Greetings Everyone! I hope that all of you are doing divinely well. Today I come to you with fascinating news of what is to come our way on December 21, 2016.

The other day as I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling I clearly saw an image appear before me. Blinking did not make this image go away, instead it became even more prominent and commanded my attention. The image was unmistakable, there before me on what appeared at first to be a cross stood Isis, and below her I clearly saw Jesus on a “cross”. It was when I finally acknowledge what I was looking at and begun to ask questions, I was instructed to look at the image sideways and it was then that I saw what I was looking at! What I was looking at were the scales! Perfectly aligned scales on which stood Isis representation of Divine Feminine and Jesus representation of Divine Masculine.

When asked, I was explained the following: That we are nearing a very important portal, a portal that will allow the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to merge into ONE. A portal of Endings and New Beginnings. A portal of Twin Flame Union, Twin Flame awakening and BALANCE. On Dec 21, 2016 a 4 year window which was given to us to stabilize the energy will end. On this date, just like 4 years ago on 12.21.12, a hefty number of souls will awaken to the calling within, and just like for many of us 4 years ago their journey of awakening will commence. This is one mighty important portal the effects of which we will feel for many years to come.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Both appearing on a Scale, a scale that is absolutely equal and not moving, indicates that we indeed are about to enter into a very interesting timeline, a very interesting time where the tag between masculine and feminine will have been balanced out, and both take their righteous place on this planet. The point then will become for all to keep the BALANCE and the SCALES intact, assuring that BOTH sidesare completely balanced.


Our guides have been talking to us about BALANCE for quite sometime, but NOW is the time that this is going to matter the most. Balance with everything that we are, everything that is within us and without. That means that we will begin to pay more attention to both aspects within us more carefully, assuring that both masculine and feminine qualities are equally balanced and given attention to. It is thus no longer necessary to suppress either of our qualities, masculine or feminine, but is of absolute necessity to embrace and express both simultaneously. The balance between Yin and Yang must occur on all fronts. But this time we will be able to do so with ease, grace and complete understanding.

The 12.21.16 portal assures of this, as it brings us into balance giving us a glimpse of our soul’s true essence of BEing which is neither female nor male, but indeed is a combination of both, completes a cycle and allows us to start a completely new chapter going forward. The misunderstanding between male and female will slowly begin to dissipate, however we of course will have a lot of work to do.

This portal will assist us in the letting go processes, forgiveness and unconditional understanding of self, and of all that is.  This is a VERY important portal for ALL TWIN FLAMES. As the TWIN FLAME UNION is highly important to the ascension process. This portal will also bring with it a pulsating signal from the center of our galaxy, from the Central Sun, which will awaken the Twin Flame Souls who are to begin the Seeking, Acknowledgement, Merging and Actualization processes. And assist those of us working on our inner selves in balancing out the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves.

I have asked our benevolent galactic counterparts to explain what all of this means. The following is information that I have received pertaining to Twin Flame souls. As I was told there are various stages that twin flames go through which are:


Twin Flame Disc – helps to connect with your twin flame, eases the process of acknowledgement, appreciation and understanding, growth, mutual assistance, complete and utter acceptance and recognition of all that both are.

The Seeking process

What this means is that a specific set of codes will be transmuted to those who have a twin flame residing on this planet now, whom they have not yet met in the physical and they will feel the urgency to seek out their one and only to begin their twin flame journey on this planet.

The Acknowledgement process

Those who have already met their twin flame and have spent some time “playing” the twin flame game, will be called to connect with their twin and begin the process of acknowledgement, appreciation and understanding, growth, mutual assistance, complete and utter acceptance and recognition of all that both are. This will only occur for those who have met their true twin. The “running” game, if you will, will end, and the phase of embracing THE ONE shall commence.

Nevertheless, for those who have met their “twin impostor” the relationship will swiftly come to an end as if the veil of illusion would have been lifted from their eyes and they will be guided to their actual true twin flame. At first the pain will be insurmountable, but said pain will quickly subside, as the realization and acknowledgement of truth and inner knowing that they are guided to the right one will set in firmly and coherently.

