A few days ago I have received a very interesting account of an experience that an incredible light worker has shared with me about opening the portal at Luxor. What she managed to do, has altered the history of mankind and will continue to have tremendously positive effects on our future individually and collectively.

Here is what I have received from Magda: Magda writes: Dear Anaa and Natalyasekmet 1a-1

It was an amazing experience specially at the Sekmet Temple in Karnak. The statue of Sekmet has lots of power and we felt that while entering . The temple is dark ,We started taking pictures and as the flash light we could see energies running all around as seen in picture 1 a and 1b .
sekmet2a-1I put the Metatron tool at her feet it is clear in picture 1a as it has a reddish light at the edge(from the flash I suppose)
Then in picture 2 a,  the place where I put the tool there is a brilliant white light and the tool shows in the picture to stand vertical and not horizontal as it was at her feet in picture 1 a and b????? Metatron tool became all white light.  After that the next picture 2b shows her heart with a brilliant white flame. Lastly in picture 3 you can see the whole body with white flame in the heart and while her left hand is holding a long lotus starting from the base chakra the middle finger has light on it .????

I would like to know your interpretation for what has happened as from that time I feel very much elevated in vibration and whenever I hold the metatron jewel I feel just feel flying         Love and Light Magda

When I read her story, I started to cry. I cried nonstop and continued to do so for the next few days. Much has come up sekmet3newfor cleaning. Much has come up for reevaluation in myself. And all of this started when I read her e-mail. The gateway that she has opened is the one that will begin to heal the wounds. When I read what she did, the first thought that popped into my mind was this “FINALLY! FINALLY!!!!!” And I cried, as if a mother who is welcoming her children home from the war. I cried and felt that my children have finally returned safely to their home. And the war is now over. I do not know why that is so. And I do understand that there is much more in store for us. And that there really isn’t a war as such, but the balancing of various energies. And yet, and yet I felt peace, and incredible relief. Relief that we have moved past the threshold that has been holding us back.

Of course I went straight to the source to inquire what has happened there at Sekmet, and what these Metatron Discs really all about, as the power of them can be felt by all who receive them. I was told that these discs also act as communication devices, not just between you and Akasha, not just between you and the Source, but also between all who have them. Each one who is drawn to receive them is a light worker, who is here on a particular mission, each is interlinked with another. This device activates and links this giant web of souls into ONE unstoppable, incredibly powerful machine. This is a key to ONENESS. 🙂

Arch Angel Metatron Disc. Protects your energy field. Opens your heart chakra. Connects you to the web of Key Holders and the Divine. Shields you from psychic attacks, and so much more. For more information please visit

Arch Angel Metatron Disc. Protects your energy field. Opens your heart chakra. Connects you to the web of Key Holders and the Divine. Shields you from psychic attacks, and so much more. For more information please visit

From what I am being told, the Metatron’s discs that Natalya is creating, carry incredible energy within them, which are not only Metatron’s but her own as well. She doesn’t want to admit it to herself, but she is a very important deity, she is a Hathor, and has been here in the beginning of time. She doesn’t fully comprehend the power that she herself carries as is incredibly humble and extremely loving to all of humanity. Just as is Magda, In fact both were intertwined together in the same team when they came here to earth eons ago.

But going back to what actually happened there…

The powers have connected into a triangular shape, forming the unstoppable force of the cosmic energies. Magda’s, Natalya’s and AA Metatrons. Essentially this disc is far more than we have realized before, as it is a KEY an activator, which doesn’t just cleanse and protect. It opens up the gateways, the portals into another world. Placed properly on the key lock, that is precisely what happens. And that is precisely what has happened at Sekmet.

When Magda placed Matatron’s key on the bottom of her feet she has activated the statue, but more so than that, she has activated the energies of ALL those who have ever been in that place, who have ever touched her, who were ever led by her. The points on her body that became illuminated are the hand which holds the code of the sword and the HEART which holds the code of LOVE. There are the energies that were activated in all of the beings who have ever served for the sword. Sekhmet being a goddess of war and health, what transpired makes perfect sense.

There are many upon many gateways through which energy passes into our known world, and she has opened the one that is going to heal the war. War, time and space. War which has prevailed on this earth. The war energies are going to start to be transformed into the energies of peace. Healing the wounds of time. Healing the wounds of all those who have suffered a terrible death of the body, their vehicles, all the wounds of the warriors that have come and gone from this planet. Their wounds, but most importantly the wounds of this planet. The energy is going to start to rapidly be transformed.

And finally here is the channeling that I have received for her..  

Dealry beloved one, for what you have managed to achieve in a split moment of time, is that which the intergalactic federation has been trying to achieve for eons. For the time has come, the time has come to unroll the plan of a new millennia , a plan of the new actions that are to be activated on this planet. The action of peace and harmony. And through the portal which you have helped to activate. The portal which you have indeed activated. You have invited beautiful melodious energies to enter GAIA .

The transformation of the space a  holly space, the space where it has all began. Has been transformed. And it’s only a matter of time, and a matter of continuing to open other such portals, before the harmonizing and balancing can indeed take place on  GAIA.

