AA METATRON – The Sovereignty Seal – TREE OF LIFE – The Manifestation Point – PART I

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe. Today we will continue working with the Sovereignty Seal that I have received from Archangel Metatron. In the previous series of steps we spoke about the Vesica Piscis, Kundalini and the Pineal Gland, we journeyed through the 7 major chakras of the body, activated the Supreme Atom of your Being and today we will dive into the Tree of Life. I am more than sure that you have heard of the Tree of Life before. The tree of life comes to us from the Kabbalah. The word kabbalah comes from the Hebrew rootl’kabel, which means “to receive”. And today we will continue to receive information to assist us in our ascension journey.

As I say in my book Mission to Earth a Lightworkers Guide to Self Mastery “It all began with a divine spark of light. No one can really determine when exactly it has all began. The reason is that it never ended. It never began. It simply always was, is, and will be. Infinitely spinning into the Fabionachi sequence. Infinitely expanding and contracting at the same time. Coming full circle if you will. Life is infinite; ever expanding; always contracting; returning to point zero and, starting over. The human body is comprised of molecules, atoms, cells, everything that is always in motion, never standing still. The same thing that comprises our bodies, comprises the bodies of animals, insects, plants. We are all made from the same material, only our DNA codes are different. Everything that is happening on a MACRO level is happening on a MICRO level.

There is a fantastic drawing by M.C. ESCHER of a hand drawing a hand. This drawing has fascinated me for years. I couldn’t stop staring at it, as it was making so much sense to my teenage mind when I first laid eyes on it. “How fantastic” I thought “A hand.. drawing a hand”!

That is precisely how our universe and our consciousness, and everything that we see is designed. Our Higher self, GOD, Source, whatever you wish to call it, this pure universal energy is drawing us, and in turn we are drawing it.

As above so below. The tree of life is a perfect representation of this concept and has been brought into our awareness in a form of a tree to help us understand the meaning of this construct. On this journey in the physical reality of planet earth we travel anywhere between polar opposites where we are confronted with continued choice between positive polarity and negative polarity, between living in excess and doing too much, or living in lack and doing too little, between light and dark, etc., The goal of course is to keep a balanced outlook on everything in our life, experiencing all that is around us, but always remaining in balance.

According to Anne Christine Tooley  “The Tree of Life is a physical picture of how our experience of life is represented. The Tree is the Blueprint of All Life.

While the Tree appears in most depictions as 2-dimensional, it is in actuality a multi-dimensional “universe” containing Trees of Life within Trees of Life, each intimately interconnected. It is the warp and weft that creates the woven Cloth of Life. Because of our limited abilities to perceive beyond our physical plane of existence, it is difficult to imagine how vast and all-encompassing the Tree really is.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is a map of the soul/human journey and experience toward enlightened consciousness. It is a picture of how Nothing becomes Everything, which ultimately becomes physical matter; and vice versa, how physical matter ultimately becomes Everything which then becomes Nothing.

In all of time… in the past, present and future… we are somewhere in the Tree, experiencing a moment, then moving to another moment in time to another place in the Tree. It is a personal journey, and yet also a universal journey. It is the journey to understand oneselfunderstand our relationships, and understand our planet and the cosmos in relation to the Creator of the All-That-Is.

It is a physical representation of the stepdown process through each Sephirah where a differentiated Spectrum appears. The stepdown of visible color begins with KETER. And so the Tree of Life is formed with different aspects of Life being born on each Path, with eventual complete physical manifestation occurring in Malkuth.

The totality of our journey is also the stepup process of returning to the Sourcereturning to the Light, and eventually returning back to the Nothingness from which we came.

This is not a stagnant process! It is dynamic and ever-changing, like the synapses of the brain firing in any given moment. If we are in in a state of healthy movement, we are bouncing around the Tree like a pinball in a arcade game, all along gaining information and experience so that we can make different choices as to where we want to go next.

Tree of Life as an Energy Pathway

As was said earlier, the Tree of Life is a picture of the macrocosm and the microcosm, which are one in the same.

Our physical body and energy field has the same organizational structure as the Tree of Life. So therefore, it is possible to map the Tree on the physical body. Note that the Tree of Life maps on the BACKSIDE of the body. Even though most all pictures show the tree mapped on the front of the body (even the graphic I’ve included with the Vitruvian Man at the top of this page), the Tree of Life truly maps to the BACK of the body.