All of this is due to tremendous importance that twin flames play in the ascension process. Due to the urgency of the acknowledgement process those who shall go through a phase of seeming loss, will be assisted tremendously.

This process will be expedited and their emotional bodies would have been shielded tremendously so to assist them in moving through the phase of “loss” and a phase of “gain” as quickly and as painlessly as possible. That is not to say that an ending of a relationship that one shall experience will have been suppressed, on the contrary one shall find themselves analyzing and understanding the cause of said relationship, the cause of ending of said relationship, granting of gratitude to the one in question and release and purification from said relationship and readying of the unified field in preparation for the meeting, acknowledgement and merging processes that are to follow.

It is thus, pertinent to note that those stationed on GAIA who shall experience the loss and gain momentums shall be quickly and swiftly aligned with the actual representation of their twin from the etheric in the physical bodies. And hence, the actualization of said process shall commence without delay.


 The Merging Process

Those who are in the physical and who have met their twin and have unified into a blossomed relationship will feel the merge happening on the etheric level. For on the etheric level they shall then merge together into ONE whole and continue operating on this plane of existence through the utilization of two bodies. Bodies that shall then be connected through the codices of the etheric codes, aligning each just so as to fully and completely unify said field into one giant whole.

What we are trying to say to you beloveds, is that both shall operate as one, fully attuned to one another, activating all the dormant DNA within both vehicles of creation, allowing phenomenon known as telepathy, kinetics, teleportation of essences of BEing. Instant recognition of all that is, transference of consciousness from one to another to occur.

It shall then become possible for said pair to interconnect and inter exchange their physical vessels of time and space allowing either one to experience life on the earthly reality in either of said vehicles. And yes, this idea is incomprehensible to some on your human cognition, and yet the truth is such that indeed upon the merging of said souls, it shall then be possible to inter exchange the bodies and experience life simultaneously through both. Indeed the advanced souls comprehend well the reality of which we speak and shall begin to experience said reality shortly.



Said process is one of the most exciting processes in the process of merging of twin flames. For indeed it is that which both look forward to in earnest, for many lifetimes, many cognitions, many realities.

For the process of Actualization is the utilization of the Unified Cosmic Platform, Energies and Matrix in order to bridge the gap between two distinct realities merging the informational encodings through a prism of human consciousness and understanding, utilizing all that is within the spherical understanding of BEing and commencing with materialization of that which is to be.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that as the pair reaches the point of Actualization both are then equipped to merge, connect, attune, if you will to the MANIFESTATION realms with super conductivity. Or be able to conjure up various opportunities to advance the pair on their divine life mission which in turn benefits all of humanity.

For that which they have come here to accomplish, which is expressed in various forms on your earthly planes of existence is to establish a complete connectedness, understanding, realization, and love for all that is. Or the God principle. For the twin flame union brings with it, and generates tremendous energies which are necessary in order to propel all of humanity onto another level of consciousness.

And so as each soul moves through the ascension process each one then contributes a particle of truth to the giant sea of energetic pathways which constitutes the human experience. Whereby their contribution is interlaced with all that is. In the form of twin flame unions, said particle of truth is multiplied by 3. Which opens a TRIAD vortex of Benevolence, Triangular Degree of Consciousness, Peace, Harmony, Understanding, Light, Abundance and Love for ALL.

