aameratronIn the moment of time when you are feeling lost and bounded by this earth remember dearly beloveds that it was of your own accord that you have desired to step foot upon this planet. Remember that it YOU was who has commissioned yourself a vessel through which to experience this particular reality. Remember that it wasYOU who has fought through the numerous density levels. Remember that it was YOU who has trained hard in order to break through the barriers set forth by humanity’s shadow selves in order to infiltrate yourselves into their reality to assist them in returning home to ONENESS.

Remember then, when you are feeling low, remember when you are feeling down and fruitless that in essence it was YOU and still is YOU who has commissioned yourselves a vessel to come into this world to experience all that you are. And most importantly REMEMBER that it IS YOU who is mighty powerful enough to break through the illusions set forth before humanity by the unbalanced EGOs of yesteryear.

REMEMBER that it is YOU who is here to stand in all your might, power and beauty! Remember WHO YOU ARE! For you ARE a mighty powerful being! A being whose light to behold, is to be FREE!

For ALL of you illuminate the earthly planes of existence, to the tenth degree of infinity! For it is through YOUR VESSEL of time and space that transformation of this duality is possible. And shall and has and is occurring by the second. For it within YOU THAT THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD EXPLODES AND SREADS FAR AND WIDE, TRANSFORMING ALL THE DARKNESS THAT STANDS IN ITS WAY, Balancing and releasing, releasing and transmuting, transmuting and FREEING! Freeing those that are left in bondage, in bondage of their EGO selves, in bondage of time and space, in bondage of the veil of forgetfulness.

metatronsprotectiontool 1

Metatron’s Clearing & Protection Device – As told to me by AA Metatron – Activates automatically at 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. everyday drawing source energy into itself and then dispersing this energy to you evenly throughout the day. It protects up to 13 feet of space in every direction, remember that your own sphere of influence is 18 miles in each direction and coupled with this tool you will amplify this energy creating a vacuum of clearance which will expand exponentially. No matter what method you use in 15 minutes after you clear space, unless you have something in that space to keep the POSITIVE energy flowing to neutralize the negative, everything will come back. That is why its always great to have something near you that will neutralize this type of energy and bathe you in love and light. For more information please visit : http://www.metaphysicalascensionpowertools.com/product-p/metatron-key.htm


REMEMBER then dearly beloved children of light, that it was YOU who has transverse multiple universes, multiple dimensions, multiple time lines multiple layers and barrier in order to set foot onto this earthly plane of existence. REMEMBER YOUR GENE EXPRESSION AND HONOR your vessel for through your vessel you are able to carry out all that you are! Through your VESSEL you are able to be heard, to be seen and to influence those that stand in the wake of the GRAND changes occurring rapidly on GAIA.
For without your Vessel NONE of the progress would EVER be achieved. Remember the brave souls that you are! Remember that we are in awe of all that you are! YOU ARE THE BRAVE ONES, YOU are the ones that shall carry this mission to fruitition. You are the ones to establish the new fundamental understanding of SELF and it is through YOUR efforts that this world shall be transformed into what indeed it is to become! For in all of you lays the KEY, the key to eternal transformation of self, to eternal understanding of truth, to unconditional love of the creator!

Carry your vessels with pride, allow your vessels to blossom, allow your souls to merge and play in the land of duality, for in truth, you are the holders of the balance within, for duality exists in the understand of EGO, but not in the understanding of spirit. For duality is the constant struggle between EGO and Spirit. For duality is in place in order for you to experience the three dimensional reality as you understand it to be: And it is through duality, that you are to find the balance within and connect to the divinity within your very souls.

Remember your path, open to your missions, know that we are here with you, walking with you foot in foot and hand in hand, Call upon us whenever you need us.
That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

If you need any personal assistance via a healing session, you can reach out to me atwww.SacredAscensionMerkaba.com to set up a distant healing session with me. I also invite you to visit my blog for more information to help you on your journey.

annamerkabadistantenergyhealerCOMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

  • Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
  • Removal of Implants
  • Cleansing the Aura
  • Removing blocks from the chakras
  • Activating Chakras
  • Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy
  • Sealing the rips in the energy body
  • Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
  • Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
  • Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
  • DNA Upgrade
  • Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
  • Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.
  • Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
  • Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
  • You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

To learn more about this session and hear what others have to say about it please visit:https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/merkaba-distant-energy-healing-session/

pdfdownloadableversioncoverP.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/books/

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna
and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEILhttps://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

Please note: The author of this website and its assigns are not responsible in any way shape or form for any actions taken by individuals reading these posts. The information provided herein is for information purposes only and does not constitute as any medical advice, whatsoever. Therefore the author and publisher of this site assume NO responsibility for any individuals’ interpretation or use of the information provided herein.


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  1. Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thank you AA Metatron & 33rd Dimension through Anna 🙂


  2. Thank you for this. I hit so very close to home i think it was meant for me.
    Thank you. Namaste.


  3. Yes, I remember ..I came here to illuminate the darkness , and raise the vibration, to evolve and clear and awaken souls, and , and, and But I have to say I’m really getting tired … I awakened early , so early I can’t even remember how old I was , I think I came in awakened, I’m sixty one now and all around me people are asleep… fast asleep. Zzzz ! I’M JUST SAYING …. !


  4. Thank you. Needed to hear that this morning. Blessings to you.


    Yes honouring our earth vessels is the journeying in me in order to Love Love Love ALL!!!!!!!
    The feelings are so overwhelming and yet so alluring! Nurturing playfully with these energies is the way to GO!!!!!!!
    I thank you AnnA for the Initiation to Inspire this new path for me to experience and I thank ED For the continuing TSUNAMI~E~ING OF L0VE:D:D:D
    Yes, ALLoWING the L0ve is the way to BE NOW And Appreciating as you say ED This NEW expression too!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to share on and on but my daughter calls!!!!!
    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Thank you so much Anna..NEEDED TO SEE THIS TODAY..love to you..beautiful Soul.


  7. Thanks again Anna, dear sister of stars

    Translated into Brazilian Portuguese on: http://portal2013br.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/lembre-se-do-que-como-e-porque-voce-esta-aqui-aa-metatron-e-a-dimensao-33/

    Much peace, light and love

    Dario Mânica


  8. Dear Anna, Your channeled post seemed to be something I needed to hear, again. Spirit keeps telling me that we made a sacred vow to meet so that He could teach me and share OUR (?) teachings with others. Thank you for being braver than I am, or have been for many years. I am now daring to openly confess my deep respect for my Spirit Teacher, even though I can’t help but wonder that surely there must be countless thousands who could serve His mission more adequately than I ever could. Bless you.


    • Dearest Jean, please never underestimate the importance of your own self. If you feel inclined to share information from spirit with us, please do so. Every single one of us is important in this ascension process. Be brave! ❤


  9. Wonderful to get confirmation on this. My husband and I have joined together on this mission and are doing what’s within our power to reach people. I agree with tumbleberry7Jane: around us people are asleep… but don’t get tired for if you even reach one or two souls it was worth it!

    Much love to all of you. ♥ to Gaia, our beautiful planet.


  10. Reblogged this on Sindy's Saturday Satsang and commented:
    I always love these post by Anna~



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