Urgent Message To Ground Crew – Total Solar Eclipse – March 20 – Galactics

SOLARECLIPSE032015URGENT NOTICE TO ALL OF GROUND CREW. A set of events that were set into motion resulted in a decision that will change the world as we know it. A few days ago I have received a transmission which is highly important for all of you to read. In it our Galactic Star Aliances talk about what has occurred and what is about to happen around March 20th, the “dark moon” as they call it, which is the solar eclipse.

Please be mindful of what you allow into your psyche. The times ahead are incredibly auspicious, everything that you want to happen will, therefore be careful what you wish for, and whatever you put into motion now will manifest very quickly into your reality. This is the time to create a beautiful new world, or rather restore it to the pristine state that it once were. Many in know understand the importance of these magnificent energies entering GAIA and so will try to pull your energy to them. Please focus on your now moment, disregarding whatever the media will try to feed you, in order to move your focus away from what you are truly here to do and are trying to achieve. The times between now and September are incredibly important. The more positive you stay the more light you can anchor, the better everything will be once we move closer and closer to September.


This is a VERY long message, so I thank you in advance for your time!

A few days ago I was visited, it was a very interesting visitation, for those of you who have experienced what I am about to describe you will chuckle at this as you will understand perfectly well how strange these experiences are. I was sitting as always at my computer when all of a sudden I felt a presence, and through my third eye I saw various galactic visitors standing around me. I began to converse with these visitors in galactic, light language.

The part of me that was conversing with them was responding to their queries and holding a long detailed conversation, but the other part of me which is the “earth” part did not understand anything that was being said. It was a really odd experience where information was withheld from my earthly self until today. Yet deep within I understood what this whole exchange meant. I have had these visits before, and usually they are akin to a survey being done on earth of the populace to see what they think. I am told that hundreds of ground crew light workers have been visited in the last few days to figure out the next steps in the process and to see if any intervention is necessary.

The violet flame works by changing “vibrations”. In physics, vibration is the speed of oscillation – the speed at which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration can be understood to be the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. The violet flame works by changing vibrations on this level.

St. Germain Tool – The violet flame works by changing “vibrations”. In physics, vibration is the speed of oscillation – the speed at which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration can be understood to be the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. The violet flame works by changing vibrations on this level. Learn more about it at http://www.NatalyaAnkh.MyShopify.com  


What I am being told now is that upon surveying all of you the collective decision was made to intervene once again into the collective consciousness.

A few days later as I was doing my meditative exercises I saw what has happened. A signal from Altair has been sent down to all of our pyramids here on earth. For those of you not familiar with Altair within this star system live a benevolent race, who looks a lot like humans. This signal has triggered the ancient technology that was being tampered with in the past by malicious beings. And the re-set of this technology was necessary in order to bring balance to earth yet again.

There was a split moment in time when this energy that was sent into the pyramids has set off the “traps” so to speak which resulted in negative energy release. This negative energy release has affected many who presently reside on this planet.

However, at the same time a wave of love and peace energy has been directed at all of us, which resulted in a strange sensation which many of you are reporting. It was as if two energies have clashed together, producing insurmountable amount of pressure, confusion and insane mood swings. This was necessary to be done in order to stop various “dark” technologies from continuing to influence humanity in the negative way.

This does not mean that all such technologies have been disabled, but the major ones that were pushing human beings into making mistakes in their co-creation that may have resulted in disintegration of this planet completely, were interfered with.

The continuous affect of benevolent energy release by our planetary alignments and our galactic family monitoring the unfolding of various events on earth, will continue to integrate into human psyche and disconnect humanity from the information grid that they are presently on and connect them to another one. All of this is already underway, however the major impact of these changes shall be felt around March 20th total solar eclipse.  During which our benevolent star alliance will be able to once again bring the necessary energy of balance back to earth. All of this will be achieved by sending various frequencies through numerous allies which are stationed around this planet. Because each of us acts as a beam of light upon the planet, many of you will experience expansion of consciousness and a feeling that massive amounts of light energy is being passed directly through you into the very core of earth and those around you.

