How to protect yourself from dark energies…

How to protect yourself from dark energies… 

We are asking you as before to protect yourself with the stone, the black stones, that has been protecting you all this time (black tourmaline), yes
indeed this is a protective stone, and most psychics, as especially the ones that are involved in the liberation of the humanity, the freeing of the souls from the slavery of their minds, from the slavery of their egos, and bodies and physicality, these beings are in need of protection, and even though the dark entities from other dimensions and planets have moved over to the light , the entities that are in human form remain in the darkness and it is the job and responsibility of the light workers to spread the light.
Those in the powers know about such occurrences and they are tracking you and the movement of psychic energies, and that is why
we ask you to not wear the color red, for yes indeed it carries a subconscious message to the brain, to fear, for fear is the control and therefore when you go to sleep  at night you are not aware of anything that is happening in your field, and unless you are woken up at night unless you have protection in the form of the stones, and in the forms of the colors that you are wearing, and yes indeed black is a very good color for physics
to swear for those that are able to pick up the frequencies that are being sent out and this color will indeed protect you, but more so than that blue, blue is the color of safety for you and for all those who are indeed in the form of light workers walking the earth at this time, they all should ask for divine protection before they go to sleep and that they all should protect themselves with stones, and that they all should avoid the color red at all costs for the night, for it is not a good color for you .light workers, it is not a good color for your vibration, because it will cause fear and your lower chakras to activate and pull the veil of fear  over your eyes and over your heart, fear now, and if you do find yourself in this position you
should force yourself to wake up and ask them to leave and remember that fear does not exist that love exists, fill your hear with love dear ones, and remember to activate the heart center and then nothing can harm you, and we do advise all the light workers that it is important for you to be in the meditative state every day, and when you are not, to still ask for protection before you drift off to sleep for your bodies can indeed be affected as well as your soul and psychic abilities, so be cautious of your sleeping, we leave you now with love and gratitude fro all that you do, stay strong dear light workers for we are with you always, no matter how hard the journey.
We love you goodbye for now.
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