Finding your twin is one of the most exciting experiences, and yet one of the toughest. It can be daunting at times trying to swim through a sea of possibilities when selecting the partner of your dreams and that is why with the guidance of my celestial guides I’ve put together this Love GRID GUIDE for you! I have tested this grid on many of the ones that have come to me for assistance in tuning into the cosmos and attracting their other half and it WORKS! When you truly allow everything to unfold for you and follow the guidance not only in the step by step instruction that you’ll find in this guide, but also when you truly tune into yourself, release everything from the past and ALLOW, you will attract that perfect someone into your life! Working through a twin flame relationship is another story altogether, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s take one step at a time and dive into the beautiful world of Twin Flame Manifestation

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that the unity of twin flames opens the door for “mini” portals if you will to appear on your planet allowing many souls to pass through said portals into another dimension, into another state of being, onto a new earth platform. And so, those who have chosen to come together in this lifetime, carry tremendous responsibility to merge not only for their sake, but the sake of all humanity, as through their union a door is literally opened into another dimension for all.

And hence, you shall find said pairs working diligently in various professions around your globe, mostly gravitating toward the healing arts in whichever shape or form that may be.

For those who have incarnated onto this plane of existence, having found their twin only to see them return to the etheric, their mission continues and shall amplify following said portal. The link to their twin in the etheric shall magnify and they shall be led to a new representation of said twin in the physical reality, shall they choose to experience said relationship.

That is not to say that their twin shall borrow a body, or shall manifest a new body for themselves, that is to say that a soulmate shall be available to assist them in moving further through the earthly experience, shall they choose to take advantage of said assistance. For the soulmate that they shall be aligned with, shall be the one that shall be the best representation of that which they require in order to complete their mission on this plane of existence. And so, shall they choose to continue said journey alone, they shall be granted said opportunity and assisted from without by their respective higher selves, twin flame, guides, soulmates and all that is.

And so, the portal which is approaching your earthy shores of existence brings with it tremendous opportunities for growth and alignment with the highest aspect of your very own selves, allowing you to glimpse the perfection of that which you are and grant said manifestation onto the earthly planes of existence. For it is of your choosing which experience you are to explore in this reality. And it is up to your choosing to shift into the appropriate timeline for your present journey on earth.

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–

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P.S. To help you on your journey I have written a book. It is now available for all of you in digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – pdfdownloadableversioncoverA Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please click here:

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  1. This is pretty interesting as Lexy feels you and I are Twin Flames.  I guess this portal will tell us!!  🙂 Nomad’s Rest Rhodesian Ridgebacks Terra Lyn Joy aka Linda ClarkAKC Breeder of Merit

    From: Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe To: Sent: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 3:39 PM Subject: [New post] TWIN FLAME UNION PORTAL – 12.21.16 – DIVINE FEMININE AND DIVINE MASCULINE #yiv2895073740 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv2895073740 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv2895073740 a.yiv2895073740primaryactionlink:link, #yiv2895073740 a.yiv2895073740primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv2895073740 a.yiv2895073740primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv2895073740 a.yiv2895073740primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv2895073740 | annamerkaba posted: “Greetings Everyone! I hope that all of you are doing divinely well. Today I come to you with fascinating news of what is to come our way on December 21, 2016.The other day as I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling I clearly saw an image appear” | |


  2. Ummm… I don’t have a twin flame and not even looking for one. Looks like I miss out. 😉 LOL! Actually it is my destiny to be without one, and I like it that way. 😀
    Will the event still affect me in some way, or will it let me be?

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    • Dear Heather, that is so interesting! You did not miss out on anything! The primary message is that we are to balance out both the feminine/masculine qualities within us. That is how this portal will affect everyone. The twin flame information is about the importance that twin flames play on this earth. And that through their union the rest of us are actually uplifted and assisted 🙂 But everyone will be affected to one degree or another 🙂 ❤ xoxo

