How to heal yourself with energy, light and crystals (sinus, stuffed up nose example – simplified short version


Before I begin I wish to touch on the idea of healing
with energy. For many people who are not familiar with such an idea, this may
seem like something out of a fantasy book. But it is not so. For in truth,
every single living being on earth has the capacity and knowledge – how to
heal themselves with light, energy, colors, sounds, crystals, and most
We’ve all heard a saying that PRAYER is a very powerful
tool, but rarely if ever do we stop to think WHY that is. When you pray, lets
say for another person, what actually happens is you send out healing energy,
loving energy, caring energy to that other person. So it is the same analogy
(and I like to use it a lot, so forgive me if 
you’ve heard it before) as a cell
phone. When you’re talking on the phone with someone what your phone is sending
out is encoded energy, it is then being transmuted into sound, which then is
transmitted through the wireless network to the person on the other line as
your voice. The same thing happens with prayer. When you pray you send out information
“Dear God/angels/deities/whatever you believe in, please help so and so”, what
you’re actually doing is this… “Dear “deity, source, all that is, myself and
others in the universal network”, please encode the following message that I am
sending out into a healing energy and send it into the person that I’m requesting
this energy for”. When you send out this request, the universe begins to
respond. The more people send out the same request, the more healing energy is
then transferred to the person you’re “praying” for But all along, it was YOUR
ENERGY + UNIVERSAL ENERGY = Combined healing power. 
The same thing happens when you are healing yourself,
only this time the energy is directed at you. This is a very simple process
really, it’s almost the same as meditation, only instead of NOT focusing your
mind on something, you INTENTIONALLY begin to focus on a particular point on your
There are many variations of healing with energy out
there. I am just going to talk about one type of technique that I like to
use.  It’s very very simple, and 
doesn’t require anything at all. But if you have crystals it would be THAT much more
The first thing you need to do before you begin any type
of healing weather it is for you or for someone else, is to first open up your
merkaba if you know how to do that. If not don’t worry, you can simply ask for
protection from the source. The easiest way to do that is to imagine a platinum
white light, like a beam of light that all of a sudden appears from above you,
coming from the sky and completely covering you all the way down to your toes
and further down into the earth.  
Once you have done that, you are ready to move onto the
next step.  Sit in a comfortable position
so that you can fully relax but at the same time stay alert to what you are
about to do. The best 
I’ve found that works for me is a lotus position
(meditation position). Sit with your back straight up and start to breathe in
deeply and breathe out completely, as if you are beginning to meditate
begin to focus on your
breathing, simply allow your stomach to expand to its full capacity, imagine
that there is a string that is tied to your belly button and is being pulled
outwards and away from you. As your stomach expands more air can flow in
through your lungs and into the rest of the cells in your body. Do this for 3 –
5 breath and proceed to breathe normally.
focus on the place on your body where you are feeling the issue. For example,
let us assume that you are having issues breathing through your nose. I have
had this happen to me so many times, that I feel that I am an expert in the
nose condition field ;).
first thing to realize is that this issue is coming from emotions. I know that
you have heard this a billion times before, but I’m going to reiterate it
again. Yes, emotions. So before you begin to focus the energy on your nose, you
need to think for a moment, what emotion caused the manifestation of your nose
closing up, shutting down, and betraying you ;). Most of the time if not
always, you will begin to feel that it was an emotion of loneliness, desire to
go “home”, sadness, anger, guilt, etc., All the emotions that would usually
make us feel that we do not wish to stay within our vehicles anymore. And what
is the easiest and the fastest way to get outta here? What is it that you
cannot possibly (yet) not do to keep your physical vehicle (body) running? You
got it! BREATHE. And obviously since you’re reading this article, you’ve
decided to stay, but your body did not get a clear signal from you, and hence
is acting on the emotion and your desire to leave. So, all you have to really
do now, is bring your body back into alignment energetically. Now that 
you’ve figured out the cause, it’s time to ask your body, your soul and the universe
for help.
there you are sitting in a lotus position protected by the platinum light
around you ready to heal yourself. Now what you need to do is to imagine a
healing indigo light flowing from the source from above your head and into your
crown chakra and going all the way down through you to your feet, at the same
time you would also direct this energy to flow through to your nose and out.
Imagine that this light energy is cleansing your nose and removing all the
blocks that were there. At the same time, ask your body for forgiveness and ask
your body to assist you. At the same time, ask your “guardian
angels/source/god/deity” to remove all the negativity, and all the emotions (if
you still 
aren’t aware of what they were just say all the emotions, if you know
the cause ask for that specific emotion) to be removed from your body and sent
into the light for  healing and
transmutation. Feel yourself being able to breathe. If your nose is completely stuffed
up, breathe through your mouth but keep sending and imagining that you are
doing so through your nose.
As you can see on this picture the practitioner is