Each sephira is associated with: a particular Divine attribute, Divine name, pillar, one of 5 worlds, one of 5 elements, a letter in the Name of God YHVH, a number, an Archangel, a planet in our Solar System, a place on Earth, a principal color, a particular part or area of the physical body, a particular part of our energy field, a chemical element, a crystal or stone, a chakra, a geometric shape, one of the ten commandments, and a musical note.

To help you connect to the tree of life and all its sephirots there is a wonderful Disc called the Sephirot Device which balances out not only all 7 of your chakras, but assists in activating the 10 emanations of the Kabalah Tree of Life. This is a VERY powerful tool, to be used by those who are ready to open up to all of their virtues. Incredibly useful for healers and those working in the healing and creative arts. This device will cleanse you out, so be ready for tremendous transformations to take place after meditating with this disc for a while. You can use this device on your clients, simply by placing it on that body part which needs healing. Once you do so, you will be able to open a gateway to their subocniousnes and various thoughts will arise for them to release, various emotions will come up in order to heal whatever is ailing them.To learn more about this disc please click here.

Everything begins with a thought, and yet you need your physical body to perform in a specific way in order to manifest this thought. If you think back to your life, anything that you ever did came first from you thinking about it, and then bringing it into action, such as you thinking of picking up an object, would propel you to walk across the room and pick it up. For this to happen your body would need to work in a specific way in order to make this movement happen. Were your body not prepared or unable to perform this movement you wouldn’t be able to walk across the room and pick up the item. That is why I feel it is important to always be in balance, and to always have the two, be completely connected to the divine and at the same time be fully grounded in the now, in order to be able to bring through whatever you at your soul level wish to manifest into this plane of existence.

There are various schools of thought on how to use the tree of life, some start from top and go to the bottom, other’s start at the bottom and move up to the top, others just zigzag across it.  In the previous series of Sovereignty Seal steps we have journeyed from bottom up, going from the root chakra and arriving at the crown. And in this series we will begin at the top and make our way down the tree. Are you ready? Let’s begin!



And we will begin with the Kether (also known as Keter), the “CROWN”. Which is the first and highest Sephiroth. Kether represents the will of GOD and the will of YOUR SOUL. Because the will of your soul is the most all-encompassing power. Power that literally transcends time and space continuum in order to manifest that which one wishes into their life.

In the words of Gahl Sasson “The ten spheres can be seen as the ten words or ten magic spells spoken by God at the creation of the cosmos. These ten divine utterances emitted ripples of energies that radiated into the emptiness of space, eventually blending and coalescing into everything we see around us. Kabbalah assigns a distinct name of God to each sphere. That name, mantra, or magic spell functions as an invocation of the energies of that particular archetype. And just as God uttered these ten words to manifest the energies of the cosmos, you can speak or chant these ten names to encase yourself in the ethereal energy you need most. For example, if you’d benefit from a more intense connection to the sphere Beauty, the sphere of balance and health, you can amplify that relationship simply by imagining yourself sitting in a golden sphere (the color of the sphere Beauty) while chanting the name of God for Beauty (Yod Hey Vav Hey Eloha Va’Da’At).” (Source: https://cosmicnavigator.com)

In the words of Moshe Miller “This can be understood better by comparing this sefira to certain aspects of a human being. The will of a human being is the most all-encompassing power of his soul, since it gives rise to and motivates all of the other powers of the soul. If a person has a will for something he begins to invent ways in which to achieve his goal. Once he has discovered a theoretical method of achieving his goal, he starts to plan out how to achieve this in reality. From there he initiates the action. As long as he has not yet achieved his desire, his will drives him onwards until he does so. Thus keter is the generator and activator of all the other sefirot/emanation. For in order to achieve the goal (the revelation of the Infinite Light), the entire range of emanation from its highest point to its lowest is generated and unfolds specifically from keter until the desired objective is achieved.” (Source: https://www.chabad.org/kabbalah/article_cdo/aid/380778/jewish/Keter.htm)

This means that in order to change our lives, we first must state how and what we want to see manifest in our reality. Or in other words we must first make a wish, a detailed wish that clearly spells out what we want to see change in our lives. You can start doing so right now by making a wish and writing it down. Once you do so you can call upon Keter to initiate the process.

