signifies completion. It also belongs to the star sign Pisces who is known to be a spiritual sign that is in constant touch with the energies of the universe.

The number 12 is made up of two numbers, 1 and 2. 1 is a prime number and signifies the beginning and the singular nature of the universe. It is also related to completion, perfection, harmony, motivation, achievement and independence. 2, on the other hand, is all about seeing two sides of any situation, diplomacy, partnership and the mutable nature of life.

The number 12 is at the very end of the numerology spectrum, and it offers those who see it in their daily life the opportunity to … wrap up a certain life stage and situation before moving forward to bigger and better things. This number is like a curtain call that allows you to get your affairs together so you can benefit from the windfall that the universe is about to bestow on you.”

In Chinese numerology, 12 represents the harmony of the yin and yang: The number 1 is a yang number, ruled by the Sun and symbolizes independence and individualism. The number 2 is a yin number ruled by the Moon and represents symmetry and balance. Together they equal harmony. Which is why many couples choose to marry on dates with 12s in them.”

As you can see this is a very important Full Moon Portal to the New World that is coming our way on 12:12:12:12 DECEMBER 12TH at 12:12 A.M.

To help you take full advantage of this time, here is what you can do during this portal. Prior to this you can make a list of all the things that you wish to let go of, and at the same time prepare a list of things that you wish to attract into your life. The list of all the things that you wish to attract into your life will come in handy for you on December 26th (During the New Moon). A while back I put together a Full Moon Blueprint guide to help you. Click here to get your Full Moon Blueprint Guide

Now having said this here is the channeling that I have received.

The portal to the new world is activating for you now in the time of your December in the year of your 2019 in the day of your 12th. The time of the new world brings with it the enlightenment, purification, excitement, joy, and alignment of those who have not yet found their calling with the true path for their soul on the journey of self-discovery.

For the times that spell out truth, benevolence and might, truth benevolence and musical tones of ascension, musical tones of ascension are approaching your earthly shores. Brightly colored are your skies in  recent days, brightly colored are your sensory sensations, for the energetic upliftment that you so have been waiting for is about to arrive on your shores.

The energetic upliftment which shall carry you onto a new octave of BEing is approaching. The new vibratory systems are activating, to allow you to experience true heaven on earth, with a joyous heart and stable mind. For indeed the unrest that has been is moving away, the indecisiveness, if you will that most on your planet have experienced in recent years is going  away and is being replaced by confidence, serenity and innate knowing of the beholder.

Twin Flame Disc – helps to connect with your twin flame, makes easier the process of acknowledgement, appreciation and understanding, growth, mutual assistance, complete and utter acceptance and recognition of all that both are.

For that which you have experienced was indeed to assist you in shedding the last piece of debris, and it is now time to truly step into your power and to truly shine your beautiful light onto the world. For indeed your own journeys of release and purification have been noticed in the heavens, all that you have let go of has indeed been transmuted which allowed a new informational pathway to be instituted into your reality.

As you step ever so gently on the petals of your creation, as you step ever so gently on the intricately designed masterpiece of that which you call your planet, as you step ever so gently upon your own  pathways, a new journey is to unfold before you. A new journey of your very own creation, and the script which has indeed been written by your very own selves in the ethers and in the now.

For indeed the journey of a lifetime is that which truly you are experiencing, and a new chapter of said journey is about to begin. For those of you who have indeed passed “The Ring Pass Not” to allow you to truly be and to truly enjoy the present moment as much as your vehicles of time and space shall allow.

All that you have envisioned shall come to pass, all that you have yearned for, and truly desired and asked for, shall begin to unfold in the most loving, gentle and benevolent way. For you have done well in this journey of time of times, you have done well and maneuvered through the most dense circumstances to arrive in the NOW moment.

And so it through your very own intuitive unfolding, through your very own connectedness to the divine, you have persevered in the most difficult situations in order to stand tall, bright, beautiful and benevolent on the brinks of tremendous changes coming your way, tremendous changes which are about to manifest not only in your personal reality, not only in your very own world of creation, but the reality of your entire planet.

And so, you can “pat yourselves on the back” as you say, and breathe with release, for those of you who have passed “The Ring Pass Not”, have indeed mastered yourselves so much so, that you are now able to wield the powers that you have, through serenity, benevolence and might. Wield your powers of creation in order to manifest, to truly manifest anything and everything that you wish to experience.

And as the days unfold, you shall once again see the fruits of your labor come to pass, you shall see many positive changes come into your lives. Changes from the seeds that you have planted years into the past, to be precise we shall say that in the year of your 2016 and 2018 the seeds that have been planted are about to grow and blossom into the true manifestation abilities that you are about to experience. True manifestation abilities that indeed you have.

And so, and thus, with the portal that is about to spread open before you, you can take stock of all that you have achieved thus far, all that you have experienced, weight everything with care and benevolence, and fully release that which you no longer wish to bring with you into your new reality. Truly give thanks and blessings to all of your experiences and begin a new journey, full of love, light, benevolence, joy, peace, harmony and LOVE.

That is all that we have for you now. WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.

Update! I have just received this Crystal Charging Grid for the upcoming 12:12:12:12 portal from Sanat Kumara. Please excuse the quality, as I am not an artist at all, usually I commission someone to bring the downloads I receive into beautiful form before I share them with you. But since the portal is so close I am guided to just post it as is. You can re draw this on your own if you wish to make it more symmetrical.

This is a crystal grid that you can use during this full moons portal. The two circles is where you would place your crystals as you would leave the grid in the window to charge. Before placing the crystals onto the grid hold each one and think of what you want to release then place the releasing crystal into the violet circle, and what you want to attract then place the attracting one into the pink circle, leave overnight.
They will be charged by the morning. I am advised that these will be very powerful crystals to re calibrate your energy field and help you along the way. Keep them around until you feel that what you wanted to release is finally released and what you wanted to receive you have received. Hope this helps! ❤

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–

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  1. This book is no longer available on Amazon or the other links how cn I get a copy please


    • Greetings Pamela, thank you for reaching out to me. The book is available on amazon kindle in digital form, but you are right there’s no more printed copies. I no longer sell them due to price of printing. So they are only available on amazon kindle ❤


  2. It is 12:12 12:12 though 2019 is also a 12….


  3. Thank you for this great channeling, i saw a rainbow cloud today, so it perfectly matches your channeled message. After a long and hard period things are finally feeling and looking better.

    Much love,


  4. Thank you for this great channeling, i saw a rainbow cloud today, so it perfectly matches your channeled message. After a long and hard period things are finally feeling and looking better.



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