Astrology for 2014- Bridging Heaven and Earth – The Kundalini Rising

I saw this posted on my blog in the comments section. I feel that this information is pertinent at this point in time and will explain a lot of the energies that are coming into planet Earth at this time.


If a storm is coming is it of any value to know about this in advance? Yes, most people would say: To take the necessary precautions and ride it off, instead of be taken by surprise.

In April 2014 we have a very significant and unusual pattern in the sky, which can be likened to – not a storm – but a high point of tension, out of which something will inevitably manifest. The whole month, and especially the days around the full moon on April 15th, a window of opportunity will be opened: If you gather your energy, clarify your intention and mobilize your whole being towards this goal, a leap can be made.

On a personal level we can break free from chains – psychological and regarding our work and relationships. Some chains we have carried for so long that we may only notice that they are there under special circumstances.

As will be clarified below, both the circumstances that allow us to see these chains, as well as the required reservoir of energy, will be offered during the month of April 2014. But before we turn our attention to the characteristics of this point of tension, and hint at what may be manifested from it, we need to paint the backdrop of the scene in order to understand what is going on and how to work with and not against the energies.

In this case the backdrop sets a stage with quite a drumroll. In normal everyday astrology we look at the sun, the moon and the fast moving planets to access the pattern that the current energies unfold. Occasionally one of the outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – change sign and a whole new chapter in our collective lives begins.

The fixed stars, which – compared to the star in our solar system, the sun – does not seem to move, are only taken into account when in conjunction with a planetary point in the horoscope. However, fixed stars do move, despite the name, just very slowly: Where the fast moving points in the horoscope is measured in days and months, and the outer planets is measured in years, a journey around the zodiac for a fixed star takes approximately 26000 years – 2160 years in each sign. A fast moving planet changing sign is like a new page in the book of life. An outer planet changing sign is like a new chapter. A fixed star changing sign is like a whole new book.

So picture the community of astrologers out there when this happened on November 29th, 2011. Or rather a few months later when the impact of the event had sunken in. Not just did a fixed star change sign, among the approximately fifty fixed stars taken into account in esoteric astrology; it was also one of the four most influential, known as the royal stars of Persia or the four Guardians in the sky:

AldebaranGuardian of the East , (EARTH – BULL)

RegulusGuardian of the North , (FIRE- LION)

AntaresGuardian of the West , (WATER – EAGLE)

FomalhautGuardian of the South , (AIR – ANGEL)

Among astrologers they are treated with veneration. Not because there is any code of ethics demanding this in the ‘astrologers handbook’ (if such a book existed), but simply because they only reveal their secrets when approached with this attitude.

With this in mind let’s look at the nature of ‘the new Book of Life’ that started to unfold as the star Regulus, the heart of the lion, changed sign from Leo to Virgo on November 29th 2011. The last time astrologers lifted their eyebrows with regard to Regulus was 157 BC where it entered the sign of Leo. With these slow movements of the fixed stars, no wonder that a certain amount of dust had gathered on the eyelids and astrologers needed a few months to shake it off before they noticed what had happened!

Regulus is the life force in the Book of Life, and two thousand years in the sign of Leo, has supported the rise of the Roman Empire with a centralized prominent leader figure and a hierarchical form of organization. A structure like the Roman Empire, which still pervades our structures in society, relies on ignorance and obedience of the people inside, and the suppression and exploitations of the people outside. The fuel that keeps the machine running is fear. Fear of losing position within the hierarchy and to be expelled from the ‘good company’, where everything looks like freedom but feels like death.

Two tools are needed to keep this machine running. One is a constant reinforcement of habitual and reflexive patterns of obedient reactions to persons in positions of authority – also known as our education system. When this system has squelched the balanced AMOR mind of the child, and installed an unbalanced ROMA mind, there is one more agent of the empire to enforce its laws.

