Today we would like to talk to you about a veil of
protection. Since there are still dark forces in operation on the earth plane
and  everyday there is something that is effecting
the psyche of the human mind in a negative way, and yes you are correct to
think that they are trying to manipulate the minds of the humans even when they
sleep that is why it is mighty important for each and everyone to ask for protection
and help before going off to sleep from whomever that they believe in, the veil
of protection should be placed upon each and everyone before they drift off to
sleep, because the dark forces are indeed capable of causing harm to your
energies. To do so you must ask for a veil of protection from the deity that
you believe in, as it is all the same and one, and to imagine that pure light
of love and protection is covering you from head to toe with a golden tint.
Once done you can drift off to sleep. That and also you should wear your protective stones even to sleep, the protective stones we speak of are those that you wear for protection in your waking hours, do not take them off at this time you should remain with them, as they along with the divine light will protect you from negative energies. That is all for now. We
love you, goodbye for now.

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