Greetings Everyone! I hope you are all doing phenomenally well! Today I would like to share something with all of you. For quite some time now many of you have been asking me for personal guidance, a guidance with step by step instructions on how to handle the process of ascension. And it is today, roughly a year later since I’ve set out on this journey, that I would like to introduce you to what has culminated in a Freedom Journey Karmic Release Online Course…

YOU CAN change your karma!

YOU CAN get off the Karmic Wheel of Life. 

YOU CAN change your life!

If these are the words you’re longing to hear when you go to various psychics, healers, mystics, then this Freedom Journey – Karmic Release Course™ is the course for you.

The reason that I have put this course together for you is to give you the tools not only to understand what karma is, not only to get yourself off the Karmic Wheel of Life, but to find the FREEDOM of thought. This is a life changing course, a course that should help you move away from the outdated belief systems of your parents, grandparents, society, etc., and help you to find your own inner voice, the voice of truth.

This course will help you shed the layers that you have allowed yourself to be encapsulated into by your upbringing. It will help you to dive deep within and release all the triggers that are holding you back from aligning yourself with the life that you are meant to live! This course will help you unlock the mystery of your heart. Get to the bottom of your issues, and let it all go.

This course will help you to “strip naked” if you will, get into the void, start from point zero, and spiral into a completely new reality. Ushering tremendous changes in the way that you view yourself and the world that you live in. If you are ready to move away from the “Karmic Wheel of Life”, from the “Karma” that you have created and fully immersed yourself in. If you are ready to reconnect with your higher self. If you are ready to take ACTION and fully participate in this process. Then this is the course for you.

Freedom Journey – Karmic Release is a course of ACTION. So, if you are ready to take your power back into your hands I invite you to join me, Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron as we dive together into the “mysteries” of Karma, clearing out all the misconceptions held in relations to this subject and together find “the order within the chaos” of misunderstandings, misconceptions and flat out lies in regards to you, your life, and your Karma.

Karma is not what people tend to believe it to be at all. And what I find fascinating is how very little knowledge in regards to Karma and changing it exists in the wide circle of healers,  psychics and various other energy professionals. Their own lack of understanding of how karma works and what it actually is sadly transfers over to those who come to them. I do understand that it is hard to comprehend it at times and even harder to explain to others what it is, as this subject is shrouded in mystery. Many times they are afraid to tell others the truth, only because of the dogmatic thinking patterns that are already ingrained in the minds of their followers, however it is important to muster the courage and express this truth to the best of our abilities to all whom our way shall come.

What does not resonate with me at all is hearing someone say “bloodline karma” a karma that can’t be removed. Many people who come to me say that they went to a psychic who told them that they have bloodline karma that can’t be changed and that is the reason for all their troubles and they simply must live out their life as is, because they have this debt to pay for whatever their ancestors have done. All of these ominous statements keep people stuck in this false belief system.

There is no such thing as not being able to get off the Wheel of Karma. There is no such thing as not being able to change your karma. There is no such thing unless you fully, completely, and utterly believe with all your heart and mind that there’s nothing you can do about changing your life.

But because you are reading this here message something within you is disagreeing with all of these belief systems as well, and is guiding you to get the key and fully unlock the ‘mystery” of karma, and change your understanding of what it is. Once you change your understanding of karma, how it works and what the Karmic Wheel of Life is, you will then be able to fully change your life. Everything will fall into place for you. You will be FREE from the thought processes of your ancestors, society, friends and family and your very own ingrained belief systems.

IT IS NOT ABOUT CHANGING YOURSELF IT IS ABOUT FINDING YOURSELF. You are perfect the way that you are, but you must first find out who you are, release all the layers of your cocoon that you’ve weaved for yourself and emerge a beautiful carefree butterfly with joyous heart and clear mind, shining your beautiful light onto this world!

Freedom Journey – Karmic Release Course™ is designed with all of you in mind. Whether you are “stuck” on the Karmic Wheel of Human life, or are a visitor to GAIA’s shores, the truth remains that you have soaked your feet in the world of Human Karma, Drama, and Misunderstanding of Human Experience.