Another needed tool is a significant difference in living conditions for the ones inside, compared to those outside. The latest economical reports showing that 85 individuals now owns the same amount of resources owned by half of the world population (3½ billion people), shows the extremes that an empire on the brink of collapse is willing to go to – and needs to go to.

In the esoteric tradition this societal structure of the empire is likened to a vampire, which is more than just a convenient metaphor: Individuals who willingly participate in maintaining this structure, and allows fear-induced channels to be attached to their energy system, are having their life force tapped and directed to the center of the spider web, where it is consumed by something that should have withered away and died for a long long time ago. If this sounds like something from a Harry Potter book, it might be about time that you make a decision about the resources you turn to for education: Harry Potter or the books from the official education system?

Real insights and education of course comes from your own heart, and with the Heart of the Lion now in Virgo we will see structures emerge that are governed by wisdom. Structures governed by a much more humble and potent form of leadership. Potent because it align with the natural expression of Regulus in Virgo.

Likewise old power structures will become more and more desperate in trying to maintain their source of life force, until they inevitably will have to let go and face the karma that have been build up for millennia. In the personal psyche this will feel like old patterns of behavior, which are identified with the modus-operandi of the current societal structure, and their unwillingness to let go. Eventually they must let go, gracefully or like a refugee with white fingernails.

As the old power structures are crumbling, room is given for the new. On the shadow side there is no longer any bars hindering fragmented collective sub-personalities fueled by the cardinal sins, to create havoc. When the last pope released a pigeon on St Peters Square as a gesture of peace, tens of thousands of people witnessed a very blatant omen of these stirrings in our collective psyche: The pigeon was immediately attacked by a crow and a seagull. We will soon find out if we on a collective level can muster the sufficient serene determination and poised quiescent will to face what is coming.

With Regulus in the sign of Virgo, the focus of leadership will be what is being born and how to serve this. This attitude heals the old antagonistic dualism between the masculine and the feminine. In the individual psyche it can be experienced as a deep decision by the masculine to serve and protect the feminine, which will eventually release or “melt” the ROMA mind. This allows for the feminine energy to relax and surrender more and more to the flow of life, trusting and bonding with the masculine energy.

For aeons the Celestial Father and Mother have had their backs turned to each other, we are now about to experience a world where these energies are turned “face to face” as the Kabbalistic tradition describes it.

In part 2 of this article we will investigate how the Star of David that we saw lining up at July 29th 2013, has served to pave the way for the impulse that we can expect on april 15th 2014.

By Johan Tino Frederiksen, March 30th 2014


Youtube-clip where I elaborate:

The Sphinx:

Part 2:

The full article (pdf):



Astrology for April 2014 – part 2: Bridging Heaven and Earth

April 1, 2014 at 3:43pm

The astrology for April 2014 indeed looks interesting.

As described in part 1 of this article, the star Regulus is now to be found in the sign of Virgo, which will have – and are already having – a major impact on our consciousness, leading to profound changes in our culture. It marks a shift from a masculine to a feminine way of distributing the life force transmitted by Regulus.

A masculine claw on the distribution of life force will always be imbalanced, and can only be maintained as long as an illusory “ROMA-mind” can be maintained. The ROMA-mind is the mindset demanding obedience to external authority however this authority may be cloaked. That this obedience and unwillingness to ‘rock the boat’ serves as the cold heart of the structure often goes unnoticed. The last thing a curious fish discovers is the water in which it is swimming it is said. We can thank scientists like Roger Sperry and Stanley Milgram for their discoveries and experiments (‘Split brain’ and ‘The perils of obedience’) that show just how eager the human mind are to tell and identify with a lie.

As the supply of energy to this structure has decreased and ended, due to Regulus entering Virgo on Nov 29th 2011, a more and more fierce and desperate grip has been seen from this mind parasite. The reflection in our personal lives is increased stress, obsessive occupation with repetitive and mindless activity and resistance to silence. We all have our share of – and investment in – this ROMA-mind.