According to Gahl Sasson “The first sphere or archetype to emanate as a word from God’s mouth is called Crown (Keter in Hebrew). Crown symbolizes the will of God, and that will, according to Kabbalah, is the will for oneness. God is One. God’s will is unity. Humans arrive as individuals, each of us unique in form, appearance, and personality. But the message of the Crown resounds clearly: we are all connected; we are all the same. All of us—in fact, all of creation—emanated from this first word uttered by God just as the entire universe materialized out of the Big Bang. The color for this sphere is white, the color that contains all the colors of the spectrum. Crown isn’t associated with a particular planet or sign because this sphere symbolizes emptiness or nothingness. That does not mean that Crown represents an empty vessel. It simply suggests that we do not possess the mental capacity to comprehend, grasp, or contain the infinite magnitude of this original sphere. Name of God for this sphere is Eheye. Look at this name of God as a mantra, a key that can open before you the powers and potentials of the sphere. Just like you might need a web address to download a file, so does the name of God connect you to a certain aspect of the one God that can in turn help you access the content you need to connect with.” To learn more about how to connect to the ten spheres as well as the relevance of the names of God, please refer to his book A Wish Can Change Your Life. You can also find audio examples of each mantra at www.CosmicNavigator.com.



Chochmah is the second Sephirot, which means wisdom and intuition. This sephirot invites you to tune into yourself, to learn to listen to your intuition and see all the synchronicities that are unfolding before you. I talk a lot about intuition and synchronicities in my Abundance Jounery Course – Manifest What you want into your reality.

How to tune into Abundance manifesting anything that you want into your reality. This course has been created to assist you in manifesting anything that you want into your life. In this online course you will learn about what abundance is, what it means to be abundant and what Abundance actually means specifically for you. You will discover the reason that setting expectations for yourself usually leads to failure, while using the power of intent leads to incredible experiences on this planet, which help to shift you on the road to success. Here you will discover how to create a different reality for yourself using a very special key that you already have! For more information please click here: https://annamerkaba.mykajabi.com/offers/qhCKYqjW/checkout

In order for anything to come to pass it is highly important to see the path unfold before you and to trust yourself that the guidance you are receiving is the right one for you. When I was awakening to my true self, I began to see synchronicities large and small unfold before me. It began with the number sequences which I kept seeing everywhere I looked, license plates of cars, receipts, someone walking in front of me wearing a tshirt with specific number sequence representing what I was thinking about. All of a sudden I would overhear someone talking about what I was thinking about giving me an idea and a clue as to what I should do next. All of these signals were signs from the universe that my wish to find myself has been heard and I was to learn to pay attention to my intuition and trust it. And in the tree of life entering Chochmah or the next step after making a wish opens one up to hearing the messages from the divine, and learning to trust themselves and their innate wisdom. Chochmah is also a life force, the energy that helps to brings what you wish from nothingness into existence.

In the words of Moishe Miller “ The third aspect of chochma is that it is called the life-force of all Creation. The account of the Creation at the beginning of Genesis begins with the word “bereishit“, — “in the beginning”. One of the Aramaic translations of the Torah, Targum Yonatan renders the word bereishit as b’chuchmata — “with chochma,” for this sefira is also the instrument of Creation. That is to say, it permeates all of creation. This is the meaning of the verse “You made everything with chochma” (Psalms 104:24). In this sense Scripture refers to chochma as the life-force of all creation (as opposed to keter which is the expression of purpose and motivation of all of creation), as in the verse “and chochma enlivens (or vitalizes) all that possess it” (Ecclesiastes 7:12). Similarly, “They will die but not with chochma” (Job 4:21), that is to say when they are without chochma. This is the aspect of chochma in its relation to all the other sefirot.  Thus, in brief, chochma is defined as the germinal, highly condensed revelation of G‑dly light in the highest level of immanence that is in the life force of all of creation.”