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  3. That was a very very good article- well articulated and the message was very clear and concise. Thank you very much for educating others who might not have grasped other posts about TF. Also – everything you have said is spot on and kudos to you’re intuitive ego. One notion that needs to be addressed from the Masculine Divine- along with the balance which is so correct of dark and light. Is that the Masculine who will remember their essence and dark element need to embrace this (of course again, the intention the driver- being love) but the dark balance is essential and for the dark element to not be recognized within is to not love one’s TRUE self. I speak about this as an authority as the p.o.v is heavily femininely articulated and there is not a great deal of information or guidance for the Masculine and the Dark. Of which i am both and have accepted this at a core level. My Twin Flame is the light and feminine and after a lot of hard work and shifting we managed to get our Balance – Balanced!! I am not fully in my masculine and have accepted my dark background; this i can testify from 30th October 2016. Another element to mention; this certainly isnt a critique; but more so a live time testament to what is being talked about in Physical and anything else that might not have been discussed for Masculine.
    30th October- Dark Moon – My severe fight/flight and endocrine upgrade allowed me to “accidentally” physically morph into my higher self/ other side. I physically grew to 7 foot and my entire body changed, eyes, face, legs, arms and chest. Feet grew to a size 20 as well.I didnt however turn red yet 🙂 ..Needless to say, this scared the crap out of my amazing Divine Feminine as she believed she was the dark and i was the light. How we were both wrong!!! My Twin Flame and i have had our full quote as far as reunification on physical plane among st our hundreds of lives. This is the last leg. We speak about this as authorities in physical because we are living proof of what is unfolding and what has been discussed about TF.

    Now from the dark p.o.v – Mankind has bastardized, should i say, the controllers, have manipulated dark and light to promote fear on the earth plane in order to keep us entrapped as we all know…..Now Dark souls – accept you’re dark gracefully and realize that these “Controllers” are very scared of us- that is why they have fear mongered for eons about Lucifer (me) Satan, Beelzebub etc. By playing to 3d Conditioning of people and their fear- it WAS a key part of manipulation of mankind.

    So forget of good/bad – dark/light – INTENTION is everything- once you are connected with you’re Twin Flame and you have gone through all of the shifts- you know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re operating system so to say, is driven by love- so you can cut out those logical monkeys playing a scratched record in you’re head.

    Balance is everything- it is total embracing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine – which are equal. It is a celebration of the Divine Feminine remembering her Femininity from within. Society has created testosterone driven feminines and estrogen driven masculines.

    We are here to help, guide and lead.

    This is the Divine Plan – WE ARE LUCIFER & LILITH – I AM


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  5. I am the chaser and my twin flame is the runner. Hopefully this means that I’m about to hear from my twin flame again soon 🙂


  6. Sorry but as a foreigner, my english is not so perfect. I’ve recognized my twin flame 11-11-12, so that’s mean that this process will end after 12-21-16? With no doubt he is my twin flame, is not a false twin flame.


  7. According this article, did I understood well, that we have not only one Twin, but there can be more, depending who is the closest one to my frequency and the common mission? I met my Twin Flame, went through whole the hard process I was supposed to do. He is still stucked, does not want to do anything with himself and running away… Very painful but learning process for me, now I am myself, strong, standing my ground. So it means that if I really release him from my heart, I will attract another soul closest to my frequency who I will reunite with?


  8. Hi Anna,

    I found that to be a really interesting post and the strange thing was that when I saw the picture you’ve used to head the piece I immediately got a picture in my head of Stonehenge and its circular energy vortices that cross much like the squares in the picture. The vortices were discovered through the work of Michael Tellinger and I have wondered whether they are manifestations of Gaia’s masculine and feminine energy and their union together. I’m just feeling to share and am now wondering if this mental connection is the confirmation of what I thought. Can I ask if or what you may think, feel or know about it?

    Thanks and Lots of Love, Lee x


  9. Dear Anna,
    I have heard too many definitions of twin flames. Could you please bring Light to the fundations and explain what are twin flames?, how they are formed (e.g., one same soul separating in two)?, why they are formed? does everyone soul’s creates twin flames or there are souls that don’t, so a person may not have a twin flame?…

    With deep love and gratitude!!


