Archangel Metatrone’s Message about 3 days of darkness

Before you read this message, please understand that what Archangel Metatrone is trying to explain is that depending on your beliefs, certain things in your life with either happen or will not. That is why he goes on to explain that lightworkers (as long as they stay grounded and hold on to the understanding that all the chaos that may happen around them is just a phase that will pass, and lead to better things, and understand that they are NOT effected by these changes, then nothing will harm them). Same goes for EVERYONE. Therefore, please do not take this message as something that you need to fear, it’s is just another explanation of what may happen. That is all. As always with the universe, NOTHING is set in stone, for everything is vibrating and changing all the time! 🙂

Yes we are connected dear child.. To answer your question
about the three days of darkness, and there is no need to be afraid child, for
it will not affect you in any such way that you deem dangerous or are you be concerned
of in any such way. The tree days darkness is an analogy it simply indicates
that there will be three major events taking place, and yes indeed it is true
that the earth will go through a vacuum so to speak, and it is going to be
happening very soon, yes it is Archangel Metatrone that is speaking with your
right now, for I am here for you child and am glad to assist you.  And yes I do wish to send out a message to all
the light workers to yes indeed stay strong and true to your convictions for
nothing will harm them if they use the power of the six pointed star that I hold
in my hands as you see right now.
And to answer your question, if we are to assume that indeed
it is so that there are going to be three of your days on the earth then we are
going to assume that to be, but what will happen is the three fallouts , the
fallout of three major and most important things that are happening on earth at
this time, so let us explain this to you in your terms that you understand.  The human race is ruled by money, religions
and anger.. yes anger, and that is your job to change yes indeed you are
speaking with me, perhaps the word anger you are not understanding and I will rephrase
it to say power, so the first thing that you will see changing is the monetary
system, well the money in your world represents all the sins of course, but it
is not how it should be, for it is only an exchange value it is only a
frequency whereby you exchange it with another in order to receive another frequency,
for you must understand that everything is frequency based, and there is no
such thing as a physical, or at least not in a way that you understand it to be.
For it is indeed true that you create your own reality and
you create your own circumstances with our help, so you do encode and you do
program and yes indeed your thinking is inline with what I am saying that you
are indeed a programmer, for you are programming your fate and your reality,
and therefore what we are going to explore with you now is the darkness as it
is understood on earth, when the monetary system collapses there will be darkness
amongst the humans for they will not know what will happen next, they will fear
and flee in panic, but where is there to flee? For there is no other world that
they understand, and they will have to come to terms that there is no where to
go… but then they will turn to religion and they will realize that there is no
religion, there is not a person to tell them what to do.. for its a sham, and
they will see that it is so… and then they will turn to their government and
the government that is no longer in power will not care to explain to the humans
what has occurred for the power will be given to the humans, but since, and
here is what you must understand in your reality that when they will be freed
from their “Slavery” they will not know where to go, what to do, and they will
be in darkness and panic.
So going to back to the three days of darkens, for there must
be these occurrences so, and people will be in panic, and that is naturally so,
and they will go to their elders and their elders will not have answers for
them, and then they will seek all of you, they will awaken they will ask you
for help, they will ask to be guided into the new vibration, “but it does not
need to be that way” (I said) and he goes “but it does it does indeed dear
child”, for they must face their fears and those that have not been properly prepared
and have not heard  the call of purity, those
are the ones that are going to remain in darkness until their soul graduates to
a new level.
And no you will still be able to communicate with the old earth
so to speak, of course your realities will be completely different and forever changed,
we cannot explain the concept to you for you cannot understand for your human
brain has not experienced this before and you would not understand clearly but
yes what Raphael has explained to you today is indeed partially true and is
indeed how it will be, but it will not and I repeat will not happen in only three
of your human days, for it is a process and it is a process that will occur
shortly, but a process nonetheless..
The structures will fall, and everything will fail, as it
has already been failing and the humans will have to face the reality of life,
that none of what they believed is real… they will walk around confused as to what
to do next.. but we and you are going to be helping them you and us are going to
assist them in this shift,… and once again I repeat that this will happen, and
you can assist those that are beginning to  see the light, and you are the ones to anchor
the light to put the light through for others and to remain in complete peace
and control for your environment and just like you understand not to panic, not
to fear, not to be in anger, not to allow this darkness to overcome you, for
you are here to be a lighthouse of sorts you are here to guide an protect  and I ask you to spread your wings, yes that
is correct you have wings and I ask you spread your wings and fly high above
the mountains and call out their names, fly high t above the mountains and spread
the joy and love and love and joy and warmth to all of them, tell them of your
love and show them the way, light their way through music and dance, light their
way through joy and happiness and bliss, light their way through your pictures
and articles and books, anything you can think of to help them on their way is
going to assist you in this journey that we call ascension.
For ascension although a long process is also a short
process from where I’m standing and form where i am looking at you right now, I
hope that I was able to answer your question do not be alarmed, do not worry
stay calm and peaceful for we are with you always, in love and in light. We
love you forever and forever you are with us for we are you and you are us and
we love you our beloved Anna our beloved channel
goodbye of now…

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  1. I wanna thank you for publicing this good information. Keep up this good work. I’ll subscribe to your blog also. thnx!


  2. Awesome message!!!! thank you for sharing, Juliette


  3. Thank you AA Metatron ! Thank you Ana for the great messages ! Love !



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