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Lightworker, Healer, Channeler - Work at Andromeda Counsel. I have come from the stars, and this is my first time incarnating as a human on earth. I was born with all the abilities that I now have when I was a child I was able to heal people, see things that others have not, communicate with the angelic realm and other places and much more, due to the way our society is structured I had to hide my abilities from the world, put on a mask and pretend to be someone I wasn't, then when I've finally managed to push my true essence into a box that was very convenient for others to carry around I got very ill, I was dying, nothing was helping me, all medicines failed to work I've had nothing left in me and I let go and said I've had enough (you can read about my experience here) suddenly i clearly heard a voice calling my name and telling me what to do to get better quickly. Miraculously I was healed very shortly and have re-discovered what I was able to do when I was a kid. Channel, Heal and much more. I am an intuitive channeler, medium, psychic, healer (reiki and otherwise), and a portal for the human race. I strongly believe that EVERYONE here on earth can do what I do, it's just laying dormant until a moment in time when you will wake up, believe and allow.
Love and Light to you all.