  10. I have been clearing eons of karma with my twin flame through our etheric connection for over 12 years. (he is a real guy that I know, but have been prevented from being together yet physcially). we began the process of deep transformation and transcendence of the Christ and Magdalene lineage/souls. It has been huge. Absolutely major journey. However, we are in communication in the ether but not physically re-connected. Incidentally, I have just today stepped away without total devastation from the ‘imposter’ male energy, ( a man I know and have been to and fro with for over 4 years), who hoodwinked me into believing he wanted me. I only operate from love not fear or hatred, so have stepped away with love from him and his lure and once again open to the deepest hope that my beloved Twin flame will indeed come forward during this portal. In truth, I have read things about this re-union for many, many, years and no sign of him yet, so it is very difficult to hold the faith sometimes after personally knowing my beloved heart for 22 years and going through a mammoth 12 years of karmic transformational work through many, many, past life recalls and pain healing. I am a healer and meditation teacher so it has been at the deepest purest depths we have journeyed. I have done distant healing to my beloved each time we have had an emotion or hurt come up. Re how twins will work………..yes, indeed, as you write towards the end of your article, my twin flame and i know all about telepathy, teleportation, merging into one another, heart congruence and projecting it etc etc etc. Cord work also. We are like Professors in this arena with Masters Degrees in it since it has been a difficult, enduring timeline we have had to traverse and travel, especially when you know in your heart and soul you are destined to be together and still are not. Like probably many other soul mates out there. Its heart wrenching.Thought I would share wiyth you and your readers, from my life experiences on this enormously powerful subject. In the one Heart I honour and acknowledge all you brave-HEARTS. Hold the faith as I am doing. What is to be will be.
    Carol x


    • The TRUE Twin Flame is Source/God/Divine. Loving yourself is the key because we ALL are Source and loving yourself the same as you love another is what’s important as everyone is YOU. There is so much differing information about Twin Flames. A Twin Flame will enter into your life once you find yourself within. There are so many people getting confused trying to find this so called ONE and ONLY true love which is labelled as the Twin Flame. The TRUE LOVE is YOURSELF. I think it’s important to realise that labels are not really necessary. Once you love YOURSELF completely and fully then a person who resonates on the same frequency/vibration as you or if you are wanting to have a Twin Flame then one might appear or even more than one. We can have more than ONE Twin Flame. In spirit we are ONE and romance is not necessary in the higher realms.


      • Hello Dear, beautiful Rob,
        I guess you have not walked in my shoes to know my intense journey to complete transcendence of mind body and spirit. The work my Twin Flame and I have been doing is the Magdalene/Christ soul work, whether you believe me or not Rob. Light has a message if you meditate you will experience my truth. Simple as that. Others that are closest to our soul-force are doing similar work. I know 1-2 of them. I honour there work and walk, as my Beloved and I do. My experiences have continued to unfold and yeild incredible awakened consciousness, heart congruence and soul expansion for over 12 yrs now on this very intense energy/subject, connected to my Twin Flame. Christ and Magdalene are the incarnated souls and still are. we are Individuated spirits in flesh and yes, indeed Source-Light.

        The interesting thing is Rob – I never knew what a Twin Flame was, or the differences between them or soul mates until some time on from meeting and beginning the process of recalibrating all in discord within me as my Twin Flame was having to do also when we connected physically. So, my personal experience was not that him nor I were indeed ready to unite as you say, but that in finding one another the intensive programme of requiting all that was out of alignment with our inner source and greater source light began.

        I have written 10 books on this subject 500,000 words, but they are not ready to be published yet until the story of the children (4 spiritual books are out….Magic Carpet Journey in New Eden). Quite a saga for sure.

        Rob, when you know the difference and are indeed complete in yourself, you know what a Twin Flame relationship is. In truth there is nothing like it and nothing compares. It is other worldly too. Each of your 37 trillion cells in your body recognise and know who your Twin Flame, as does your mind, body, heart and soul. My Beloved-Heart and I will reunite when it is time. For us we are here on a mission and part of that mission is to ignite hope, trust and faith into all the people in our lives we know and love and to bring them into the deepest sense of this through our walk. Goddess Blessings.