If you are reading this information it only means one thing, that you are finally ready to release yourself from the misconstrued ideas of what Karma truly is, let go of everything holding you back and finally gift yourself the power of FREEDOM.

As you probably already know, I come from the stars, Andromeda, and am part of the Andromedian Intergalactic CounsEL of Light. That is where I have spent a lot of time prior to incarnating onto this amazing, incredibly complex and truly chaotic matrix of Human Earth. To be precise, however, I come from the Source of All that is. Which is the same place that YOU come from as well!

I talk in depth on this subject in my book Mission to Earth, so if you are interested in learning more please pick up a copy. Briefly though, The Source of All That is, is what is understood as GOD on this planet. However what GOD truly is, is of course misunderstood, misconstrued and marketed as a tool, to control, destroy and conquer. GOD is not a man in a sky. GOD is not anything to be feared. GOD is something that must be understood, truly felt and experienced. And that is what we will try to achieve together with the assistance of this course.

GOD, or rather THE SOURCE of all that is, is a magnificent loving energy being or “field” if you will, the “womb” if you will. It is a point from which everything originates and to which everything returns. It is the most loving and caring vibratory field that can ever be experienced. GOD is the principle of all that is. GOD loves YOU unconditionally, regardless of what you do, or do not do, what you achieve, or do not achieve, what you think or don’t think. GOD, does not punish you for anything at all. GOD is not that which anyone should ever be afraid of. For GOD simply is, a co-creator of your reality. GOD is that which is there supporting you, no matter the choices that you make. And so, truly, the only one that can and does punish you, is YOUR VERY OWN SELF. This is highly important and I want you to understand this, keep this in mind, ingrain it into every fiber of your being and breathe this notion into your heart – GOD LOVES YOU. YOU ARE LOVED BEYOND MEASURE BY ALL THAT IS. YOU ARE CHERISHED. YOU ARE INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT. YOU ARE FREE.

This Freedom Journey – Karmic Release Course™ is designed to help you get in tune with your own self, and your own GOD SOURCE, so that you can fully examine everything that you have experienced up to this point in time, go deep within into a dark and scary forest of your subconscious mind and come out victorious. Fully comprehending, feeling and igniting the inner knowing of the ultimate TRUTH. The truth, that you are absolutely FREE, that you are LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY by all that is, that you are a GREAT MANIFESTOR of everything that you see, feel, experience and are, and that it is time to FORGIVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF, HONOR YOURSELF, UNDERSTAND YOURSELF AND TREAT YOURSELF AS YOU WISH TO BE TREATED BY OTHERS.

It is highly important to understand that not everyone is stuck on the human Karmic Wheel of Life. We all have some form of Karma, but not everyone is actually stuck on a Karmic Wheel of Life. Those of you who identify yourselves as star seeds, indigo’s, blue rays, coming from the angelic realm, elemental or any other realm but the human one, are not stuck on the Karmic Wheel of Life, but have ingrained the notion of karma into your subconscious belief system which now needs to be eradicated from your systems.

Everything in this course applies to you, except for the release from the Karmic Wheel of Life with AA Michael which I talk about in the course. Therefore, you might not be stuck on a Karmic Wheel of Life, if you have come from the stars, elemental or angelic realms however you still have accumulated what you believe to be karma, which is a set of false limiting belief systems, and ideas about who you are. For those who hail from the stars you will be introduced to another form of clearance of your subconscious belief system in the course.

This Freedom Journey – Karmic Release Course™ is comprised of the following:

There are 13 video lessons in total, with 1 extra bonus video on how to clear your energy field from Psychic Attack, but only 12 of them will apply to you. The reason is that some of you may be stuck on the Karmic Wheel of Life, and some of you may not be.