Please understand that there will be many such portals that shall become known to mankind. Please know that you are not the only one who is working on doing so. Please know that the disc that you hold in your hands is a sacred one indeed. For it carries the informational decree of the heavens prior, the heavens of .the future and heavens of NOW. The informational decree that is to help transition humanity into another state of being. Step by step. Taking giant leaps. And finally arriving at the destination of PEACE. 

Shine  your light dearly beloved one, for you have from heaven to earth come. For you have indeed returned to spread the love and light to all who have been waiting for your return. Understand that we are standing by you,. Understand that we are leading the way, and understand that you , YOU  Magda are indeed a powerful being. For the name that you carry is not a simple one. For the name that you carry shall remind you of your true self, of the role that you have indeed played eons prior.

And as such, we salute you. We applaud you for doing all that you are. For carrying the light into the darkest spaces. For being a true light warrior at heart. For delivering that which has been promised to humanity , and finalizing the opening of the gateways, finalizing the arrival of new eons, finalizing the return of the GODS. 

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

And here’s what I have received from Magda.

Dearest Anna

Words cannot express how I am feeling now .  Reading your email was the best news I have ever received in my life. I am extremely honored to have being guided for this great great opening to humanity and to our beloved mother Gaia.  I resonated with your words so much . Thank you Thank You Thank You. You have given me  the confidence and the will to proceed in life as a lightworker.

Twenty years ago when I started the lightwork in Egypt It was not easy   to spread the light  as the energy was very dense and many times I would give up  and would tell myself why am I insisting on what I am doing ?  But something inside me kept pushing  to go on and lately ( 2 or 3 years ago)people started accepting what I give in my seminars and workshops and started to ask for more.

Sometimes I would be tired and wish to stop but NOW after  your message I am the happiest person on earth as I love my work which is spreading the light around me and helping Egyptians to awaken to their ancient identity which they have forgotten . I resonate with every word you said and your channeling which I found amazing and so much enlightening that I feel my heart jumping out of my chest. I cannot express my feelings and I am so grateful to you my Dear so indebted and so much appreciating all what you have given me starting from your advise about the phenomenal tool by AA Metatron.

I am very honored to be in contact with you and with Dear Natalya whom I feel a strong bond which was clarified now after your email as I am very fond of the Hathors and did not know why.

Please feel free to share everything about the Luxor experience with everybody as you like. It is my great pleasure to rejoice this very good news with the whole world . After all we are ALL ONE.

With a big hug of Love and Light- Magda Serry

If you wish to get in touch with Magda her e-mail address is mserry2000 at yahoo.

If you wish to get in touch with Natalya her e-mail address is NatalyaAnkh at yahoo.

For further information about Metatron’s disc please click here. 

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  1. Such an amazing experience and news…. Thank u Anna, Natalya and Magda 🙂


  2. Dear sisters of the Light,

    From a particularly close to Metatron person that I am, thank you, with all my heart. This was a real delight to read. Sarah.


  3. Thx Anna , Natalya and thx Magda my dearest prof. No wonder that you did such a great thing for human kind, didnt see someone so eager to spread light and to serve everyone, so enthusiastic to help people to elevate their spirits to reach peace.
    God bless you and hope i can have a spiritual role in spreading Love & Light


  4. Oh! Wow!!! That is so hopeful for everybody and our Mother Earth!!!
    The triangle of triple warriors of light, Thankyou Dear sisters:)XxX


  5. Amazing….especially as i am in Luxor on spiritual work with beautiful Priestess sisters and we were at that very statue at Karnak early on the Equinox on 20th ❤ I work closely with and through Archangel Metatron also. Radiating Light and Love to all ❤


  6. thank you for sharing this powerful experience. we feell it is connecte d with the purification of the KARMA of ROME- VATICAN focusing on the 8 obelisks in Popolo square..
    time— tuesday 25 th March 1.10 p.m ITalian time.
    om shanti blessing from miracle light.. ommm



    As The Sun Rises
    As The Moon Shines HEART Code
    Light Blessed Glory
    LOVE My Path

    = GloryKu from The NOW Moment..19 Mar 2014…~esablV







    ..and what wonders of magnificence we be hold and embrace
    the all that is one… you …in us…in me…as one in love…love, Ed


  8. Thank you so much for bringing this amazing development to the worlds attention!The pics are incredible..I was wondering, could the light from the statue be seen with the naked eye? And when the disc lit up?


