December 31, 2016 – Portal of Divine Manifestation – Melchizedek and The Company of Heaven

99cb110c5aacb777b022d93c65244a03Greetings Everyone! Today I come to you with very interesting and exciting news from our benevolent counterparts. Once again we are not only given an opportunity to change the landscape of our reality, but are asked to fully participate in doing so! Therefore it is once again time for ACTION.

On December 31st, 2016 mere 10 days after the Twin Flame Union Portal of which I spoke about in my previous message to you. Massive energies and various little portals around the globe will open up fueled by the merger of said twin flames.

The merger of twin flames is going to be just one part of the equation as on that date  enormous energies will be generated by many on this planet. Energies which shall allow for fabulous transformation and transcendence to occur. Coupled with a direct signal from the center of our galaxy, which will have already arrived on our planet following the 12/21/16 portal we are going to be literally swimming in a sea of light, love and manifestation energies!

I will not go into details at this moment and simply allow you to fully immerse yourself into the channeling that I have received from Melchizedek and the company of Heaven. Following this channeling. I will go into details on what you are to do on December 31st, 2016 to help make incredible shifts happen not only for yourself but for many on this planet.

Dearly Beloved Masters of the Universe,

It is with the glorious accompaniments of the heavenly abodes that we rush to into inform you of the grand signal that is to come onto your earthly planes of existence. It is with excitement that we bring you the message of attunement to the energies of love, light, balance, peace, harmony, bliss and manifestation.

For the grand event that is to come your way in the weeks to come shall fully allow to manifest that which is unmenifest, fully allow to align those of you who have been feeling a bit “stuck “ in your journeys with the outmost brilliant plan that your own higher selves, and the collective of I AM presence have in store for you. For in the weeks to come, following the grand merger of the souls known on your earthly planes of existence as twin flames, a monumental time shift shall begin to rapidly sweep across your planet.

Archangel GABRIEL Disc – The Voice of God, Attunes to the Akasha, The Messenger of Spirit, Brings Good News in Abundance To learn more please visit 












And what do we mean by Monumental Time Shift. To what do we refer when we use such powerful words? We refer to the time shifts that shall be happening in the background of your everyday reality. The time shifts that shall catapult many of you into the uncharged waters, so to speak, the uncharted waters where your strengths and seeming weaknesses shall be presented to you, uncharted waters where you shall be tested, uncharted waters where all that you have created and manifested for yourselves shall be fully and cognitively examined, and where you shall be introduced to and presented with your new blueprints, the blueprints of your etheric selves, the blueprints of your journeys on this planet.

During said process you shall be able to yet again jump an octave or two, or on the contrary move down a few notes in order to continue the type of journey and experience that you wish to partake of. For the juncture in time, the shift, the portal if you will, where you shall be given an opportunity to shift onto another frequency is swiftly coming your way. And shall arrive on your shores by the thirty first of your month known as December of your year known as twenty sixteen (December 31st, 2016). For on the night of said juncture in time you shall be able to utilize the positive energies which shall be generated by the masses, the positive energies which your planet shall be immersed into, to allow for tremendous shifts to occur. Not only for your very own self, but for all who dwell on GAIA.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds, is that during the thirty first of your December, of the year known as twenty sixteen in your world (December 31st, 2016) on the night of the celebration of that which is known in your world as the New Year,  tremendous number of souls around your globe shall enter a frequency bandwidth which is understood as ecstasy, happiness, joy, the feeling of cheer and positivity which will allow many of you working with various timelines to once again utilize said energy in order to make a giant leap in consciousness happen again for so many on your planet. It is at that moment if you shall connect to he energetic pool of happiness and anticipation of new beginnings that you shall, as a collective consciousness be able to shift your present reality onto a new pathway.

To utilize said energies shall come natural for those of you working with various time lines and shifts, time frequencies and for those who are traveling alongside various dimensions and are able to jump through time and space. Said souls shall already be aware of how to utilize such energies, but for those of you who are novices to said information we propose two “juncture in time frequency modification attunements” if you will.

