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Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! In my previous message to you I spoke about the Sovereignty Seal that I have received from Achangel Metatron. If you’ve missed my previous message in which I talked about the Throat Chakra please click here. At this very important and pivotal time we are being assisted by all the loving and supportive energies entering our planet, by our guides and ascended masters, by angels and archangels, by our galactic counterparts, by our higher selves and The Source of All That Is – GOD. As we enter the new age we must cleanse our palates, balance everything out and make room for new that is about to come into our lives. To help you do so, I’ve put together a Freedom Journey Karmic Release Online Course which is available for all of you to take right now, if you haven’t taken this life changing course just yet, please click here for more information. 

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In this step we will begin to work with one part of the Sovereignty Seal, which is our chakra system. We will journey through each of the chakras. In this series you will learn how to recognize which chakra is out of balance and the various ways that you can balance your charka, such as mudras, what to wear and what to eat. I will also share a special meditation with you that has been created in collaboration with a beautiful soul by the name of Kanika Monkatia . Here you will also learn which vibrational remedies will help to keep your chakra in balance, which gemstones to use, affirmations, mantras, how color affects your chakra and so much more.

This is a comprehensive series of videos and articles to help you learn as much as you can about various ways of harmonizing each of your chakras, keeping them balanced and how doing so will help you to be more vibrant, happy and healthy! I would also love to hear your experience with this step, so please share your experience on working with your Third Eye Chakra with all of us by commenting on this post, the more we share with each other, the more we will learn and help each other on this beautiful journey of self discovery! Are you ready? Let’s begin:



Indigo also called Royal Blue is the third eye chakra color. It is a color of wisdom and deep inner knowing. Indigo opens the door to the Divine and it is the color that we associate with night. It is at night, when our senses become finer and a different part of us awakens. Indigo brings clarity to the sense organs – your seeing, hearing and feeling. Indigo It is also connected to your sixth sense – your third eye. Indigo is a bridge between heaven and earth, between the left and right hemispheres and also between life and death. Indigo helps to make a transition towards life or towards death. Indigo color energy is an energy of deep change. It allows you to transform the energies of lower chakras into higher spiritual vibrations. You must be cautious though, because you can become ungrounded and disconnected with the life on earth and with your family and friends. As you unfold the petals of your third eye chakra, you begin to recognize patterns. You can see where you have been, where you are stuck, and where you are going.  You begin to experience those “Aha” moments. Moments of insight and clarity. You are recognizing your patterns and are able to relate everything to a larger picture and what it means. Illusions are shattered and dreams are integrated. You begin to experience wholeness and sense of tranquility and inner knowing – wisdom. You begin to see that you can consciously create your life. And that your vision for the future is a creative act of will.

On a physical level indigo relates to the brain, forehead, brow, the pituitary gland, the pineal gland, eyes, nose, and the carotid nerve plexus. People with strong indigo energy have a special spark in their eyes. Their eyes are bright and you sense deep wisdom when you look into their eyes. It is a calm, yet strong energy which shifts, changes, and transforms. Like blue, indigo is an energy of symbolic thinking. At this level, the use of symbols is even stronger than at the throat chakra level. Third eye chakra color indigo connects the material and the symbolic – the inner and the outer. Indigo also represents the path of “effortless action”. This means that when you are in action, you are not imposing your own ego or will on the situation. Action simply flows through you and you accomplish everything effortlessly.  Blue is a color of peace and tranquility. And so is its darker partner – indigo. The gift of the third eye chakra color is that you are at peace with yourself and with the flow of your life. You realize that there is nothing that needs to be changed in your life, all is well, all is a part of the Divine. The challenge is when this energy is blocked or excessive and it manifests as deep sadness, depression, loneliness or delusions and hallucinations. The spiritual aspect of third eye chakra color is rising above polarity and developing witness consciousness. At this level, you begin to perceive the workings of the Divine and you begin to become one with it.

Intuition, inner voice, gut feeling, or the sixth sense is available to us all the time. It is an unconscious process that cannot be forced, but it cannot be stopped either. It is always available to us. The challenge is to learn to listen to our intuition. Living our fast paced lives and being programmed by society to be rational and reasonable, we never learned to listen to voice within. But it is there. Available to access at any time. Have you ever had a strong feeling that something was wrong, you dismissed it, because you could not rationalize it, only to regret it later?  That’s intuition. Third eye chakra color indigo helps you to connect with your intuition, it helps you to connect with the deeper parts of yourself, your gut feelings, your instinct, or the sixth sense.  (Source: http://www.chakra-anatomy.com/throat-chakra-colors.html)

The sixth Chakra goes by many names.  It is known as the Third Eye, the Christ conscious center, the Brow Chakra, the Conscious awareness center, and of course, the Sanskrit name of Anja.   It is located at the center of our forehead.  The Third Eye controls our psychic powers and higher intuition.  It is from this center that one may reach their higher self.  This is the center that enables you to experience telepathy, astral travel, and our past lives.  The Brow Chakra is associated with the deep inner level of being we call Spirit, or our subconscious being.  It is the place where our true motivations are found, and it is the level of consciousness that directs our actions and our lives.

It is this center that is related to the sense of ESP.  This would encompass our inner vision, our inner sensitivity, and our inner hearing.   The Third Eye Chakra relates to our forehead, temples and the carotid plexus.  It corresponds with our pituitary gland.

If an individual is deficient in energy within this center they become non-assertive, undisciplined, afraid of success, oversensitive to the feelings of others, and they may exhibit difficulty distinguishing between the ego self and the higher self.

It the energy is overabundant in the Brow Chakra then you may see someone who is an egomaniac, proud, manipulative, and somewhat an authoritarian.

The well-balanced individual will be charismatic, and carry a sensation of being whole, finally complete.  They will be able to be open to receiving guidance with no attachment to material possessions. They will not fear death, as they will carry a deeper insight and understanding of this next phase of life. (Source: https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/the-seven-chakras-of-the-body/2)


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Do you often find yourself interpreting what you see during your meditations? Are you unable to visualize what you want to create? Are you afraid of success? Oversensitive to the feelings of others? Having a difficulty distinguising between your ego and your higher self? Or are you proud and aloof? Manipulative and somewhat authoritarian? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then your third eye chakra may be out of balance.

