Dear children of the light, we know that most of you have
been experiencing an influx of energies today. We come to you now to tell you
that the balance has indeed been restored! The gates have been opened, in the Jerusalem…
yes indeed the gates have been opened, but none are aware of it just yet, the
pyramids are about to activate and hence you are feeling the immense energies flowing
through to you, this is a most magnificent time, it is the time for
A time of celebration indeed. It has been opened on our end
of the spectrum, and those sensitive enough are feeling the influx of energies,
those who are not of light, those who are not vibrating at their highest frequencies
are getting sick, they are getting confused, they are rebelling within themselves
and are seeking confirmation of what is to come, but they are seeking in the wrong
place, for the place that they should seek consolation is within their hearts.
We are rejoicing, and we are with you right now. We are
rejoicing for the balance has indeed been restored to its rightful place. We
are watching you and the chaos, the chaos of the human mind, is about to
unfold, we ask that all of you prepare to open your hearts to the new frequencies
that are strongly coming into the earth field and your hearts at this time.
The revolution of light has officially begun, and the earth
is being flooded with beautiful energies, magnificently so, as she joins in
with her twin self, and becomes another being altogether. She is but a
beautiful being and we are here to assist her as she evolves and moves into another
Yes indeed it is true, that the gates have been opened, and
they are indeed the gates of the east Jerusalem and the pyramids of Giza, the
temple f RA has seen much movement today, and we rejoice and welcome you to the
new earth once again.
The new earth has arrived dear ones, the new beginning is
upon you, and so we rejoice and we sing a beautiful song of light and love. We
are rejoicing, for you are about to embark on a new beginning in your evolution,
and we are sending you sending you beautiful song of light and love, you are
feeling love and you are excited , those that are sensitive enough of you to
feel the love that is flowing from within and form the outside of the earth.
 There are those that
are not enlightened, and hence many of them will suffer illnesses, many of them
will suffer distress, and it is your job at this moment to join in together in
a powerful meditation. We  ask each one
of you to stand with your feet to the ground, and imagine that you are indeed
being reborn, that you are indeed being grounded into the mother earth and to
the heavens above you, and when you do so, imagine that the energies from the
earths inner layer, the core layers, the fire energy and earth energy are mixed
together and moving up your body to your heart chakra, and from the heaven you
are being connected to the source of all that is, and that a beam of a
magnificent rainbow colored light vibrates through your body, through your
crown chakra and into your heart, there you will see the two energies swirling together
into one beautiful sphere of light and love, and it is from there that we ask
you to send this energy out into the world to heal it. And to herald in the NEW
GAIA. We love you and we are with you. Goodbye for now.


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  1. Wonderful information. I am excited and rejoicing with you all as well. Thank you for your time and patience in sending us these messages. ~NAMASTE~


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  3. From the end of december 2013 I was so confused, lost, fighting with everyone, at the begginig of august 2014 I get my way and now I am being the Pillar of Light. I never feel like now I’m feeling. Doing my Yoga I never feel like I’m feeling the last weeks, it´s wonderfull!!


  4. Thank u ❤


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