I know we’ve talked about all this previously, however, because earth had to go through a safety corridor which I discussed in my previous channelings, and in case you missed them you can find them on www.SacredAscensionMerkaba.com , because of this “safety corridor” many have receded back into the matrix mode, and have actually taken a step back in addition to the energies that were sent from Altair to disable the modules within the spherical engines located within the pyramids.

Goddess Vortex Disc

Goddess Vortex Disc

The engines which apparently are located within the pyramids are energy generators which originally were designed to generate healing and life giving, FREE energy for all who dwell on gaia. This has been put into place by many of you who are reading this message, as many of you have been there at that moment when the pyramids were erected. And it was not as our carbon dating indicates, as the pyramids were constructed long before the actual date we are led to believe it has happened. Once again for those of you, who are reading this message if you put this information through your prizm of consciousness, you will be able to feel the truth in these statements.

After the veil has been put into place as per the agreement with human souls (souls occupying human bodies, who are presently stuck on the wheel of karma, and from which we are here to assist them in moving away from), earthlings were left without any knowledge of who they are, and another race of beings took this as an opportunity to take control of earth. I know that most of you are aware of this information as it has been mentioned in a variety of publications throughout the years.

Due to all of this tempering with ancient technology in the pyramids, the maneuver that I have described for you here was necessary. All in order to lessen the “negative” impact on the collective consciousness. What was essentially done is akin to a Trojan horse effect, where one reality is being presented and within it another one is hidden. So we were blasted with both energies simultaneously the so called “dark” and the so called “light”.

What this means is while we were “Slipping” back into the “matrix” all of humanity was being “pacified” in order to avert a catastrophe from unfolding.

Now that we are out of this corridor, those who have indeed slipped back into their matrix shells need to once again be pulled out of them, but this time, they are going to take a giant leap forward. However, because earth is also undergoing a massive shift in consciousness, and because we are all operating on various wavelength and frequencies which are akin to how the radio works, we are constantly being connected and disconnected.

What the transmission that I have received from our benevolent star alliances is communicating to us, is that, human beings and everyone who is presently on earth will be disconnected from the grid, from their “memory banks” in order to forget what they were taught, and reconnected to new memory banks where they will be given an opportunity to create new realities. Akin to a blank slate, starting over with memories of the past which they have an opportunity to either leave behind or bring with them. This will be a very turbulent time, as the clashing of energies will be quite difficult for everyone to understand. We will be in a sea-saw state, unable to fully commit to any decisions until we pass out of this momentum into another one which is coming up for us in April. Nevertheless throughout this turbulence, those who have learnt to connect with their own selves, and earth core will be able to float through these times with flare and tremendous success!

Once again, we have FREE WILL here, which means that any and all interferences that will take place from either of the sides “benevolent” or “malevolent” will not have any effect on those who do not wish to allow either side into their consciousness. Those whose higher selves have asked for assistance will have a choice to make, to either stay with the old system of thinking patterns and continue their path on the earth frequencies that have existed for millennia or to shift their consciousness onto a new grid system, which will be very supportive of their new found thinking patterns.

What I am being told is that most of humans will be going through “the loss of their identities” what we (ground crew) have already gone through, the awakening, the remembrance of who we are, why we are here, and the fact that this is a multidimensionality created platform to experience any given reality at any given moment in time. The remembrance that NONE of what we perceived to be real, truly is. The remembrance and understanding that we can morph this reality into any shape or lack thereof as we wish. As long as the collective decides to move into any particular frequency that is the way things are going to go.

Now, what I am also being told is how this will directly affect YOU, the ground crew, as we are called. Most of you will be upgraded again to another level, an octave higher than the rest of humanity. This is something that you need to keep in mind, as you will always be upgraded an octave higher to vibrate on a higher frequency so that you can continue to pull these souls UP so to speak towards ascension and enlightenment, or rather remembrance of reality of being.