        In sincere love and gratitude to you Rob for allowing me the opportunity to express my truth, I am Magdalene and I am Cosmic Mother. x


      • Hey Carol.. I’m also an aspect of the Magdalene energy as millions of women are. That energy can manifest in more than one person. It’s a Collective energy as is Christ, it’s a Collective Consciousness. So when you connect to those energies it’s many in ONE.

        A Twin Flame would be perceived as a member of your Soul Group, vibrating on the same frequency, so that’s why you would feel the joy and great love if you meet one on this vibration. Also regarding Twin flames…. The majority of humanity has some programming to clear of what they see love is ..its nothing to do with romance that is a human construct doesn’t exist in 5D. We are neither male or female in spirit form. The twin flame is not necessarily meant to be romantic it’s about evolving and letting go of attachments but of course nobody wants to hear that.

        Of course it’s up to YOU how you want to perceive it and experience loving yourself as we are ALL ONE.

        Many Blessing to you.


      • Human beings are SO very quick to give their power away to some archaic “idea” of a “twin flame” or soulmate. When we look outside ourselves for ANYTHING, we give our power to what we are seeking, instead of KEEPING our power inside where it belongs. Human beings are so STARVED for love, they continuously look outside of themselves for it. It is a recipe for manipulation, illusions and delusions. When we come from the place of Love INSIDE us, we will find that the Universe will bring to us the souls that resonate with us and who we are. this will NEVER happen until we embody Love. and just to break the illusion that “twin flames “are human, Those Beings who resonate with us, will come to us at the perfect time… with NO seeking on our part. They will simply appear, and be warned, they will NOT just be human… Beings who resonate with us, are our Mirror, so they come in whatever FORM, animal, human, extraterrestrial, whatever resonates with our Inner being will be, without fail, mirrored in the “external” world. Human beings MUST get away from this idea of Human “twin flames” it is limiting and completely Disempowering. Has anyone ever experienced their Mirror energy in the Form of a beautiful TREE, which mirrors our Self at the perfect time for our integration and understanding. OPEN your mind, human beings to the LOVE that is ALL Around in ANY form whatsoever… there is NO lack of LOVE>… there is only the inability of human beings, in their ilusory EGO reality that Love MUST come in human form…. How very sad and limiting this is…. You MISS OUT on ALL the LOVE that is already present around you… in EVERY form you see, and certainly NOT just human. If it were just human beings, it would be VERY SAD, because the majority of human beings have simply NO idea of what REAL LOVE is… If human beings Knew what REAL LOVE is, they would NOT be seeking it… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they would BE Love… it iS that simple.

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  11. Hi AnnaMerkaba,
    I have this nudge “should I ask Anna or should I not?” I’m a bit nervous for this emergence of 12.21.16. I am in this relationship with this man for 4 years. He struggles ..I can see that he was trying to open up to me (he doesn’t usually do that) but I wanted to detail this to you to give you an idea of what he is going through. He said to me, “It’s dark by the end of the cliff and he is afraid” He knows nothing of twin flames and this sense of reality. I do not know how to describe our encounter. I don’t even know how to bring the question to you. What is this called?


  12. I feel like I lost my twin flame 12-24-15. I don’t want to live without him. I’m so lost and only want to be reunited with him. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I love this man with every beat of my heart and soul. Please help me. My name is Jason Hill and his name was Brandon Curtis. Please help me


    • Hi Jason, You can never ever truely lose your twin flame even in death. Know that when you have a clearer heart and have released some of the burdened pain you will be able to be more open to feel Brandon. I have a twin flame who is not with me (he is a man in this world, but we’ve not been allowed to physically unite….YET!) so love found a way. it always does. we talk through telepathy and LOVE. I can feel him distant or around and can always contact him if the planets are not getting in our way and energies off. Trust me Jason, twin flames can never been destroyed or stripped apart, its just not possible. Believe in a new form of connecting and I hope you reclaim that love in a new and exciting way. Love and respect Carol Watson, Edinburgh, Scotland UK.