Following said attunement of the frequencies mentioned therein, we propose a grid line work in which you shall select various time shifts, by simply writing down that which you wish to occur in your personal and overall reality structure. On the night of said unity, you shall find yourselves in the meditative state, and when you do, you shall be asked to merge with the energetic frequency of all who are celebrating that which is known in your world as a New Year. You shall be granted an opportunity to connect with  all souls vibrating on frequencies of Happiness, Joy, Freedom, Peace, Harmony, Love, Lightness of Being, Abundance and Manifestation. You shall be able to connect to their energies to their massive frequencies of joy and love that they shall emanate and send through the matrix GAIA.

Once the invocation of your I AM presence and allowance into the frequencies of said octaves you shall be able to fully tune into your hearts presence, into the hearts space of your planet, into the very center of your matrix that has been created and weave a new reality from within said structure.

You shall be able to assist a magnificent number of souls who are finding themselves on a brink of true awakening to SELF. You shall be able to not only continue to co create a new reality structure, you shall also be able to make any and all adjustments to your very own energetic blueprint and energy matrix.

And so and thus, the times coming your way are instrumental in continuing to make shifts in consciousness, to continue to maneuver through the densities and debris which are floating and are being extracted from all around you, to be able to be in peace, balance and lightness of BEing. To be able to Shine your loving light of your creator selves for all to partake of.

All of these magnificent changes, opportunities for growth and expansion of consciousness are coming your way, not only on the night your Thirty First of December in the Year known in your world as twenty sixteen, but following said night into the new year ahead. A year that promises to bring many of you into the alignment with their true identities, to expose to many of you the true identities of all whom dwell on GAIA. The year ahead, as is understood in your world, shall truly be a year tremendous changes, radical movements, radical thinking, cooperation, conservancy, and gigantic awakening for so many on your shores.

It is with humble gratitude in our hearts, peace, love, harmony and bliss that we bow to you in anticipation of all that your way shall come, of all that your unified energy field shall manifest into your daily reality structure of BEing. It is with gratitude that we bow to you for all that you are. That we thank you for continuing to shine your light wherever you go.  That is all that we have for you now. WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.

THE HOW: Now that you have read this channeling and understand the significance of what is to come our way, following are the “HOW TO” steps.

Before all the steps that you are to take on the night of December 31st, the first thing is to sit down and ask yourself how do you see your life during the year ahead? What is it that you would like to see more of, or less of manifest in your everyday reality? What is it that you aspire to achieve in the coming year? Think about it, write it down if you need to, to have a clearer idea in your mind what you are asking for in the coming year for yourself and those around you. Now, hold this intention in your mind as you go through this very unique experience of connecting and utilizing all of these beautiful energies to help you shift onto another level where all that you intend can begin to manifest in your life.

As explained to me by our celestial counterparts the first step is to print out the grid that you see here, channeled by me and brought to life by a talented graphic artist by the name of Joshua.


THE GRID: This grid is composed of “compartments” if you will, which you see listed around the grid. Each compartment carries a word which answers to a specific frequency. As we have already learnt from out celestial counterparts “words are swords” and we are to use them with care. 

The words that you see here, carry VERY HIGH vibrations and frequencies. Remember that famous experiment by Masaru Emoto where various words were written on a glass of water and then each drop examined under a microscope to see what has formed?

Well, this is a direct example in scientific terms that shows us that words have specific frequencies that they emanate. But why go that far, if we state various words aloud or internally to ourselves depending on what we are saying our whole body will be effected, you can go ahead and try this out right now and you will see what I mean, say something positive to yourself, see how good it feels, now say something negative and you experience a completely different reality. I can go on and on, and in fact I do in my Newly Released Online Course – Freedom Journey – Karmic Release, so if you are interested in learning more about how words effect our lives, and what to do about releasing those nagging negative thoughts and thoughtforms that we generate, I suggest you click here to learn more.

