Summary: Yesterday 2/6/13 was the first day of the new earth! Earth has changed her trajectory and is now merging with her twin flames. World Governments are going to be changed one by one, and a lot of them have already changed. Banking systems will collapse and transform into a better model with a good outcome for ALL involved. Health Care systems will change. Fashion will change. New Technologies will be introduced. Sports are going to change. Internet and the way we receive information will change. Transportation and Travel industries will change. Important Message for Lightworkers and what awaits us. And much much more.
Yesterday was the first day of the new Solar Year, and surprisingly to me I was pulled into a conference being held by the Galactic Federation of Light and the Council. I basically tuned into the conference and here is a transcript of what was happening. Since I’m a channeler, when I channel I don’t just hear things, I also see, smell, touch, feel emotions, etc., therefore it’s quite difficult at times to carry over the whole picture in just words, but I will try to add the pictures here to help you understand it better. Enjoy! 

Greetings dear ones, we welcome you to new earth and this

broadcast is being sent to all channels around the world, for a new world has indeed
been initiated. Today (2/6/13) marks the first day of the new earth and we welcome you
graciously to a seat of power. You are now part of the galactic federation of
light, and we welcome all of you to join in.
 Those light workers that are
presently occupying a human body, and are presently working on the earth as
earth crew are welcome to join into the discussion that we are going to present
to you today.

This is not the actual representation of the earths trajectory

change, this is just to give you an idea of what is being discussed

It appears that the earth has indeed changed her trajectory and
is now entering a new era (what this means (and please do not look for this news in the scientific community for it will take time for them to catch up) is that the TIME as we know it is going to change. You are probably already noticing the difference in how time feels, days fly by, there are moments that you look at the clock and you can’t understand where 20 minutes went by, etc., etc.,) 
but there is lot of work to be done, and a lot of
that work has to do with the changing of the governments all around the world.
As we have been sending the messages to you previously, that yes indeed it is
true that the earth governments are indeed changing, but the changes are not
rapid in some countries, those countries with higher vibrations and we are
going to name just a few of these countries, and they are the Russian federation,
they are the countries of the Middle East, the countries of the European union
and specifically Germany at this present time, have changed a governmental
units to those that are aligning with our understanding of time, money, peace
and abundance, we are currently working with these governments as they have finally
aligned themselves with our frequency and the belief system of the universe.
Right now we are going to look at the map (turns to the map
on a screen) we are seeing that there are still some hot spots and you must
understand these earthlings that are still residing in countries such as The
United states of America, and the federation of previous unions, India, and
other countries that are not presently aligned with the purpose of our being,
and are still refusing to acknowledge our presence and still refusing to allow
the public to know the truth, those countries are going to undergo a lot of
changes presently and these changes are although necessary will bring about upheaval,
so do expect various treasons to surface, do expect things to radically change,
and the policy to change and overturn in another direction.
We are going to
speak about the changes that we are anticipating and the details of all involved.
So let us begin by stating that we are indeed very proud of the light workers
on the ground that are doing a marvelous job of uniting the world. We also wish
to say that you are stationed presently in a chain, in a specific geometric
chain/link, each and every one of you, and if you were to map each of you, you
would actually see a geometric shape that you form. This is done so that you
can facilitate the necessary changes that are about to take place on earth.
We are going to refer to this, as a chain of events, that
will indeed begin with the banking systems, this will bring the power and
redistribution of wealth, but not the way that you understand it here on earth,
no one is going to be put to jail or robbed of their livelihood, on the contrary
those that are in the position of power will simply feel the urge to merge
their assets with those of the benefits of the people, which means, that new
type of electricity, new types of technology is going to propel the world
forward… in just a few of your years, you are going to see cars that are no
longer going to run on gasoline, but a new type of energy that has been
discussed with various world d governments and families that currently control
the oil industry and the war, are being persuaded to give up that route and
change their behavior to allow new energy (to fuel things, mostly this will be
done using crystals to create energy for a variety of purposes) to emerge
We repeat once again since it’s a free will zone and we cannot swoop in and
