NEW EARTH & MISSION FOR LIGHT WORKERS… (nobody said it was going to be easy, but you chose to be here)

Yes yes indeed the earth is changing and the sun has changed
as well and the new earth is coming to you, or rather you are coming to it, so
each and everyone is changing and soon the orbs that are so rare will pop up everywhere,
and yes you will see ships coming to you soon, not just you personally but to
It will not happen now, it will happen
gradually, when the barriers are completely broken, when there is no more
hostility towards “aliens” but the ships are there, all sorts of ships,
magnificent ships, and although the enemy, the dark forces that we have told you are still
operating on earths and will continue to do so for a while it is not a
problem for all the light workers, because they are freed from it all, there
are no dark forces effecting you directly only indirectly (and that is why we lose connection with you sometimes, and that is why you feel out of place and disconnected because your governments are doing something which we will discuss later).
Hence we ask that
you use special stones of protection all of you,  all who are in the healing profession you are
to use healing stones, protecting stones, protective orbs, and such… and light
of course is your friend as it will always illuminate the way for you and
protect you from anything negative, and yes you will see a lot more shapes and
a lot more orbs forming and a lot of divinity taking place here on earth and
all of you are sitting and waiting for it to happen, but your jobs are and please
tell them that your jobs as light workers is not to sit and wait your jobs as light
workers is not to only talk to light workers your jobs are yes indeed exactly to
integrate into other places (forums, work, etc.), to integrate and start
posting on their levels and slowly bringing them up. So find the interest that
is closest to you aside from light working and go into the forums go into these
different groups as you call them, and talk to them on their level about
ascension to talk to them on their level about love, and yes indeed t is about
you all of you that here and reading this information, we urge you to not delay
your light working abilities, you are to do like Jeshua has done (in your understanding
of course) you are to go and herd the sheep, be the sheep herder and integrate into their realities yes you are to
go into their circles and slowly seep the light into them, step by step, one by
one, and yes it does matter each and every single person that you touch
throughout the day is important, as they are you and you are them, and all for
you are together as one and forming this consciousness. 
This reality that we
speak of and co-creating it, for imaging if you are a part of them and you are
weaving a positive and great reality and they are weaving a negative thread
then you cannot create a whole beautiful planet that you all so desire, therefore
it is your duty and your responsibility to go into their subconscious minds and
change them from love, love and only love, and understanding, it is not to say
that you have to shout at them, or prove your point, no there is no need, it is
like they say you turn one cheek away and continue on your journey that yes it
is still tough for some of you but it is what you have chosen, that is why you
have left your planets, your planes of existence, some of you came out of retirement
to help the earth evolve and move to another level, for everyone here who is
stuck on the wheel of karma has pleaded and asked and pleaded an asked for a
messiah to come, well know this, and hear this all should head this message:
 you are here to help them, them
who are stuck and cannot find a way, but not through prodding, not through hurt
and not through negativity but through love and that is why we always speak to
you about love, on all of your forums, and through all of your channelers we
love and we shall love you forever, and want you to experience this bliss and spread
this to others, those in darkness shall see the light, and through your love,
through your loving hearts through your seeing eyes, through your feeling
hands, through your intentions through your thoughts, through your beliefs it
is changing and expanding, the love and the light on this planet is changing
and expanding, and you are part of all that is, and all that is, is YOU, so
please always s remember to smile at strangers, and send them virtual hugs
wherever you go, for we understand that in your current reality you cannot
just come up to strangers and love them through words, but send them love,
every single time you encounter someone who is not the right someone and is not
listening to your words, do not worry , for they have heard, do not be discouraged,
for you have made the right thing happen for them, just by wishing them well.
For they are just little children and they are stuck, as you would not shout at
a child for not understanding so too you shall not shout at them for slowing
down your progress as sad and as frustrating as it may seem. So for all of you
dear ones we wish you success in everything that you do, for it is there,
abundance, for it is there, and most importantly co-creating powers that you so
dear ones have, and to spread the light and love on this planet that you call “Gaia”.
WE love you dear ones. Goodbye for now.
Copyright ©  by Anna Merkaba. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. and


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