December 21, 2012

This is how it all began for me. My first post online. The day I have revealed myself to all of you 🙂 A very special day indeed that will remain in my memory forever.

I Don’t know really what to say except that it is indeed a magnificent day on Dec 21 2012. I have welcomed in the new age with all my light beings and we have gone into the depths of this earth and lit the fire… we sparked the light within what you call Gaia…thank you to all who has made this happen. I am prompted to reveal my identity and hence i am here posting this.
Know that Earth/Gaia is completely safe now, that no harm can come to it. Today along with your prayers, positive affirmations and meditations, we have opened up a vortex from the depths of the earth core spreading out to the boundaries and beyond. A massive amount of energy has filled Earth’s matrix, and is now being spread to each of you on individual basis.

Today is a day for celebration for with your intentions you have allowed us to do our work here on earth for you. We thank you and hope that you continue on a positive path.

Please know that this is just the beginning and that each of you on an individual level will have to keep raising your vibration and allowing the pure light of heavens to bathe you in light and love. Keep your thoughts positive and optimistic for the next 11 days are incredibly important.

Whoever will read this message will automatically be caressed in pure light of love and happiness.

Happy New Gaia to you all !

Love & Light ❤

~Anna Merkaba

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