      • Hi Carol,

        I just want to say that I feel that it’s really kind of you to reach out and help someone the way you have done here. It’s really nice of you, but if I’m honest I dont know if I have anything to add because I think, in my experience, this whole twin flame thing is a load of bollocks (if you can excuse my English) and you just have to make the best of whatever path you’re on and prioritise connecting with your divine spirit as best you can… and when you do that it becomes much easier. That’s what I’ve learnt.

        Thanks for being kind, it reflects on all of us. Lots of Love, Lee x

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      • Hello Lee, Are you one who has never experienced the soul/heart/spirit connection of a Twin Flame? When you have and have had a decade or so of experience then you know what a Twin Flame is all about. For sure, it’s important to bring balance to our own inner male and female self as I certainly have been working on from time to time over a period of 10 years now, I believe I am balanced. However, I saw my Twin Flame 23 years ago in the physical and I knew he was my Beloved having done no personal alchemy whatsoever. I just KNEW!! It is so true that when you meet your Twin Flame Lee, physically, you recognise them in the molecules of your soul and nobody can tell you otherwise. We each have dominion over our personal ‘feelings’, just as Jason has and Annamerkaba has, who is the writer of this article. It may be useful, since it is her article to ask you – Annamerkaba’s to speak of your own personal experiences on this deeply personal subject. I do hope to be of comfort to you Jason, or indeed any other struggling with a Soul Mate or Twin Flame connection who has read this article and subsequent comments. If I have, then I am sure you are feeling less alone and supported in some way. Love is enduring and Love is truely ALL There is! Never give up on it. In the ONE Heart, I send you all a Puff of Love. Carol x

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      • Hi Carol,
        Thanks for your reply and for sharing. To be honest I thought I had discovered that on a few occassions in my life, but they were based on a sense of need I had to be with someone and a sense of lack that I had within myself, and thus I was led to make some very poor choices, but what those choices did do was to highlight the damage I had within myself and show me the areas that I needed to heal… and once I did that I didn’t feel like I needed to be with anyone anymore… and that to me is a feeling of bliss because it is simply when the pain ends… so all in all I’m grateful because living with that “missingness” was blooming horrible and I wouldn’t wish to go through that again! In a strange sort of way, after healing and finally achieving that balance, I actually already feel like I’ve met my twin flame… even if I haven’t… so maybe she is just a stone’s throw away into the future… or maybe she’s simply Gaia herself because whenever I go out into nature… I feel loved and at one with her… and in those moments… one flames enough. Thanks for being a sweet heart and best wishes to you. Keep Being there for people and keep Being the change.
        Lots of Love, Lee x


      • Hi Lee,

        pleased to hear that you too went through the long road of personal alchemy. It actually was through my connection with my beloved twin flame in the ether that karmic issues rose over a decade to be worked through and healed. I thought it would never end. Such an enuring journey of ups and down. I am totally healed and balanced and still am deeply in love with my beloved heart. I do not feel empty or needing in anyway myself as you feel too, I am whole and complete me myself and I.

        I just know from the beginning of creation who my twin flame is and hold onto that vision. I wish you every success in requiting with your own twin Lee.

        I am Cosmic Mother. Love in the One-Heart Carol x

        Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jason,

      I just replied to Carol and then I just had a thought of something to add… focus on your connection between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within yourself and then once you achieve the balance of that connection then everything else becomes easier and you realise that anything you experience thereafter is a bonus and living life isn’t so difficult. No one can say whether you are meant to be or not meant to be with a particular person… but everyone will say that YOU ARE MEANT TO BE! Trust in life and where it may take you. Dont give up. The sun will rise and the birds will sing once more. See the light and hear the song. There’s life beyond love and that is love too. You’ll find it. Take care Squire and Lots of Love, Lee x