With Regulus now in Virgo, the feminine approach to distributing life force (the AMOR mind), in whatever form this may take, is now suddenly supported, and the shift that this give rise to in our consciousness and worldly affairs, may come quite suddenly. The astrology for April suggests that events that initialize this shift will be seen.

In the Experimentarium in Copenhagen they have a big cylinder filled with water. By turning a wheel, visitors can set the water in a circular motion and at some point when the velocity reaches a threshold value, a whirlpool or “tornado” starts from the surface of the water and hits the bottom like a ‘flash of lightning’. The feeling of the water suddenly “giving in” and the new equilibrium found is quite amazing and satisfying – and very beautiful.

In a way that can be likened to this water slowly starting to rotate, and then suddenly making an impact, something was set in motion last year on the 29th of July. What we saw was two perfect triangles, one in earth signs, and one in water signs, together forming the six pointed Star of David. Uranus initiated this circular motion that influences, and consists of, the part of our joined human feeling nature that aspires to something higher and are dedicated to higher ideals. And with thousands of years of soul captivity this is quite a “sea” to start stirring, but this is what has been going on for the past eight months, and with a nine month gestation period the baby is expected to be delivered by the end of April 2014 where a grand cross in cardinal signs is foretelling it.
For the past eight months the midwifes to this event have been called into alignment with what is about to happen. The keynotes have been healing of the inner child and the integration of any sub-personalities that were still “doing their own thing”. Also a release from anything that was not nourishing your soul has happened. Purifying your body and mind.

If you resonate with this, you are probably one of the midwifes who made a soul commitment to assist in what we are about to experience.

The triangles in earth and water that have served as a backdrop for our experiences in the past eight months, are the reaction “from below” – the wheel steadily turning on the bottom of the water cylinder – eventually triggering a response “from above”.

By looking at the position of the stars and planets this response seems to be on April 15th 2014 where we have a full lunar eclipse.

To find the keynote of this event, we need to turn our attention to Neptune. For several reasons.

First of all this great planet, also referred to as ‘the Cosmic Christ’, is in perfect declination-conjunction with the eclipsed moon (not to be mistaken with longitude conjunction). Which is exactly where we would like Neptune – the god of the waters – to be during birth. Securely based in His own sign, Pisces.

Secondly, Neptune has been the ruling influence in the six pointed star constellation and has made sure that the steady movement of “the water” has been done in a calm and steady-moving way, such that healing of childhood and past life themes could be done in safe distance from any lurking sea monsters “in deep sea”.

Thirdly, whenever a point in the horoscope is in conjunction with a fixed star, it deserves special interest. In this case both Neptune and the moon in the chart are in conjunction with a fixed star. And yes, you might have already guessed it; these two fixed stars are among the most influential and powerful of the fixed stars we see in the heavens.

Neptune is in conjunction with the royal star Fomalhaut, the Guardian of the South. If your ideals and intentions are pure and serves the greater good, any activity initiated under the influence of this star is blessed with success and happiness. On the other hand if your ideals are corrupted, there will be great loss and confusion.

The sabian symbol for the 6th degree in Pisces where Neptune is found on April 15th, is

Illumined By A Shaft Of Light, A Large Cross Lies On Rocks Surrounded By Sea

The keynote for the event we are moving towards is hidden in this symbol. What, or rather who is the Large Cross that lies on the Rocks?

Do you know the story of Prometheus and Chiron? As you probably know these great old myths reflects something that is very real and also tangible at times.

Prometheus defied the gods and gave the gift of fire to humanity, representing the dawn of consciousness.  As a punishment for this he was tied to a rock, where an eagle would come and eat his liver. By evening the liver would grow back out and the horrific scenery would repeat the next day. In all eternity since Prometheus was immortal.

Only one thing could release Prometheus from his agony: If one day someone would take his place voluntarily, he would be released.

That someone was the Centaur Chiron, also known as the wounded healer. For this heroic deed he died and was resurrected after 9 days.

The Large Cross that lies on the Rock (ego consciousness) surrounded by Sea (collective subconsciousness) is none other than the great hero Chiron. The shaft of Light that illuminates his body is the Light from the liberated Prometheus (consciousness).