pointing a crystal at the patients face, you

would do the same thing to yourself. Take

the crystal into your hand as shown above

you have a crystal (with a pointed top) take it into your hand and hold it with
your 3 fingers, index, middle and thumb. Now, direct the tip of the crystal
onto your nose (or any other part of the body) and send the energy that is
flowing through your crown chakra into your hand and into the crystal. You will
begin to feel that the energy is being amplified and by the end of the session the
crystal may become hot and a bit cloudy.
really is no set number of minutes that you are to continue doing this
procedure for, because it really does depend on what your body needs, and you
will feel it yourself when you need to stop. If the problem is chronic you will
need to keep repeating this over and over throughout the days, until the
problem goes away.
would also suggest to speed things along, to use Eucalyptus oil. This oil
removes negativity, and assists the nose by sending vibrations to clean out the
residual energy (of an emotional experience that caused this to happen in the
physical) and expel it. There are of course many other oils that can do the job.
Once you get this or any other oil, you can then use a netti pot and create a
solution of water + special salt that comes with netti pot + 1 or 2 drops of
Eucalyptus oil (do not use more than 2 drops, essential oils are very strong).
You would then proceed to use the netti pot as you usually do. Please note that
if you are taking any homeopathic remedies ANY essential oil may knock out the homeopathic
remedy in your body. Also make sure you’re not allergic to this oil. If you are
then use another oil instead. (at some point I’ll talk about how to remove
allergies with energy as well).

Another way to unblock a stuffed up nose, is through the use of hand mudras. A very wonderful hand mudra that works wonders is shoonya mudra.
Method: this mudra is formed by first placing the tip of the middle finger on base of the thumb and tehn bringing gentle pressure of the thumb upon this finger. The amounts to suppression of element space(residing in the middle finger) by element fire(residing in the thumb).

methods DO WORK. I have tested it out not only on myself but my clients,
parents, friends, etc., So please give it a try. 

light, happy and joyous, these emotions will uplift you and you and keep you
healthy! Love & Light to you! ~ Anna Merkaba

Copyright ©  by Anna Merkaba. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. and

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  1. Thank you for all your work!!! I am SO happy to learn more- and you have given me much to practice on! So, keep writing like this and I’ll keep following your wisdom. Namaste! Vera Ellen Rich


    • Thank you so much for your kind word Vera!!! Thank you for stopping by. I will most definitely keep writing more and more, as long as the channelings keep coming and our galactic and angelic families continue to shed light and love our way:)))) ❤ Much love and light to you !!!!


  2. Thank you dear! This is so me. Stuffy nose and breathing problems almost sent me “home”. Will give it a try. A lot of interesting information on your website. One more time, thank you!


  3. thanks.. i’ll try..


  4. Thank you so much for this information ….I m really worried for my daughter she always have stuffy nose will try this definately…


    • Dear Sangeeta, Please look around your home to see if you have any mold anywhere. This may also be an issue as to why your daughter is having sinus issues. There are also various other reasons that this could be the case. ❤


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