DNA Encoded into the Sun’s Rays – Sacred Geometry

here’s a direct link to youtube for those that can’t see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yDKXp7hYzw
Greetings everyone, today I would like to share an exciting experience that has happened to me yesterday on 12/27/12. I was in a middle of a video shoot when all of a sudden looking at my screen I saw that there are strange shapes surrounding a person that I was videotaping, then after a closer examination as to where these strange shapes were coming from, I have discovered that they are coming from the sun’s rays! I was astounded and thought that my camera has malfunctioned because of all the times that I have ever taken a video in the direct sunlight it has never happened before, that perhaps what I was seeing was a play of light or something wrong with the lens. I cleaned the lens but the phenomena continued , I then squinted at the sun and discovered that I can see these shapes with my naked eye, but in a slightly different form, like orbs, when in the camera they look as perfect geometrical shapes.

Returning home, I decided to ask what was it that I have seen, and here is the answer that I have received. Please watch this video and listen carefully there is also a transcript of channeling below.

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL THE HEALERS, everyone who works with energy and stones, etc., please watch this video. Love & Light to you all!

What you are seeing in this video is the sun’s changing energy. The sun is changing the frequency of the earth’s plane, and therefore you are seeing the light in a different way.  And it is true and with your naked eye you cannot see these shapes but they are there, it doesn’t meant that they do not exist if you cannot see them with the naked eye, and no these are not the same as orbs, these are encoded codes for the DNA activation of earth’s beings that are still in darkness.  The energy that the sun is producing right now is being  sent to humans to activate them, when they are being touched by the sunlight it is frequency, and they are experiencing and are being exposed to these different geometric shapes (sacred geometry as you call them.  And from there, human’s encoding begins to expand, it begins to change, and they do not realize it, and that is why we send messages through your channelers, that sometimes for someone it is not best to be in the sun, as it may be too strong, and we make sure of that, we make sure to cover those that are not yet ready to receive the activation and expose the ones that are to the sunlight.

Once again we repeat that when someone looks at this configuration, they will begin to change, those that do not believe, will believe, those that have not yet changed will have changed. They are the channeled geometric life forms, and they are indeed bringing vibration with them, and yes they are indeed living beings, think jelly fish, that is what they are in the sky, as they carry the information with them, and they might sting you, but they are not poisonous, but bring enlightenment with them. This is a very important aspect to understand, and it heals yes it is a healing energy; those that do not know they are not healed will see healing.

Indeed it is true that the sun is changing and the rays are changing and yes to answer your question yes indeed if a healer were to put a healing stone in the direct sunlight then yes indeed miraculous things will then happen to another human being that will come in direct contact with these stones, and yes indeed this energy is there to help heal and yes  indeed it is here to help protect and improve and propel the healers of this planet further, and yes a lot more people will seek the help of professional healers and yes the old ways of healing will be remembered and resurface. But about these “orbs” that you saw, yes they are energy patterns and yes when people do look at them, when healers and anyone who looks at them and comes into direct contact with them they will be changed and healed in ways that they have yet to imagine.

So the key here for healers if you wish, is to take their stones, and walk into the sunlight and charge these stones, these beautiful crystals, with this crystalline, yes, crystalline energy that is being sent to you through your sun to you. This is a great time for healers on this planet and we will talk more about this at a later time. We love you with are with you always goodbye for now.

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  1. Technical problem? Interference from the Dark? … Whatever, the video doesn’t play.


  2. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. I have just returned from a magical trip to Transylvania. During my time there and since my return, I have taken hundreds of photographs filled with different colours and images. I would love to discuss them further 🙂


  3. I would like to believe it’s more, but..



  4. Reblogged this on ingaorama and commented:
    No wonder they spray chemtrails all the time 1 To prevent we can upgrade our human DNA! Doing Solar Radiation Management -SRM is part of that.

    4.3.2011 | 07:21


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