But going back to the grid. As you see in the picture each word represents specific frequency and emotion, and that is what you will want to attune to. Each of the words will energize your energy bodies and in turn your energy bodies will energize these words and the grid, helping you to connect to the actual frequency bandwidth, as mentioned in the channeling of each specific word, or vibration. So essentially, this grid then becomes a door through which you enter and connect with each of the frequencies represented here for you by words. Frequencies of MANIFESTATION.

Once you print out the grid, you will want to arrange it as best you can so that the top of it, where you see the symbols for the sun and the moon are facing towards the Leo Constellation in the Sky. When asked, I was told that there is very strong energy that will be coming from that constellation during this time, energy of courage, brilliance, timing of personal power, balance, protection. Everything that a Lion represents.

You would also then print out the invocation which you will see further below so that you can read it aloud as you connect with these energies. Or you can improvise and use the essence of this message and formulate it anyway that you feel from within. The idea is to focus your whole being on this moment and allow yourself to connect to these energies.

Once you’ve arranged your grid to face the Constellation of Leo, you would then place various gemstones all around yourself. I would suggest that you form a sort of grid within a grid, a large circle of various gemstones that you can sit in, placing the grid that you see in front of you on anything that you have that is copper. I was advised that it is important to place this grid on copper. Since copper conducts energy very well, it should assist you in connecting better. However, if you do not have anything at all that is made of copper and cannot get anything in time, you can still proceed with everything outlined here for you.

Finally, you would play the music that you see here, IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU NEED EXTRA ATTUNEMENT. If you feel that you do not need anything extra, you can skip this step. I understand that not everyone likes to listen to certain sounds and/or when we prepare to go into a meditative state, some of us don’t need music as it distracts us, whilst others need to hear something to have a better connection.

The way that this particular musical attunement has come about is as such. During the channeling I have received a set of different notes and chords. Because I am not a musician I was guided to a fantastic musician by the name of Richard Domina who was able to bring this channeled material to LIFE for all of you to use during this time. He has also connected directly to the divine and was able to adjust the tones to a specific frequency that our celestial counterparts wished to impart onto us.  These are the harmonious tones of ascension to actualize this invocation and assist you in tuning into yourself and all that is.

Once you listen to this piece the next step is to repeat the following words, or as I mentioned before improvise and say what is closest to your heart.

“With the power of the heavenly abodes. With the power of my I AM presence. I ask to be unified with all who find themselves in the state of joy, peace, harmony and bliss. I ask to utilize their energies to assist the whole of GAIA in releasing the vibratory energies of the MATRIX. I ask that their heart codices shall align with mine in unison for us to co-create a new energy matrix so that we can attune to one another, shall their heart desires to do so.

Love, Light, Abundance, Peace, Harmony and Bliss – these are the words to describe this magnificent angel. But Arch Angel Gabriel stands for so much more. Gabriel stands for a direct link to your own higher self, direct link to bring forth your subconscious connection to your divine plan, your earthly mission.

Love, Light, Abundance, Peace, Harmony and Bliss – these are the words to describe this magnificent angel. But Arch Angel Gabriel stands for so much more. Gabriel stands for a direct link to your own higher self, direct link to bring forth your subconscious connection to your divine plan, your earthly mission. To learn more please see 

Regardless of their present cognitive awareness of said happenings, it is through their Higher Selves that I ask to be allowed entry into their heart codices into the energetic template that is being co -created through the structure of their attunement to all that is. For the generated energies that they are manifesting at the present moment in time, the energy of bliss, joy, peace, harmony and love shall assist all of humanity in moving towards enlightenment, unity and understanding of BEing, shall assist all who wish to partake of said energies.

And as such I ask to be granted access to said frequencies, I ask to be unified and united with all whom are utilizing said energies of love and light in order that we co-create and manifest the very best blueprint for all of humanity, Gaia and of all that is.

