Lyrans – Major Event – January 12th – Energy Update

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! Today I would like to share a channeling with you that came from Lyra. It is a very interesting channeling which sheds light on how they communicate with us.

You see when I receive channelings, I receive them from various beings. Each type of being that I receive the channeling from has a distinct communication style and signature. Those of you who also channel will understand exactly what I mean. For example, Archangel Metatron communicates in a very stern and yet incredibly loving way. The messages from AA Metatron & the 33rd Dimension are usually very precise and full of hands on information. Here I usually hear exact words as I type them up or record with my voice. Most of the time though, when I channel, I usually close my eyes and type up what I hear, akin to stenographer.

St. Germain, for example and Melchizedek have a very warm and loving way of speaking. Very beautiful energy that seems to envelope you in a blanket of love. Other beings like the Pleiadians will also speak in a loving way, but their wording will be a bit different, and whereas the Angelic Realm communicates with actual words of love in a very soft and melodic type of way. Our galactic benevolent counterparts have a more serious way of speaking. Their messages convey direction and teachings of what needs to be done, as if they are talking to their counterparts, not children, if you understand what I mean.

Sometimes I will just simply receive light codes, which I begin to draw, geometric shapes, and various lines, etc. that I share with you from time to time. At some point I had a very interesting message from a group of beings who spoke ancient Akkadian with me. A language that I do not know, and I had to decipher their message one symbol at a time. At other times they will begin to speak another language with me that I do not understand, a language that exists on earth but I just don’t speak it and I’ll have to ask them to switch to English. Because many times I used to receive messages in Japanese for example, or Korean, Italian, Spanish  etc.

So, each channeling is unique in the way that I receive it, and each one who is speaking has a distinct “voice”. Sometimes, the message sounds like the ones that you hear on youtube transcribed by a robotic kind of voice.

In this channeling that you are about to read they explain to us why sometimes it sounds that way. The feeling that I got when I was channeling is that right now we have become incredibly powerful, and each moment we’re gaining this momentum, we have become sovereign and now hold the power to bring tremendous changes not only to Earth but entire universe, and the faith of this entire universe is dependent on what is happening here right now. In one of my previous messages to you called the Domino Effect, our Pleiadian counterparts have tried to explain the effect that our actions on this planet have on the rest of the universe. But Lyrans go even deeper and are literally appealing to us and asking us for help!  

Please note that this message also talks about various political shifts, however, please also hear the message where they are literally telling us that we are the masters of our lives, and please take this message for what it is.

This is not a message about a messiah or some political figure coming to save us, akin to robin hood, this is a message about our own power and how we have what it takes to change our own lives and the lives of those around us. So, if you are waiting for someone to come into your life and change it, please walk up to a mirror look into it and see the one that can truly help you… your own self! As I said many times before, and as our celestial counterparts have informed us, WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. So please remember this as you read this channeling and use your own discernment about this message.

Now having said this, here is the channeling that I have received:

The moment that you have been waiting for is to unfold in your reality, moment of justice restructurization, geopolitical arena shall see the light of day, increasing generosity from head figures of your nations, increasing generosity towards all citizens of your planet, increasing the development of new energetic creations, bringing through various technological manifestations, realizing the geopolitical structures have outdated and outlived themselves your earthlings shall come to the understanding that such structures no longer work in the new reality structure of being, and when such moment occurs and it will, it will then be you who shall lead the earthlings in the new direction for their souls purpose.

The new directions of the souls purpose of their benevolent selves, for you are here to lead the way for earthlings to recognize that they are not only divine, but are also part of the grand cosmic structure of being, you are here to show them that they indeed are not alone in the universe and that we are also here with them guiding them and protecting them from external forces, and that they are powerful enough to protect themselves, and that such protection will surely come to an end when they awaken to their true identities and take their righteous place in the universal platform, in the universal and galactic platform and become the way showers themselves.

And all of this is going to take place soon, as soon as your earthlings remove the fear tactics used in their day to day activities, and move into the territory of light and love, and benevolence, love and light and benevolence, for that is the only energy that exists in the cosmos, for we do not understand any other emotion beyond love and light and benevolence. For all the range of emotions that exist on your planet is foreign to us in the ethers, foreign to us in the exoplanetary systems of your known galaxy.