If you feel a close affinity to the stars, the angelic realm, ascended master’s realm, celestial realms, fairies, or elementals, etc, you are not stuck on the Karmic Wheel of Life. If on the other hand you have very close affinity with earth, feel yourself to have lived out numerous lives on this planet, and are not drawn to any particular star system, nor any of the realms that I’ve mentioned above, then you are most likely part of the Karmic Wheel of Life, unless you are a WISE ONE, which may be confusing at times.

Wise ones are not stuck on the Karmic Wheel of Life, but have very deep rooted attachment to earth, because they have spent eons here, found their way out of the veil of forgetfulness, ascended, “retired” if you will, and have come back to assist other human souls in finding their way out of the labyrinth of forgetfulness.

To determine if you are a Wise One or not, I would suggest picking up a copy of Doreen Virtues book where she talks about various realms, which should help you to identify who you are.

If you’ve had a Merkaba Distant Energy Healing Session with me you will know the answer to this.

This is an ON DEMAND ONLINE VIDEO COURSE – Which is a series of pre-recorded Video Lessons. In each lesson we journey together through a myriad of important facts, know-hows, inner workings of your mind and body, where you learn the importance of tuning into your own energy field, releasing and letting go of that which you no longer need and finding the key to FREEDOM.

Taking this course is EASY. There is no videos to download. You can access each lesson at any time that is convenient for YOU. It is the same as watching a video on YouTube, only through a console that is set up especially for you.

Some of the video lessons include comprehensive inner works homework guides which you can either view on the screen or print out for easy reference.

Each lesson varies in length but averages out to roughly 20 – 25 minutes per video. Some are shorter, some are longer. The total running time of the entire course is 237 minutes. 

As I mentioned there are 13 video lessons + 1 Bonus Video on how to clear Psychic Attacks and Keep your energy field Crystal Clear and 10 Inner Works Homeworks + 1 Bonus Egg Clearance Technique designed to assist you in doing the same, keeping your body free from unwanted energies, which you can print out and work with during the course. Freedom Journey – Karmic Release Online Course™ consists of:

Video Lesson 1Setting the Stage

Is an introduction to who you are and what you are about to experience. During this lesson we set the stage and prepare you for the beautiful freedom journey.

Video Lesson 2Subtle Bodies and Chakra’s

In this lesson we will learn about the various subtle bodies and chakras, what they do and how they affect your psyche and manifestations of various physical issues.

Lesson 3Vibrational Remedies

Here you will be introduced to the various Vibrational Remedies, such as homeopathy, flower essences, cell salts, and other elixirs to assist your body in releasing, purifying and allowing various psychological changes to take place.

Lesson 4The truth about Karma, The Human Karmic Wheel of Life.

In this lesson you will be introduced to what Karma truly is. What the Human Karmic Wheel of Life is and how it was set up. What it means to have Karma. Here you will learn a brief history of the “human experiment”. After this lesson you will have a clearer idea of whether or not you are part of the Human Karmic Wheel of Life, or if you are simply stuck in this self-limiting belief.

Lesson 5The Importance of Letting Go

In this lesson we will talk about the importance of Letting Go. What it means to Let go and how your very own body can be reprogrammed, EASILY to behave the way that you want it to!

Lesson 6And the ACTION begins! Release, Let Go, Allow

Here is where you finally put everything that you’ve learnt thus far in the course into action. This is one of the most important steps that you will take. Following the video lesson you will begin the ACTION part of this journey and RELEASE, LET GO and ALLOW. You will be able to print out a step by step guide and directions on what to do.

Lesson 7Amygdala and the Heart Code. Letting go of Triggers.

In this lesson we continue the ACTION part of the Freedom Journey. Here you will learn what Amygdala is, how to tap into the information stored there, and most importantly how to release it. How to pin point various triggers that you have and let them go. Following the video lesson you will be able to print out a step by step guide on how to do just that.

Lesson 8Mission Possible – How your Brain Operates, Influence of Thought Forms and how to send them packing!

