Galactic Federation of Light message – War over Russia, etc., etc., 21713

Dear brothers and sisters of the light we come to you today
in order to bring a message of peace and tranquility. All of you have watched
as the war unfolded in the sky above your homes, in all parts of the world. We
are here to assure you that it is not to be feared, you are not to fear and you
are not to panic for it is the time and it is the place for you to remain calm,
and at peace knowing very well that time for you to shine has come.
We are of course working on removing the entities from your world
that do not and no longer belong there. Know this that there are 1000,000 ships
stationed in your earth fields as we speak. Yes indeed 100,000 ships are stationed
around your world around your earth and we are hereby referring to the ships in
your skies, for there are thousands of lightworkers, and yes indeed it is so.
There are many of you who are lightworkers and are guarded
by us dearly so, but only a handful of those that are in the key positions on
your planet who are influencing it in miraculous and most significant ways, and
they are protected indeed, there are numerous ships stationed around their houses,
there are numerous beings that are stations in their homes, whom they may not
be aware of whom they may not see, for some of the key players are protected from
seeing these beings that are there with them in order to allow the veil of
protection to remain until the moment that it is safe for them to see
And so we bring this message onto you today not to fear dare
ones, for we need you to stay strong, we need you to stay strong in your convictions
dear lightwokers, and we need you to go forth and spread the message of love
and light, with your hearts, for if you are aware if you are truly aware of everything
that is happening in the universe then you will know that your heart is influencing
a tremendous number of people who have not yet moved into the light. And so we say
this onto you, that where you are, wherever you go you, must activate your
heart chakra, hear your heart beat faster, and you will know that your love frequency
has been activated and spread like an infectious virus, which is taking over
other hearts in the message of love and unity and freedom and unity and love an
We are stationed in your skies and we bring you a message of
peace, and yes indeed you have seen a war unfold right before your very eyes,
but you do not need to worry, for we are in control, and we  are doing everything we can to protect you in
order to allow this to unfold as it is should. Please also know that we are
speeding things up, we are accelerating the events, and one by one you will see
changes happening very quickly. Please understand that with the removal of your
leaders, with the removal of the pope entity, as you have seen the chaos and panic
has spread  through the organizations of
the religious beliefs that were brought down to earth to control the people,
and to control the humanity.
And it is now your duty, your destiny to keep the heart beating
, to keep spreading the love to those in panic.  And if they shall come to you in panic you are
to tell them that there is nothing to worry about for GOID the ETERNAL FLAME OF
LOVE, the eternal fame of love and consciousness is with them, as we speak, GOD
has not forsaken them, GOD has not brought down the destruction of their beliefs
to make it harder for them, but in fact to lead them to the light to lead them
to victory to lead them to freedom and to understand and realize that GOD is within
each and every one of them.  God is within
you for you are GOD and GOD is you , and you are one, one and connected and so we
are all in one intricate web of existence, and love and joy and happiness!
And even if, the situation that you are going to be
presented with soon, looks dire, know that it is NOT what it seems to be! It is
but a push to move forward in your evolution, for the time has come to be in
peace, the time has come to spread your wings and fly, the time has come to
understand that you are connected, that all of you are connected, and there is
no need for violence, there is no need for hate and crime, there is no need for
control, for when you let go… when you let go… then it is then, that you become
in control of everything around you, for then your soul your true desires are
shining upon the live that you are expected o live… and that life… is full of
joy, joy love,  love and happiness. And
we are here to assist you in moving forward and experiencing the world that you
all have desired to create.
For in the beginning and we are going to take you back in time;
for in the beginning it was so, that
there was no earth, yes indeed it is true, there was no earth!!!! But we all of
us have come together into one union and have created, yes indeed you are
hearing this correctly, have created this earth together and no it was not done
by GOD only, it was done by each and every single one of you, and it still
continues to be so until this day!
As you understand what all of you have created in the
beginning was not the earth that you are currently seeing and so those that
have stayed in the human form, have fallen victim to a virus which brought them
into the WHEEL OF KARMA. It was then after thousands of years of pain and
suffering that humanity has appealed to GOD over and over again with prayers,
with longing and cries for help.
And that is why light beings from all over the universe have
come to the earth’s plane at this time to liberate humanity from the wheel of
karmic existence. Karmic existence of violence, hate, crime, slavery that has
been brought down to you from another dimension that humanity did not sign up
to be a part of but fell victim to because of the dark entities that entered into
this field! Since there is free will every human being is allowed to choose
which side road they will travel, sadly many have chosen the darkness and hence
created the inevitable wheel of karma whereby they have to return to darkness
over and over again and were unable to break out of this wheel for they believe
that to be impossible! And hence many of you who are here now on the ground have
come to assist in liberation of the earth from the dark.
And we will repeat this again and again, that because there
is free will on Earth, even so that it is in darkness no one was allowed to and
still not allowed to interfere in the development of the earths species unless
there was detected a catastrophic event that may have unfolded of magnificent
proportions for should this have been left as is, the doings of the earthlings
would have reverberated through the entire universe and destroyed many other
Know that many of you who are reading this message are NOT
of the earth.  You have come here at this
time to spread love, and light, to truly shine your true identities and the
time has come for you to remove the masks, and show the world that you mean
business and by business wee mean LOVE, SINCERELY, PURE HEART, HAPPINESS,
ASSISTANCE, COMPASSION. For that is how the universe operates, that you want to
be a part of. There is no room for hatred where you come from and where you are
Know that although the road ahead is not an easy one, and
all of you have roles to fulfill that you have agreed to, contracts so to speak
that you have signed in order to facilitate the necessary changes, know that you
are protected indeed and that you are indeed loved, that you are indeed moving
in the right direction, and it is so. We are here to assist you, all of you in
moving forward into the light and into the world that you originally have created
before the violence has set in, before the hatred has set in, before greed has
set in, that have been brought to this earth from another dimension by beings
that operate at a different frequency of understanding of life.
But know this that you are moving to a new earth a new
vitality and life force. And to get here… to get here we ask you to remain
calm, and calm those around you, for the vibrations of fear and panic.. will reverberate
throughout the earth and will reverberate thought the universe and will cause
more dark entities to float here, yes that is how it will works. In staying in
the fear, anger and hatred you will attract more darkness that we are then
going to need to clear, (smiling), yes we are smiling right now, we are looking
at all of you and we are smiling for we know that you are strong enough to move
past this, and bring all those souls who are ready to come with you, for yes
indeed we are there to help you we are here to build with you a new earth, and
a new earth of opportunities and peace, and not greed and anger, but of love
and completeness.
We are here to help you build a new earth, where you will be
able to exercise your creative powers, where you will be able to create what
you wish, but only in love and in light, for that is the rule of the new game
that you are indeed creating as we speak. We are here with you, we are your brothers
and sisters, we are the Galactic Federation of Light, we are the Galactic
loving family that we want you to be a part of, and that you already are J . We once again
welcome you to the new earth… get ready for a bumpy ride!!! But in the end!!! We
shall see and bring the light together J
we love you, we love you goodbye for now, stay in the LIGHT!  


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  1. Gratitude, Love and Blessings. Thank you Loving Galactic Family. ~NAMASTE~




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