destroy anyone, nor do we wish to do so, for the point of this experiment to
work, that you are currently in, is to ascend without violence, to teach the earthlings,
as well as those on other planets,  to
show by example that you are indeed capable of creating and of changing this
earth and other universes simply through the power of love. You are to show the
way of how love is much stronger than any force that you can possibly apply, for
the more force you apply the more it will recon back at you, ricochet at you
with even greater power
. And hence is the principle of love, when you love and
you give the love to others, you will begin to feel it flow back at you with a
higher frequency and at higher degree.
Therefore, please do not wait for us to
come and punish those that have done you wrong, on the contrary the point of
this  is to break the karma and to break
the karmic wheel that you have been stuck on, and to do so, we are going to
simply offer love, and allow the dark side to turn to light, but it matters not,
for we are already here, and we are already implementing all of these new
technologies, to those of you who are indeed of the light
Do not get discouraged by the news, for the dark side truly
is still trying to hold the control, but what they fail to realize is that the
key persons in this mission, the key persons that have been awakened, the awakened
ones who are indeed YOU the light workers of the world, do not watch these news… we specifically orchestrate such events as to not allow you the
lightworkes to be in front of televisions! We do not allow you to watch certain
programs… and yes you may say the paradox of fee will.. but it is free will..
for your higher consciousness and your soul does know what is good for you and
what is not, and we say this onto you dear lightworkes, that you are not to watch
news at this time, it will not do you any good.
You are simply to wait, go
online, search for information there, for the internet has been created to
unite you and to b bypass the governmental agencies that are falling apart at
the moment, magazines and television networks, are trying to hold on to their brain
washing power, but it is to no avail, for we are here, and we are bringing a new
technology of the internet to all of you, you are FREE to watch what YOU WANT
when YOU WANT IT and that is what we call abundance dear ones..
So once again since this is going to be a long discussion
and we wish for all of you to take a seat at this conference, and although we
understand that you cannot see the images that are being g displayed on the
screen right now, we know that the channels that have indeed tuned in are
seeing the images quite clearly and so , we are going to explain to you what is
on the screen..
We are looking at earth and her axis, and we are realizing that
which we have suspected that there as certain lay lines within your earth that
are being blocked by the “dark” forces so to speak, therefore the way to break through
and since we are not the ones that are walking on the earth at this time in
human bodies, and are not freely able to walk there as we are, we are sending
certain light workers to these places, so do not be surprised that all of a
sudden you may wake  up one morning  (very soon, in the next few weeks/months),
and be propelled and prompted to go to a certain location on the earths field
that you have never thought you would EVER visit …
That is the
correct, you are being called to your true nature, this is your mission and you
are to complete it without delay… we understand your positions and we understand
them clearly and we will only call on the light workers that are closest to
this position (they are talking about having financial/work related/family
related freedom to move around, not the actual location of the light worker)
that are capable to go to these places. But know this, that even if you are not
in a position to go physically, your soul will travel to this place, and do not
be surprised to find yourself day dreaming about a place that you have not been
in before, for your soul is urging you to be there, whether in a physical body
or ethereal one, so yes indeed it is true you can travel anywhere you wish (laughter)
that is another aspect of the new technology that is coming your way, and that
is the traveling.
In the near future, and we say this candidly in the near
future you are going to be introduced to new flying machines, as you call them
“ufos” or the flying discs and the flying apparatuses that are going to be
seeing a lot more of these so called UFO’s, for these are truly magnificent
machines that are going to take you from place to place quite fastly, and these
machines are going to be of help your nature (think jetsons – for those of you
not familiar it’s an American cartoon) yes that is correct you will be able to
fly in these machines, and that is for your physical body only… you are also
going to see a lot of change in the way that you eat sleep and drink… since you
are going to be completely changing, and as you are currently in a position to
change your frequency even faster, and we will explain at a later time what and
how to do so.. Since you are going to be changing you frequency you are going
to (and some of you are already noticing the affect) you are going to drink
more and sleep less and eat less… We understand that these are not new ideas for
we have discussed them with you many times over, but it is good to remind you
that you are on the right path if you are experiencing these changes.