Physical indicators of a sluggish Third Eye Chakra include headaches at the areas of the Third Eye and occiput, sleep disturbances, other biorhythm disruptions, and nightmares.

Glaucoma, Headaches, Neurological problems, Cerebellum, Nose, Pituitary, Central Nervous System, Left Eye. Issues are – clairvoyance.

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the Autonomic Nervous System/Pituitary Gland. It is the centre of psychic power, spirit energies, higher intuition and light.  The Third Eye Chakra governs the pituitary gland, pineal gland, skull, eyes, brain, nervous system and the senses.

This Chakra is about insight and visualisation. When it is open, you have a good intuition. You may tend to fantasize.

If it is under-active you are not very good at thinking for yourself and you may tend to rely on authoritative people. You may be rigid in your thinking, relying on beliefs too much. You might even get confused easily. If this Chakra is over-active, you may live in a world of fantasy too much. In excessive cases hallucinations are possible.



If you experience pituitary gland issues such your emotions might be at play, to help you I would like to share an article from Luís Martins Simões book “Does Your Body Lie?“, in which he states the following:

The pituitary gland is also called Hypophysis.

The pituitary/hypophysis is the conductor of the whole orchestra of endocrine glands.

For those who work with chakras, the pituitary is directly linked to the indigo chakra, the chakra of the third eye, the sixth chakra. It has multiple functions. It stimulates other glands (suprarenal, thyroid and gonads) to produce their respective substances. Therefore, it has a role in the reproduction system and in growth.

Growth disorders are very much associated to the endocrine system. There are three glands that participate in the balanced growing up process of individuals: the pituitary, the thyroid and the thymus.

The hide and seek game that the person is doing is played at the pituitary gland. This happens when the person’s behaviour towards others is not straightforward, and he pretends to be someone else he is not. This occurs when the person refuses to respect his intuition.

At the level of the pituitary, the tension lies in the misalignment between the inner being (the person’s interior voice, his intuition) and the outer world (his everyday life and what the person pretends to be).

One of the hormones the pituitary produces is the growth hormone, which influences the person’s growth and maturing.

We shall not talk about people who are very small and do not grow up. We will talk about very tall people, with very long extremities. In these cases, the person’s tension is: “I need to be as tall as possible so that I can reach…” Then the person grows a lot (we are referring to tall people who come from smaller families).

This tendency comes from the parents. Once more, this is connected to the parents’ behaviour. Probably with the Father or the male model in the family, who always wanted to go further and higher. The child grew up to collect the reward. This is a body build-related type of issue and is associated to the genetic inheritance that the child brings with him since conception.

If a child thinks he needs to grow very tall to be worth something, his body will take him high up.

There is an anterior hypophysis and a posterior hypophysis.

The anterior hypophysis secretes the hormones that will provoke the functioning of other endocrine glands.

The posterior hypophysis is called the neurohypophysis. Its purpose is to balance the kidney and the pancreas.

When its functioning is disturbed, the person may develop insipid diabetes. He drinks and pees a lot. He recycles his own liquids. This is a person who washes using a lot of water. “There is black money here”. “There is liquid to be washed” (money = liquid).

Tumors in the pituitary (adenomas and fibromas) are normally benign. They call the person’s attention so that he realises that he misses himself and that he is carving a path for himself that will take him further than what is advisable. The person is obsessed with something related to matter, and which is acutely abusing him. The person is not respecting his deep essence.

Luis has a lot more information to share with all of us in his book “Does Your Body Lie?”. You can learn more by getting his book here: https://www.amazon.com/Does-Your-Body-Lie-Sickness/dp/1516887344/ref=sr_1_5


There are many things that you can do today to assist in balancing out your Third Eye chakra. You do everything that’s listed, none of it, or simply pick and choose what your body and mind are resonating with and proceed from there.

MEDITATION: You can simply close your eyes and focus on your Third Eye chakra. You can add a mudra to your meditation and/or add a mantra specific to this chakra. You can even dress in the colors associated with the Third Eye chakra which is Indigo.  Or go even further and focus on eating foods that are supportive of the third eye chakra. One step further as you are doing Yoga spend a little extra time on a yoga pose which opens and balances out this chakra. Be prepared as you go through this exercise that in order to balance out your third eye chakra many emotions that have been stored in this part of your body may begin to rise. Pay attention to your thoughts as you go about your day, and try to truly tune into the reasons to these thoughts, feelings and emotions being there. Give gratitude for the experiences associated with these emotions and let go of any negative feelings that you may have in this regard.  As you are working with releasing your emotions various vibrational remedies should come in handy for you. Try using some of the remedies in this article below. 


As the color for the third eye chakra is indigo, purple foods can be very helpful. Grapes, eggplant, purple kale, blueberries, purple sweet potatoes and blackberries can all help. Omega 3 rich foods like salmon, walnuts and avocado can also assist as they give the brain a much-needed boost. As well as Dark Chocolate and Cacao, which are excellent at balancing out your third eye and helping to open your pineal gland.

Foods to eat to balance out your Ajna are:

  • Dark Chocolate & Cacao
  • Dark bluish fruits like blue berries
  • black berries
  • Eggplants
  • raspberries help to keep the chakra centred.
  • Wine and grape juice
  • along with spices like poppy seeds are considered perfect for the chakra.


Third Eye Chakra crystals & gemstones

The full list of gemstones for the Throat Chakra is very long, a short list of the most popular gemstones to use for balancing out your third eye chakra are:

  • Lapis Lazuli (One of my most favorite stones)
  • Amethyst,
  • Labradorite,
  • Indigo Kyonite,
  • Purpole Charoite.
  • Blue Topaz


Or you can choose to work with the Third Eye & Pineal 3-6-9 Disc which has been created to assist you in activating your Third Eye & Pineal. This Third Eye 3 – 6 – 9 Disc carries the energies of magic numbers 3, 6, 9 which form a triangle which is called The Symbol of Enlightenment!
It is made of specialized quartz glass, cut to reflect the light in such a way as to amplify the power of the cosmic energies.This Disc is created out of parts which were divinely put together and sealed into one whole to amplify healing and metaphysical properties of each part. Each Disc size 2” in diameter consists of Copper and clear Quartz to amplify vibration of genuine stones healing and metaphysical properties.