This is the keynote for the lunar eclipse on April 15th 2014, 9.45 CEDT.

We are asked to tune in to the part of our psyche that resonates with the heroic deed of Chiron, who selflessly sacrificed himself to alleviate the suffering of another.

This may seem like embracing a bit too much, until we discover the help available: In perfect conjunction with the eclipsed moon in 25 degrees Libra, we find none other than Arcturus, “The One Who Is Coming”, the fourth brightest star in our entire sky. By the help of this star Odysseus found his way home.

Arcturus is the “Guardian of the Bear”, which refers to the constellation ‘The Great Bear’ with its seven stars. These seven stars each transmit one of the seven basic energies that weave our seen and unseen world. And the Herdsman for these seven energies is: Arcturus.

With this potent star in conjunction with an eclipsed moon, something big will happen.

In part 3 of this article (which I think will be ready by the end of next week), we will look at the Grand Cross which we find in cardinal signs by the end of April, and also investigate the sabian symbol for the point in the zodiac where the lunar eclipse happens, 25. Degree of Libra:

An Eagle And A Large White Dove Change Into Each Other

Love and Joyful will,

Johan Tino Frederiksen


The full article (pdf):

Part 1:

Part 3:

Previous note (in danish) about the Star of David:



Astrology for April 2014 – part 3: The Kundalini Rising

April 12, 2014 at 2:04pm

In the astrological community the Grand Cross of April 2014, has been referred to as a ‘Game changer’ or a ‘Quantum leap’. It signifies a collective shift in our consciousness.

As explained in the previous two parts of this article something has been brewing for a long time, and the planets have now lined up and are waiting like patient archers for their signal: Mercury in exact conjunction with Uranus in the leading arm of the cross. This will happen on Tuesday the 15th, 9.45 CEDT, where we have the eclipsed full moon in the sky.

Before we take a deeper look at the points and the Sabian symbols connected to the Grand Cross, let’s briefly examine the nature of consciousness.

We are familiar with two levels of our consciousness: Dreaming and our daily state of consciousness. When we are at one of these levels, the other level seems like a distant and far-away realm. Sometimes when we are just about to fall asleep, or just about to wake up, we sense the nature of the realm of consciousness we are moving towards. From within the dream certain structures and memories from our waking state starts to appear, and from our waking state, we can move into the dream world while being aware that it is happening.

From this “no man’s land” between the two realms you can sense what is coming. However, being in this position between two realms, takes a tremendous amount of energy: When falling asleep you will have to resist the pull from the center of gravity from the dream, and when waking up you must resist the pull from the “awake” realm of consciousness – the other center of gravity. In this way – through the dedication of all of your strength – you are neither engulfed by the dream-realm nor the so-called “awake realm”, but instead keep the middle ground. Besides the energy it demands, this position also makes you an outsider in both realms – which can be experienced as either glorification or being harassed (different sides of the same coin). So who in their sane mind would do such a thing?

Well, fortunately a large group of people have dedicated themselves to this tremendous task. Some of them are known as healers, shamans, psychologists, astrologers and psychics, but most of us simply look like we are caught up in the “consumer-, game show-, treadmill- nightmare” that for some mysterious reason is called ‘life’. And yes, we come in peace and with good tidings … and also to carry and deal with the shadows that the notorious dreamer or the business man is unable to carry or deal with.

We have accepted this task because we know that consciousness is not a static thing. Like any other organism it evolves, and at certain times transforms itself.

When this happens guides are needed, otherwise the result would be either a psychosis or a neurotic state, depending on what center of gravity you are pulled towards.

Many of us have experienced personally what we are about to experience on a collective level: The shedding of an old state of consciousness that no longer serves the life that wants to manifest through it, and the stepping into a new state of consciousness.

In our experience there is a sudden shift of awareness, followed by a period of (1) exalted confusion, (2) integration and (3) re-organization into a balanced expression of the life that wants to manifest.