For it is only through our I AM presence, through my IAM presence that said changes can occur. I ask for balance, peace, harmony and bliss to embrace all who are finding themselves in the turbulent states, I ask for their being to be purified, I ask that they too are aligned with their own I AM presence. It is so and so it is. Amen. “

Once you follow all of these steps or only some of them, depending on what you choose to do, you will be fully attuned to these frequencies and from there will be able to use these energies that are being generated by everyone in order to assist all of them, all of humanity and yourself to jump an octave or two, frequency, or in simple terms, draw specific events into your life that will align you with your true life purpose and help you to manifest, make happen, all that you are intending to come your way during 2017. And add a little more of the peaceful, joyous, harmonious energies to our planet.

Please note, that it is important to INTEND instead of EXPECTING. When you are expecting you usually fall into a self-sabotaging frequency setting yourself up for disappointment, but when you intend you open yourself up to various opportunities and possibilities of receiving what you are asking for, and being open to it manifesting in ways you never even thought of. I talk more about this in my upcoming online seminar  – Freedom Journey – How to Attune to Abundance Energies and Manifest that which you desire, coming soon! To stay tuned, be sure to sign up to my newsletter by clicking here.

So there you have it, you are now fully equipped for the night of December 31st,  2016. I truly hope that this experience will be a fruitful one and bring you a sense of peace, harmony, love, light, brilliance, balance, harmony, abundance and love.

I love you all so much and am so thankful to be walking this earth with all of you! I wish you all the most magical year yet! May you be bathed in loving energies of light and love! Happy upcoming New Year! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! 🙂 ❤

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I invite you to learn more about this course by clicking here, and if you resonate with it, join me on the journey of self discovery!

I love you all so very very much and am so grateful to be walking this path with you! Thank you so much for BEing and sharing your infinite brilliant light with the world!❤

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Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

  • Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
  • Removal of Implants
  • Cleansing the Aura
  • Removing blocks from the chakras
  • Activating Chakras
  • Activating the Pineal Gland
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  • Sealing the rips in the energy body
  • Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
  • Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
  • Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
  • DNA Upgrade
  • Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
  • Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.
  • Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
  • Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
  • You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

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  1. Thank you Anna….Thanks for your sharing, your caring, your wisdom, and your enthusiasm! This is amazing! Love and hugs, Barbara xxxxx


    • You are so very welcome Barbara! Your comment really made my day! 😀 ❤ xoxo ❤


    • Such a beautiful channeling. ..definite energy shifting and relocating occurring. …to end the year and begin a New with all these wonderful tools…Thank you….IAM truly Blessed…..Namaste
      PS…Energies…in all forms come in quickly. ..Bless them…Thank them…send unconditional love….forgive them and yourelf….release….Remember if it isn’t yours let it go…and use discernment


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  4. Thank you Anna for the channeling, the Grid and the music and the invocation. The Grid is wonderful – kudos to Joshua. The music is perfect and I thank Richard Domina also. I have been stuck lately, unable to find the joy and contentment that was a usual part of my life. The music brought peace and an uplifting feeling that I was grateful to feel. I don’t know if this was the intention, but I think I will try to remember to say it every day after listening to the music. I hope it will bring back my joy in life.

    Many thanks, and much love, light and hugs to you Anna.


    • You are so very welcome Debbie! 😀 ❤ I am so happy that you've resonated with everything! It was quite an adventure to bring these through, hence I'm joyous that you've benefited from all of the components! And it is so wonderful that the music made you feel exactly this! That was the intention behind it! 😀 xoxoxo

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  5. Thank you Anna! Everything looks and sounds amazing! I was going to hold on until the 31st to listen to the music but I could´t wait so I just finished listening to it right now … felt peaceful! A question: does all of this have to be done on the 31st? Can it be done the following day, once I’m alone for a bit and have my own time?
    Thank you!