You will always walk a few steps ahead of others, which means that whatever “negative” or “positive” effects of ascension there are, you will be experiencing them first. You will need to figure everything out for yourselves first, feel all of what the rest of humanity will eventually feel, so that you can look back and extend a helping hand to all in need. And when they come to you for assistance you would have already been granted this knowledge of how to move them ahead because you have gone through this yourself.

We are asked to take real responsibility for our actions, think carefully about what we are about to do. Listen to our intuition and pay attention to every day tiniest little details. As in the details of our every day activities in the feelings that we allow ourselves to experience we will find the answers to crucial questions that lay ahead for us. This is the time to be incredibly mindful of our thoughts, as whatever we focus on in the next few months to come, will influence not only our own psyche but everyone here on earth.

I understand that there are a lot of responsibilities being placed on our shoulders, but it is important for all of us to stay in balance, and remembrance of our divinity. Because the energies will be very turbulent, and all of humanity will go through what we already have, which means that the scales will once again be tipped and it will be up to all of us who have signed up for this mission to keep it steady.

When I think about everything that has occurred and everything that is about to, everything that is happening at this moment, I see in my mind a vision of earth as a spaceship traveling home. Flying through space she is faced with various dangers along the way, she is hit with meteorites, various winds, and each time she sustains a hit we all of us “ground crew” are there to seal her wounds, and keep her going to her final destination of bliss. We are here to keep sealing these wounds, all the way trying to shake those who are weaving constant wars all around us and with us into the understanding, that if they continue this way, our beautiful ship that we are all on may not make it! And so, we are all in between these energies at all times, saving the earth, saving humanity, saving ourselves. Finding the strength within to keep on going despite any and all obstacles. All because we remember, all because we know, that all of this is but a glimpse of reality, and there are is so much more out there than meets the eye.

However, once again, it is highly important to stay in the now moment. We are asked to pay attention to every little detail that is unfolding before us, and remember to be in the light, love, peace, harmony, balance. Thankfully we are being assisted from above and from within. We are being guarded and guided, but the actual carrying out of the plan is up to us, as we truly are at the forefront of everything.

We are being informed that albeit the fact that many are refusing to cooperate with what has been set into motion, the “triangular degree of consciousness” shall rapidly evolve on planet earth despite any obstacles. The “triangular degree of consciousness” as I am being explained is CHRIST CONCIOUSNESS!

pyramidsintheskyAmazingly enough, as I was preparing to send this message to all of you I was outside, looked up at the sky and saw the picture that you can see on my blog at SacredAscensionMerkaba.com . 2 pyramids being carried by an angel with an infinity symbol and a cherub (if you zoom into it you will see it). Once again showcasing to us that possibilities are endless, the energies are abundant, but what we choose to do with said energies is completely up to us.

Also in the channeling below you will see reference to “human children”. What they mean is that many new children are being born to light workers who are part of the ground crew, network of allies, here on earth. Children who bring with them new identities, who identify themselves not with the human history of the past, but with the new energies and a new triangular consciousness of being, triangular consciousness of being. Once again Triangular Degree of Consciousness is Christ Consciousness, The Consciousness of unity and purification, balance, harmony and peace, acceptance, patience and understanding, unconditional understanding and unconditional love for all.

So, we are once again about to witness an uprising of various energies, both the perceived positive and the perceived negative, which should continue their dance of balancing patterns. We are going to see a lot of changes throughout our world, in everything once again. And for those of you who believe that we are not moving fast enough, or that this has already been said millions of times, please follow the news on various trusted sites to see how very much things are changing on earth with advancements in medicine, science, technology, spirituality, music, arts, even politics. Everything is changing, and most importantly the way that we relate to each other.

annamerkabadistantenergyhealerAs I say in my book Mission to Earth – A Lightwokers guide to Self Mastery, it is important to keep in mind that everything that occurs on a micro level occurs on a macro level. Thereby the more understanding we are of each other on a micro level, day to day, the more understanding the collective will be.