To learn more about this Third Eye & Pineal 3-6-9 Disc please click here to visit NatalyaAnkh.com


AFFIRMATIONS: Affirmations are a great way to refocus your mind onto positive thinking. Throughout the day today you can use the following Throat Chakra Affirmations to get your mind in line with your higher self.

Third Eye chakra

–  intuition, awareness, imagination, intelligence.

“I am aware in every moment”

“My imagination is blissful”

“I trust my intuition”

“My vision is powerfully understood”

– See more at: http://www.chakra-lover.com/spiritual-affirmations.html#sthash.jvmhxW4s.dpuf


I’m not of the opinion that a specific essential oil is always good for a particular chakra, e.g., vetiver, a classic root chakra essential oil, is NOT always helpful when working with the root chakra. For me, it depends on the manifestation of the imbalance and the specific intentions.

Some common essential oils for the third eye chakra are:

  • Bay laurel (Laurus nobilis)
  • Carrot seed (Daucus carrota)
  • Galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua or Ferula gummosa)
  • German chamomile (Matricaria recutita)
  • Grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi)
  • Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)
  • Nutmeg ( (Myristica fragrans)
  • Palo Santo (Bursea graveolens)
  • Petitgrain (Citrus aurantium)
  • Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)
  • St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)
  • Sandalwood (Santalum album)

Bay laurel, galbanum and carrot seed are quintessential third eye chakra essential oils. Bay laurel works on energetic, emotional and physical levels, and is energetically integrative. It promotes and strengthens initiation and psychic abilities. It releases old outmoded thought patterns and provides an opening for new thoughts and perspectives. Bay laurel also has a significant calming tonic effect on the nervous system, and has been used to address psychoses and other forms of mental disfunction. Galbanum also helps to shed outmoded thought patterns and beliefs and aligns the brain with one’s spiritual purpose. It aids in the clarification of one’s life purpose and expansion of the auric field and energy bodies. It encourages channeling and reception of psychic information. Both galbanum and carrot seed clear psychic blocks. Carrot expands the third eye, increases inner vision, integrates the spiritual with the physical and opens one to others’ views and, in so doing, extend one’s own perception. Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) also expands the third eye.

Nutmeg is liberating. It releases old stagnant or inflexible thought patterns opening one to fresh new and expansive mental activity. Palo Santo helps to reveal one’s personal path and life purpose, and integrates the spiritual with ordinary reality.

St John’s wort, sandalwood (Santalum album) and palo santo aide the third eye in its role of balancing the chakras. St John’s Wort also opens the mind to psychic dreams and helps one to remember and understand them. Opopanax (Commiphora guidotti) opens one to the mystical. Both German and Roman chamomile and yarrow (Achillea milleflorium) facilitate connection with non-ordinary realities, source and angelic realms or vibrations.

Other essential oils that strengthen and expand the intuition are black spruce (Picea mariana), cistus (Cistus landiferus), grapefruit, jasmine (Jasminium grandiflorium), Siberian fir (Abies sibirica)and silver fir (Abies alba). Yarrow, cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) and nutmeg promote psychic awareness. Cinnamon along with German and Roman chamomile promote the flow of chi through the physical and subtle bodies.

Everlasting (Helichrysum italicum) works on the physical manifestations of third eye disfunction such as depression, debility, nervous exhaustion, trauma and phobias. Grapefruit is another essential oil that works on the physical level. It addresses depression, headaches, nervous exhaustion and stimulates and sharpens the senses. While frankincense (Bowellia carteri) and sandalwood are often thought of as a third eye essential oils, I associate them more with the crown chakra. However, on the physical level, both are very usual for nervous conditions. German and Roman chamomile are sedatives as well. Manuka (Leptosperum scoparium) balances or rectifies the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system responses. http://www.starchaser-healingarts.com/essential-oils-for-the-sixth-or-third-eye-chakra-ajna/#more-6153


There are many vibrational remedies to balance out your third eye chakra, and in the future messages when we will discuss another part of the Sovereignty Seal I will share more remedies with you.

6th Chakra: 3rd Eye Chakra Blend Flower EssenceOne of the remedies that I would like to mention today is a  Third Eye Chakra Essence Blend by Tree Frog Farm. I have personally tried all of their blends and must warn you that they are strong, so 1 drop is enough per time that you use it. You can also apply this essence directly to your solar plexus chakra to balance it out. The Third Eye Chakra Flower Essence Blend works through the energy circuits of the Third Eye Chakra, the eyes, the pineal and hypothalamus glands and the brain to support the healthy functioning of the Third Eye Chakra.

When the Third Eye Chakra is appropriately open and active you see/experience beyond time and space for clear intuition and insight. Through focused creative visualizations you create the possibilities for what will manifest into physical form. The pineal gland, which secretes melatonin, and the hypothalamus which directs thirst, hunger, and the biological clock, assist you to be calm, relaxed and rested with balanced biorhythms while interacting with higher frequencies and dimensions. You may experience clairvoyance. The Third Eye Chakra Flower Essence Blend aligns the Third Eye Chakra to receive these abundant qualities.

For more information on this essence please visit TreeFrogFarm.com.

As you work on releasing various emotions from your root chakra the following Bach Flower Remedies can come in handy for you:

  • Cerato – helps you to follow your inner guidance and trust your own intuition
  • Chestnut Bud – helps you to learn from  your past experiences and be open to learning from life
  • Honey Suckle – helps you to break free from the past and embrace the NOW
  • Walnut– helps you to adapt to change and offers protection from outside influences & energies.
  • Wild Oat –  helps you to decide on your own path, is great to use when you find yourself at crossroads in life and need to make an important decision.  To learn more about these remedies please visit bachflower.com

Hyland’s Cell Salts – I also recommend using Schuessler’s Cell Salts/Tissue Salts. These are very fast acting and incredibly powerful remedies that will get you into balance fast. They are easy to use and can be found in your local health food store or online at stores such as Iherb.com or Amazon.com, etc., 

Kali Mur – Relief of Colds, Sore Throats, and Runny Noses. Kali Mur. (Kali Muriaticum) specializes in helping the body clear congestions before white matures to yellow, saving energy and distress. As such, Kali Mur. is ideal for relief of colds, sore throats and runny noses that are accompanied by white discharges. Tablets are flavorless and dissolve immediately without water for no upset stomach.