  9. Anna, I dont even know how to start describing how I feel, but I have a sense of knowing you from before. I have asked my goddess what her name is and she has given me many names, some of which are spelled differently because the pronunciation varies from culture to culture: Ishtar, Astar, Inana. After reading this article last night I had a dream about a goddess who was leading myself and a few others. She looked like Ishtar. We were in a vessel of some kind, and the vessel was spinning counterclockwise at infinite speed. The goddess told us to drink from a cup and the liquid food was nourishing. I felt like we were transitioning into a new dimension of existence and were going to incarnate somewhere new. I wanted to know specifics and my overall energy in the dream was resistant. I kept asking the goddess if I was really meant to be a part of this group, and questioning wether this food would nourish us even though she said that the liquid would remind us of our true nature once we appeared (materialized) into this new dimension. She said we would begin to get flashbacks of who we really are and I kept seeing things that looked like thermal movie scenes. My energy was still resistant and I felt that this is what woke me up. I found myself at home on the edge of the bed, and I felt sad in a way because I realized that I was insisting on a specific outcome and this dropped me from the place where we were going. It felt as a premature drop in conciousness because I knew we were travelling and I literally felt dropped off. Not harshly just my conciousness was too hesitant to travel. Anyway I just feel that I know you and I am so glad that you are helping others find their way. I am so glad that there are more of us here remembering and fulfilling our destiny. I am just really happy that you are here too. Im sending love!!!! ❤ ❤


    • =))))))) Yes we do know each other. I remember being in Egypt with you. I just had this vision. You were a feline deity.. feline looking alien that came to earth when it was already finished and already seeded with life. I saw us walking between the pyramids.. there were many people there running around.. children playing.. we looked up at the sky and saw many discs flying around, descending down, we wore pilot/astronaut/military type clothes.. I heard that we must hurry.. the time has come to leave.. we were leaving the planet.. The dream that you had is fantastic, what you have received from INANNA is right, the outcome though is what we make it to be. ❤ Sending you much love and light my dear friend! It's such an incredible feeling to remember 🙂 xoxoxo ❤


      • Hey, that sounds strange to me, because I had the same dream but a few years ago. I do not remember everything now, and to be honnest, I did not remember I had this dream if you did not talk about it. So strange…It was in a time I had several dreams in which I met a Goddess, always the same, but I did not know her name. She was leading me, explaining some things about a strange travel…It’ been a long time I had those dreams, so, i can not remember so well. Anyway, I wanted to share this with you. (Sorry for my english which is not so good, I’m french). Receive my Love and Light and I wish you a wonderful life on this planet! ❤


  10. Beautiful and heartwarming. Thank you all involved :). Curious – With the metatron tool – how did it work to bring peace when it was placed in an area of war, if it activates energies of those prior?? I love that peace has flowed and continues to flow and is resulting in more love and joy. But what if more of us were to have these tools, where would we put them to bring more peace? See where we are guided, go to places of great history or beautiful nature?? Your thoughts would be great to hear 🙂


    • Dear Nadia, MEtatron’s Disc is a Transmutation Disc which stransmutes “dark energies/entities/etc” into light. Therefore when Magda placed it there it started to do just that and open up the portal to allow even more light to flow through. If you have this tool you just need to open your heart and listen to your intuition, it will lead you to where you can place this key. As your energy is intermixed with the energies from the disc to form a powerful wave of light. Hope this helps. ❤


  11. Dear Anna, I just came across your post/blog through Lightworkers of the World. How inspiring to hear of the opening and clearing of this sacred site/portal. I am wondering if you can shed some light on a meditation experience I had over the summer. I saw a six pointed star shining in orange light (perhaps Metatron energy) over me, then a rainbow Ankh appeared and I was pulled through it. Several messengers were there giving me messages, much of which I did not recover after. Those present included Quetzalcoatl, the Fairy Queen wearing a green dress and Sekhmet. One of the repeating messages that was so urgent it stayed with me was this, “The Eye of Horus is a Portal.” I do know I had a past life as a female scribe in Ancient Egypt and I do often see the Eye of Horus when I pass through the veil. Perhaps this portal is related to your work? I thought I’d share. So happy to have come across your site. Much love and light to you. Alethea


  12. on march 22nd here in Australia. i was guided to a shop with everything Egyptian. my first connection. was with the Scribe i am. was and still is. i then spent the following hour being with the hathors. I’ve never understood my connection with them. i just know its strong…


  13. Reblogged this on Deus Nexus.


  14. WE ARE ALL

    I AM
    I AM NOW
    I AM


    I AM

    …in absoulute absolute love light…so be it….love, Ed

    what a most wonder full
    what a most beauty full
    what a most loving
    what a most glorious
    day it is…..

    o dearly beloved ones…thanks, praise, honor, glory be you


  15. thanks anna for this posting, this sounds good as i know we are in a very potent energy portal opening window that started around the equinox. however i also have the same question as julian had to magda and natalya if the lights at the heart and the finger could be seen with the eye, independent of the camera. After looking at the enlarged photos, it appears that both lights are reflections of light from the flash.


    • Hi Peter, I am not sure if they could see this with the naked eye, but you can’t always see orbs with your naked eye either and then they show up on the photo’s. However, if you look closely at the picture you will see that the light is actually emanating FROM the heart center, it doesn’t seem to be bouncing off of it, but being projected from within the statue herself somehow. There are many things that our human mind can’t comprehend, and we tend to look for physical proof, but even in physical items, we cannot’ always explain how things operate or why certain things happen. Follow your heart 🙂 ❤



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