 Let’s take a look at the four arms in the Grand Cross: Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer and finally the signaling arm: Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries. All planets are in the 14th degree.

Pluto in Capricorn

In a given realm Capricorn provides the structures needed to maintain a certain center of gravity: The habits, traditions and norms that have evolved over time. The energy of the planet Pluto serves as a “push (not pull) force” away from this center of gravity. It rocks the boat to the dismay of those who wish to keep status quo, and as a very welcomed help for those who are looking and working for a new power structure to take over. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the 18th century when the United States was formed, challenging the British Empire and establishing a new center of gravity among the nations.

In the 14th degree of Capricorn we find this Sabian symbol:

An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long-Forgotten Culture 

Where Pluto in Capricorn can be felt as either a tendency to cocoon into a narrow-minded workaholic attitude or the opposite: Retreat back to nature away from the stress filled culture with a ‘fuck the system’-attitude, the Sabian symbol provides an opening for a deeper strength that connects to resources and memories from cultures before our current one, and can give the sufficient stamina to be in what-is and still resonate with what-is-coming.

Mars in Libra

Just as there is no revolution without dancing; there is none without the committed presence and participation of Mars: The planet behind the wheel. In Libra the irresponsible and reactive side of Mars is lessened, and the more mature side is allowed to shine through. It is the experienced and calm driver with a hand on the wheel and one on the stick, listening and co-operating. The bumper sticker says ‘do by being and be in doing’ which means that the waiting behind the wheel is with a poised attitude vibrating and enlivening the atmosphere in the car and when the signal sounds all actions are initiated from a state of unity consciousness.

The Sabian symbol for the 14th degree of Libra is:

In The Heat Of The Noon Hour A Man Takes A Siesta

This brings to light the fact that the masculine presence in our world has literally been sleeping for a very long time – caught up in a dream world of illusions. Due to deep rooted traumas in the collective consciousness, waking up from this dream takes a lot of courage (by allowing yourself to be vulnerable) and a humble attitude. Humble, because the masculine is only in harmony and balanced when listening to and serving the transcendent divine feminine. Just as the feminine is only balanced when listening to and serving the immanent divine masculine. This awakening and new path for the masculine is portrayed in an excellent manner in the movie ‘ As it is in Heaven’ from 2004.

In conjunction with Mars in Libra we find the star Algorab in the constellation Corvus – The Raven. The Raven symbolizes change or transformation, which really is the keynote for the whole cross. The Raven, by using the skills of the Trickster, acts as a messenger between realms.

The feminine dove and the masculine eagle, which has been separated for such a long time, are starting to communicate and are paired due to the intermediary work of the Trickster.

Jupiter in Cancer

 While romance is in the air in the sign of Libra, let’s look at what is stirring in the waters of the sign Cancer: The womb from which babies is born.

Here we find Jupiter, the planet of joy and good luck. It is the part of our consciousness which is in communion with God.

Where Jupiter is the planet in our solar system representing God, Sirius is the star among the fixed stars mostly associated with God. In this time of transformation Sirius is in conjunction with Jupiter at 13 degrees of Cancer.

Why is the star Sirius, this the brightest of the stars in the sky, often referred to as ‘the missing star’?

Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees. The logic seems to be that if something is omnipresent, you might as well ignore it. Or rather, if something is too painful to face it is ignored. When what we fear is our own greatness, a deep look in the mirror can be frightening.

The lens is being fine-tuned as we speak and will be crystal clear on the 22nd and 23rd of April, when there is no more escaping the deep look in the mirror. We are about to test whether the words given a long time ago, that we are indeed gods, has sunken in.

The sabian symbol is:

A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The Northeast

In Hinduism and Buddhism there is a guardian for each of the eight directions. The guardian for northeast is Shiva, and the planet associated is: Jupiter. The very old man is the part of our consciousness in communion with God.

What is being born from the womb of Cancer is the co-creator in each one of us.