Silicea – Relief of Skin Eruptions, Brittle Hair and Nails. Silicea, a cleansing cell salt, helps the body eliminate non-functional matter; in skin applications, Silicea provides temporary relief from pimples, blackheads and blemishes associated with common acne. It is also a component of hair and nails and is thus a great remedy for brittle hair and nails. Tablets are flavorless and dissolve immediately without water for no upset stomach

Delta Ophiuchi – Third Eye Opening – Use of this elixir can provide some additional stimulation and deeper awareness of the third eye. This is inherently spiritualizing and will generally awaken most capacities of the third eye center. It can combine well with krypton energy for this awakening ability. https://www.pegasusproducts.com/shop/starlight-elixirs/delta-ophiuchi-third-eye-opening/


Calcarea carbonicum

In our first masterclass we discussed the nature and temperament of Sulphur, the fire element reflecting the energies of the volcanic phase of evolution. Sulphur represents first man whose ability to experience human love, to have foresight, insight, self-consciousness and death-awareness, exposed him to the possibility of prolonged fear, grief and bereavement. These emotions created first dis-ease and later disease, as man, cast out of the Garden of Eden, stepped out of harmony with himself, nature and life.

This is the beginning of his quest. He is freed from the instinctive restraint and unconscious wisdom of nature and sent out into the world in search of his spiritual destiny. It is Sulphur who swaggers through the portals of Eden and, filled with the bliss of ignorance (not stupidity), discovers fire, his birthright, and becomes the hunter-gatherer and the pioneer.

Through evolutionary sequence the next archetype of the materia medica is Calc carb – the oyster – representing an awful sense of isolation, severance from mother nature, separation fear and naked exposure to a hostile environment. It is Calc carb who first becomes aware of being forsaken and alone under a menacing, over-hanging cosmos, pawn-like, solitary and insignificant, and so painfully conscious of duty and responsibility displays a mollusc-like need to produce a calcareous shell to protect herself against a sense of self-consciousness, inferiority and vulnerability to legions of dangers.

We can perceive that the nomadic wanderer, adventurer and explorer Sulphur gives place to an archetype which cherishes the security of hearth and home and is settled, domesticated and rural by nature. In ancient times the fire of Sulphur became the sacred fire that sanctified the home, the temple and the city. As the fire in the hearth it became the central focus of the home, providing warmth, illumination and sustenance, symbolising the protective, sheltering and nurturing qualities of Calc carb and its associated mythological archetype, Hestia, the Greek goddess, whose presence was necessary to make a house become a home.

The first organisms to evolve in the super-hot environment of primitive earth were sulphur dependent. In the pre-Cambrian period, 2000 million years ago, the ancient seas provided the birthplace for the next important organism in the chain of emerging life forms. This was the blue-green algae, cyanobacteria, an organism with the ability to utilise solar light energy to manufacture its own nutrients whilst releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. The cyanobacteria were also able to secrete calcium carbonate, which they did in prodigious amounts and in a most spectacular fashion, to create their communal homes. These limestone edifices, known as stromatolytes, endure to this very day, despite millions of years of erosion. The cyanobacteria were the forerunners of all the myriad species of shell creatures, the molluscs, which were to follow – including the oyster.

From the inception of life, Calc carb has had to do with home-building, community-building, security and protection. The stromatolytes stand as monuments to the immovable stubbornness, the persevering industriousness and constructive capacity of Calc carb. Likewise the great limestone formations of the world, built up over eons of years by the aggregation of myriads of shells of tiny sea creatures give testimony to the slow, progressive and enduring nature of the Calc carb life processes. The same ordered and purposeful energy pervades the activities and communities of the social insects – the termites, ants and bees – and the energy is matriarchal.

Within the oyster lies the pearl, cool to the touch yet holding a hidden iridescent fire, seen as a symbol of spiritual wisdom and esoteric knowledge. Hence Christ’s use of the metaphor – “neither cast ye thy pearls before swine”. The pearl was amongst jewels the quintessential symbol of light, femininity and the moon and was also an emblem of fertility, purity and perfection. The oyster has always been a symbol of female sexuality, fertility and the creative power of the feminine principle. In its closed form it is the image of innocence, chastity, discretion and secrecy. This intuitive wisdom of the past throws light on our understanding of the mystery of this great remedy, for all these qualities are inherent in Calc carb.

the calc carb adult…

Homeopathic Calc carb is derived from the middle layer of the oyster shell and must be regarded as an animal remedy and not just a mineral. Calc carb is the fundamental representative not only of the molluscs but also of all life forms derived from or influenced by the sea, including those mammals which returned to the sea and developed fish-like attributes. The obese human image is their constitutional counterpart.

The body of the oyster
 is soft, yielding, spineless and flabby to the touch. It is cold, clammy and wet; to the eye it is pallid and anaemic looking. Many a Calc carb subject possesses these characteristics. We can admire the grace and strength of a whale moving through its natural domain, but if this ancestral type should preside over a child or adult, they may resemble a beached whale, unfit for terrestrial life – overweight, flabby, lacking muscle tone, awkward and clumsy, with weak joints, bones unable to bear their weight, prone to spinal curvatures, dislocations, sprains, strains and cramps. They lack stamina, strength and breath and the least effort or emotion causes them to flush and break out in a cold, clammy sweat.

Compared with the shells of other molluscs, that of Calc carb is crude, irregular and rugged, its features may be coarse and unrefined, large and thickened, peasant-like with large nose and lips, especially the upper one which may appear swollen. From these beginnings two physical types emerge.