In this lesson we will learn about how your brain operates, how your whole body tunes into your thought processes. Here you will be introduced to thoughts, how they form and turn into what is known as Thought Forms. How to identify various thought forms, and most importantly how to stop them from influencing you. How to stop giving them life and how to choose which thoughts and thought forms to allow to influence you or not. How to stop having the same arguments with those around you over and over again, how to quickly tune into another, more peaceful frequency and how to make your life easier, release the thoughts that circulate in your mind all day long preventing you from truly connecting to yourself, the divine, and living a fulfilling life here on earth.

Lesson 9 – Walking with Melchizedek – How to Change your Frequency Instantly. Opening your Eyes to the Inner workings of your energy field.

In this very interesting lesson you will get a chance to walk with Melchizedek and bathe in the universal frequencies of love. You will learn how to change your frequency instantly. How to project the type of energy onto others that you wish to and how to use this energy to attract the type of experiences that you wish. Here is where you will understand more innately the reason why you keep experiencing what you are, and how to instantly change your energy and attract positive energy your way. This is a very important and fascinating lesson which will literally open your eyes to the inner workings of your energy field. To sum up what this lesson is about I would like to share a quote from one of my channelings that I have received from AA Metatron “The beauty of the self lays within the vessel of time known to mankind as the blueprint of the soul. The blueprint of the soul which resides in the second left sector of the heart, can be found simply by looking within the gaze of another, and whilst at it, one will see the reflection of self through the eyes of another. And thus, to really see the one that you are looking to find, one must simply look into the eyes of another and in the reflection of the self, you shall find the one that you are indeed looking to find, which is, your own self. ”

Lesson 10How to love yourself Unconditionally.

In this lesson you will learn how to Love Yourself Unconditionally, what it truly means and step by step instructions on what to do.

Lesson 11 – How to Reprogram Your Psyche, Remove Layers of the Past, Cleanse your Palate and LET IT GO.

In this lesson you will be introduced to a final clearance of your deeply held ideas about yourself. You will learn how to tap into that which is sabotaging you from within, and to which you have had no prior access to. Here you will learn to truly tune into your body, listen to it, and finally release the various programs that are running deep within. You will learn how to reprogram your psyche, remove layers of the past and cleanse your palate.

Lesson 12 – (For HUMAN SOULS) Saying Goodbye to the Human Karmic Wheel of Life with the Assistance of Archangel Michael and saying Hello to your Universal Cosmic Self!

This lesson will complete this Freedom Journey – Karmic Release Course™ If you are part of the Human Collective Karmic Wheel of Life you will finally say goodbye to this wheel, release yourself from it and complete the experiment that you have set out onto eons into the past with the assistance of AA Michael.

Lesson 13 – (For Way showers, Starseeds, Angelics, Galactics, Indigos, Blue Rays, Elementals, Lightworkers, Fairies, etc) Saying Goodbye to the IDEA of being Stuck on the Karmic Wheel of Life with the assistance of the Hathors and saying Hello to Your Universal Cosmic Self!

This lesson will complete your This Freedom Journey – Karmic Release Course™ If you are a visitor (way shower) to GAIA’s shores, you will skip lesson 12 and proceed with this lesson, where you will finally release yourself from the self limiting belief of being stuck on the Human Karmic Wheel of Life with the assistance of the Hathors.

Last Lesson (14)FREE BONUSHow to prevent Psychic Attacks and Clear Your auric field of Unwanted Energies ANYTIME YOU WISH.

This lesson is comprised of a PDF file of the Egg Clearance technique which is a very powerful tool to have in order to clear your energy field of unwanted influences anytime you wish, as well as a video of a very simple technique to clear your energy field each morning and night.

Please note that most of this information is already available for you on my blog and in various videos that I have shared with all of you. However, I was urged by many of you and guided by my guides to put this together for all of you into a concise, easy to follow and understand online course. Therefore, if whilst taking this course you find yourself having heard of this information before please note that you have been advised 🙂

Technical Intricacies: Please note that this is an Online Course, which means that once you make a payment you will then need to wait for a confirmation email from me with further instructions on how to log into your online console. Each registration is manually set up, hence please note that it will take 2 – 3 days for you to be registered for this course. Please note that you will not be able to download the videos, because you do not need to keep them. This is an ACTION course which means that once you complete it, you will no longer need to retake it again. You will however, be able to download PDF files with pertinent information that you can keep and refer to over and over again should you choose to do so.