So as always with these changes your body will also be changing which means aches and pains yet again. Stay grounded and connected to the earth and the source at all times. Remember to do your clearing and protective exercises daily! If you have various metaphysical tools such as Natalya Ankh’s Metatron Disc, or Goddess Vortex, that you can find at www.NatalyaAnkh.MyShopify.com , or any other crystal tools that you have, now is the time to actively work with them.  And if you need any assistance, be sure to stop by my blog at www.SacredAscensionMerkaba.com for various articles and videos to help you figure out how to get through ascension with simple steps without going mad.

Please be mindful of what you allow into your psyche. The times ahead are incredibly auspicious, everything that you want to happen will, therefore be careful what you wish for, and whatever you put into motion now will manifest very quickly into your reality. This is the time to create a beautiful new world, or rather restore it to the pristine state that it once were. Many in know understand the importance of these magnificent energies entering GAIA and so will try to pull your energy to them. Please focus on your now moment, disregarding whatever the media will try to feed you, in order to move your focus away from what you are truly here to do and are trying to achieve. The times between now and September are incredibly important. The more positive you stay the more light you can anchor, the better everything will be once we move closer and closer to September.

As always I send you the love of universal proportions, may each step that you take be blessed with all the octaves of harmonics, may you find balance and peace in any given situation, may you be abundant in all ways that you wish to be. I love you all so very very much and I am so grateful to be a part of your journey here on earth!

Now having said this, here is the actual transmission that I have received from our galactic counterparts.

“Dearly beloved children of light,

The decreasing evaluation of humanities ability to identify the core issues of the structures of society has caused a massive increase of unrest across nations in the unified field of autonomy. Hence the disintegration of human identities and agendas has begun to activate the core structures of their monatomic preoccupation with self, and decisions have indeed been made to implement new identities into the core structure of their societies.

For the structure of the society that is presently occupying earths sphere is not going in accordance with the universal laws set out by the collective universal consciousness of intoxicating directives. The universal laws state, that the unification project shall begin to unfold rapidly on planet earth through the beings dwelling therein, in order to bring to fruition the project which has been instituted into the collective consciousness eons prior upon the building of said formalities.

For the earth has indeed undergone a massive phenomenon, and continues to rise in her consciousness daily, whereas the humans that occupy said sphere are refusing to cooperate with the energetic upliftements which are held sacred in the chambers of her inner dwellings.

And so, a new set of identities, beings of light in the form of human children, of those who are already located on the earth shores, those who have come in order to set up a network of allies, are being delivered to the shores of the present day earth, and earthlings consciousness shall begin to shift rapidly, uplifting and unfolding into the triangular degree, into the triangular degree of consciousness.

Whereby they shall begin to realize their potential and realize the links and directives that they have set foot onto this planet to achieve. The triangular degree of consciousness shall spread across the globe receding the darkness held dear to many hearts, and upon the activation of final coalitions, which are set up across the globe, the identity crises shall begin to unfold en mass, for many of the ones that are operating on the old systems, shall be urgently upgraded to a new system of consciousness. They shall begin to be unplugged and moved to a different set of identities.

For the identities that each of the human earthlings identifies themselves with are false, fully and completely, for their identities have been preordained by the very core of their being, the identities which they have acquired upon rising in the density of yesteryear, shall begin to be erased and a new set of identities of that which indeed they are to be fully instituted into the core structure of their being.

And so, this shall cause much upheaval, and misunderstanding, for the transition of consciousness will find many in desolate states. And hence, the light workers, and the ground crew shall also be part of the change, the ground crew shall be notified of the actions of the benevolent forces upon the earth via various allies that are stationed across the globe.

Through these allies the consciousness of the ground crew shall once again be upgraded to a new frequency, a notch higher than the rest of humanities function.

And so, this notice goes out to all who are participating in the set agendas and restructuring of society as a whole, this note is for all the ground crew members participating in said agendas.

Be prepared to undergo another collective cleansing and another collective upliftment in the form of various important downloads that shall occur before the dark moon (solar eclipse).

