The truth about Karma, The Human Karmic Wheel of Life. Lesson 4 – Freedom Journey Karmic Release Course.

In this lesson you will be introduced to what Karma truly is. What the Human Karmic Wheel of Life is and how it was set up. What it means to have Karma. Here you will learn a brief history of the “human experiment”. After this lesson you will have a clearer idea of whether or not you are part of the Human Karmic Wheel of Life, or if you are simply stuck in this self-limiting belief.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have just found this course by landing on this page, please do not proceed further and instead click here to start this course from the beginning. It is highly important to start from lesson 1 and continue through each lesson in sequence. Please do not skip lessons. With each lesson you are being prepared for the next step.

Please begin by watching the video lesson below. Then read through the Innerworks Homework posted for you below the video. You can also download this information in PDF format on the bottom of the page.


“We are SOULS who like to have fun, and create various experiences for our own selves just to have fun.”

In this lesson we have learnt that Karma is not at all what we thought it to be. Karma is not at all what we have been taught to believe it is, it is simply a cycle of cause and effect. Hence, everyone will cause certain situations to appear in their lives due to the actions that they have taken, thoughts that they have thought, which in turn generated specific energies and vibrations in order to pull various experiences into their lives in accordance with the law of attraction or karma.

However, whilst everyone presently occupying earth will have some form of Karma, not everyone will actually be “stuck” or be part of the Karmic Wheel of Life. Karmic Wheel of Life is the creation of the Matrix, creation of the human Ego, creation of those who have interfered with human evolution and thus caused the veil of forgetfulness to thicken to such an extent that human souls forgot not only who they truly are, but that in essence they are absolutely FREE.

Karma is not any form of Punishment by GOD. This belief that GOD would ever punish you for anything that you have or have not done is absolutely false. GOD as you understand it to be loves you unconditionally, no matter what you do! GOD loves you, just because you EXIST. This is highly important for you to understand this as you go along on this journey of Karmic Release. Everything and anything that you experience in this life is the result of your own making, in essence it is YOU who is punishing yourself, by refusing to let go, by continuously RE-ACT-ing the same scene over and over again, and it is up to YOU to STOP and finally begin a new ACT filled with love, light and freedom!

Primary Chakras: Heart Charka, but AA Raphael’s disc is a versatile tool which works on ALL chakras in the body. Arch Angel Raphael Disc – Opens and Heals the Heart, Assists in Healing, Helps to Develop Intuition, Brings Harmony, Wisdom and Love.


I’m sure that you are wondering how to tell if you are stuck on the human wheel of karma or if you are a visitor to these shores. The answer is rather simple. It is all about the innate knowing. If you have always felt yourself to be out of place and have an affinity for either angels, fairies, or various star constellations this would be an example of you being from other realms than earth. If, however you feel right at home here then you are part of the human collective karmic wheel of life.

The only time that you would not be sure if you are part of the WISE ONE collective, which is a “rank” if you will of those souls who have spent eons on this planet, have found their way out of the veil of forgetfulness, “retired” from this experiment and have returned to assist others in finding their way. To determine if you are a WISE ONE I would suggest reading description of this realm here:

Once again, what I want you to know and understand is that not everyone is stuck on the human karmic wheel of life. We all have some form of Karma, but not everyone is actually stuck on a karmic wheel of life. Those of you who identify yourselves as star seeds, coming from the angelic realm, elemental or any other realm but the human one, are not stuck on the karmic wheel of life, but have ingrained the notion of karma into their subconscious belief system which now needs to be eradicated from your systems.

Everything in this course applies to you, except for the release from the karmic wheel of life with AA Michael which I will talk about later. Therefore, you might not be stuck on a Karmic Wheel of Life, if you have come from the stars, elemental or angelic realm you will not be sucked onto the wheel, however you may still have accumulated what you believe to be karma, which is a set of false belief systems, and ideas about who you are. For those who hail from the stars you will be introduced to another form of clearance of your subconscious belief system later in the course.

You may want to download a PDF of what has been covered here today below:

Sending all of you lots of love, happiness, health, and light!

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–

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