Saving ANPU – What goes on beyond the veil – 4513

My dearest fellow Light workers. Today I
would like to share some exciting news with all of you and shed light on what
is happening beyond the veil. Our brothers and sisters of GFL and other light
workers are working hard to bring peace and harmony to planet Earth.
There is a lot that goes on beyond earth
and beyond your physical experiences here right now. Yesterday I was part of an
incredible mission. A mission to save one of the most important beings that has
been locked up in an Inter Galactic Jail, where he was drugged and abused and
held prisoner by the dark side. He is one of the few who can open up the gates
between different dimensions and achieve massive transition of beings from one
dimension (present earth) to the next (5D earth and beyond). He is the one that
held the keys to raising the veil even higher.
As explained to me by Kryon “He is an Inter
dimensional being that presides over the control room over the mission control
center that will allow the transmission of and the transfer of your world to
the next.. and open up the dimensional passageways for those that need to wake
up to wake up an en mass, he is going g to assist your brothers and sisters
stationed around earth, he is going to come to earth and go into the chambers
and assist us in opening up the gates even further so”.
This mission was a long mission and I am
going to share it here with you, only because you are wondering what goes on
behind the scenes and some of you are experiencing similar events and are not
realizing how important what you are experiencing is. And that once again, it’s
all real and is happening. So if you are experiencing this. Please share your
stories with us, please make all of us stronger by shedding light on what you
do. Give others hope and empower us all.  Although to some of you it will read like a good sci fi story.. it’s all real… anyway.. Thank you and enjoy…..
After the realization that Anpu had to be saved I sat down into my meditative state, and immediately was pulled out of
my body, however I maintained a link to it throughout the whole experience and
actually felt in my physical body everything that I felt in my ethereal .
next thing I felt was the sand under my feet and saw a temple of Ra and huge
statues standing there. In the middle of the room there was a sarcophagus of Anpu.

As soon as the lid was lifted strange looking ancient people began to leap out and jump out and run out… a lot of them.. pushing past them I saw that  inside the sarcophagus, there is a staircase leading down.. .I started walking
down it, and as I went down I began to change into my shape and size as I was,
as I am as Inanna.
Walking into the court yard.. a big courtyard.. I’ve been there numerous times
before.. there I saw a lot of half man half animal beings standing around.. a
lot of them.. I fiercely started to float a bit over them.. and as they saw me

began to quickly leap to the floor in fear of seeing me… I stopped in the
middle where there was a sarcophagus with Anpu.. he was dead.. how? I don’t know..
but I saw his body laying there and they were mummifying his body… At first I
had no idea what to do.. but then I just knew… I demanded that they stop… and give
me his ANKH and his HEART…

I began to speak the same language again,
the language of the light, the language of Andromeda, the language of the dead
and alive.. commanding them to stay put and not to do
anything and let me leave.. as I leave they are to remain in their position and
not follow me, for much destruction would be brought upon them.

I took his heart & ANKH and started to
float up and up and up and up to a mountain of some sort… finally I was on a
mountaintop with a volcano and there was lava just beneath my feet.. I stood
there contemplating what I needed to do next… for some reason I thought that
maybe I needed to throw the heart into the lava for him to re-appear.. but then
I realized that won’t do much of anything, and I am probably just there waiting
for someone. As soon as I thought about it  2 beings with wings appeared.. They
took me by the arms as I held the ANHK and Heart close to my chest and as they proceeded to guard me we
flew somewhere else…
Realizing that they are taking me to
a ship of some sort.. a big intergalactic ship.. somehow my clothes began
to change into a military type uniform. That is when I saw a huge intergalactic space station,
it was humongous, like a whole city, with a lot of little air crafts spinning
out of it and back into it. A lot of activity happening there.
A man greeted me and I was very happy to
see him, a young man. I recognized him instantly (though I have no idea
consciously who it was) and he led me to a small air craft. He put me onto this
craft and told me that it will take me to the prison guards and from there I will
need to teleport myself to the jail cell where Anpu is being held.
Finding myself in a small airplane like ship and zooming really
fast through space, I saw stars and a lot of other things.. and then I finally
saw a lot of military ships.. they were flying all around the “big jail” and I
had to leave my ship there for some reason in a safe spot, find a teleportation booth making myself invisible at the time and then teleport myself from there. This is what I saw as I approached to this
Jail headquarters in my space craft.. I had to leave it there and from there
teleport myself to Anpu’s jail cell.

though I had to activate the shield of invisibility which I did and finally
found the teleportation booth… activating it I found myself being teleported through
space up to the jail cell where Anubis was held.

found him laying in a state of oblivion not knowing what is happening to him. It
is then that I began to cry, tears just poured down my cheeks and I felt it in
my physical body, and tell him that it’s okay.

I activated the ANKH and placed it on top of his head between his
eyes and on his nose.. I began to chant some sort of song/words.. I placed the heart I took from his body in ancient Egypt (which I then realized was in
the underworld in the past.. so I first went back in time into another
dimension to get this heart) I placed his heart on top of this chubby human
body.. on top of his chest as he lay there lifeless and then.. Miracles began
to happen.
He began to wake up!!! But not with his
physical body. The heart began to vibrate and a new body began to form before
my eyes… from the heart that I have brought with me.. he had somehow activated
it.. and created a new or rather old body of his.. half man half animal.. which
kept switching back and force from fully human to half dog/ half man.. sort of
like the picture you see here.  Only it wasn’t a mask on top of his head but a head of a dog instead. But it kept
switching back and force very quickly until he stayed in a human form.
His body the chubby one lay dormant there..
as if nothing happened. And the newly formed him looked at me in bewilderment.
He was so elated to see me. He said he doesn’t know what happened and why he is
here, but he is so happy that I’m finally there and am going to get him out of
I then took him into my arms the dog/human
him but now he was with a human face.. His old body was left behind and I began to
teleport him.. but I could not place a shield of invisibility around us b/c
then the shield of teleportation would not work. Finally we got to the big jail
house where we got on the little space craft I came in with. and as we were
leaving I saw that they saw us and began to follow us.. They did not know that
he was with me.. they just saw me as an intruder. And the chase began. Zooming
through the stars and boulders and flying rocks and debris I had to maneuver
the ship around so that they would not hit us.
Finally I managed to activate the invisibility shield .. but it was a bit too late and they did manage to
hit the space craft.. I had to then quickly find a way to land somewhere..
which I did.. I’m not sure what planet this was.. or maybe it was a different
dimension, but we ended up on the ground.. Thankfully alive and well… the space
craft exploded just as we managed to escape it.
We were on the ground and had to get to
another teleportation beam from the ship this time. We had to get there somehow
when I saw a bike. I don’t know why I couldn’t just activate the beam myself,
but for some reason it did not work doing so on the ground. Somehow we ended up
on some motorcycle and drove fast through some crop fields and such to a beam.
There it was a beautiful blue beam that
finally lifted it us up to the main ship. There I saw Kryon and the rest of the
GFL… they greeted us with such happiness and excitement. There was a lot of
“people” there and they quickly took Anpu and led him somewhere.
I stayed with Kryon and asked him, what
will happen next? And he said that now Anpu will begin to assist humans in
opening up the gates to various dimensions and such. And so the mission was complete 🙂

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