  6. So enjoyed reading this thank you for sharing. Love x


  7. Thank you dear Anna for this wonderful information, I also send thanks to the composer of the music and the artist of the beautiful grid…..I have printed them out in readiness for Dec 31st. But I would also like to listen to the music. Due to the settings I have to use to be able to see/read the text, it does not show me drop down menus & the like so I cannot access the music link….Is there a link you could let me have, please? Sorry to be a nuisance, but WIN 10, well, what can I say? Def not user friendly. I am praying that it will be in its next incarnation. I too have been feeling a little stuck, exploring & releasing as much as I can remember. I know there is more, but I cannot seem to remember it…so this might help me get my happiness, Joy & Self Love back.
    Much Love and Blessings to you, dear SiStar Anna, Namaste…
    Sylvia Melaynia xx


    • Hello Sylvia, I’m so happy that you are resonating with everything! I am so sorry but I have no idea what to do to make a drop list, or a link… I’m not sure how to remedy this situation. I’ll keep thinking and if I come up with anything I’ll let you know 🙂

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    • Hello again Sylvia! I have figured it out! Woooho! I made a video of this and put it on youtube and now you can see the video right from my blog 🙂 I hope it works for you!

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      • Hello again, Anna, thanks so much for your assistance, since I wrote the last post, I have had a stroke….at the end of January, luckily a mild one, the only lasting consequences were I now cannot use my left hand for fine craft work, (I was making Crystal Bracelets!) as the nerve endings in my fingers don’t ‘feel’ those very tiny “O” rings I was using and etc! So I have donated all my craft supplies to my hairdresser who over the years has looked after my & my partners’ haircuts & colours (mine!) at a vastly reduces cost….(we are both on Govt Pensions, so very poor)…she is very creative & I was happy to donate them to such a deserving person….Now back to that video, the stroke & all the trauma surrounding it all has chased the details out of my memory! If I could be so bold as to ask if you could provide me with a link to the video, it would be most helpful. I have long been an avid follower of your work. just was unable to afford to do further study with you. I was told, many years ago that I would be my own Teacher, so am resigned to it….sometimes I flounder a bit, but there are a few wonderful people out there that I follow & that make sense to me, on my Spiritual Journey (for wont of a better phrase…lol…) Much Love & Blessings, dear Anna, & my eternal gratitude….xxx Oh, my…I just went back & re-read the article, seems I am too late!! So sorry to waste your time! I am so grateful, though….It is now Easter Sunday, here in Australia!….seems the video was for only 31st Dec!! So sorry, Thanks anyway…I hope you are well & Happy, I send Love & Joy to you, dear Heart….xxx Sylvia Melaynia (WP blog SilverAngelsWings) xx


    Melchizedek And Anna


    I AM




    …such brilliant beauty raydiates…from your whole BEing Anna…thank you…love…Ed


    • Well……….we sense that the ‘Creative Collective Imagination’

      …..seeks, intends, wants, desires, wishes….lol….for ‘a change’……..


      how about…..starting with


      and then keep going…


      one more and one more and one more and one more and one more and one more and one more and one more and one more…..

      NOW…….we are at 10……..amazing……

      The Power Of ONE……..BE Came ……..The Power Of TEN

      NOW………Choose …….The Power Of TEN

      and that ……BE Comes…….The Power Of ONE Hundred

      and that ….BE Comes……The Power Of ONE Thousand

      and that ……BE Comes…….The Power Of ONE Hundred Thousand

      and that ……BE Comes …….The Power Of ONE Million

      and that …….BE Comes …….The Power Of ONE Hundred Thousand Million

      and that……..IS……..BE Cause………you are making this up as you go along……on….m*y*o*u*r….path


      …… how about………we choose…….NOW

      …….so the ‘mind’…….asks…… long will this take……..

      …….so how about………IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE……..