If you had a healing session with me, then you are already familiar with most of this information and would only take this course if you weren’t able to follow the written guidance that I have provided for you on your own and need a step by step visual directions. Otherwise you already have all of this information and more at your disposal. Once again if you do go forward with this course and see that there’s a lot of familiar information, there are no backsies and no complaining allowed 🙂

This course is designed to bring POSITIVE energies into your life. Teach you how to experience the UNCONDITIONAL UNIVERSAL FREQUENCIES OF LOVE, RELEASE YOUR TRIGGERS, LET GO and finally ALLOW yourself to change the trajectory of your life.

Throughout my journey on this planet, I have come to understand that every single being on this planet craves one thing and one thing only UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Every single one of us wants to be accepted for who we are. The issue is, that more often than not, we have absolutely no idea just WHO we are. Because we are conditioned by those around us to assume a certain identity, a certain role that we are to play going forward, whether that role suits us or not, doesn’t really matter to those around us, as they just like us, have been conditioned to believe that they too are someone that they truly are not.

It is incredibly rare to meet someone these days that doesn’t have a certain identity that they have assimilated from their environment, going about their day playing out a role that truly isn’t theirs. And because of this, a lot of inner conflict and confusion arises, which produces depression, inner tension and a whole array of health issues. And even though there is so much inner conflict, it is only after a major incident, such as a near death experience, of an extreme shock, or a nervous breakdown that one suddenly realized that they are playing a role that is not theirs. And that is when the search for innate truth begins. That is, most likely how you are finding yourself here at this moment reading this message. For which I congratulate you!

The question remains though, as to why we choose to play certain roles that are being superimposed on us by those around us? And the true answer, that lays deep within, which is discovered after layer upon layer of projected excuses and “explanations” arises is – LOVE pure and simple. It is our desire to be loved, and return to the love that we have known prior to our incarnation onto this plane of existence that we decide to play a certain role.

But no matter what role you play in your day to day life, the reason that you are here right now finding yourself on this page and reading about the Freedom Journey – Karmic Release Course™ is because you still have not found that which you have been looking for, and so should you choose to proceed with this course, with your permission we will journey through time and space, we will walk together into the scariest forest of your subconscious mind, and like a wolf who has faced all its fears and is no longer afraid of the dark forest, will emerge victorious, full of love, joy and appreciation for everything that YOU are.

If you are ready to proceed click on the “BUY IT NOW” button and let’s DIVE IN!

Please note that the price you see here is an Introductory offer for a limited time only. $19.95 Thank you.  Price for Course USD $7700



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  1. I believe I could benefit from one session with you rather than waiting for the entire video to be released for me. I am a teacher and spiritual mentor. I believe I am a wise one and from the angelic world. My name is Ayahhhh, light. And I am a light worker and earth angel. Still having some love issues. My confusion comes with my lover and best friend, who is also a soul mate from a past life together. I sometimes don’t know if he is here to be with me as my twin flame as well. I know I want my twin flame to be here for my life on earth and I sometimes feel confused at the process of this particular love relationship. I need to free myself so I can move forward with love and light in my heart and not be afraid of being alone for a moment in time during the transition.. or… accept our relationship the way it has been created in this lifetime, if this it the relationship that is meant to be here for me??? Letting go. That’s what I need some help with… even us angels get stuck sometimes. Thank you for creating this opportunity.


  2. Hi, I have been exercising self-knowledge and inner change for almost 5 years. After some self-work I started to have some insights… To move forward, I really need to know who I am. I identified with some insights from Doreen Virtues book but not clearly enough. I like to have a session with you but the link ( is broken. Can you help me?


  3. Anna Merkaba is no longer doing this course, so please do not pay for it.


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