And in the words of Gahl Sasson “The next word uttered by God was Wisdom (Hochma). Wisdom represents reflection, meditation, intuition, and insights. Wisdom is the echo of the first archetype, Crown. It symbolizes the mirror in which God’s Oneness reflects itself. Reflection— via meditation or other techniques of inner discovery—enables us to locate the divine part of ourselves. Kabbalists paint Wisdom in silver-gray to signify the wisdom we attain as we age. Gray also suggests that life is not black and white, all or noth- ing, good or bad. Wisdom correlates not to any particular planet, but to the zodiac wheel in its entirety. It is wise, then, to examine the entire, complicated, circular (endless) picture. As the source of the astrological wheel, Wisdom also generates and oversees the divine astrological contracts that guide our paths here on earth. Name of God: YOD HEY VAV HEY. Chant this mantra any time you wish to invoke intuition or are faced with indecision.” Sasson, Gahl. A Wish Can Change Your Life: How to Use the Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah to Make Your Dreams Come True.


Binah teaches us to understand life, how to maneuver through it, how to utilize everything that we can at our disposal in order to gain knowledge and the know-how to fulfill our wish that we’ve made in Kether. It teaches us discipline and how without commitment to our desired goals we cannot proceed further, because wishing is one thing, but we must also have the tools and the knowledge to bring all our desires to fruition. Binah is stability, it organizes, regulates and gives form to the energies of Chochmah. In Binah we learn to reconstruct and realize the steps we need to take in order to manifest what we want.

I love how Moshe mIller describes Binah “The word bina is related to the word livnot, meaning “to build”, for this is the essential quality of bina. The abstract, non-dimensional, incomprehensible point that represents chochma is expanded and built into a three-dimensional structure, sometimes compared to the physical dimensions of length, breadth, and depth. In the context of sefirot they signify three aspects of bina, each with its own unique relationship to the other sefirot.

Imagine that you are walking in an unfamiliar place on a very dark night. Suddenly, a flash of lightning illuminates the whole area, and for an instant you can see everything with absolute clarity. But, a moment later, the night is just as dark. Now you have to reconstruct what you saw in that momentary flash of lightning in order to find your way home. The lightning flash is akin to the activity of chochma, which flashes in and out of existence. Reconstructing what it was that was revealed when the darkness was briefly illuminated is akin to the functioning of bina. Again, bina is the expansion and extension of the initial point-like revelation of G‑d into a comprehensive system.

Gahl Sasson in his book “A wish can change your life: How to Use the Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah to Make Your Dreams Come True” writes “Here the Tree inculcates the importance of discipline and persistence in achieving any wish. Adopting some sort of personal discipline—swearing off caffeine or pledging to meditate for at least fifteen minutes every day—will invigorate your powers of manifestation. The word Understanding (Binah) follows next. No wonder few of us can understand Wisdom; Wisdom arrives in the creation before the sphere that gives birth to Understanding. This third sphere imparts the energies we need to comprehend our- selves, our identity, and our mission in life. It brings us logic, science, education, and discipline, as well as the concepts of time and space that provide a structure in which to practice all that science and discipline. This sphere is colored dark indigo. Understanding marks the first sphere to be assigned an astrological planet. It brings Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn and the planet associated in traditional astrology with malevolence, plagues, disasters, and other misfortunes. But Kabbalistic astrology places Saturn in the most lofty and vital domain, the closest of all the planets to Crown and the Will of God. In your chart, Understanding—represented by Saturn—highlights the area of life in which you must practice persistence and focus in order to succeed and grow. Saturn helps us in the Understanding of our Tikkun (fixing our soul), as well as with the construction of a structure (such as regular yoga, meditation, community and service) that will drive that rectification. Name of God: ELOHIM. This mantra works like a spell. Chant it any time you want to overcome fear, enhance discipline and focus, or materialize a new project.

This concludes PART I of the THREE OF LIFE SERIES. Thank you for reading this article, I truly hope that this information was helpful for you. If you found it to be helpful please share it with others whom you feel may benefit from this information, as well as post your comments below this article about your experience with these suggestions. In the next article I will talk about the next part of the Sovereignty Seal which is the TREE OF LIFE and THE MANIFESTATION POINT PART II so stay tuned. Till then I send you the love of Universal proportions!

I love you all so very, very much and am so blessed to be walking on this journey here with you! ❤

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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