      THIS IS IT


      IN PEACE
      IN JOY
      IN LOVE
      IN GRACE
      IN EASE



      ……..m*y*o*u*r……can ‘choose’……to have this all……..ALL IS NOW……….YES LOVE YES

      HERE WE GO

      GET READY………..LOL




  9. Anna, this is amazing. I am very excited for Dec. 31st! How do you print out t just the grid? How do you isolate that part of this page? Will the printer print out everything in this channeling? Thank you and bless you, Anna


  10. I have figured out how to save the grid.! Thank you Anna. and all others who helped make the music and grid possible for us to use and hear. I am excited to do this on Dec. 31st!! Bless you


  11. Greetings and Good Day Beloved Anna,

    Thank you for your beautiful work~Your presence here is truly inspiring. I am eternally grateful for your gifts, assistance, the sharing of your deep wisdom and joy. The messages you are guided to give are so helpful and such great affirmation, encouragement as well as comfort through this period of profound, significant growth.

    May you be abundantly showered with love, light, joy, peace, harmony, bliss and kindness at all times @)

    Love and Blessings,

    Ann Renée


  12. Thankyou! ;D xxxooo


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  14. Where is the direction of the leo constellation on the 31st and also when you say gemstones do you literally meant that only or did you mean crystals?


    • Dear Jeffrey, I meant crystals and gemstones, whichever you feel drawn to the most. And the direction of Leo constellation you would need to look up. There are various apps on smartphones that can tell you this. ❤


  15. Hello Anna… i am interested in a healing a the karma release course. I will have to sort the budget and get back.
    Thankyou for this fabulous information. I am looking forward to new year rituals and blessings. Merrymeet. Maureen


  16. So that explains why I feel the strongest energy pouring in from 2017 already and I have visualised the 31st like a threshold of stepping into some higher place!!!! Fantastic. Love you Angels ♡


  17. thank you so much Anna! I just wanted to confirm what you mean by placing the grid facing towards the Leo Constellation in the Sky? as I want to make sure that I do this properly. And also, can we print the grid out In black and white, or colour? Also how do we go about including our own intentions on the grid in terms of what we intend to create for ourselves. do we leave the headings that there are and then right around them? sorry for all the questions I just want to make this perfect and get the utmost best out of this transforming and beautiful experience. Also is there a certain direction or side we should be facing the grid, for e.g. can I put in on the window in my room facing into my room?

    Kind regards and thank you so much for sharing, I am so excited!


    • Dear Paul, the guidelines that you see in this post are suggestions only and are not set in stone. The most important thing on the night of the 31st is to set your intention for the year ahead with all your desires coming through as much as possible, and have all of this come from your heart. The suggestion to place the grid facing the leo constellation is again a suggestion from our guides. You would simply find where in the sky which direction from you is leo constellation and then turn the top part of the grid to face in that direction if possible. Write down your intentions anywhere you like. And you can certainly print out the grid in black and white 🙂 I hope this helps, the most important thing to remember is to ENJOY this experience and go from within, whatever flows from your heart 🙂 ❤ Happy New Year! ❤


      • than you very much and lastly one last question, would it be just as effective if I speak aloud my desires through prayer during this time and also in terms of ‘night’…when do I begin. Is this a auspicious time frame.
        Kind regards
        God bless


  18. Thank you SO much Anna for sharing your wisdom,love and light.I feel so blessed! I wish you all the love,joy.harmony,happiness and abundance this coming year.Much love !


  19. Dearest Anna,
    Thank you so much for your guidance to this experience ❤
    The music is fantastic and really helped me to tune in. The grid, the words, everything worked perfect! In the middle of it all the Statue of Liberty showed up 🙂
    Today, New Year's Day, nature felt very peaceful, even the ocean was almost still 🙂
    Wishing you the very very best 2017 ❤ xox
    Love, Klara


  20. I have been releasing so much in the last 2weeks then I read your last channeling.I know I am finally healing my body and living my true purpose.



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