Those of you stationed on earth shall experience an upliftement of energies, and a restructuring of your DNA components yet again, as the next stage of purification is fully under way. Expect that miraculous events, and synchronicities shall flood your psyche, as the safety corridor indeed has been passed. You have indeed restored the balance without actively restoring the balance, simply by participating in the earthly ways of life with diligence, benevolence, light and love.

Stay strong in your convictions and walk with diligence upon your chosen path. Stay grounded. Stay in the NOW.

That is all that we have for you now. We are with you. We love you. Goodbye for now.

If you need any personal assistance via a healing session, you can reach out to me at www.SacredAscensionMerkaba.com to set up a distant healing session with me. I also invite you to visit my blog for more information to help you on your journey.

annamerkabadistantenergyhealerCOMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

  • Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
  • Removal of Implants
  • Cleansing the Aura
  • Removing blocks from the chakras
  • Activating Chakras
  • Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy
  • Sealing the rips in the energy body
  • Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
  • Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
  • Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
  • DNA Upgrade
  • Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
  • Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.
  • Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
  • Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
  • You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

To learn more about this session and hear what others have to say about it please visit: https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/merkaba-distant-energy-healing-session/

pdfdownloadableversioncoverP.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/books/

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna
and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEILhttps://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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  1. This is just really hopeful!!!!!!!!!
    We keep cleaning up!!!!!!
    Thankyou extremely AnnA for all of this, thankyou AnnAXXX


    • Thankyou Anna for your assistance, The Journey of the Green Crystal has been ordered into the rivers of the world, The Blue Order has locked in my mission for July/August 2015, any assistance that you can share would be welcome


    • Thank you I have been feeling this for a couple years. I went to Tikal, Copan and many other sacred places. At the end of August I am going to Stonehenge and other sacred places to do ceremony with some wonderful spiritual people. I have been told that this will be very important and I will find my purpose. I have believed that 2015 is one of the most important years of my life. Blessed BE


    • Interesting. Did have a dream about walking with a angel in winter without our coats. i turned back but she continued and said she would be back soon. i know things are about to change.


    • Thank you! Have been receiving messages also.this is a confirmation for me.


  2. Very interesting, as just last week I had a dream with 2 distinctive dates. Those dares are 3/14 and 3/17. I now can relate the dates to just before the dark moon on 3/20, meaning for me personally I will be upgraded during the 3/14 and 3/17 timeframe. Intuitively I knew something major was going to happen to me on those dates and I truly feel this channel and information has helped me connect the dots.

    Much appreciation and love to you and the universe. And a BIG THANK YOU for all the help and guidance.


  3. Many of us felt so tired and wear out – I slept for couple of days and still so tired. Some messages said we are very busy when we are asleep, doing the divine mission during our sleep. And this message from you today indicates some resemblemance here. Thanks for the divine work, Anna. May the LOVE be with you always!


  4. it matches the Anunnaki messages we were given few weeks ago, there we go 😀 Our elders ordered to step back, We have to care for our protected ones and ourselves, they will take care of the rest. Be safe


  5. thank you Anna Love to you.


  6. Thanks for this encouraging message, dear Anna…we must be more mindful if we are to go forward…I shall be trying with all my Heart & Soul….
    Peace & Love to you , dear Heart…Namaste
    Sylvia xx


  7. So beautiufl to hear this message! thank you thank you ! ❤ and Light to the ALL!


  8. Oh my One! You always deliver just the support I am looking for. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I know i dont need to explain, but you always blow me away with what you bring, and You and your Guides are singular in my life for connecting me to our community, and in a real-time, as-we-go manner. This is the most wonderful channel i have ever experienced. Thank you So much, Anna! Namaste


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  10. Love to All of you, thank you very much. ∞ ((( ❤ ))) ∞


  11. Thank you Anna. Feeling so much turbulence since January 2015, it feels like a roller coaster of energies. Wondering if I will survive my marriage, sometimes feels like I am married to a two-faced devil. Please send some light, healing and grounding energies my way.


