Lunar Eclipse January 10th – ORAPHIM – Eloh! Eloh! Eloh! The new era begins now!


Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! For this phenomenal Lunar Eclipse I have received a message from the Oraphim!

This is an amazing message which is somewhat a meditation, so I suggest that you listen/read to it in a relaxed state. Before I share the message with you, I first want to tell you the background story of this message.

I was guided to start bringing some images that I receive while channeling to life, for you to not only feel the vibration of the words, but also have a visual to go along with the messages. For some of the messages I will be sharing the activation artwork that I paint myself to assist you in the ascension journey. Here is the visual guide that carries specific set of vibrations to help to align you to the new portal, new era and assist you in balancing your energies, become more confident, gain self-love and appreciation for all that you are, find freedom of thought, assist in self expression and refinement.

You can look at this image anytime you need an upliftment and balancing of energies, as this mandala will continue to be just as powerful even after the Lunar Eclipse. Speaking of which this Lunar eclipse will be a very nurturing one, helping you to go deep within and find the link to self love, self-appreciation and release self-limiting beliefs about yourself and help you to find a deeper understanding of your past hurts and instead of just simply releasing them, actually realize the truth about its origin, forgive and let go! Speaking of which if you need help in going through the letting go process, I have created a guided step by step online course called Freedom Journey Karmic Release in which I and various ascended masters and archangels take you through various steps in order to help you let go of outdated beliefs, release your karma and truly tune into your own power and divinity. If you have not yet taken this course please click here for more information.

As I was receiving downloads for this portal I was shown a sun surrounded by a rainbow. I was then shown a Peacock and told that it is highly important for me to make it known to you that this particular portal carries the energies of a Peacock. After the channeling I will talk about what the Peacock represents as well as who the Oraphim are.

Now having said this here is the channeling that I have received.

Mystery abounds, reality becomes fluid, unification increases, and the boundaries cease to exist. The unification principle rises and the evolutionary cycles of the memories of the past begin to dissipate.

The innate knowing returns and the goddess of love, harmony, bliss, purification and love begins to flourish upon your planet. The goddess energies of benevolent cocreation and restructuration takes its righteous place in your ethers and in your day to day realities. The informational encodings of the past morph into a new cognition of peaceful coherent  principles of BEing.

The information flows easily for you now and the portals to the new world open their gates for all to partake of, for all to step through and enjoy a new state of blissful cohabitation. The tremulousness of the past beings to subside as the energies of love and unification rise ever so slightly.

The Goddess Vortex – Sun Disc – Helps to Release Pain, Activates Solar Plexus, Helps to Soothe Digestive Track, Balances out Emotional Body, Transmutes Negativity, Activates Creativity, Uplifts, Upgrades, Activates and Purifies DNA.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that the new earth era is upon you. That which you have indeed waited for has arrived, the gates are beginning to open, and many opportunities for enlightenment and purification await. Enlightenment purification and creation, enlightenment creation and manifestation. Manifestation, harmonious cohabitation and cocreation. Cocreation, upliftment and mesmerization.

Each unit of your cellular structure begins to vibrate on a new frequency of love, a new frequency of peace, a new frequency of harmonious blissfulness and magnificence. Each breath that you take brings you closer and closer to your innate being, and each moment of true awareness of that which you are, brings your focus to inward.

As you step through the gates of benevolence, you achieve mastery of self, and from said mastery you begin to weave a new reality. Through said cognition much begins to change in your own world, and as you open your eyes to that which you once viewed as normal, you begin to understand that the past way of life, no longer pertains to you, in the new reality that you are finding yourself in. As the gateways to the new world begin to make themselves known around your globe, all begin to see the tremendous potential rising from the ethers into your cognitive reality.

And so, and thus, as the days proceed the goddess of love, benevolence and might begins to ignite the passion within you, to step forward into the mastery of self, and from said mastery begin a new spinning of the oracle through which much change of the feminine vibration, is to take hold of your present reality.

The momentum of duality is shifting into the understanding of oneness, and from said oneness many changes shall manifest within your realities. From said oneness the feminine and the masculine principles of being, shall merge into ONE unison and the idea of separation shall cease to exist, for all shall see the truth of that which they are, and that is “All is but ONE creation”.

And from said understanding of that which you are, the misunderstandings large and small shall begin to recede and a coherent understanding of each one set in, allowing for more love, unconditional to blossom and flourish anew on your planet.

And when such moment occurs and it will, you shall look back onto all that you have learnt, experienced and shifted and you shall be in awe of all that you have brought and manifested in the new found dawn, in the new reality.

For indeed a new dawn is approaching, for indeed you have entered into a new reality where living from the heart is of the essence! Live from your heart dearly beloved children of the universe, live from the heart and see each other for the beautiful souls that indeed you are!

Eloh! Eloh! Eloh! The new era begins now!

This portal carries the energies of a Peacock. Oraphim made it a point for me to share this with you. To help you better understand what this portal is all about let’s look at what a Peacock represents.

In Greco-Roman mythology the Peacock tail has the “eyes” of the stars. In Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness and luck. In Persia the Peacock is seen as a guardian to royalty, and is often seen in engravings upon their thrones. In Christianity the Peacock represents the “all-seeing” church. The Peacock also represents resurrection, renewal and immortality within the spiritual teachings of Christianity. Themes of renewal are also linked to alchemical traditions too, as many schools of thought compare the resurrecting phoenix to the modern-day Peacock.