So going back to the earth atmosphere and its changes, we are
seeing that the ice is moving forward (melting/shifting location) and soon you
will be presented with an opportunity to rediscover the Atlantis, to rediscover Lemuria partially).. for yes indeed it is true, that your islands that were
lost at sea are going to re emerge, for so many layers of the earth are going to
change, that you may see the new and you will see these discoveries, do not
look for these on the news for you will not find them do your own research on
the internet, for we will be showing you, we will be showing it to you and you
will find it in small circles, in closed off spaces, in small companies that do
research  and magazine industries that
cater to those who seek out the truth, but in the mainstream media you are going
to continue seeing the negativity and the violence that is still sweeping the

Too many light workers are concerned with the destruction that
still continues on this planet, but we tell you this that there is nothing for
you to worry about, for it will all be taken care of, do not worry children of the
universe for this planet is a strong one indeed and she will re-merge as a
beautiful woman and yes we say it wholeheartedly woman that she is.. for you
are entering a new age of feminine energy… those that are not yet aligned will realign
to the feminine energy do not be surprised to see that so many of you are merging
with another sex so to speak, that many of your women are exhibiting masculine
qualities and the males are exhibiting feminine qualities (such as emotion compassion,
care love) yes indeed because this is the new age of love compassion and understanding…
Your fashion scene is going to start changing slowly as
well… you are going to see various new fashions entering your world, from other
galaxies for we would like to introduce you to new materials that are going to
disintegrate when you no longer wish to wear them, instead of piling up and
destroying the earth.. the garbage industry is going to change as well, for we
are going to introduce an new system where everything is disintegrated and
recreated, many of you have already heard of such a technology, but because the
ones in power refused to let these energies these technologies through, weather
you have not seen them being implement.  For
it is indeed true you are able to manifest anything you wish out of thin air…
either with your mind… or with a special machine to make it easier
for you.
We use both in case you are wondering. It is not always easy
to use your mind especially in dense environment like the earth, and we
understand this.
You are going to see a lot of change in your computer
industry, things are going to change quite rapidly and instead of the iphones
as you call them you will see new technologies emerge that will allow you to tap
into the network with your mind, the same as the channelers are doing currently,
you will be able to produce out of thin air a screen that will explain to you
anything that you need to know.. books unfortunately will disappear from
existence, but we suggest that you still keep a few so that it is
going to be a reminder from where you came… we are changing everything to pure
energy, into the light form, and therefore everything will become a record of Akasha,…
air and space… anyone at any given moment in time will be able to tune into the
frequency of akasha and receive all the information that they need to proceed
on their path…
You are going to see a lot of change in the love relationships
as well.
. those that are in love will feel a tremendous amount of energies
flowing their way, although this year is going to be quite hectic and we urge
you to pay special attention to your environment and your relationship s for
they are going to change indeed, they are going to morph into a form that you
have not yet seen or understood, and we urge you to practice the power of forgiveness
and understanding and most importantly patience for the person standing in
front of you. For it is true that you are being manipulated by the forces that
are refusing to leave and give up their control, nevertheless this year is
going to be most beneficial for all involved.

You are going to see changes in your sports, for there will
be new games introduced to humanity that focus on companionship and team work and
not individuality. For all of these changes are taking place to awaken you completely
to the understanding that you are indeed all connected in the intricate web of love
and understanding love and understanding and acceptance.

We have covered quite a lot, please understand that war is
going to continue on earth, but slowly and we say slowly in your terms for in
our terms it has already happened, and the earth has separated into two
multidimensional realities and the other earth that you are interested in the
other dense earth has indeed stayed behind, but not to confuse you we are simply
going to explain to you this way, that war  will continue to occur in some parts of the world,
but it’s not going to rage for too long, for the humans are putting down their weapons
and are returning to their families, for the humans recognized that they are
not to be manipulated by those that wish them ill will, they are refusing to cooperate
with their  government, they are refusing
to be the sheep, and it is happening right now. In a year or so, there will not
longer be any war on earth, and we say this to you in a definite manner, for
this year is going to mark the beginning and the end of all the negative
things, and the beginning of all the light and love and compassion and
We would also like to address the issue that we are currently
seeing, that you are being affected by  the
planets that are surrounding the earth, and you do not know this, and you will
not understand when we say to you that the energies of the planets from
galaxies far far way are merging with the earth at this time, in a soul union,
in a dance of sorts, for the earth is merging with her “twin flame” as you see
it, and she is margin with her twin flame in a dance of love in a dance of
energies that are being exchanged between her and her soul mates, for the earth
has many twins surrounding around the galaxies far and close by.. and she is
merging with the bet aspects of these energies and that is why some of you are
being tremendously affected, and you have high highs and low lows, and that is
understandable for this is an act of love and acceptance, and merging of
various souls that the earth herself possesses and is a par of.
. so we do not
wish to confuse you and therefore we are trying to keep it as simple as
possible without using any of the terms that you may not understand.

We would also like to address the health issues on your
.. more and more and you have seen this with your very eyes, your health care
professionals are going to have to change their viewpoints and give up a on a
lot of the things that they are currently doing, for the health is going to
change  rapidly… people are no longer
going to need much of the physical adjustments for they are truly going to become
energy beings, and hence, the only healing professionals that are truly going
to to be needed and are needed at this time arr the ones that can and know how
to manipulate energy to create healthy vibrations,  for there will no longer be such an understanding
that your body is separate from you, for you are going to be your body and your
body is going to be you.. and when you are ready to leave the earth plane… you
will simply leave and you will not be dying as you understand it to be (perhaps
what they are trying to say is that the body will be healed as a complete unit),….
For you are moving into a different realm altogether. But we do not wish to
bore you with all the intricacies of the way that this works, for you will find
out.. do not expect this to occur shortly, for it will take years and years of
your human time to come into existence… and yes indeed the way that a human/ is
born is also going to change, but that is another discussion better saved for
another time.. We are the council and the Federation of Light, and we welcome
you always to tune into the conferences that we hold frequently. Those that are
part of the federation of light will be contacted to join in but any of you are
welcome to join… we leave you with one final message
We ask you to be strong in your convictions, stay in your beliefs
that are of the higher vibration possible, and remain calm at all costs, let
the fear not control you, let you control the fear, let your fear turn to love,
and love command your waking and soul hours of the earth, your hours of the
mother GAIA.

We leave you now… and once again tell you that the brightest
future you can possibly imagine is soon coming to you, stay strong, stay
positive and do not fear… do not block your energies with fear, for you will
not propel forward, let go of fear… and know that your world will become
chaotic , but that is the true nature of things.. the order is in chaos.. we
love you goodbye for now

Copyright ©  by Anna Merkaba. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. and


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