The first produces the classic picture of the Calc carb woman: often blonde and blue-eyed; a great fat woman without breath, strength or energy; without firmness, colour or health; fair, fat and flabby with a hand that feels like an oyster, cold, clammy and boneless; and damp, cold, clammy feet. These types, male or female, are generally indolent, inert and sedentary, lacking initiative; like the oyster ever waiting for life to come to them; content and complacent, lethargic and unambitious, not easily aroused or stirred and immovably stubborn. They are often awkward and clumsy. Extremely self-indulgent, their one enthusiasm is food. They adore sweets, especially pastries, and even more so if topped with cream; hot meals, substantial food which comforts and rewards, stodgy, starchy foods – bread, potatoes, pasta; eggs in any form and dairy products. Sweet, salt and sour are equally appealing to the palate. The price is obesity, cellulite, shortness of breath, especially when ascending stairs, heartburn, flatulence, diaphragmatic hernia, abdominal distension, inability to tolerate tight clothes, a sluggish liver, gallstones and chronic constipation.

The second type is sturdy, strong, vigorous and industrious. Earthy, honest, good-natured, generous and hearty. Blessed with immense patience, endurance and stubborn perseverance, they work and build assiduously, adhering faithfully to predetermined systems and structure. They are ordered, precise, meticulous, reliable and responsible. They are very capable, always painstaking and practical, whether it is in the home, out on the land, or in business. Their lifelong striving is to provide security, sustenance and education for their dependents and themselves rather than wealth.

Paradoxically some may present a mixture of these two types: either a soft, flabby exterior with a hard kernel of resolve and determination, or a tough, powerful exterior and a soft, timid, marshmallow-like interior.

Unfortunately like all the carbons, Calc carb may suffer burn-out. Their tendency to take on ever increasing responsibilities; their diligence and unremitting application to their work, driven by their need to provide and protect, and often a fear of poverty and want, leads to a downward spiral culminating in exhaustion, loss of motivation and the will to go on. They become timid, indecisive, mentally confused and finally fear for their sanity and that people will notice their mental deterioration. Sanity is their pearl. It is like the queen at the centre of the termite nest or the hive. Without her, structure and order are lost – all is confusion and collapse.

There is a slowness and ponderousness about Calc carb. The metabolism, the thyroid, the glandular development, the mental, emotional and physical growth and maturation, the venous and lymphatic circulations, the resistance to infection, the ability to repair and convalesce and the digestion, are slow and tardy. The intestinal functions are so slow that they feel healthier when constipated.

The woman who manifests Calc carb in her life is the hearth keeper, a homely presence, committed to her family and her domestic responsibilities, which she discharges with a warm and caring selflessness. Calc carb finds housekeeping a meaningful activity rather than a chore. She is a woman who finds a sense of inner peace, harmony and fulfilment as she accomplishes her everyday tasks. Nor does she work with any sense of sufferance, martyrdom or righteousness. Her (or his) hospitality and generosity are legendary. Her home is her oyster and she is the pearl at its centre. Whether as guest or family member the Calc carb home is a good place to be.

With time she becomes the wise old woman, the elder of the family, who has witnessed it all and has emerged undaunted and seasoned, able to give wise counsel and spiritual insight. The grit of life experience has produced within her the pearl of wisdom. She remains remarkably detached and stable, philosophically unperturbed by the vagaries of life. The spiritual path of Calc carb is often the path of work, known in yoga philosophy as the path of karma – by which one serves the creation through selfless, loving work. Calc carb builds and works and serves, and in its highest form sacrifices self through service, without expectation of recognition or reward.

the calc carb child…

The Calc carb infant is often a floppy baby – soft, fat and flabby, with a big head and a distended abdomen; fair-haired, fair-skinned and blue-eyed; bloated and dimpled rather than of solid, hard fat. They sweat copiously about the head at night, wetting the pillow. The perspiration and the entire child smell sour. Their hands and feet are cold and clammy. Their complexion may be peaches and cream, but often they are too pale; chalky-white and frequently anaemic. They suffer terribly when cutting teeth, which is often delayed, developing respiratory tract infections and a diarrhoea which is sour, pale, offensive, and acrid, burning the buttocks. They soon become prone to recurrent colds, ear, tonsil and chest infections. Their fevers are intense and may cause pyrexial convulsions. Belladonna is often the best remedy for the acute phase of Calc carb conditions, but it is Calc carb which can change the constitution and build resistance.

These little ones are often slow in reaching their milestones. Usually this is not due to any mental incapacity or deficiency. It may be aggravated by excess weight and lack of muscle tone, but generally it is a reluctance to emerge from their shell or a belief that all they need will come to them, like the ocean brings food to the immobile oyster. The fat Calc carb baby is content to sit where placed, twiddling its toes or amusing itself with some object, for hours on end. Their hesitancy is often due to an innate fear of a hostile world. In the extreme case autism may result, producing an undemanding low-care infant that remains withdrawn and unresponsive, disinterested in those about them and even averse to physical contact and caresses. However more frequently, baby is quietly assimilating, digesting and storing all the impressions it receives, and finally astounds everyone by suddenly standing, having never crawled, and uttering a string of words, having previously said only “mama”.

The slowness may continue through school. Much encouragement and support are essential from both parents and teachers. It is vital that they receive a good grounding on which to build their future knowledge systematically. With a structured foundation, time and patience Calc carb may surpass the achievements of a more precocious child. Often Calc carb is the fabled tortoise that outstrips the hare.

the calc carb fears…

We have seen that it was Calc carb who, in the process of evolution, first became aware of being separated and isolated, abandoned and forlorn, in what they perceive as a threatening environment, and sought to hide within a shell. The Calc carb child and adult have all manner of fears which are present from the cradle.

First amongst these is a deep and irrational fear that their parents will abandon them. The child fears almost everything it sees, especially anything new and unfamiliar. Their fears are increased after nightfall; they are afraid of the dark, of being alone, of ghosts and monsters. These are children who need to sleep with their parents. On closing their eyes before sleep they are terrified by horrible faces; when asleep they are prey to dreadful nightmares; when awake they are deeply disturbed by seeing anyone facially disfigured or maimed. They are frightened by anything grotesque. Scary movies haunt them for weeks and provoke nightmares.

They are terribly sensitive, self-conscious, shy and timid, easily take offence and fear being mocked or ridiculed. They dislike being watched and fear public performance. Calc carb is a remedy for school phobia and for children who have been abused, sexually or otherwise.