Uranus in Aries

The fourth arm of the cross, the initiator and the signifier of the good tidings, is Uranus conjunct Mercury in Aries. The three rulers of Aries are Mars, Mercury and Uranus (on the exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical level respectively).

If you master the energies of Mars, you know how to ‘do by being’ and how to ‘be in doing’, and what you initiate from the sign of Aries will be without karma and will serve the greater good. Using the whirlpool in the cylinder of water as an analogy, your focus is being a space holder and creating the room in which whirlpools of action will manifest, not the habitual reactive and desire-driven path of action.

If you have mastered the energies of Mercury, thoughts do not grab you and carry you around like a feather trapped in a windy alley. Rather you let the thoughts arise when they are needed to serve your higher intention and ideals, and can thereby initiate activities from the plane of mind.

If you have mastered the energies of Uranus, you have healed the aeon old wound inflicted on human consciousness at the time of individuation: The dawn of individual consciousness. Thereby your creative faculties in the higher mind is not occupied with maintaining an illusory story to alleviate the pain from this wound (and avoid facing it), but rather you resonate with – and start to co-create – a story that will heal this wound and bring Heaven to Earth, and create a sacred place where the masculine and the feminine can meet.

The Sabian symbol for the 14th degree of Aries is:

A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman

This serpent or dragon that is coiled up near the man and the woman has the face of the devil when your vehicles are not ready to recognize the treasure that it guards. And knowing the caliber and potency of this treasure, it’d better be so: The treasure is the kundalini energy.

When the masculine have found the place of serene determination and of poised quiescent will, and the feminine is in a state of all-embracing unconditional love, this energy will rise and bestow unspeakable gifts and blessings to the happy couple honoring it: The masculine by serving the transcendent feminine (God transcendent) and the feminine by serving the immanent masculine (God immanent).

The herald of these good tidings is Mercury, the swift messenger of the gods who will meet up with Uranus at 13 degrees Aries, on the evening on Monday the 14th and leave again at noon the next day, leaving him just enough time to wield the Caduceus stick in the short window of opportunity of the eclipsed full moon at 9.45 CEDT on April 15th.

A lunar eclipse is like a short moment of silence in a room filled with people frantically and perpetually repeating the same story, and as we all know you need the swiftness of Mercury to have a say in these circumstances.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun, on Tuesday the 15th is :

A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold

This serves as a promise of the joy that this Grand Cross brings to us.

The symbol for the moon and the earth is:

An Eagle And A Large White Dove Change Into Each Other

Indicating that humanity on a collective level is ready to recognize the treasure that the kundalini serpent is showing us. The masculine (will & mind) is forming a mutual bond and dance with the feminine (love & heart).


To summarize the Grand Cross offers three opportunities and challenges, (1) Recognizing our true identity, (2) Embracing our collective wound and (3) Doing by being and being in doing.

(1) Recognizing our true identity

Balanced expression: Eruptions of joy and laughter in a blissful state of unity consciousness.

Unbalanced expression: Eruptions of insanity

Each time you obey a voice of an external authority figure or norm and disregard your own inner voice, you confirm a belief in a false identity. And false identification does not go hand in hand with rising kundalini energy – to put it mildly. On the other hand, every time you listen to your own inner voice – the voice from your heart and not the head – you confirm your identification with your true being.

An old saying goes

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

What do you identify with? The ROMA-mind concerned with external status and money, or the AMOR-mind concerned with serving the greater good? We can expect the ROMA-mind – connected to our current perception of reality – to play all its cards (whether about wars, natural disasters, ET’s or global panic) in the coming weeks and months, trying to manipulate us out of our own center of authority.

If you find yourself caught up in some thought stream in your head and are spiraling out of control, take a time-out, breathe, rest and maybe do some physical exercise or meditate on your heart center.

