Kryon – Drones in the Sky – When they will Land – What they look like – Light workers

A message from Kryon on Drones (It was announced that there are drones in the USA that are capable of taking out any US citizen without question, should they appear to be a terrorists threat to the gov’t, in the news yesterday, and so I decided to ask about it, if it’s true and if it poses any danger to the light workers). Kryon also talks about when they are going to Land, what the Galactic Federation of Light, members look like, holographic effects, and more 🙂 Enjoy!
It is I Kryon, at your
service as always, sending you lots of love and devotion, for I am you and you
are me, and together we shall be for always, and eternity… and your question is about
the drones, sadly child, sadly it is indeed true that there are drones that are
flying around your skies, but they have always been there and that is nothing
new or anything to be afraid of, as we have stated to you previously the dark
side is still trying their best to keep control of the earth and hence they are
feeding all these stories to your media, but you are not to worry and you are
not to pay attention for as you have seen, as you are seeing now many a world leader
are indeed being removed from power and being brought before the council and
so, there is no need to be afraid child, for we are with you always. The operative,
the galactic federation of light is working diligently on removing the last of the
dark energies from your earth plane, and so you will see in the media many more
such stories, of attacks, you will see much more of the anger stories, of the
fearful stories that are going to be delivered to you r media in order to keep
the fear and anger of the population at an exponential frequency of fear, as
much and as long as possible.
And no to answer your question what you see in the sky are
not the drones you are asking about but light ships, indeed dear child, for yes
we are there and we are watching over you, and you are asking why we do not
land, but we do dear child, we land and we walk amongst you, your brothers and
sisters , the Sirian and the Pleiades and other galaxies are landing and they
are starting to walk your streets looking for those that no longer belong on
the earth fields and taking them into the council.
Sure the media is
going to lead you to believe otherwise, but do hear us, and do heed our words
, for panic is precisely what they are trying to achieve you to become, and to
throw you out of the game.
So going back to your question, when precisely are we going
to announce that we are here, well unfortunately dear child as it still stands most
of humanity is not yet ready to receive us, to see us the way that we are, and
you are asking us why should we care how we are going to be perceived, it is
not that we care how the humans will perceive us, it is that we are not allowed
to introduce ourselves to the humanity when they are not ready and in such a
way as to destroy it with the high vibration that we have, the vibration that
you are simply NOT ready for,  for it will
destroy the vehicle that you call the human body and cause unnecessary fear and
even more panic and instead of turning the situation into the one of light and peace
we will create even more chaos even more destruction and that is something that
we wish to avoid at all costs.
But do hear me and do understand that those that need to be
taken care of, are being met with our crew from the  sky and we are working with your human governments
with the ones that are cooperating with us as we speak, and we are assisting
humanity already on the ground and so, there is also the ground crew amongst
you and you are influencing the events without realizing that you are doing so,
simply because we are trying to keep you still under cover, for you are in a
delicate position and we do not wish to expose you to the dark entities as well
as your world leaders, for should they know who you are, for should they know where
you are, for should they know what you are capable of , they will do everything
in their power to destroy you… and so we do not wish to name names of the ones on
the ground who are mighty important to this operation, and so we ask you ALL
LIGHT WORKERS to remain calm at all costs. The current task of light workers is
to influence the world with your LOVE ENERGY raise the vibration, for your job
is to remain in peace and harmony and love and light and send the love and send
the positive vibrations to your Mother Earth!
You are to  stay alert
and you are to stay on course of the peaceful movement within yourselves and within
your environment, for you are sending the vibes into the earth and she is
responding to your vibrations, and if you send out the vibrations of lack, if
you send out the vibration for fear and anger she will respond to you in the
same manner, but even more for she  will influence
the rest of humanity so in essence even if you are sitting at home and you believe
you are not doing anything useful to help the humanity and you believe that you
are wasting your time, instead of being out there and doing something, do not
worry for the work of the light workers at present moment is specifically to
spread the light, and should you be called on to stand up and do more than what
we are presently offering you to do, then you will be contacted, you will be
visited and there will not be any games that will be played, you will be approached
and offered a different position in the world, as it is now, and you are going
to then make a decision whether it is something that you wish to pursue.  Once again we know all of you, we know who
you are, we know where you are, and we know exactly when you will be ready to
move forward in your mission, and so having said that I repeat that you are to
stay at your positions and just be, listen closely, listen carefully for our
communications, for we are communicating with you daily all you need to do is
You are also asking us why should we not create , or send a
message in visual formations down to your earth species, and to answer that question
we are going to say that we have already done so many times over, and the
message in the visual formations that you deem as the video and entertainment
thereof, has not been met with a truth abiding factors, but instead were ridiculed
and met with skepticism and hence there
is no other option then for us to land and tell you face to face who we are
where we have come from and why we are here.. and believe us dear children of
the light, we will do so very soon, and by soon, we mean now and by now we mean
soon, for as you know the time rotates differently in your mind’s eye, and
should you change over to our vibrations you will see us that much faster. And
also, we are sending you many visuals of our existence we are sending you many
signs that we are here, we are sending them through you channels, of communications,
we are sending them to you through your earth, what you call crop marks (crop
circles), we are sending them to you in the forms of lights and light clouds
and colors and shapes and sounds, all you have to do is listen and look and you
shall see..
The only things we are not doing is walking up to each and
every one of you on the street in our original form! Simply because you are NOT
ready to see us, for we do not and I repeat DO NOT look exactly like you … for
we are far advanced, we are in a different frequency.. what do we look like…
well child… we look like you would look like, only on other planets, many of us
are a mix between what you would call a human and an animal, many of us look
like light, many of us look like anything you wouldn’t perceive to be a living
being. Many of us are simply Intelligence, living consciousness… it is quite difficult
to describe ourselves to you… some of us do look like you, but still not quite
the same, there are slight difference in the facial texture, in the facial makeup..
Some of us have three eyes, yes it is true! Some of us have horns, others do
not, and others’ have tails. Others do not.. We are mix we are a fun bunch, and
we are looking forward to meeting all of you, and believe us you look strange
to us to.. however, we do need to say that the original creators of your species,
the original creators of your species do look like you more so than others, and
so they are the ones that are coming mostly to you, and you are seeing them in your
form, but most of us are from all over the galaxies and the universes who have come
into this existence, to assist you in the present lifetime.
And most importantly
it is not about what we look like or do not look like, it is about our vibration
which is much much higher than yours and so it is not advisable for us to meet
face to face at the present moment,  those
that have strengthened their vibration , those are the ones that already see
us.. And yes of course we adopt to your shape if it is necessary to do so.. but
by not by changing into your shape, we simply use a holographic effect where
you see what you are comfortable with, but we are still in our original form…
but that is not an efficient way to go about meeting and not truthful at all,
but very soon, things will begin to change for your vibrations are rising
daily. And so we are going to meet quite soon.

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