Other fears are: heights; claustrophobia; dogs; insects, especially spiders; disease – TB, cancer, infections, insanity – they are hypochondriacs and have symptoms which are worse for thinking of them and they despair of recovery; the future; misfortune; accidents; poverty; starvation; storms and natural disasters. They cannot bear hearing about tragedies and terrible things happening, tending to identify with the suffering of others. They are stubborn in their fears and not easily reassured. They also have a fear of authority figures. They pick up on people’s “vibes” and may develop an unreasoning antipathy towards certain people. Fearing life as they do, they may, even at an unusually young age, become preoccupied with religion and death, and whether there is life after death. This may progress to religious melancholia.

DAVID LILLEY is a Fellow of the Faculty of Homeopathy. He trained at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital and developed his practice in South Africa over the last 35 years. He is internationally renowned as a teacher of the materia medica. https://www.britishhomeopathic.org/charity/how-we-can-help/articles/homeopathic-medicines/c/calc-carb/




The Cycle Of Carcinosin

The New England Journal of Homeopathy
Fall 1996, Vol.5 No.4

by Frank W. Gruber, MD

Carcinosin was always a difficult remedy for me to understand. Partly, this was due to the lack of information on the remedy. Partly it was due to the fact that much of information found was contradictory to itself. And partly it was difficult because the information found was so nebulous that it seemed similar to so many other remedies. Sometimes it looked like Natrum muriaticum, sometimes like Phosphorus, Staphysagria, Lachesis, or Tuberculinum. This confusion makes some homeopaths prescribe this remedy rarely, where as others prescribe it daily. But both can not be right. The intense disparity within the remedy that seems to make it so confusing actually makes it easier to understand once we see how the cycle of the remedy unfolds.

Understanding Remedies through Cycles and Segments
As readers of this journal know, for the last number of years Paul Herscu ND, has been developing a theory which advocates looking at remedies as a cycle of segments. Each segment represents an idea which encompasses many of the symptoms found in patients needing that remedy, as well as those symptoms recorded in the materia medicas for that remedy. There are generally between 4-6 segments for each remedy. When the segments are all taken together, they cover all the symptoms of that remedy. This is especially useful, as it helps explain contradictory symptoms effectively.

Each segment or fundamental idea leads to the next and the next and the next, until the last idea leads back to the first. This is the nature of chronic disease. The patient is in a cycle of pathology that they can’t escape. This cycle prevents the vital force from allowing them to heal. For more information on the theories of Cycles and Segments, as developed by Paul Herscu ND, read his book Stramonium with an Introduction to Cycles and Segments. See ad on page ___.

Notice that the symptoms which are noted in the following cycle of Carcinosin include those from the mental/emotional, general, and physical realms. The cycle of a remedy represents the untunement of the vital force. That untunement is dynamic. It moves from segment to segment. As it moves it creates symptoms at all levels which are reflections of the untunement of the vital force.

The Cycle of Carcinosin

In this part of the cycle the Carcinosin patient is fearful. They have fear of being alone, of animals, of the future, of insects, mirrors, and spiders. They have fears about their health, riding fast. They have ailments from anticipation.

This fear is really about their ability to make their way in the world. If they can’t affect change in their own life, literally everything seems threatening, uncontrollable. Consciously or unconsciously they choose a strategy for survival which pushes them to the next part of the cycle.


If you have a fear about your own ability to make your way in the world, the easiest thing is to let someone else do it for you. You let them take care of you. Often this is a pattern developed in childhood. An overbearing parent may ‘train’ the patient to be dependent, by not encouraging them to make their own decisions, by constantly doing things for them, or by giving them the message that they are not capable of doing things for themselves.

So the symptoms that fit this portion of the cycle are: company ameliorates, loves affection, affectionate, propensity for caresses, smiling, desires to be carried, resignation, desire for rocking, and sociability.

Also included in this segment are the myriad of things that tend to take care of them i.e. ameliorate them. Seaside air amel., pain lower limbs warmth of bed amel., music amel., throat pain warm drinks amel., everything seems to ameliorate them. They are letting themselves be taken care of. They take whatever they are given and it makes them feel better.

They even desire foods which are comfort oriented: butter, chocolate, delicacies, eggs, fruit, milk, sweets, sugar. You can almost imagine their mother giving them all their favorite comfort foods. Later on in life, they still need to be taken care of and still find comfort in the same foods.


As Herscu explains in his theory of overreaction, you often get what you want but the intensity makes it insupportable. For example, Pulsatilla desires consolation, desires to be carried and rocked and loved up, to be smothered by others and yet they develop a fear of suffocation.

Likewise, because Carsinosin wants to be taken care of, they have to submit their will to the will of the person who is doing the caretaking. They begin the process of losing their sense of self, not really knowing themselves as much as they should, not being a solid individual. They hear only the vague voice of who they really are, who they were meant to be. I think this is the famed keynote symptom for the remedy. It is not just suppression from the parent, but rather the loss of self that results from that suppression. Here they may be mistaken for Staphysagria or Natrum muriaticum. So they are quiet and inward. They tend to hold on to their feelings in this phase, to suppress them. They don’t speak out. Things dwell and swell up inside of them.

A telltale symptom is: abdominal pain, bending double ameliorates. They bend over and take whatever they are given in order to feel better. Or sleep position on knees with face forced into the pillow. This pretty much describes the passivity. Yet it’s more than just passivity. It’s the next step. The overattention or being taken care of is beginning to close in on them. It’s beginning to grate, be cloying. But they can’t say anything. They just keep it in and swell up.

Other specific symptoms include : cautious, reserved, responsive without interest, taciturn, suppresses his desires, aversion to company, anger with silent grief, suppressed grief, and answers in monosyllables.

Physical symptoms which reflect the same idea are: styes of eyes, stiffness of lower jaw, abdomen constriction, rectum constriction, constriction of the heart, chest swelling of mammae before menses, extremity pain, motion agg. They are held in, constricted, can’t move, swollen, and so are their physical symptoms. They can only take this “holding on” for so long before they move to the next segment.


They get resentful. They can’t hold it in completely any more. They become contradictory. Three symptoms which reveal this idea are: delusions she has suffered wrong, unhappiness due to influence of others, and delusions arms do not belong to her. She can’t do what it is she wants. Her arms, which she uses to accomplish things, can’t be used to do what she wants. She is at the mercy of someone else – and she resents it.

