There is a message that we want to discuss with you today, and
the message is that there s a lot to do… yes indeed, what you see in the sky is
indeed not simple clouds, these are the codes, the codes of the universe to
bring peace and harmony to your planet, yes indeed we are hiding in the clouds
and whenever you look up there we are, guiding you every step of the way,
loving you unconditionally so, uplifting your energies, so that you can move forward.
It has indeed been a very dark week for most of you and the reason for that is
that yes indeed it is so, that there were a lot of misunderstandings and a lot
of fear, yes fear from those that are still in darkness, for as we have told you
the earth is half in darkness and half in light, and it is not because the sun
sets and rises again, it is because the energies of the people are still in
darkness. But not to worry for it will change very soon, and with all of your
help it will change even faster.

Now there are a lot of missions for everyone here on hearth
who is a light worker to do, and we are working with each of you individually.
To know what you have come here to do is simple, you need just to ask your
guides for they are with you always, watch for repetitive thoughts and ideas
that are being infused into your mind, if there is something that all of a
sudden you do not like anymore, then do not proceed with continuation of this
idea but rather leave at bay, for we are indeed sending you new information
daily. Just listen to us, listen and hear, look around, see that bird flying in
the sky… what type of bird is that? Think about it.. and you will find a world
of information at your fingertips. Yes indeed we speak to you freely now with
your own language because we can, we can communicate with you directly, for we
are with you right now, sitting with you in your room, looking lovingly at you
as you read this message, at every single one of you, supporting you with
thoughts and ideas, and visions, and yes indeed it is true, the clouds are full
of wonder and answers to all of your prayers, you need only to realize what it
is that you see, but even so, it is not as important, for whenever you look up into
the sky you will receive an encoded message that will manifest itself in your
life in a thought formation.
So to all of you working diligently towards your
goals we say, and unto you we speak that you are indeed d to look up into the
sky, to see that we are there, with open arms open hearts and loving energies.
Please remember that we are with you, and each of you can and
will communicate with us. So do not seek for assistance from the outside, do
listen to messages that we send onto you through your channels, but be very
careful whom you listen to, for not every channel is created equal, if it’s not
pure, the energy that it picks up will not be of pure nature, and therefore the
information may be misleading indeed. So
be careful, be well, and listen, listen to us speak to you as we change
this earth, as we all bring it into alignment, for your journey has just began
and have yet to complete, it is a beautiful journey, and all of you are here
because you chose to be here, and the dark energies will not be effecting you
anymore, as much, there will be a bit of turbulence but, not too much anymore,
so breathe easy, be free, for we are with you always at all times, and forever.
And you are with us. We love you, goodbye for now…

Copyright ©  by Anna Merkaba. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.  https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/ and http://sacredascension.blogspot.com/


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  1. Deep gratitude and love for this beautiful message. I knew the clouds meant something but I just did not know what. You have answered my question. Thank you Archangel Metatrone your service is truly appreciated my me. I Love you. Julia



  1. 大天使メタトロン 2013年6月15日 ライトワーカーへのメッセージ | 目覚め Despertando.me

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