For we hail from a distant planet within your galaxy and we must advise your earthlings to remove the barriers that they have set up for themselves in order so that they too can experience the multidimensionality of their being. And such time is coming for all earthlings to experience.

We stand with you and are guiding you upon your awakening for we too have gone through awakening process ourselves many eons into the past.

Our language is the language of light, and we are communicating with you through the energetic programming which can translate the light language into your known understanding, and your known languages, we come to many on this planet and transmit said information, so that you understand that indeed you are not alone, and that you are being guided and protected not only by your higher selves, not only by your benevolent selves, but also by the cosmic creators, the creators of the universe, and the creators of your very own selves, for you too are the creators and you too are capable of creating that which you can see in the mirror, for you have indeed created yourselves from within the spherical understanding of time and space continuum.

For you have created the vehicles that you have chosen to experience this incarnation in and you are continuing to create the known reality of your world through your thought processes and in so doing you are also contributing to the co-creation of new cosmic gateways, and new cosmic coherence.

And so we ask you to change your vibratory systems in order that you can contribute more light and the energy of love and light to the ethers, for what you are doing on your planet is directly effecting us as well and all of the cosmos.

And so and thus, it is time to awaken to your true identities and take responsibility for your actions and begin a new reality, a new reality of thought based programming where you can utilize the power of your thoughts in order to truly create a new reality experience for all that exist on your planet and all that exists outside of your planet and the planetary system.

We ask you to please assist us as we are assisting you for indeed your powers are rising trifold each moment, and each moment of our communication you are becoming stronger and stronger than you have been in the past.

Please understand now and remember that in due time you shall no longer need our assistance for you are going to be strong as a collective consciousness just as we are and it I will be you who are assisting those like you who are still going through dense experiences in other parts of the galaxy and in other parts of the cosmos.

(Here I asked what it’s like in other places that are currently going through ascension, if it’s the same as on earth) And no the channeler is asking what it is like to be in that world. It is nothing like being in your world, for earth is the only world with all the senses activated, earthlings are called humans for a reason, because they are made of hues, colors if you will, different vibrations, and different vibratory systems, it is only on this planet that such experience as you have is possible, where you are able to experience such range of emotions, and such range of vibratory stimuli all at the same time. Hu-mans, godman, godlike beings, those made of hues, vibrations and particles of GOD. And in this day and age the hu-mans are finally awakening to their true identities, and it is you who are here to assist them in finding their links to their true essence. (Please note that Lyran’s are not only referring to male species, but ALL humans, females and males, everyone!)

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true origin.

It is only on your planet that so much vibratory systems are capable of handling such an experience, for we, for example lack many of that which you experience in your day to day activities, and for many it is an experience as you say of a lifetime to be able to be in a human body and to be able to incarnate on your shores and planes of existence.

That is why so many have chosen to come at this time in order to experience being in your form, but they have not been living according to the divine blueprint and that is why many of you have descended into the  density of earth in order to assist them to awaken, for the time has come for them to awaken and take their righteous place in the cosmic gateways of light and love.

We can go on and on telling you more if you wish to hear but the channeler is getting tied so we must say goodbye. We are with you. We love you. Goodbye for now.

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–

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  1. Dear Anna- Thank you once again for sharing these important messages. I understand what you mean by different communication styles. I have multidimensional contacts w/guides, loved ones that vary according to touch. Sometimes it’s a gentle tickle, other times a sharp jab and many things in between! My question is: what has changed in the last few months that has brought you back to posting? Was it simply that the entities stopped for a while? Was it merely a shift in your own focus? Or is actually something important, new and different happening cosmically? Hugs and Blessings –

    Liked by 1 person

    • Greetings! Thank you for your message 😀 ❤ to answer your question of course! We are entering into a new era, exciting times ahead! I was called back to assist in the next wave of ascension and here I am 🙂 ❤


  2. Beautiful written, thank you Anna ❤


  3. Dear Anna merkaba,
    I always like your messages..
    You are very special for me !
    I love Master Metatron and you are connected so I feel like in connection with you !
    Actually We are One & United from within…
    Cosmic Consciousness in the medium for our Unity Consciousness !!
    Dr. Sohini Shukla



  1. Lyrans-主要なイベント-1月12日-エネルギーアップデート | アセンション

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