Other symptoms include: contradictory states, capricious, intolerance of contradiction, disobedience, quarrelsome, ailments from domination, ailments from reproaches, discontented, disgust, anger at his mistakes, remorse, sensitive to reprimands, dreams of murder, conversation aggravates.
Anything that makes them feel closed in bothers them. They have fear in narrow places or riding in a carriage (closed in). At this phase, everything that looks like consolation or affection makes them worse: consolation aggravates and seaside air aggravates. Eggs, fruit, and milk were comfort foods. Now they either are averse to, or aggravated by them.

We see that the cycle explains the divergent aggravations a’d ameloriations by the same modalities. During the ‘letting themselves be taken care of’ segment of the cycle, these things make them feel better. In the ‘resentment’ segment of the cycle they make the patient feel worse.


Finally they have to break out. They are excitable, sexually intense, love to move. They are on their own. They finally can take care of themselves. Symptoms include: Dancing, desire for travel, restlessness, blueness of the sclera, runs about, disposition to masturbate, cheerful when it thunders and lightnings, extremity pain motion ameliorates. They are finally alive.

But the excitability increases. You have the symptoms: starting from noise, talking in sleep, shrieking at night, weeping, weeping at trifles, tics, twitching of eyelids, sleeplessness, destructiveness in children, biting fingers, and tearing himself.

They start taking care of others. These rubrics include: Caring for others, too much of a sense of duty, anxiety about family, full of cares for others, anxiety for others. They do many things for others, here looking like Phosphorus or Causticum.

Cancerous affectations are found here as the cells lose cancer suppressing ability and proliferate with all the energy possible-with so much vitality that it can kill the rest of the body. It is in a way a reaction to having been suppressed for so long before. In the struggle for freedom, for growth and individuality, the person overshoots and creates too much, just as what happened with the personality.

Finally it is just too much activity. They move to the next segment of the cycle.


They break down and are weak, sad. Symptoms of the breakdown are: schizophrenia, suicidal disposition, mouth aphthae, ulcerations, and bleeding. The effects of cancer can be found here.

The weakness is seen with the following symptoms: mind development arrested, retardation, dullness, concentration difficult, want of self confidence, sadness, weakness of eyes, rectum prolapse, sexual desire diminished, extremities, weakness thigh. Too weak to walk, or to talk.

Expending so much energy has left a hole in them, has weakened them so much so that they can feel sensitive to the outside world. So much so that they resemble Phosphorus or Pulsatilla or occasionally Medorrhinum. They feel other’s pains, but other’s beauty as well. Just as Phosphorus feels the music, sees the colors so vibrantly, so too doesCarcinosin. But it is a sensitivity that can come from weakness and from being too open.

And so, the breakdown and weakness push them back into being fearful, and the cycle is back to the beginning and starts around one more time.


So looking at the cycle of Carcinosin explains a few things. First, as mentioned above, it explains why at one segment of the cycle certain symptoms ameliorate and, at another segment of the cycle, the same modalities aggravate. Similarly, it explains why, at one segment they desire a certain food, at another segment they are averse to the same food. Compare the modalities and food cravings of the ‘let themselves be taken care of’ segment with those of the ‘resentment’ segment.

Second, it allows us to see how Carcinosin can look like other remedies. During the ‘inward’ part of the cycle they can easily look like Natrum muriaticum. During the frenetic part of the cycle they can look like Phosphorus, Tuberculinum, or Lachesis. During the “inwardness, holding on” and ‘resentment’ parts of the cycle they can look like Staphysagria. Taking other parts of the cycle they can look like other remedies. The beauty of looking at remedies through the cycles and segments is that you can see how it fits together to form a coherent picture of Carcinosin.

Third, you can easily see how the many descriptions of Carcinosin have come into the literature. It depends on the portion of the cycle the patient was in when the homeopath treated them, and on what the homeopath focused on.

Fourth, the confusion in the literature does not mean that we should not give this remedy, but that we should work our way through it and find the real issues underlying this remedy. While I do not think we should be prescribing it every day, we also should not discard it.

As you read through the cases in this issue of the Journal, see if you can identify which segment or segments the patient described to the homeopath. For example, in Dr. Lugten’s case, see page __, the description of the patient’s pathology was on the frenetic, breaking out and then break down, weakness phases of the cycle. If you take all the cases together, you can see how they fit into various portions of the cycle, and how taken all together they create a full picture of the cycle of Carcinosin. https://nesh.com/the-new-england-journal-of-homeopathy/vol-5-no-4-fall-1996/the-cycle-of-carcinosin/

Another very interesting article on Carcinosin can be found here: http://www.tinussmits.com/3861/carcinosinum.aspx




High ideals and grand projects

There is always a desire, a yearning, for something better. Not just for themselves but for a better way of life for others as well. Very creative. The author, D. H. Lawrence wrote in a very socially conscious but romantic way. Many of the children he grew up with would have died in early adulthood from lung disease in the mines. One of his ideals was to live on a utopian island, to live in a community with like minded friends. At the end of a very creative life he died of consumption. The expression, the creativity, kept him healthy and as that ended the pathology came on.

Chopin wrote giant romantic canvases and coughed up blood over the keys as he played. The young artists (George Orwell and others) going to the Spanish Civil war, the exodus of the young from Ireland and the fact that the young Irish men (and women) traveled to the far ends of the world to set up new communities; all this is driven by the tubercular diathesis.

Their main driving force is not financial wealth but more in the health and well being of themselves and others others. The 1947 Labour government in UK nationalised the hospitals, the schools, the trains but not the banks, meanwhile the Sycosis of the French government did see the banks come into state and community ownership.

It is pertinent to look at the social conditions that prevail when TB is on the increase. The chart shows increases in UK in 1923-28. This was the time of the national strike; a great divide between rich and poor. Again 1943-49 similar poverty divisions as the war dragged on and the poverty after resulted in rationing. Then there has been a steady increase since 1989 and over this period there has been a widening of the gap between rich and poor. So the factors affecting TB  are poverty on the one hand but unfair distribution on the other. There was much poverty still around in the 1950’s but the gap between rich and poor was narrowing and TB was abating.

The conditions for TB are increasing impoverishment. Here we have looked at poverty in forms of financial wealth but any impoverishment, especially of spirit can predispose a community or individual to TB.