The Peacock has been linked to Kuan Yin and it is this deity that is supposedly the creator of the beautiful colors of the Peacock’s signature tail feathers. Legend tells us Kuan Yin could have been immortal but stayed because she wished to aid humanity in their spiritual evolution. Kuan Yin taught people, through her own compassionate spirit, to live together as friends. When she decided to go to the heavens she appointed a guardian to keep the earth peaceful. She called a bird, with dull brown feathers, to her. She rubbed her face and brushed her hands down the length of its feathers, which created a kaleidoscope of colors and beautiful eyes on the end of each long feather. The Peacock feathers remind us that Kuan Yin is compassionately watching over us.

It has also been said that the Peacock is the earthly manifestation of the phoenix. The feathers are talismans to protect the wearer from accidents, poisoning, diseases, and other disasters. For this reason the Peacock feather represents immortality, and can absorb negative energies, protecting those who wear them. Just like the phoenix those who wear the Peacock feather can rise from the ashes.

Peacock energy can help you on your spiritual path and breathe new life into your walk of faith. The Peacock is a symbol of the compassion of Kuan Yin and the integrity that is possible in all religions. It is the watcher of all. Remember, the cry of the Peacock is a call to Kuan Yin to help her people. The Peacock is a reminder to all of us to show our true colors (Source:

Who are the Oraphim?

If you have had dreams, visions or meditative flashes of what looks like the Australian Borealis or Aurora Borealis, but these colors look pastel but bright, combined with what may look like a burst of fireworks, sometimes followed by an Armada of vastly different size Spaceships but cant recall the exact details of what those ships look like, you have been contacted!

They are apart of The Guardians Krystal Star presence (the Cosmic Christos Unity Consciousness) which include The Andromeda’s also known as Angels and The Oraphim which are apart of the Aurora Guardian Host Families from the next Universe!

The Aurora have been working with many of us, consciously and subconsciously. They are consciousness, not in human form, but can appear in PURE, Beautiful – Ultra Dimensional human form and are now coming to us as ORB’s in the same color context as shown in the photo below, Pink,Gold and Blue known as the Three Fold Flame/ Ray or Plasma.
The Blue Ray consciousness are also known as the Oraphim and are the cosmic parents of the Indigo races. The Blue Ray Family (seen any flashes of a blue ray lately?) have been able to connect to this plane and have returned to claim this domain in the Natural Laws of God/ Creator Source.

This First Order Blue Ray Family is the esoteric 144,000 Genetic Timekeepers of our Universal System and are known in Egyptian-Sirian histories as the “Code of the Blue Nile”.

Many wars through human and extraterrestial history have been waged for this code which is essentially every KEY to the KING-DOMES OF GOD.
A Plasma Orb body is, from our dimensional vantage point, looks like an Orb, however it is an actual living entity/ elemental – (Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit/ Divine Spark). Looks like a cell.
The Aurora is assisting us to learn how to build our Merkaba (50 feet in diameter) pattern, (our Lightbody and Aura) and become a traveling Orb. This gives us our freedom back, as its clear the controllers are not able to circumvent this from happening.

They defend personal sovereignty through the Law of One, for all life.They are the key’s in the re-encryption of our DNA. A primary reason that we are having the Aurora host this planet for the ascension timeline is because our human bodies are not transmuting fast enough the karmic base that was needed in order to move us through less dense formats in order to handle the accelerated (frequency) energy. Alas!.. the acceleration in Kundalini Awakenings and Walk Ins during 2007. They are the Rays of the next Universe. They are the beings that live there in alignment with Unity Intelligence. They are BEAUTY and Unconditional LOVE beyond Imagination!

The Oraphim is a part of the Diamond Sun DNA Christos lineages, the original humans created from the Founder Race lines. The Diamond Sun refers to the original design of the angelic human 12 Strand DNA silicate matrix. This was the potential DNA and higher consciousness experienced by angelic human beings in previous time cycles on the 5D parallel earth, previous to its cataclysm. The Double Diamond Sun Body refers to the Original Founder Oraphim design of a fully embodied 12 strand DNA and further access to 24 other dimensions of consciousness while in a human body. When the Oraphim DNA potential is activated, it allows for physical body immortality and the ability for the consciousness bodies full transmutation out of dimensional time. Ref;Lisa Renee. (Source:

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–

FREEDOM JOURNEY KARMIC RELEASE COURSE – The reason that I have put this course together for you is to give you the tools not only to understand what karma is, not only to get yourself off the Karmic Wheel of Life, but to find the FREEDOM of thought. This is a life changing course, a course that should help you move away from the outdated belief systems of your parents, grandparents, society, etc., and help you to find your own inner voice, the voice of truth. This course will help you shed the layers that you have allowed yourself to be encapsulated into by your upbringing. It will help you to dive deep within and release all the triggers that are holding you back from aligning yourself with the life that you are meant to live! This course will help you unlock the mystery of your heart. Get to the bottom of your issues, and let it all go.

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written a book. It is now available for all of you in digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – pdfdownloadableversioncoverA Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please click here:

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  1. Nice to meet you, my name is ewa. Nickname is huku. I live in Japan and am not good at English, so I use a translation application. Therefore, there may be parts where the text is incorrect. Please forgive me. 火 I saw a pale ray in the night sky this Tuesday morning. I just wanted to know what the message was, so I was glad to know the answer. Thank you. Also, Lira’s message was something I wanted to know personally. I felt there was a connection to the direction of Vega via Rila, and right now they wanted to know how they thought about the Earth. Even now, I was happy to see that I had the same feeling as the message that I had sent to the earth through past channelers. Thank you very much.



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