Greetings to you from the Galactic Federation of Light! We are stationed around the earth field right now, and we
are in fact speaking with your governments at the present moment, as you are
being shown in the news more and more lately there is more and more violence, the
earthlings of the governments around the world are trying to keep control of this
earth so that they may continue to hold humanity in darkness, but it is to no avail
for we are already here, both in the original form as well as the humanoid
form, that we come to you and we integrate ourselves in your world, there is no
need for fear or panic, for you all know who you are and you all know who we
are, as we have been communicating with you through various channels stationed around
your globe so the message is clear, and you are all already familiar with it,
but we must reiterate it, for it is very important, the earth government is not
going to be in control for too long, and yes indeed we are currently in communications
with the government of your countries, many are not  desiring to cooperate with us, we are trying
to lead them to an understanding that the change that we are offering them to
make, is good for the earth.

Since you are in a free will zone, we cannot use
force and do anything to these people, and we do not wish to do so, for we
bring the message of love with us, there is no violence, violence will not
solve anything  as you have already
karmically experienced on this planet for eons, for generations, and it will
only turn into a wheel of karma, that will spin out of control and burst into
the galaxy and like a virus consume all and everything inside and around it,
therefore we come in peace, we come in love and we are here to show you the
way, there is so much that we wish to share with the humanity there are so many
new technologies, and so many new understandings of who you truly are, but we
are going to speak to you on purely physical level right now since you are connected
to the federation of light and we are all in a physical form, we communicate with
you through telepathy through your antennas that are available to everyone to pick
up our messages,
and hence we are not going to talk about the spiritual essence
of what is to come, but only purely the physical.

So to answer your question
yes the ships have landed,
and we are walking among you now, we are in a
humanoid form, but many are not, we are not ready to reveal the identity of
ourselves for we are still in direct communication with your world governments,
what we mentioned previously we cannot come and destroy those that are not
understanding the power of love and unity and peace, for that is not our way
and we are not going to advocate that you do the same, violence will not solve
anything it will only brainwash and stop you from exploring the true identities
of each and everyone of you, so we are here to usher in the new world, and we
are merely asking the ones that have free will step aside from your tv screens,
step aside from anyone who is preaching violence for that is not the way to go
about solving this issue, even you the lightworkers the wayshowers, you are also
being influenced by the violence of the human karma, and we ask you now to
relinquish it into the light and we are asking you to stop this thought process
that someone needs to be overthrown, someone needs to be destroyed, that is not
how we are operating on your fields, what we do is we simply explain calmly
that there is no way that this can go on to continue, and we are opening up the
vortexes of these human beings that are currently in power, we are sending them
the frequency of love and if they cannot or are not ready to handle this frequency
then they will leave this earth plane, or withdraw from the position of power
and still stay on earth as observers, but no one is going to be destroyed by
us, because there i s no need to do so.  it is a fast and yes slow process and the
world is changing rapidly, what you all must do is think constantly of love and
love frequency to help us surround these humans that have been lost in the
wheel of karma and send them the frequency that has to change their ways, to
help them evolve and move away from the karmic wheel that they are stuck in.

Once that occurs all of you are who are here to bring peace
and unity into to the world will rise, everyone is a co creator and yes of course
you will have the commanders, you will have those that are responsible for one
aspect of living, and another, but we are all going to come together into a one
filed and yes as strange as it may sound you will have an opportunity to really
cast your “vote” as you say…  and it will
be counted, but do not wait for an overnight change as you understand that there
are those that are not ready for all of this and hence we have sent you, YOU
those that are here to work with the humans that are not ready to ascend or
move to anew world, there is no new world order as you say, there is only one
new unified world, where everyone is accounted forma and where everyone gets a
chance to create and express their identity and where everyone’s needs are met,
because when you create for the good of others you are automatically blessed with
everything that you might need in this world for yourself.
We leave you with
this message now, that in the next few years you will see us walking among you, but it is a gradual process and most of you are not yet ready to see us in
our natural state of being, for your mind is still closed off to the possibilities
of what life looks like and we are not like you we do not look like you, we look
different than you, some of us do look like you indeed of course and we all
come from different planets and galaxies and existences and dimensions, but
your mind must open up to our presence that you can see us for who we are and
so that we do not need to put on a mask to accommodate your visions of what intelligent
life is really supposed to look like. We leave you with love, peace and
harmony, know that we are in your earths fields on ships, and on the ground
walking among you both in human form and otherwise, when we say otherwise you
will understand some of you what we mean by that… as we said we are all
different and yet so the same. We leave you for now, and wish you to open up
your channels of communication so that we can continue to communicate throughout
the days leading up to our meetings in a physical world face to face. We love
you! Goodbye for now.

Copyright ©  by Anna Merkaba. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.  https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/ and http://sacredascension.blogspot.com/


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  1. Thank you for this beautiful message. Sending deep Gratitude, Love and Blessings to you and all of my loving family from the Galactic Federation of Light. I am awaken and connected to my “I AM Presence” I know We are not alone in the universe and always knew this from a child. These times are so exciting to me. I watch the ships in the skies every night from the Ashtar Command and the other ships which is constantly moving with the flashing lights. I also see the ones that are not moving which look like stars and they are not. I am always waving and blowing kisses. I am LOVE and LIGHT. Welcome my beautiful family. It is such a pleasure to have you among us, surrounding our planets and in the skies. If you can tap me on the shoulder one day in passing I will know who you are. I would love that. I love you my Galactic Family be Blessed.
    Love and Light!


  2. heloo annamerkaba i love this site and i love all light workers 🙂


  3. heloo annamerkaba i love this site and i love all light workers 🙂


  4. I am confused!?? There is: Galactic Federation and Galactic Federation of Light. What is the difference?


  5. Hi, you will not believe this. I’ve just been guided to type “galactic messages here we are”. Last few days I passed an amazing change, let’s say in my approach. Coming to the conclusion that mind = as much as aura, in this sense that it is the radiation, reflection of a Higher Expression done by Radiation.
    What I thought together last days, is precisely what is mentioned in this message…apart from the idea of extra-terrestials…In One name God…Galactic order.
    Even so, few moments ago I got the message, do not try to express wisdom with your words, but almost verbalise the mechanics of transformation. (cf.infra)

    I wrote to Gregg Braden (changing your DNA…driven by a message of God. Do not touch My DNA in yourself…Rather remember “Original Love by Creation…as a bootstrap for the Spirit to link up with Galactic order. (even as the bootstrap in de RNA for the ribosom the start codon. Leave the DNA in peace…it knows what to do…just trust it. In it’s perfect creation. Merely relax…let it become your non physical Spine.

    I also wrote those of visualize daily…with their idea of a breakthrough…indeed to send peace to crack “their” chaine…Which in fact is violence with love.
    Indeed, our leaders are already split of, their chain is already broken off of the PeaceTime Chain…we rather have to envite them back in…to repair the chaine.

    I have to leave a message here, as if “I” am being asked to do so;
    Please turn the icon of the heart symbol upside down. Pointing upwards.
    What happened here on earth is that indeed everyone is using the force of The Power only.Apart from Love, Kindness and Understanding.
    Not only your leaders, but “you” which I should express and refer to as “You”…are also ALSO in your micro life as they are on macro level.
    Please turn the heart icon pointing upwards…sending the force back into the Power…and thus receive the Completed Radiance of Power.

    After this…I don’t really see you brother but i can feel you around.
    Maybe time has come to have a closer encounter. Feel invited.

    Intuitive Healer.

    I highly appreciate the idea of TWIN FLAME.


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