(2) Embracing our collective wound

Balanced expression: Tears, heart ache, (almost) unbearable emotions

Unbalanced expression: Shunning away from the feelings that wants to appear by using alcohol or other substances, or doping your brain in other ways (e.g. with mindless repetitive activities)

Beneath our current collective story, there is a layer of fear, which is connected to the traumas our consciousness has suffered a long time ago. The Grand Cross will expose this wound and cause feelings that we have shunned away from, to appear: Besides fear these feelings might be deep grief, anger, hate, compassion, ecstatic joy, etc.. Treat them in an impersonal manner as they are most likely part of the collective psyche (although some long forgotten personal experience might serve as a ‘door opener’ to the feeling). If the feeling seems unbearable know that it will end, and share the message that part of this Grand Cross is about collective healing: The bigger the group tuning into this healing the more bearable it is. Also you can demand that God will commune with you and take part in the healing and help to carry and embrace the emotion.

If you are born from September 1964 to February 1965 or from June 1974 to October 1974, you will be especially tuned into this healing process due to the position of Chiron in your chart. So do not be surprised or be worried about any heart aches in the weeks to come.

(3) Doing by being and being in doing

Balanced expression: Calm eyes, you feel your whole body as you simply vibrate the intention you hold, connected action fueled by a desire to serve a higher cause

Unbalanced expression: Frantic eyes, disconnected (re)actions fueled by desire, fear or anger

Actions in this period may well up from deep inside like a volcano, when you feel this and you are connected to your heart and to your true identity, go with the flow and act. Always have your motives in mind and if they shift to being selfish or otherwise impure, hold your horses (or feel the effect of instant karma).

If your mars is positioned somewhere near the 13th degree in some sign (especially Aries or Capricorn), you should pay special attention to the way you act. Meditate on ‘temperance’ and keep it in mind.

The highest aspect of your being is about to be called forth!

Are you ready? 🙂

Joyful will,

Johan Tino

p.s. If you appreciate this message please consider sharing it with others, thanks.

The full article (pdf):

Link to part 1 (fb-note):

Further information about the Grand Cross:


Artwork by Dan Platt:


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        Berni is what people call me, well most of the time – HA HA HA!!!
        I can see the Light again, thank YOU Dearest of Dearest AnnAXxxxxxX


  5. Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate and commented:
    I resonate completely with this information💜 I have been intensely working with my inner child and this intense process started about 2 months ago. This explains so much for me and I was immediately guided to share this. It is part one and two and is well worth your time to read. Grab some water or tea and take a deep breath.. It’s only just begun🙏


  6. Oh and part 3 is there also…


  7. Thank you so much. You are explaining what I am actually feeling and living. It helps me stay focused. Very important changes are occurring in my life this month. Things I have been waiting for for so long. New doors are openings. I see things I couldn’t see before. I face things that frightened me for so long. I breathe, I cry often. I try to stay true to myself. I love your message. It gives strenght. You have no idea. I was born on sept 1974 and I live in Paris.
    Love and light my brother



  8. another brilliant post, Anna…
    all the ‘signs’…by…de-sign….lol
    thank you so much for all of…love

    Harmony Is ALL
    Beauty Knows No Distance
    Cosmos Galaxy
    Realms Of LOVE

    ..beings of light unite in love, love, Ed


  9. Hi Berni,

    Thanx for sharing your insight’s not matter how we spin the wheel we know something is afoot, everybody has their own journey and there is no puzzle to solve. Love is the answer to all questions.

    I can so relate to the dream world merging with the outer world I’m dreaming almost every night and getting clear and blurry messages.

    Inlakesh from Sweden



  10. I was born Easter Sunday April 15 1979. I know and have always known what is, what was and what will be. I write. Have done so since age 15.
    Upon thy breast,
    My words of love within thy reach,
    Take beyond so I will seek.
    Laying in depths of height I teach.
    You raise your heart.
    Thy name and preach.
    Through perishing times,
    Through harrowing fields,
    Save yourself,
    Your child,
    Your health.
    For you shall seek,
    Undying love.
    And lie quietly upon thy breast.

    By Emma Jane Earth angel XXX



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