The following mudra will do wonders for those of you who are getting Anxiety/Panick attacks. Populrarly known as Vaayu mudra, htis mudra decreases the vaayu (air) element within the body.

Mehtod:This mudra is formed by first placing the tip of the index finger on the base of the thumb and then bringing gentle pressure of the thumb upon this finger.This amounts to suppression of element air (residing the first finger) by element fire(residing in the thumb).

I would also suggest that when performing this mudra you take a deep breath expanding your stomach as if a string is being pulled attached to your belie button and going forward and out, at the same time as you breathe in concentrate on the point between your two eyebrows, or if that’s too difficult… the tip of your nose.

In a few minutes (5 – 10) your anxiety will stop 🙂

I would also HIGHLY recommend that you get yourself a “RESCUE REMEDY” spray. This is a great remedy for anxiety, panic attacks, etc.,

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