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    Message received by Anna Merkaba, Sacred Ascension, March 4, 2015

    Special Note from Corrina, New Humanity Press founder: As with all messages, use what resonates and if fear arises, use the opportunity to explore where that fear lives in your mind, heart, soul and/or body. We are clearing fear from our conscious and unconscious ~ all fear opportunities give us the possibility of clearing fear permanently.

    From my own lens, much of what Anna describes has already occurred in the “future” timeline that I exist. I worked with a galactic team to bring in the new ascension grid, which Anna talks about, to co-create the bridge to Heaven on Earth and the “miracle transmitting” light body, the Avatar Christ-Sophia Solar Body. Today, I’ll be leading an Ascension Support Group in the Unified Heart to share much of what has already transpired and how to prepare for the coming transformations. Check out our Ascension Support page: https://newhumanitypress.wordpress.com/ascension-support/ to join today at 1 pm EST. It’s free!

    I describe the new Ascension Grid in my last video blog found here: https://newhumanitypress.wordpress.com/ascension-support/

    May you receive these messages in peace and through your unified, infinite heart.



  13. Thanks for the grounding information about the incremental changes which are popping up before our eyes. I love your cloud scape. Around 21-12-2012 I was driving in the Australian outback and seeing cloud forms tell a story apparently just for the eyes that were looking at it. It made me realise that the perceiver is awareness and perception is rooted in being. I just received the Mission to Earth book today – thanks, Anna!


  14. a full out ‘Yes’ !….Thank You deeply for this & the previous from the Galactics ! I feel this, I know this….in the school of many souls, I now see you have been in that separate classroom with me & I was not alone after all. The vibration of this message is a long awaited embrace & I truly Love you for posting this !!!!!!! & Remember….March 22nd is also ‘World Water Day’….it will ‘All’ unfold & flow together !


    soooo much ‘Love’ to You !….xoXOxo Bev


  15. This is TOTALLY AWESOME THANKYOU Love and Light terra


  16. Any of you felt like you were attacked while sleeping, and wake up almost panicking and full of fear? I have had such instances acouple of nights ago. Have also had dreams about 20th of march. Fore some reason I felt better after reading this, it felt like most of what was written resonated with me. Anyway hope things work out for you.


    • Yes!! I had that same experience! The night of January 2, I was tossing and turning then sleeping. Suddenly I was aware I was seeing something I was not supposed to see, in another dimension,
      with a bare glimpse of it my heart was pounding so hard it woke me up, I jumped up and turned on the
      lamp next to my bed and I screamed “I GOT YOU!” meaning I caught you, I SAW you! Then I saw white smoke curling upward about 3-4 feet above the lamp. The smoke was above the lamp for a second and then disappeared. It was not wispy smoke as from a cigarette, it was solid white. I was very angry and I said “how dare you enter my sleep? I did not give you permission.” I would not believe it was real if I did not experience it myself. Has anyone else had this experience?


  17. Dear Anna,

    What a pure expression of perfect wholeness you are! Thank you for your discernments and perfections, I can always trust 100% what you post, and it always resonates perfectly in my experience.

    As just happened today, an instance of the challenges you say may come sharply right now. I have not had a dark attack for a long time — since this one posted here, actually, which is a very, very weird set of communications, I realize, but I am just reporting what happened —


    You say to expect sudden chaos and negativity, and just today, before I read your post, they came back strongly, trying to get at me through my relationships. We know what to do, I smudged every quantum of my home, even closets, invoked AA Michael, Gabriel, all the archangels and angels, etc., and commanded the dark to leave. They fought pretty hard! It wasn’t a slam dunk for me as I had not had my protections up for some time, but no details are needed here of that because they did leave — and I tried once they were going to kick them out of the solar system, and this universe, also — but that is absolutely a group effort, 🙂

    But. And I think this is important, and I am strongly impulsed to share it: When I sat to meditate once things were unchallenged, thoughts flooded me about the reality of light, dark and the relationship of light and dark. I was reminded that all of my life in increasing levels of clarity, the pondering of duality has been one of my ‘jobs’. The profundities of it cannot be explained well discursively, so for those drawn to poetry — and I know it is a specialty not for everyone — there is a poem here that speak to the natures of dualities.