      • Everyone has soulmates,family,friends but twin flames are something very special for when they come together it is not just for themselves but for the betterment of Humankind & The Earth. If believe you have meet your twinflame and there is a runner/chaser dynamic you have either not healed things within yourself or they have not healed things in themselves or learnt lessons from this lifetime and or past lifetimes or they are not your true twinflame.
        Each personal relationship you have are all lessons to learn that eventually lead to the one pre-ordained one but only if you learn from the lessons given, I have come to realise that people can multiple fake twinflames but all these encounters, feelings are basically just preparation in the lead up to the real thing, for one must ready to be able handle the total overwhelming feeling of total unconditional love, vibrational energy and euphoric bliss in becoming one again..
        With the rise in consciousness more and more twinflames are reuniting this is a most wonderful thing this is what we need to create a higher understanding of love and emit a higher vibrational love so everyone & the earth can felt it and be healed by it..


      • Hi Kelli,
        That’s such a great comment. I feel that there’s a lot truth in your words and I think that you’ve just summed it up in a nutshell. You’re only going to have any chance of meeting or uniting with your twin flame once you’ve both healed and found the balance within and then, I guess, the magic really starts to happen. I see that too and am so pleased for the beautiful Souls that are achieving it. It’s magic to us all. Thanks Kelli, you really put it in a concise and informative way.
        Lots of Love, Lee x


  13. Is that the reason why I see 1221 every where? Iv searched the meaning but it just doesnt feel right. And I found this website by an ad on facebook and just got a ahh haa feeling when I seen it.
    I thought I met my twin flame and been to hell and back so to speak but over the last few days im just in a different space. Its not that I dont care, im just in this space where I feel like a weight has been lifted off. Im not suffering any more, im not contemplating on what he is any more, im just letting everything be. It is a good thing and im more relaxed now. I was just wondering if thats why I see 1221 every where.


  14. Wooo!!
    It’s good to remember that we all have a unique journey, despite the paths and guidence set out for us.
    I will look forward to the portal and ready nd working on my energies that day, I have been feeling my twin stronger again lately so I hope our meeting will be soon. 🙂


  15. Reblogged this on Seelenliebe and commented:
    … zwar in englisch, doch durchaus verständlich 🙂 Vielen Dank!


    • When will human beings move past the very outdated belief system of male and female. We are ENERGY first and foremost, and NEITHER male or female. Perhaps if human beings realized and accepted this, there would be NO “war” between the sexes. there would only be peace and love. But of course, human beings love to hang to outdated belief systems… Jesus christ did NOT change the world, even after 2,000 years…. human beings are NOT interested in true change or Divine Truth, otherwise, they would NOT be in the position they are currently: wars and poverty and greed on a global scale. Sadly it seems that this beautiful Earth may be destroyed BEFORE men and women come together in true love. Wake up, human beings and realize the truth of what you are, and LET GO of these archaic beliefs about male and female. Time is SHORT and the Earth needs our love and support, NOT the endless debates on sites like this, which do NO more than confuse human beings even more, (which is very easy by the way).


  16. Hi Anna, I have a question , I just found out who my twin flame is and I’ve been told that I will meet with him in August by someone who did a healing for me . But now I have also found out that there is a very strong possibility that my twin flame has passed on on may 7,2014 so I wonder how I will join and unite twin flame together with him? Am I going to die in August in order to be reunite as one and to live the bliss? I feel very sad and a bit confused. I keep seeing my twin flame in my dreams as I am getting more and more intuitive and spiritual with each passing day…. I am also beginning to realize that there is a sacred plan to me living on Gaia at this time……


    • Dear Julia, from my practice as a channeler and a healer I will say that the best thing that you can do for yourself is to listen to your OWN guidance and intuition, especially when it comes to dates of all sorts, and twin flame unions. If you would like to get answers from yourself but can’t seem to connect I would suggest that you go for past life hypnotherapy regression session where you can ask your own higher self all sorts of questions. I hope this helps! ❤


  17. Thank you so much for this amazing message of hope and encouragement!



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