Today dear ones we will talk to you about ascension many of you are getting conflicting messages from various sources many messages that are coming through are indeed correct. Let us begin this message by saying that in the time that is, in the time that you are not yet able to experience (although some of you are experiencing time without time) Gaia has already evolved and so have the human race. You have moved through the darkness, the veil has been lifted and as a collective consciousness all of you have made “heaven” on earth happen.

However please understand that it your time on Earth is different than in the galaxy, and so is the human body. Oh it is a magnificent vehicle that you have and you are most blessed with it (although many are struggling with the limitations of this body that you are now in), but it is changing, everything is changing, your DNA is changing and your mind is expanding beyond what you currently can imagine.

Soon your science will understand all the changes that are taking place in your bodies, there are many illnesses that are now present on earth will no longer exist, and it is not through modern medicine that everything will be healed but through your own minds… But let us go back to ascension. To help you understand be
tter what is happening around you, please know this that you have many friends that are here now on earth both in human form and light form, there are many friends who are in your earth’s atmosphere, and you will begin to see “UFOS” as you call them, more and more. Trust that these
are for your benefit as a collective consciousness.

We are being asked to explain everything in a more day to day situation and here is our reply. Imagine earth to be a radio show, or a TV show, you turn on the radio on your way to work and you tune to a radio station 87.7 fm for example and you listen to the station, now what if the station decided to move to a different frequency and now they are operating from the same building but broadcasting their information on 103.3 fm. But instead of moving to a different channel/frequency all of a sudden, the earth is making announcements that it’s moving. So it is not as if you are to turn on the radio station and one day and it would be gone, not yet, it is a gradual process.  Just like you would first learn about the move, and then be reminded to tune your radio in say 2 weeks time to a different station, the same is happening in this situation. Only Earth is operating on a few different stations at the same time so that it’ll be easier for its listeners to adjust.

Now let us draw your attention to another situation that is happening, you must understand that you are indeed not alone in the Universe, it is so vast that it would be impossible for only you to exist. Not only is the Earth not the only planet with physical living thinking beings, but there are many such as yourself in the universe. Of course you are not yet evolved enough to join the galactic Federation, but the time is almost near, once again dear ones let us remind y
ou that in our time perspective the way that we see the universe and time everything has already happened, but for you it has not, now understand that just like a child before he can join others in school, must learn how to walk, talk, and behave a certain way, so must you as a human race too learn how to behave a certain way. Or rather re-member how it feels to be-have, to HAVE and to BE.

The Ascension is a long processes and although Gaia has already evolved, and continues to do so incredibly fast, she is helping you and so are we by infusing your everyday world with ideas and thoughts and dreams and feelings… now we would like to draw your attention to the light workers of whom there are so many, you of course are not at the same level as the rest of humanity, just by reading what you are seeing here now you have already evolved much further than most have, as you have come here with the intention of doing so, some of you of course are still evolving even though you are light workers and even though you may believe that you know everything (HAHAHA) even we the Galactic Council of Galactic Federaion  do not always kno
w everything, because it is truly a collective consciousness that creates. And you are too now in the position of HAVING of CREATING! Therefore we urge and we ask that each of you as have been posted and transferred to you before keep your thoughts positive, at all costs at all times. There are many things that you can do to calm your nerves and to understand how to manipulate your mind. Or rather you will understand how to manipulate your mind to stay focused on positive and light and love thinking only. But your job as light workers is to open your minds to new possibilities, to listen to each other, and to seek out messages from us and listen to your guides, to your angels to your ascended masters, to GOD, to all that is, as we are constantly in direct communication with you because through you, we will be able to ascend the human race faster. Please understand that it is your duty to spread the word about love, compassion, light and understanding of co—creation.

Hear us say onto you that you are great, and pass this message onto them who are in darkness that they too are part of co creation and that they too must believe in themselves must raise from the depths of ignorance. So there are many messages that we would like to bestow upon you, and it will happen gradually, know t
hat your ascension is to keep yourself happy and focused on being friendly to everyone you meet, here is the key to ascension for you and for all…

Direct example would be every day keep your mind on love. Wherever you go, whomever you meet keep love at the center of your being. Even if they are acting like they are angry or upset or depressed or nasty or being unpleasant, by changing your vibration towards them, by seeing them for who they are “scared little kids, who do not yet know how to control their ego”, you will be changing their vibration. So simply by existing, by being you are changing vibration of those around you.

You need to see that as you change yourself within yourself, your energy field changes and so too the energy fields of whose with whom you come into contact with, and thereby you are creating a different reality a different frequency and slowly allowing yourself and others to tune into a different radio station where GAI
A the beautiful new GAIA is waiting for you. The purpose is to understand that we are not alone, that we are all together and constantly working with each other, and you can notice that in everything around you, from the food you eat (a farmer that grew that food to the water you drink (whoever provided the water for you), each of you are like aunts building this world together, like spiders weaving a web of love and it is your responsibility to make sure that your own thread is pure and light, the more you focus on this the faster you will help everyone move onto the next dimension, the next dimension of LOVE and understanding of a world that is peaceful of where all of you are working together towards one goal and that goal is to create a beautiful place to live, to save GAIA to help her to nurture her as she has been and will continue to nurture you.

And then, only then will you be allowed to enter a new world and finally be allowed to come into the Council,  The Galaxy Federation, and then you will see that you are indeed not alone, and not only through your dream state, but in real actual existence, you will merge the dream state and your existence into one, and we will be able to come to you in “physical” form, we will look different then you and that is okay, because by that time you will accept all forms of life and not be hostile. Hostility is that which is keeping you from joining with us, because we do not have hostility. We have love, and you are so loved dear ones, you are loved and protected.

Remember that we are here for you, whenever you need anything please ask, please call upon us, your angels, your spiritual guides, ascended masters, whatever you wish to call us, we are here for you, through your dreams, your intuition, your thoughts, we love you and we are here for you. Remember that there are those amongst you who are bearers of great light and are helping you ascend faster.

We have many more messages in store for you, and we spread them out so that you may find them in various sources so that you may know that it is indeed truth that you hear and that you feel and that you are.

We love you. Goodbye for now.

Copyright ©  by Anna Merkaba. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.  https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/ and http://sacredascension.blogspot.com/



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  1. This is a great message, Thank you for sharing Anna.


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