Money Changes – Galactic Federation

A message from Galactic Federation of Light, Council and our
ET friends…(Channeled by Anna Merkaba 2/1/13)

Major events are about to unfold and engulf the humanity in
the news that it has indeed been waiting for to receive…. There is a
negotiation of outer importance that is taking place right now as we speak and
that is why we have just shown you the newscasters in your visions clearly…
this is going to effect a lot of the ones that you know… and it will effect the
internet greatly… for you are nearing another era,  a new era of evolutionary trajectory that is
going to explode the informational systems like fire and it will travel quite
fast and no one will be able to contain this truth and knowledge.
They are already aware that these events are taking place
indeed and in the coming days in the coming hours there are going to be major changes
announced on the news, major changes that have to do with the infrastructure of
your monetary systems… yes you are hearing this message quite clearly and do
not be surprised that its coming to you at this time for the monetary systems
that you are used to that your planet is used to is about to change.. and take
an new form and that is what the news casters are about to announce on the news
and it will affect indeed effect millions of people throughout the world, it
will be wave of excitement and fear, a wave of fear and excitement is going to engulf
the world…
Yes indeed monetary financial as well as the way the way the
news is broadcast, for everything is changing at a rapid speed… and we are
speaking in Earths Time Terms on earth right now, for major financial changes
are going to affect not only the United States of America, but the whole world…
so we ask that you be prepared, we ask that you are not shocked at the news
that is about to unfold and that you spread this message far and wide so that the
necessary preparations can take place, do not doubt what you are hearing for
you are being forewarned of the affect that it will have on your financial
situation.. no it is not going to be bad necessarily as you perceive it to be,
and this change will occur in three months time your time frame (Since it’s
always hard to tell the time because the earth time is different from how it is
in the universe, I would not expect it to actually happen in the next three
months but within this time frame 3 – 6 months maybe a year at most)… your
monetary organizations.. will undergo a tremendous change… and we are warning
you and preparing you..
This change is not good for the world leaders of various
nations and that is true, but you are entering a new era.. a new era where
there will be one monetary system in place.. and it is done in a way to help  free a lot of the ones that are in labor right
now, the ones that are in slavery currently, for once that occurs the world…
will be moving into a new era of a new understanding of life and abundance, so
therefore we bring you this message not to scare you , but we bring it to you
as a means for you understand that these changes are going to happen quite
soon.. and to make necessary arrangements…
This message is from the Galactic Federation of light, The
Council as well as the your dear brothers and sisters who are indeed stationed
above the earth at this time.. to allow for the necessary changes to take place…
yes indeed we are absolutely sure that these changes will be taking place and
that your banking systems and your monetary systems are going to be changing,
as well as the way that the internet and the news is broadcast.. For there will
be a new way of communication.. and it is coming shortly to you… the information
systems change will not take place soon, but the monetary system change will .
It is therefore advisable for you to make the necessary arrangements
at this time so that this news does not need take you by surprise… it is roughly
about the three months period on your planet, as the lunar cycle will turn… for
it is time indeed and it is going to occur quite shortly….
I then asked who will be in control of the money and was
Control will not be given to one country… no it is not going
to be America… it is going to be another country… a country where all the world
leaders are going to be a part of… it is called..Earth dear child… Earth.. so
we leave you with this message for now… be prepared….. we love you … goodbye
for now…. 

Copyright ©  by Anna Merkaba. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. and


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