The individual

On and individual level they get very excited about a new job but soon they feel there is more and want to move on, similarly they get infatuated with a new romance and then it blows over. They feel there is SOMETHING BEYOND. They live their life in a crescendo WITH A DEEP SENSE OF UNFULFILLMENT. They need their expresion, value their art but with every crescendo there is a diminuendo. It is this discontent that leads to pathology. The adolescent with the ‘unsuitable’ boyfriend who is banned from seeing him builds up a romantic picture. They want to run away they cannot tolerate the now. This shows in the Rubric: ‘desire to travel’ or ‘cosmopolitan’. They drive themselves hard, become emaciated and get ‘colds’ three or four times a year.

Poor concentration. Teenagers who won’t do homework.

The young child

In infants these ideas are expressed on the physical side as a constant runny nose and on the emotional side as the familiar temper tantrums. The temper tantrums are differentiated from CALCAREA CARBONICA by their desire to run away (CALC hangs on to you – clings to your leg in the kitchen) and PULSATILLA runs away and comes back.

It is the first remedy to think of where there are midline abnormalities. (In the early development of the foetus the flat cells form a tube around the developing spinal cord). Anomalies here later produce hydroceles, umbilical hernias and cleft palate. Also children can be born with mental retardation and TUB should be added to Rubric: ‘Retardation’. Often when normal they will still develop slowly (late walking and talking) – cf. BARYTA CARBONICA which has the mental backwardness but not usually the other accompanying symptoms. Both remedies both have fear of new situations and fear of being observed.

TUB children are born irritable and angry, crying and being very fussy, especially on waking. Tubercular children born placid develop these traits and need discipline and even punishment.


They bang their heads on floors and walls. They can also curse and swear (ANACARDIUM. STRAMONIUM. HYOSCAYMUS.). They can be destructive to themselves and others. They can hit and kick their teachers and parents. Violence may begin after an acute disorder (or vaccination. Vaccination tends to push tubercular children more into the sycotic miasm – see article on DPT). They break things.

Babies and toddlers who burrow their heads in the pillow, grind their teeth, irritable especially during dentition, perspire at night, long eyelashes and born with long hair on scalp and along spine. Teeth erupt too soon and are painful. They like milk.

Diarrhoea accompanies many illnesses, especially lactose intolerant children who drink milk. They often loose weight with diarrhoea. They are typically born thin or plump and thin down in early childhood to become tall frail anaemic children, even if they eat a lot. It is hard for them to gain weight. Hyperactive but tire more easily than MEDORRHINUM or SULPHUR. The opposite growth pattern is also possible – stunted growth, failing to develop teeth on time or fontanellles that remain open.

Fear strangers, cats, dogs, (can hate cats or have allergic reaction to them, this can be a strong indicator). Fears also include monsters, thunder, the doctor, dentist or medical personnel and examinations, both medical and otherwise. There is claustrophobia that may be expressed as a fear of being buried alive. This issue with being confined shows up in the Modalities of being worse in a close room. On all levels they need freedom to express themselves and open spaces. The very nature of mining would encourage physical tubercular symptoms.

Restlessness – particularly at night in bed, like to go out with parents on errands, plays with many toys, bounces on the furniture (cf. MED masturbates on furniture. This may be playing horse or cowboy games – if they still do!)

Answers monosyllabically. Breaks things that they wanted, curses, stamps feet in a rage. Holds breath until passes out (IGNATIA CALCAREA CARBONICUM). They may display an abundance of ideas. Can run away from things and this may happen suddenly, they are impulsive. This can show in their speech were they may be loquacious, or shout, or change from one subject to another. Quarrelsome, argues over trifles.

They are sensitive which may be expressed with SIGHING or as oversensitive to pain. Distress out of proportion to the pain. Shamelessness in children (taking clothes off (PHOSPHORUS).

Often very bright but the opposite is again possible with idiocy and slow comprehension in new situations. Often industrious but again can have aversion to work.

They display ritualistic behaviour. Courtships and love letters as part of a romantic entanglement. They may go for ballroom dancing or Salsa rather than the more animal rhythms of MEDORRINUM or the individualistic dancing of CARCINOSEN. Although CARCINOSEN could manage all three.


MENSES: too early, too profuse – history of very heavy periods, migraines with period, tendency to haemorrhage.

Hot flushes in CLIMATERIX

TUB loves pregnancy and blossoms SYPHILLINUM hate it

The physical level


Take colds easily. Emaciation rapidly, even though eats (IODUM) – use HYDRASTIS to replace weight loss after TUB.

HEADACHES: Right extends to occiput. Like an iron band, School girl’s headache. worse from studying or mental exertion, meningitis.

DIARRHOEA: early morning

SLEEP: grinds teeth, nocturnal hallucinations, nightmares. Shrieks during sleep – especially before menses. Profuse night sweats

Perspire with weather changes, sensation clothes are wet on back

ECZEMA: itching worse night and worse undressing. worse bathing (cf. SULPHUR PSORINUM) Ringworm, warts especially on knees

TONSILLITIS that goes to quinsy (MERC-CY in acute TUB/MED inter-current; MED with suppuration TUB if none)

FOOD: likes meat especially spicy – salami, pepperoni and sausages in general

Likes cold milk likes ice cream but can be worse dairy products

Likes pickle, likes vinegar, likes ketchup (HEPAR SULPHUICUM, BACILLINUM)

MODALITIES: better dry clear climates, better mountain air especially pine forests, sensitive to extreme heat.

Worse cold wet weather and worse heavy sea air

Better moving gently and worse over exertion (PULSATILLA and RHUS-TOX)

BELLADONNA often in acute attacks

THUJA often precedes prescription of TUBERCULINUM and results in better effect from TUBERCULINUM. The way in which THUJA intertwines with TUBERCULINUM, pregnancy and in life is discussed more in the lecture on THUJA. https://homeopathyonline.org.uk/8-2/tuberculinum/


Thank you for reading this article, I truly hope that this information was helpful for you. If you found it to be helpful please share it with others whom you feel may benefit from this information, as well as post your comments below this article about your experience with these suggestions. In the next article I will talk about the Crown Chakra, so stay tuned. Till then I send you the love of Universal proportions!

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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