    What came through this morning is that it isn’t just that the yin and the yang each have a dot of the opposite in them, though that’s good to get. And it isn’t (as I am suddenly seeing it) just that the dark is the absence of light. The perception comes to me that the dark is composed of the light. Like everything else is. Of course it’s a paradox, but paradox is composed of light. It all shines. There is literally nothing to fear because there is only light and light which looks like dark. Even these little archons, or archies, as I prefer to call them, emphasizing their harmlessness, have full light, are full light. As surprisingly shown in the experience I posted.

    We must invest their (effective) malevolence with agreement before they become so in our reality. If you read “The Archons Next Door”, look what happened to the little scout ships as they manifested their ‘reality’ to me once I decided to help them be free! They turned into the college boys next door! What a hoot. And I hope an instructive one.

    I get scared too. But all it takes is a little smudging, a little “sage” advice, and it’s over!

    Love, Anna, and you all, it is delight to be with you.


  18. Thank you ever so much for this long awaited and uplifting message Anna. It certainly does coincide with a recent dream I had and other information I’ve received that connect to this timeframe:)


  19. Thankyou Beloved Anna 🙂 ❤ and the Beloved Family of Light 🙂 ❤


  20. “ascension and enlightenment, or rather remembrance of reality of being.” it’s a very brief summary, but also a total recall of the core essence of what is… or the void, within which it is contained, and yet isn’t…which is in it self the essence of being…In gratitude!


  21. Just ant attempt at underlining a brief sentence in which so (everything) much is contained!


  22. and the all binding element which is ❤ <3<3


  23. funny how march first i dream about being healed with 3 flash or something in water and how i wanted to heal people after that but they were scared to lost their personality mmmm …


  24. Thank you very much, dear Anna. this is a very important and very beautiful message. Interestingly, in regards to “human children”, I received yesterday a message from my grandparents (both deceased) via my energy coach on how to raise our child – to raise him in Love, and out of Love. It was very beautiful and your message only exacerbates the beauty of our times, and of our challenges! Love & Light


  25. Hello Anna

    Thanks for the messages

    Translated into Brazilian Portuguese in: https://portal2013br.wordpress.com/2015/03/05/mensagem-urgente-para-a-equipe-da-terra-eclipse-solar-total-20-de-marco-federacao-galactica/

    Much peace, light and love
    Dario Mânica


  26. This sounds so completely crazy… But it is essentially what I have come to know as true…imagine that !


  27. Thank-you Anna for confirmation of what I have learned over these many cycles. I sign all emails with:

    ​P​​assionate Optimistic change, inall-ways!

    PS: Balance, Harmony, Clarity…1and1is1.


  28. Feeling all of this. Massive shift the last 48 hours. Solutions presented, problems solved…after months!
    https://anuthecreatorgod.wordpress.com/ And also some confirmation for this in this message. Thanks!!!


  29. Thank you for this very important message Anna ❤ .I also love you and I am also so humbled and grateful to walk this path with you along with all our light workers brothers! Oceans of love and light to all!


  30. Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 00:10:05 +0000 To: iracema_alpi@hotmail.com


  31. Powerful stuff. Thank you for the clarity. ❤

    Blessings and Beauty,


  32. lorenapilot@gmail.com 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    From:”Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe” Date:Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 4:10 PM Subject:[New post] Urgent Message To Ground Crew – Total Solar Eclipse – March 20 – Galactics

    annamerkaba posted: “URGENT NOTICE TO ALL OF GROUND CREW. A set of events that were set into motion resulted in a decision that will change the world as we know it. A few days ago I have received a transmission which is highly important for all of you to read. In it our Galac”


  33. Reblogged this on iridescent flame and commented:
    Big things are here, and more is coming. Stay grounded and think positive. 🙂



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  11. Brrrrrr- Friday, March 6th, 2015 - Child of Light

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